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Submitted by Xelos
This bundle is marked as substandard. It may contain bugs, not perform optimally or otherwise be in violation of the submission rules.
Lore: Sentinels of peace are very special force created demigod Cenarius himself. He gave them strength of nature to destroy whichever vile creature who dares in step on the sacred land of night elfs.

You can play as sentinels of peace, just chose night elf.

Credit:Arowanna,UjimasaHojo,Shakral,Misha,CoffinPuppet,Sellenisko,Zerox,Tranquil,Callahan,Leopard,Jetfanginferno,Daelin,Hexus,Hammerfist123,Hayate,Kuhneghetz,Horn,Lord_T,GreyArchon,Ergius,Vortigon,HerrDave,Unknown102,Mythic,The D3ath,Kimbo,Judash123,zhaoyang,Tarrasque,Illidan(evil)X,GreyKnight.dhguardianes,olofmoleman,Chevronseven,Kola,ThePanda,NFWar,Scias,MrRious,Golden-Drake,PeeKay,Deon,Nightmare_X,BlazeKraze,BloodRaven,exN,MarcosDAB,Sindorei300,BlizzardEntertainment,PrinceYaser,JollyD,CRAZYRUSSIAN,Murlocologist,D.ee,-Berz-,


Riverrun (Map)

The description needs work, it has to be informative. Check the guides below. [spoiler] Learn from good altered melee maps: How to: Create a Full-working Custom Race Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics UB - Ultimate Battle v2.20b AI+...
  1. FeelsGoodMan


    Dec 13, 2018
    Ported Models:
    Recommended version 1.21b? :peasant-frightened:
  2. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The description needs work, it has to be informative. Check the guides below.

    1. Had 6 starting workers of which one was trapped on the mine. I discovered the unit because I had health bars always on. Funny thing is that I made the worker escape using the gather order/ability.
    2. Aside from neutral hostile units starting with close to 0 mana, there are many which have no place there. They are super units which not only would take horrible amounts of time to kill but also require resources and armies to be able to defeat them. Some have hero glow which means they probably have no decay animation their bodies remaining on the ground for a long time.
    3. Forest Vanguard has a hero model. Confusing and the issue explained above. Same with: Preventer, Crusader, Druid Summoner, Stags.
    4. Improved Lumber Harvesting has a description in Czech(?). Same: Druid Marketplace, Submerge (research), Toxin Shoot (ability), submerged Ancient Rootling, Nature Heal, Nightmare Roots, Strength of Nature, Ensnare (research), Hooeni Duse, Druides mistryni, Naut se venolia, Summon Thorn.
    5. Many typos in descriptions.
    6. Shouldn't the marketplace be the last building and on the lowest row like in the original game?
    7. Elune's Bless=Scroll of Regeneration.
    8. Amulet of Recall is too powerful, maybe reduce the number of units it can teleport. Also, it should be placed near the other tier 3 item.
    9. Towers are copycats of the ones for humans.
    10. The entire race is just a meagre Human modification.
    11. The First of Demon Hunters does not have hero glow. You can add that simply: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling Same: Elder Treant.
    12. Aura of Dominance has urove instead of level in the description. Nauit se flame? Also, the other three spells from this hero don't have a normal Warcraft III description with levels in the learn ability menu.
    13. Auras and passive abilities are usually the third ones in placement in the original game, not the first.
    14. Sentinel Base's selection circle is a bit too big.
    15. The Crusader's selection circle is too big.
    16. All "barracks" units take 2 food?
    17. What does Tame Stag actually do? The description is too vague.
    18. Ancient Rootling's icon looks as if a passive ability. You can make it normal/active with this: Button Manager v1.8.2 Same with Toxin Shoot, Crash, Herbalist, Druidess Debutante, Elven Dracon, Druides mistryni, Multishot (research), Daughter of Nature.
    19. Ancient Rootling's description doesn't mention it can go over water.
    20. Generally, there's no yellow: "Attacks land/air units" text like in the original game.
    21. Generally, descriptions/tooltips are lacking. Learn about making good ones:
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    22. Elven Magic Blocker's icon is that of a female elf.
    23. Stone of Paralyze and Nightmare Roots don't have proper DISBTNs. When deactivated/unresearched, they look as passive abilities instead of disabled ones. You can make proper DISBTs with the program linked earlier. Also, learn about icons:
      Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons
      How to Make an Icon
    24. Hooeni Duse's icon is disabled looking.
    25. Nature Orb doesn't say what the chance is or that it gives +6 to attack or if it enables air attack.
    26. Crusaders cannot unmount Stags. It's problematic if you want to kill the stag to get +1 food slot. Actually, mounting a stag will only make the unit take 0 food instead of 3.
    27. Funny thing is that the mounted Crusader attack faster but walks slower than the unmounted version.
    28. Stag Crusader's selection circle is too small.
    29. Inferno's fire should have the Locust ability not to be selected so you can see it being named Stag and having Permanent Immolation. Also, has the Stag icon.
    30. Buffs need proper description, not this unit has name of ability.
    31. Tornado's description doesn't say how much damage it does and the model is invisible.
    32. Nature Orb's icon=Stone of Paralyze.
    33. Stone of Paralyze=Statis Trap. Many abilities are just Warcraft III renamed ones.
    34. Force of Nature only summons 2 not 3 treants.
    35. Eat Tree takes first ability place when learnt instead of the second position.
    36. There's an issue when selecting multiple units. The Daughter of Nature's model has a bug and is selected too even if it's farther than or out of the selection zone. Same: Aspect of Forest.
    37. Generally, Warcraft III material. Try some custom spells: Spells | HIVE

    Learn from good altered melee maps:
    How to: Create a Full-working Custom Race
    Custom Race Creation: Advanced Mechanics
    UB - Ultimate Battle v2.20b AI+
    Deforestation of Felwood v2.1.1
    Nightborne v1.04
    Planetary Domination v2.04

    Awaiting Update.

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  3. Xelos


    Dec 24, 2018
    Im satisfied with review, I knew it would be problem with some things like language. 26. Stag crusader have no food, thats no bug, That should be my eso when i fight in pvp i should just mass them :D, I'll try to fix most errors, but i dont have so much time. i try to working on my thesis which is about social policy of the Catholic Church