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  • hahaha! You are joking with me, I though it is serious, that you saw my picture somewhere. I remember uploading something long time ago in picture/photo thread.
    But! I smell that you hide something :cgrin:
    Also, 800 maps in Pending Section? God that's a lot of maps. I can see why you didn't write a review for every one.
    Also, thanks for the rep!
    You do? Why he handsome? Does he always impress you? Is it because you have some strange feeling in his presence? Because he is romantic?
    What is the reason? Then we may consult him in turn to see his word :cgrin:
    Oh, I've seen your reviews of maps. I am an (aspiring) map reviewer and respect you for what you did for the Hive.
    And I'm not sure if this is bad, but I remember you rejecting two maps that came from mapmakers I liked. (I hadn't played the maps, but I wanted to play them because I liked all the other maps the mappers made.) So I then visited your profile and saw you hadn't been on for awhile. (I'm not sure what I would have done if you had been on recently.) Then today I was doing my regular "Welcome To the Hive" thing for the newest user and "Happy Birthday!" for today's birthdays. And I saw you had wished Supertoinks a happy birthday and then the message was from today and it was like "Cweener's back!"
    So yeah.
    You weren't here last year? Huge banspree, lots of people got cast away. It's a bit better now, at least the responsible for the sociopath'ic mess went away, hopefully he won't return. On the positive side, at least the ambient isn't as rotten now!

    Please do keep visiting =)

    P.S. — The threads in that period spread blatant lies, but they also give you an idea of how afraid people were to speak out.
    I wish you merry Christmas, happy Holidays. Enjoy your time with your family and friends.
    <span style="font-size: 9px">note: dunno will be online tomorrow that's why I post now :aht: </span>
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) I know this map was made last year, and I wanna thank you for approving it. I reckon I should give you a sense of appreciation since this was my first map.
    Look Cweener, I'm on a rollercoaster. Step into my office and join me. I've got pens.
    How does this map get DC? I'm seriously confused, it's a 4\5 at best. You are really going to have to test my map one of these days.
    Seriously, where are you?
    I've just browsed through the FTP thingy again and found something you made that I have never seen before :D
    I don't know which URL was your again and can't find it either, but it's the file index.html.

    Had to laugh with that, for a while. Then I realized I'd just leave you a VM so you know.

    p.s.: I found the secret password of that site, on the first try :cute:
    Yes, 2v2 with a friend... if only Blizzard allowed us to either make an account for each region (like Warcraft, but then only 1 account per region), or allowed cross-region play...
    You don't have anyone else to play with? Sad little you :(

    I've got some nice replays from me (with my friend again) playing quick matches :D
    Maybe I'll upload them...

    We only ended up in silver though :( 2 people were really, really good :O
    Hahaha, that's weird :D I can't possibly replicate that! You should just... relax a little bit, don't be mean to the AI's by screwing with the time.

    Btw: I lost as well, versus a ZERG! D:
    Stupid story... at the start of the game, I checked for back entrances but found none, then I spied the opponent and saw he was about to attack, positioned my units correctly and boom, the enemy was in my base before I knew it - apparently there was a back entrance.
    Aaaawhh, suddenly I feel quite happy :D Thanks :)

    Why would I laugh? You won! :P
    I find it strange that you don't hotkey your army though :P
    And yeah, that other replay over an hour long) is reeaallly lame xD

    By the way, here's my Protoss AI romp: 50 (achievement) win:
    It's vs Very Hard btw, and I almost have my Hard AI Crusher achievement :O
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