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Ujimasa Hojo's Resources Discussion

Level 11
Jun 27, 2010
Hey guys!

Would anyone have some free time for a quick edit of one of Ujimasa's models? I attempted to follow his tutorials on YouTube however it was astronomically complicated for me.

I was simply looking to get an edit of the Arthur Waycrest model but instead of a Ghoul face I wanted a Zombie face, and instead of the tree branch arm and leg to just make it normal like the rest of the tuxedo suit body texture.

Thanks in advance ifanyone's able to find some free time to do this edit. :)
Level 8
Aug 5, 2014
Hello, it is possible to see in the future skeletal versions of the models? Like skeletal bandit, skeletal spearthrower and so on. Just like Ujimasa did zombie versions on some models. It will add a lot of variety to the model roster.
Level 8
Nov 21, 2013
@Ujimasa Hojo any chance at getting the blue and red skinned version of the harpy? Normally I would simply use your base model and apply the variant texture myself, but it seems that the harpies have a weird issue with how their team color is applied where trying to use the other textures on your version of the harpy model leaves them filled with holes.
Level 4
Apr 25, 2018
Thanks for Amani Empire models pack and all other models!!!
But can you supplement it?
The model of a war mill, troll hut, Spirit Lodge, Spirit Lodge (beta) - with the Chr2's skin, is missing. :sad::sad:
Level 1
Jan 16, 2022
i wonder why you changed some of the town hall derivatives' looks, specifically the forsaken and elf ones. the previous looks were way better.
Level 39
Oct 11, 2019
Fun fuct - did you know if you will change texture of Ujimasas forest troll buildings(that one with custom skin by chr2) to classic barracks, you will get this?


  • BarrackGreatHall.png
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  • BarrackStronghold.png
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  • BarrackFortress.png
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  • BarracksGreatHall.mdx
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  • BarracksBestiary.png
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  • BarracksBeastiary.mdx
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  • BarracksV2.png
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  • BarracksV2.mdx
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Level 5
Dec 31, 2021
answers colleagues I am in a warlords of draenor project and the terrain is almost finished, only the units and buildings that are at 20% are missing, please
Level 2
Jun 28, 2018
Hi @Ujimasa Hojo . Your Arcane Tower (Forsaken B) Button model didn't work at all. It's just show up like the Arcane Tower (Forsaken A) even though i used a few basic units and fiddle with the icons. Is there any solution?
Level 2
Jun 28, 2018
View attachment 414583
It seems to be working fine on my end. Did you accidentally import the wrong icon?
Nope. I have rewrite the path of the .blp according to the readme.html instruction, but it still showed the forsaken arcane tower with the green light at the top of the tower. All I want is to make the forsaken arcane tower with the blue light at the top of the arcane tower.

Nope. I have rewrite the path of the .blp according to the readme.html instruction, but it still showed the forsaken arcane tower with the green light at the top of the tower. All I want is to make the forsaken arcane tower with the blue light at the top of the arcane tower.
I meant it's not just about the icon, but the model/texture that shows in the map.
Level 11
Jul 20, 2022
Ujimasa Hojo Presents



Author's Notes and Trivia:
  • Optimized models have linearized animations, built-in portrait animations, fixed bugs (if there were any), additional animation (if applicable). These can be used to serve as a template for alternative skins if you want to keep the original skin and model.

Any faction yet that include Pandaren/Asian buildings and units sir Ujimasa Hojo? 🤔.
Level 12
Feb 13, 2012
hii Ujimasa Hojo can you pleass make a version of you "risen" units with the some sort of mixe of there origenel and skeletn worier and mage to represent the stages of the undead from risen mindless undead to forseken and ristord undead like the death knights and nathnus blightcaller ? 🙏
Level 2
Jan 25, 2023
Ujimasa Hojo Presents

Table of Contents


  • Admiralty of Kul Tiras - Includes Kul Tiran units.
  • Amani Empire - Includes Forest Troll units and buildings.
  • Axis of Awful - Includes Gnoll, Kobold, and Murloc units. Buildings are edited versions of Mephestrial's Gnoll buildings, which are now retextured with in-game textures.
  • Barrens - Includes Barrens Creeps that are not yet given their own thread.
  • Burning Legion - Includes Demonic units
  • Cenarion Circle - Includes the Druidic Night Elven units as well as Druids from other races.
  • Centaur - Includes Centaur units and Buildings.
  • Dalaran - Includes Mage units. Buildings are edited versions of the Human buildings and are retextured similar to the Arcane Observatory.
  • Darkspear - Mostly Orc buildings retextured with the texture of the Goblin Merchant Building textures as well as the Horde Jungle Troll units.
  • Draenei - Includes Exodar Draenei units.
  • Drakkari - Includes Ice Troll units. Buildings are snowy versions of the Undead buildings.
  • Ebon Horde - Includes undead versions of traditional Horde races.
  • Emerald Nightmare - Includes Satyr units. Buildings are corrupted versions of the Night Elven buildings.
  • Empire of Nazjatar - Includes Naga units. Buildings include the original ones as well as new ones.
  • Fel Horde - Includes Fel Orc and Feltotem Tauren units. Buildings are edited versions of the Orc buildings, textured with the Demon Portal texture.
  • Forsaken - Includes Forsaken units. Buildings are edited versions of the Human buildings, textured with the Undead building textures.
  • Goblin - Includes Goblin units. Buildings are edited versions of the Orc buildings, textured with the Goblin Laboratory texture.
  • Gurubashi - Includes Jungle Troll units and Orc buildings with the Sunken ruins textures.
  • Highborne - Includes Highborne Night Elven units. Buildings are a variety of buildings textured with the Sunken Ruins Doodads textures.
  • Horde (Northrend) - Includes Taunka units. Buildings are edited versions of the Orc buildings, made to be snowy.
  • Horde (Old) - Includes Orc units more in line with the Horde during the Second War.
  • Illidari - Buildings are various edited versions, textured with the Dark Portal texture.
  • Iron Horde - Buildings are edited versions of the Orc buildings, textured with dark metal.
  • Kingdom of Gilneas - Includes Gilneas units. Buildings are edited versions of the Human buildings, textured with the Night Elf building textures.
  • Kingdom of Ironforge - Includes Dwarven units.
  • Kingdom of Quel'thalas - Includes Blood Elven units.
  • Kingdom of Stormwind - Includes Human units not derived from the original Human units. Buildings are edited versions of the Human buildings , textured with a custom texture.
  • Kingdom of Stromgarde - Includes edited versions of Human units, textured with a custom texture.
  • Knights of the Ebon Blade - Includes Death Knight versions of various units.
  • Lordaeron - Includes the original Human units and buildings in-game, as well as some edited versions of them.
  • Lost Ones - Includes Lost One Draenei units. Buildings are edited versions of the Orc buildings made similar to the in-game Lost One Draenei buildings.
  • Nerubian - Buildings edited versions of the Undead buildings.
  • Ogre - Includes Ogre units.
  • Orc (Blackmoore's Slaves) - Includes Orc units in Human armor. Buildings are humanized versions of the Orc buildings.
  • Order of the Silver Hand - Includes Paladin version of various units.
  • Orgrimmar - Includes the original Orc units and buildings in-game, as well as some edited versions of them.
  • Rotbrain Undead - Includes zombified versions of various units and ruined versions of Human buildings.
  • Sentinels - Includes the original Night Elven units and buildings, as well as edited versions of them.
  • Shadowtooth Clan - Includes Dark Troll units if there were enough differences from the Forest Troll ones. The buildings are basically Orc buildings with Night Elf textures.
  • Silver Covenant - Includes High Elven units. Buildings are edited versions of the Human buildings.
  • Tauren - Includes Tauren units.
  • Uncrowned - Includes Bandit units. Buildings are mostly reworked in-game creep buildings.
  • Undead Scourge - Includes the original Undead units and buildings.
  • Westfall - Includes farm buildings and farm versions of other buildings.
  • Wintergarde - Buildings are edited versions of the Human buildings, made to be snowy.
  • Wretched - Includes Wretched units.
  • Others - Includes units or buildings not yet part of any of the above.
Author's Notes and Trivia:
  • After the major site update, I have been slowly reworking my models before uploading them in the model section. This thread serves as some sort of index where the models are cataloged according to their themes. The packs in each thread are not updated with the models in the official model section but they do contain old models not yet featured in the official model section.
  • I'd like to quote this: "THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR REQUESTS". While I'm open to suggestions, I can't guarantee I'm going to do them.
  • People are free to edit the models if they feel they need to. If you are going to upload it, ask permission or give credit.
  • Check out Ujimasa Hojo's Maps and Resources Discussions, and Tutorials. Please reply in these threads instead.
  • Check out the map and the model previews at my Youtube, BitChute, DailyMotion, DTube, or FruitLab Channels as well and hopefully subscribe.
  • Follow me on Twitter, Minds, or Steemit.
  • While I do these stuff as a hobby, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to accept donations from our more fortunate Hivers I suppose :p.
    • My PayPal is here.
    • My Patreon is here.
Hi, I like your models.I use one of the necropolis and derivative which named Metropolis (Zul'Drak) in my map and I find it didn't float in the sky.It just looks like it sinks into the floor. I do nothing instead of changing its model, could you please tell me what should I do?
Dear modeler, your optimized model is very useful. I plan to add special skins to them to create a more beautiful model.These skins are models of the human architecture aspect. Except for the altar, it will not be optimized because it is not as beautiful as Winter and Stormwind.Wishing you the opportunity to have a happy life soon.
Level 8
Nov 21, 2013
One of the recent patches seems to have screwed with some emission particle effects in some way. Noticed this broke a few building models unfortunately.


  • 2023-05-02 (1).png
    2023-05-02 (1).png
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  • 2023-05-02.png
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Level 17
Apr 13, 2008
Hello sir!
Villager (Female Undead) has no attack animation in
Level 2
Sep 24, 2016
Hi, I wonder if anyone can explain if I'm doing something wrong or if the model is bugged.
I downloaded the Arcane Well model and it looks fine both in the model viewer here on Hive as well as in War3 Model Editor but when I import it and place it in World Editor the team color doesn't show properly, it's always blue and it's somewhat animated (it flickers a little).
So I wonder, am I doing something wrong? And is there a fix?
Thanks for the help in advance.


  • war3arcanewell.PNG
    533.9 KB · Views: 47
  • wearcanewell.PNG
    1.2 MB · Views: 48
Ranger Hippogryph has an issue with the cape.
granted, the one shown in the picture is a edited one using Shandris texture, but cape was unchanged and inherited as is.

edit: i decided to edit this post instead of double posting.
there is a issue with the SteamTank model in Siege Engine, Steam Tank and Derivatives package. Due to its non-alternate animation being simply named Attack, the rocket pod of its upgraded alternate form pops in during attack while in a unupgraded state.
the fix is very simple, to simply rename the animation from 'attack' to 'attack one', so that its naming corresponds to its upgraded form's attack anims, that has stopped it from occuring.


  • capemightneedafix.png
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Level 3
Oct 9, 2020
So sorry to bother you, I'm sure you're quite busy with life. To start, I am a HUGE HUGE fan of your models and was looking through some of your youtube videos recently trying to learn how you do what you do. My question however... Is there somewhere I missed that you might have a tutorial on how you wrap skins onto different units, as well as what programs you're using to do this?

I usually use "Retera's Model Editor" and an "MDX pather" for my projects, currently I'm attempting to make a sea-giant faction, specifically a unit with the green sea-giant skin wrapped onto an abomination's model similar to how you created your failed ogre magus model.

Anyways, thanks for all your amazing work! I cannot wait to see what you release next :)

<0> Stoneborn <0> Edit > Just discovered UV mapping on the model editor I'm using. I believe this is the tool I'm looking for.
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