A campaign model request

Level 1
Apr 30, 2004
I am working up a demon campaign - initially for my own purposes, but after I test it to my satisfaction, I intend to release it to the general public. I was hoping for a few new units to include for the demons, as I did not simply wish to use the undead.

More or less, I was thinking of combining the Chaos Orcs and some of the creatures found serving the demons in the official campaigns. To cut to the chase, the things I could use at the moment are as follows:

Chaos Orc fel beast riders: in my campaign, the chaos orcs are leftovers from ruined draenor, and I think it would be cool if the orcs rode the fell beasts instead of wolves. I would think that this would be a relatively simple modelling job since the upper body of the current chaos wolf riders could be salvaged, and the fel beasts would only need a new model without beast attack animations and chaos orc lower body structure.

Shimmering portal + warlock + maybe sacrificial pit static structure: I intend to split base building abilities into normal chaos peons and chaos warlocks (for generating chaos orc units and demons, respectively) and I thought that using the purple portal from TFT in conjunction with an animated, constantly casting chaos orc warlock on perhaps the undead's sacrificial pit, or some sort of structural base, as a building for summoning demons would be appropriate.

Infernal + armor: Since there are few demon specific units in the game, I want to have some new units for the campaign. I want Infernals to be an expensive trainable unit for the demons, and I want to have an upgrade for infernals that gives them a new model/texture in which they have some mismatched armor/chains/etc to enhance their defensive/offensive capabilities (chains/armor wrapped on the body can provide defense, chains/armor or maybe spikes on the fists would let them do more damage with each hit).

In any event, I am well aware that modellers are rare and the above list will not likely generate anything more than some further cool ideas in the communitiy, but if anyone is willing to help out, I would be incredibly grateful. Anyhow, this is my two cents, thanks for reading, and I'm out.