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  • I think nano-technology will be key in cleaning up this planet. Also, scientists are working on algae that can convert CO2, sunlight, and water, into "cooking" oil. I'm not positive, but I think you can even make plastics out of it. So perhaps all that oil we turned into CO2 can be converted back into oil lol.
    Centuries? You must be joking. All of Europe rebuilt after WW2 in 40 years, it's been a little over half a century.

    Dude I've considered 100% of what you've said before. We are going to need huge majority of the planetary population in order for this to work. If we don't make something like this work then we are all going to die. I'm sure you can agree that when people are pushed onto the brink of oblivion, they will look for answers, even if they don't always find the right ones, we need to educate the public on some good alternatives. I happen to think an RBE is the best alternative. What's #1 priority right now is stopping our destruction of the planet. If people think the best way to go about preventing that is going to a RBE. GREAT! But anything to halt environmental decay is of utmost importance. If we must continue in capitalism for a while longer, then we need some WTF overhauls of our environmental policies.
    Cities are build over centuries, not months. For such a utopia to be in the least sustainable a rigid form of population control must be implemented, lest the burgeoning population continue on the doomed path of our society. Such cities cannot expect to be capable of sustaining our current levels of population, and conflicts in the decision of who composes the inhabitants of such utopic and progressive instalations may warrant attention. The first awnser would be that those who finantially contribute to the establishment of such polises, but in the end when the world is finally up in flames, so to speak, the unprepared, hopeless masses will engage in general revolt.

    If I were to make a synopsis of your arguments, I would say that your arguments lack extensive abstract forethought. Not that you're a bad argumentalist, or that you lack thoughtfulness, only that the reason you fall short of agreeability is that of your failure to recognize enough perspectives.
    Well take a look at how most economic systems have been implemented. I'm sure it might be something similar to one of them (waits for French Revolution quotes). There are multiple ways it can be implemented. The most favorable one is countries start building their own circular cities. We'll definitely have to use this current system to transcend into the next, but depending on how quickly people decide, it could be much less painful.
    By the types of counterarguments you make that suggest otherwise, your confidence is unwarranted.

    The Venus Project explains itself quite well but it supplies no supportable method of how it may ever be implemented.
    Oh how I love a strong debate. Verbal exchange of sometimes impassioned viewpoints and logical interpretations can only contribute to all participating parties.
    Forgot to tell you that from the several Black Diamon-s im the one called Black_Diamond and my avatar is KISS LOVE GUN and im born 01.01.1900
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    Right. So it just finaaaally occurred to me that you might just possible be the same Dreadnought[dA] as the one on the DotA forums.
    Most TV channels should have their news videos archive also on their homepages. At least in my country they do.
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