List of Attachment points and Attachment modifiers?

Level 29
Jul 23, 2009
I have been looking around about attachment- points and modifiers but everything I found was a bit messy and unclear. I came across this list:

Attachment Point Names:
overhead (floats over the unit's head, but doesn't sway with)
head (sways with the unit's animation)
chest (also good for wings)
origin (usually at the base of a unit's feet)
weapon (for heroes)
sprite (for buildings)
medium (for buildings)
large (for buildings)

Attachment Point Modifiers:
mount (for mounted units)
rear (for quadrupeds)
first (for buildings)
second (for buildings)
third (for buildings)
fourth (for buildings)
fifth (for buildings)
sixth (for buildings)
rallypoint (for buildings)

I am making a model at the moment and I need to know how many points I can actually use for attachments such as weapons, armor etc. I already use hands, feet, chest, head, sprite first and sprite second. I don't plan anything for sprite 3 so far.

I am a little confused about medium and large. Are those actually attachment points? It sounds like modifiers but what do I know. Could I put an attachment point called "medium" on my model's foot and use it to connect boot models to that point?

Also that list of modifiers is quite confusing. Does first-sixth work as the "gold, lumber, defend, channel" etc tags?

I have no idea how "mount", "rear" and "rallypoint" works.
Level 29
Jul 23, 2009
Hmm could I have an animation on my main model called Stand Gold in which he appear to be sitting like on a horse and then have a horse model with required animation tag gold so that if something is attached to that horse it will be prompted to play it's animations in the Gold tag?

Since it is possible to do with weapon attachments on units
Level 26
Jun 15, 2006
the name of attachment points do not matter. Names like "pen1z, pony, hair, butt, car, moustache, etc" work just as fine as everything else. At the end people have to assign their attachments to the attachment point via world editor.

Blizzard just called theirs "chest,head, origin, etc" to make clearfor you/them where the attachments will be located.

those modifiers "small, medium, large" are mostly used for sfx which contains different sizes like shaman's thunder shield.