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Deforestation of Felwood v2.1.1

Submitted by Alok
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

This is a unique forest map where players have to expand their logging empire and destroy the competition. Players start with 5 Woodcutters, a Kodo Mill, a Scout and 120 lumber, and can choose to expand in a number of ways in order to destroy their opponents. The starting locations are orderly random and there is a huge forest at the disposal to build and support your base and attack the enemies. The map has two custom races with unique mechanics based on orcs/goblins and gnolls/kobolds respectively, and their technology and magic. There are also Qrh'qrc, the map's boss who drops a resource needed for the construction of one of the buildings which unlocks new powerful units and who can win you the game in an instant, Wywyr who randomly roams the woods and players can get control of her and her powers temporarily and wild Kodo Beasts which can be captured. The main resource is lumber and it is used for making almost everything, and Seeds of Qrh'qrc replace gold and are used for the construction of the most powerful units and buildings. It is recommended to play this map with 12 players (6v6), but you can also play it with any other available number and combination of players. Some of the possible strategies and tips on how to play can be found in the Strategies & Tips info quest in-game.

- Play as one of the two unique custom races with extended techtrees
- Lumber as the main resource
- Unique game mechanics and unit mechanics and synergies
- Side quests and map bosses which can help you win
- Dynamic randomly generated player spawn points and freedom in choosing the spot for your base
- Dynamic map environment that affects units and gameplay - weather changes and randomly generated neutral units
- Strategic gameplay
- Build bases with formidable defenses
- Superweapons and abilities that can be cast anywhere on the map with unlimited range

And much, much more...

This map is another version of my map Deforestation. The map layout is completely changed, and thus the gameplay too. This map is much larger, trees do not cover it completely and the terrain has height variation. The map is specially designed to provide many strategic aspects. Other aspects of the map, like the custom races, were changed too to fit the new map layout and gameplay, and there are also some additions. The number of players has been increased too to the maximum 12, as the map is huge. However, this map has no AI and it won't have it.


v2.1.1 changelog (May 19th, 2017 - CET):
- Imported animated scenery - mushrooms, bushes, thorny vines, shrubs, lilly pads and canopy trees are now animated
- Reduced the playable map area by a tiny bit by reducing the camera bounds in the north
- Added some trees in certain places
- Moved some trees
- Fixed a couple of hovering mushrooms
- Raised/lowered the cliffs in certain places
- Deleted some doodads outside the playable map area on the map's edge
- Changed the shadow of Hunter's Hut
- Changed the loading screen
- Added text on the loading screen with the explanation of how to play

v2.1 changelog (May 16th, 2017 - CET):
- Made the terrain much less repetitive and more random
- Added animated grass all over the map
- The trees in the middle no longer form a straight line but meander around
- Added some more trees in certain places
- Various other terrain and doodad changes
- Changed the colour of the fog and water, and increased the intensity of the fog
- Heaps of Rocks, Heaps of Searing Rocks, Solunar Power Plants and Solunar Ray Generators now block the line of sight

v2.0 changelog (May 12th, 2017 - CET)(changes listed in no particular order):
- New ability for Kodo Mill: Haste Aura - gives 50% movement speed increase at start until you set up your base
- Ramps now lead to the fountains in the north and south, opening those routes for attacking
- Various terrain and doodad changes
- Fixed all seams in the terrain
- New buildings for Gnolls: Thieves' Guild, Volcano Altar, Volcano, Heap of Searing Rocks, Altar of Fangs, Stone Thrower
- Gnolls have a new global ability with enormous casting range - Volcano, at their new building with the same name
- Changed the models of Logging Madhouse, Mutant Training Facility and Steel Beastiary
- Changed the sound set of some buildings
- Changed the shadows of some buildings
- Changed the armour type of numerous Gnoll units (melee units now mostly have Large armour, ranged mostly Medium, worker Medium, Obsidian Golem Fortified, etc.)
- Trackers and Mutant Agents have been nerfed and their cost increased
- Obsidian Golem has been nerfed
- Rain Elemental has been nerfed and it can no longer attack buildings
- New building for Orcs: Forge Mill
- Obsidian Golem has been moved to Volcano Altar
- Zeppelin, Steal Advanced Technology, Steal Human Tower Plans, Steal Human Stone Well Plans and Steal Orc Armour and Weapon Plans have been moved to Thieves' Guild
- Orc Zeppelin, Spiked Barricades, Reinforced Defenses, Reinforced Wood Armor, Reinforced Wood Weapons and Pillage (Orc) have been moved to Forge Mill
- Stamina (Orc) has been moved to Recruitment Agency
- Pillage (Gnoll) has been moved to Lumber Mill (Gnoll)
- New upgrades for Gnolls: Improved Scopes, Accuracy, Ensnare, Slam, Burning Axes, Cleaving Attack, Finish Digging Tunnels, Mud Slow, Nuclear Research, Searing Rocks, Tremor Aura, Vampiric Aura, Wind Current, Warden Adept/Master Training
- Tracker now has 900 range at start and can reach 1300 range with Improved Scopes, which is still by 200 less than before the update
- Headshot now requires Accuracy, Ensnare (Trapper) Ensnare (Gnoll), Slam Slam, Cleaving Attack Cleaving Attack, Mud Slow Mud Slow, Weak Nuclear Bomb Nuclear Research, Tremor Aura Tremor Aura (no longer Geomancy), Wind Current Wind Current
- Clockwerk Goblin's Rocket ability and its upgrade now require Explosive Fuel and not Advanced Technology
- New upgrade for both races: Improved/Advanced Lumber Gathering
- New upgrade for Orcs: Flare
- New unit for Gnolls: Warden - abilities: Purge, Abolish Magic and Energize
- New ability for Pocket Factory and Thieves' Guild: Replenish Reserves - replenishes the rocket (Orc) and nuke (Gnoll) reserves
- New ability for Clockwerk Goblin: Flare
- The Gnoll ability to go through tunnels to the other side of the map has been moved to the Finish Digging Tunnels upgrade
- Changed the icons of Tracker, Wind Turbine, War Drum Generator, Bloodlust Generator, Logging Madhouse, Mutant Training Facility, Steel Beastiary, Feedback, Tremor Aura (buff), Mud Slow (buff), On Fire (buff), Workforce
- Changed the model of the Wind Current ability effect
- Increased the attack speed decrease of Wind Current to 25%
- The stats, costs, build times and cooldowns of many things have been changed for more balance, especially for Gnolls
- The player spawn points are now dynamic and random - they spawn in one of three spots on each side at random
- The cooldown of all global abilities with unlimited or enormous range has been increased, mostly to 90 seconds, but some are 30, 120 or 180 seconds
- Most global abilities don't cost mana and the units/buildings casting them don't have it any more
- The list of units that cannot be affected by Manipulate and Space-warping Web has been increased
- New ability for Teleportation Cube: Teleport Tower - teleports a tower-like building to the Cube's location
- Increased the cost and build time of Teleportation Cube
- Decreased the cooldown of the Teleport ability from 40 to 30 seconds
- All the caster units of both races now have less attack damage, armour and other stats
- New critter: Bear, the most powerful of them all
- Reworked Hawk Rider: at start it can't attack buildings, but after researching Burning Axes (makes his axes on fire when attacking buildings) it can and has the Arson ability (new ability)
- The Trapper can now Dismount the Electric Hawk, turning the Hawk Rider back to two separate units
- Gnoll Elite units can now gain experience by killing allies
- Gnoll Elite units can now be revived at an Altar of Fangs
- Reduced the cost and build time of Heap of Rocks and Solunar Power Generator
- The Stamina upgrade no longer affects air units
- Mud Golems are no longer classified as workers and won't show up when clicking on the button for available workers
- Orc Zeppelin's ability Disappear no longer requires Advanced Technology
- Spirit Dew Cloud can regrow trees now
- Changed the mana cost of Wywyr's abilities
- Qrh'qrc can no longer damage himself with his attacks and thus kill himself yielding no seed
- Increased the number of critters spawned on the map
- Changed the colour of the fog slightly
- The map no longer has a custom minimap
- Workforce tooltip now states how many upgrade levels there are and what is the current level
- Changed the hotkey of Deploy to Y
- Changed numerous other hotkeys because of the newly added units, buildings, upgrades and abilities
- Many textual changes, additions, improvements and fixes
- Many other unlisted, forgotten and minor changes, fixes, additions and improvements

Custom resources were made by:
viiva, Pyritie, kola, Sin'dorei300, Stanakin, Marcos DAB, Wezthal, Debode, Red Shift, Spellbound, Ujimasa Hojo, Kitabatake, Xifos, SkriK, Mr.Goblin, JollyD, General Frank, GooS, Apheraz Lucent, PeeKay, bigapple90, Shiv, Palaslayer, Kuhneghetz, CRAZYRUSSIAN, The_Silent, DeathChef, Nightcrime, GhostThruster, genin32, ~Nightmare, Blood Raven, JesusHipster, ikillforeyou, Huinipachutli, Hemske, BLazeKraze, KelThuzad, -Berz-, Lelling, Elenai, zbc, Palaslayer, 4eNNightmare, CloudWolf, SSrunX, WerBackIII, BallisticTerrain, Darkfang, LiOneSS, Mephestrial, Mike, Windrunner29, Edge45, The Weird Human, Nugamentum, Horn, Eagle XI, Kimbo, 3ICE, Heinvers, UgoUgo, NFWar, Kenntaur, SA Dashie, darkdeathknight, D.ee, Ket, Talon the Mage, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Mythic, HerrDave, Callahan, L_Lawliet, Fingolfin, JoelS, Sephiroth_VII, The Panda, M0rbid, Himperion, Retera, Tranquil, Uncle Fester, Champara Bros, Static, Hellx-Magnus, Em!, AstarothZion, supertoinkz, The D3ath, Mad, Infinitynexus, Hayate, eubz, HappyCockroach, and myself (Alok).
The picture used in the map preview image is from here: http://img07.deviantart.net/984d/i/2015/209/a/b/corrupted_forest__felwood__by_cumalee-d935ufe.png

Deforestation of Felwood v2.1.1 (Map)

The terrain could be a little less flat and repetitive. I've got a sudden crash. Just tried the Orcs & Goblins in the first player slot. Used iseedeadpeople. Was looking at the terrain and boom. I could not reproduce it. [spoiler] Not sure about the...
  1. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    The terrain could be a little less flat and repetitive.
    I've got a sudden crash. Just tried the Orcs & Goblins in the first player slot. Used iseedeadpeople. Was looking at the terrain and boom. I could not reproduce it.

    Not sure why there should be 2 zeppelins when both can carry troops.
    I suggest mentioning the values of abilities and auras (eg: War Drum).
    Why not train the Corrupted Ancient Protector on its feet? You should find another model or a skin for the Ancient Protector as this one attacks with its back at the enemy when it's rooted.
    I don't think it's really necessary to change the icons of normal Warcraft III abilities (eg: Mutant Warlock's).
    The Mutant Cyborgs could be one unit that switch abilities like other of your units.

    Why is Frenzy on the Scout differently positioned compared to the Woodcutter?
    Pillage is also present on the other faction. Also, these guys have an invisible ranged unit too.
    Electrocution says it lasts 0 seconds.
    Using Wind Current still leaves the Hawk with Slow attack speed but this time it is green coloured.
    Devour Magic could be positioned a bit downwards on the Drill Worm.
    Well, Burrowing doesn't let the worm travel under cliffs and doodads (trees) :D.
    The Drill Worm's icon=Parasite's.

    Not sure about the balance but the gameplay is quite different than usual Warcraft's.

    Set to Approved.
  2. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015
    Thanks for the review.
    I will probably be updating the terrain over time.
    I don't know why that happened.
    One is for early game, the other is for later.
    Because it can't be trained on its feet because it's not supposed to be a unit.
    I like it better that way.
    They are not supposed to, one should teleport the enemy unit and the other should take control of it. That's why they are "evil" twins.
    Because of the button position. For all other units, Scout's position works, so they have that Frenzy. Woodcutters have Repair on that slot, so theirs is down.
    Pillage is supposed to promote attacking. Those invisible units are OP, unless you have a detector. Both must have it for balance.
    Because the automatic tooltips detect only whole numbers, it seems. Fixed it. Will be in the new version.
    When he loads a unit it, the unload button occupies that slot, that's why it's there.
    There was a reason for that, I forgot why, maybe because it is overpowered, maybe because when traversing cliffs the drill worm would emerge from the ground and stay bugged like that. Anyway, it could also be realistic as cliffs are stone and trees have roots under the ground.
    The one that fits best.
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    I know that. It just doesn't look nice. I'd put it on the same position on every unit.
    Ah, yes.