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Deforestation v11.1

Submitted by Alok
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.

This is a unique forest map filled with trees where players have to expand their logging empire and destroy the competition. Players start with 5 Woodcutters, a Kodo Mill, a Scout and 120 lumber, and can choose to expand in a number of ways in order to destroy their opponents. The map has two custom races with unique mechanics based on orcs/goblins and gnolls/kobolds respectively, and their technology and magic. The starting locations are orderly random and there is a huge forest at the disposal through which paths can be carved by harvesting lumber and attacking trees. There are also Qrh'qrc, the map's boss who drops a resource needed for the construction of one of the buildings which unlocks new powerful units and who can win you the game in an instant, Wywyr who randomly roams the woods and players can get control of her and her powers temporarily and wild Kodo Beasts which can be captured. The main resource is lumber and it is used for making almost everything, and Seeds of Qrh'qrc replace gold and are used for the construction of the most powerful units and buildings. It is recommended to play this map with 8 players (4v4), but you can also play it with any other available number and combination of players. The map has fully-working AI and it can be also played with/versus the computer players. Some of the possible strategies and tips on how to play can be found in the Strategies & Tips info quest in-game.

- Play as one of the two unique custom races
- Use and manipulate the forest to your advantage by cutting and regrowing trees
- Lumber as the main resource
- Unique game mechanics and unit mechanics and symbioses
- Side quests and map bosses which can help you win
- Fully-working and merciless AI
- Dynamic randomly generated player spawn points and freedom in choosing the spot for your base
- Dynamic map environment that affects units and gameplay - weather changes and randomly generated neutral units
- Strategic gameplay
- Build bases with formidable defenses
- Superweapons and abilities that can be cast anywhere on the map with unlimited range
And much, much more...

(I used cheats in the screenshots so I could take them faster)(outdated screenshots)[​IMG]

v11.1 changelog (Apr 13th, 2017 - CET):
- New starting unit: Scout (abilities: Hunt, Discharge, Pillage) - you get him at start so there are more things to do right away
- New upgrade in Lumber Mills: Workforce - increases the number of lumber-gathering units you can train
- All lumber-gathering units (Woodcutters and Goblin Shredders) have a train limit now that is increased by researching Workforce
- Wisps have a limit of 8 and it cannot be increased
- New ability for Kodo Beasts: Stomp - clears the surrounding trees
- Added fireflies all over the map
- Reduced the range of tree regrowth of Reforestation to 150, Spirit Dew Mist to 300 and Spirit Dew Cloud to 450
- Increased the number of critters on the map
- Decreased the health of Wolfs and Wild Boars to 30
- Level 2 Spiked Barricades no longer erraneously require Pig Farm, they now require Recruitment Agency
- Reduced the lumber-gathering rate of Goblin Shredders, they now gather lumber 3 times faster than Woodcutters
- Goblin Shredders now require Workforce level 1 too in addition to Advanced Technology
- Increased the damage of Trappers by 1
- The AI will no longer prioritise creep camps and will attack players more and faster
- Reduced the size of Solunar Power Plant and Solunar Ray Generator slightly
- Mutant Woodcutters are no longer selected after the transformation
- Changed the hints at the start - they are now much more concise
- Reduced the length of the Qrh'qrc timer window text so it can be seen by everyone
- Various textual changes
- Removed unused resources from the map, reducing the map file size
- Changed the map preview image

v11.0 changelog (Mar 4th, 2017 - CET):
- Increased the maximum number of players to 8 (4 on each team)
- Increased the health of trees to 50
- New ability for Woodcutters (both Gnoll and Orc) and Mutant Woodcutters: Reforestation
- New upgrade for Gnolls: Camouflage
- Woodcutters (both Gnoll and Orc) and Mutant Woodcutters now cost 1 food
- Increased the area of effect of Spirit Dew Cloud and Mist tree regrowth
- Units can now teleport on or be dropped by zeppelins on trees
- The possible area where players spawn is now wider and thus bigger - stretched it towards the center
- Reduced the damage of Wildkin Meteorologists by 6
- Reduced the cost and build time of the Ensnare upgrade
- The 15-second cooldown for disabling weather change is now triggered by all weather commands
- Fixed the bug with floating text not disappearing after capturing Kodo Beasts and Wywyr
- Fixed the Woodcutter Invincibility Potion price
- Bats are now called Vampire Bats
- AI will now attack much better, faster and more, and thus be much more effective and merciless
- AI will now build more units
- The Obsidian Golem limit now works only for human players - AI will no longer get stuck because of it
- AI-trained Wildkin Meteorologists are no longer affected by the weather
- AI will now build Wildkin Meteorologists
- Fixed AI ally priorities
- AI units will no longer flee when badly injured
- Cleaned up the triggers
- Various textual changes

v10.3 changelog (Feb 17th, 2017 - CET):
- Trees can now be attacked normally by right-clicking on them
- Trees can now be attacked with any unit that can attack
- Trees now have bigger collision size, like before the last change, and units can't pass so easily through the woods any more without destroying trees
- New building for Gnolls: Rhodochrosite Crystals that can Spawn Lava Tentacles
- Added Fountains of Life that can restore health and mana to the northern and southern plateau on the map
- The AI will now clear trees in their path as they progress in their attacks, therefore the AI units will no longer get stuck in the trees and the AI will be much more efficient
- Many other changes

v10.2.1 hotfix changelog (Sep 17th, 2016 - CET):
- The AI no longer doesn't Have No Mercy, because not having it stopped it from attacking
- Fixed the Reinforced Hides tooltip text, no longer states that it changes the armour type of Chimaeras
- Removed the Kodo Beast from all AI attacking groups, because it slows them down
- Removed a non-existent upgrade from Wisp
- Wywyr no longer costs any food, so she won't use it when captured any more
- Wywyr will now stop Wandering properly when captured by a Trapper
- Reduced the cost of Advanced Technology from 240 to 200

v10.2 changelog (Sep 16th, 2016 - CET):
- All critters now have Unarmored defence type
- Hunter renamed to Tracker
- Wind Current now increases magic defence by 30%, but reduces attack speed by 20%
- Hawk Rider no longer has Grenade, but now has Sharpened Axes, which also has its upgrade
- Kobold Geomancer now also has Earthbind
- Caster units are no longer affected by the armour and weapon upgrades
- Now only Grunts, Raiders, Mutant Grunts and Mutant Raiders are affected by the orc armour and weapon upgrades
- Reduced the cost of the orc armour and weapon upgrades accordingly
- The orc ranged weapon upgrade has been removed
- Trapper has been reworked – now it is melee and has an additional ability – Camouflage
- The cooldown of Trapper's Ensnare has been increased to 40 seconds
- The power of towers and utility buildings has been reduced
- The food limit has been reduced back to 100
- All units and buildings have been completely rebalanced
- Wildkin Meteorology now has a caster upgrade needed for his most powerful spells – Meteorology
- AI will no longer build gigantic bases, it will build less buildings now
- Increased the lumber cost of everything by roughly 20%
- Changed the cost and build time of certain units and buildings
- Tremor Aura now reduces building armour by 1
- Certain gnoll units now have Pillage, and there is also an upgrade for it
- The mana cost and effectiveness of certain abilities have been reversed to their normal values
- Critters now respawn when killed
- Wywyr now wanders around
- Multishot damage reduced
- Mutant Agent now has Flaming Arrows instead of Envenomed, changed the upgrade too
- Removed loads of unnecessary icons
- Removed Steal Human Zeppelin Plans upgrade
- Chimaeras now have Medium armour
- The Ancient armour upgrade no longer changes armour type of everything it affects
- Removed the –pathways text command
- Removed the Damage and Spell Detection System, because it is unnecessary
- Reduced the size of Tracker
- Wywyr no longer receives the Ancient armour upgrade
- Auto-cast Hunt ability has been added to Hunter's Huts
- Removed the base from the Logging Madhouse model
- Wind Turbine and its upgrades now have new custom icons which fit them
- Changed the upkeep levels and their names to fit the new food limit
- Removed some units and food buildings from the AI building queue to fit the new food limit
- AI no longer Has No Mercy
- Heavy rebalancing of unit stats, attack and defence types
- Units now have much more defined roles, more open and prominent weaknesses and strengths
- Hawk Rider can no longer attack air
- The starting areas are now much more random, and you can spawn in a wider area
- The race of computer players is now chosen randomly at start, instead of being preset and the same always
- Cleaned up certain triggers
- New map preview image
- New in-game minimap
- Reduced/increased the movement speed of almost all units to their normal values, and changed it for some
- Kaboom! of Rockbreaker now deals less damage
- Kobold Geomancer and Drill Worm now cost 1 food more
- Many textual changes, fixes, clarifications and additions
- Electric Hawk now has a hotkey
- Mutant Warchief cannot be enslaved by Trapper's Ensnare any more
- Mutant Warchief now has the Hero armour type
- Gnoll elite units are no longer affected by the weapon and armour upgrades

v10.1 changelog (Sep 1st, 2016 - CET):
New abilities and upgrades:

- New ability for Ork-hai Pikeman: Spiked Armor - it reduces damage taken and returns some of the taken damage
- New upgrade in Hunters' Lodge: Spiked Armor - enables the ability with the same name (Steal Orc Weapon and Armor Plans needed for research)
- New ability for Hunter: Track - reduces enemy armor and gives the visibility of the unit
- New ability for Hunter's Hut: Hunt - throws a spear that stuns and damages the target; if cast on a critter, increases the food the building provides by 1, up to 15
- New ability for Rockbreaker: Tremor Aura - reduces the armor of nearby buildings (Geomancy upgrade required)
- New ability for Electric Hawk: Electrocution - stuns enemy units and buildings for a short time
- New ability for Electric Hawk: Wind Current - increases magic immunity, decreases damage taken, movement speed and attack speed
- New ability for Orc Zeppelin: Disappear - it disappears sometimes when attacked, so it isn't so useless any more (Advanced Technology upgrade required)
Gnoll theme changes:
- Logging Hut is now called Hunter's Hut, and the interface message linked to it is changed too
- Penitentiary/Slave Pen is now called Hunters' Lodge
- Lumber Mill/Black Market is now called just Lumber Mill
- Assassin has been renamed to Hunter
- Slasher has been renamed to Flayer
- Renamed Giant Hawk to Electric Hawk
Other changes:
- Added some techtree dependencies
- Removed all the leaks
- After a Mutant owned by a computer player dies, another orc will drink Invincibility Potion properly now to replace him
- The Gnoll AI will no longer build extra redundant Small and Large Construction Sites
- Changed the text of the Rain Elemental timer to Rain Elemental
- Increased the mana cost of Stasis Trap and Healing Ward back to 100 and 200 respectively
- Removed some units from the Orc AI building queue to prevent the AI to overthrow the food limit because of the Mutant transformation
- Added Kodo Beasts to the attacking group of both AIs
- Increased the number of units in the AI minimum attack group
- The AI will now prioritize creep camps, not to let you achieve victory via the Qrh'qrc method
- Added the burrowed Drill Worm to the attacking group of the Gnoll AI
- The Gnoll AI will now build/research Dig Tunnel and Kobold Mine later to make it build more units sooner
- The Drill Worm now has the Ghost (Visible) instead of the Ghost ability, so it can be seen with invisibility detection
- The time between the hints at the beginning is increased to 20 seconds
- Reduced the effectiveness of Bat's Vampiric Aura by 5%
- Changed the name of the Mushroom-high Upkeep to Fungi-high Upkeep for brevity
- The Wolf and Wild Boar critters are now Neutral Hostile and will attack
- Gave Wolf and Wild Boar an attack, increased defense, unarmored defense type, more health and higher movement speed
- Changed the model of Wild Boar to Spirit Pig's model
- Increased the lumber cost of Electric Hawk by 10 to 120
- Fixed the Qrh'qrc trigger, so he is now always uprooted
- Added a condition in Qrh'qrc triggers which makes only him to be the event for the trigger to fire
- Renamed the quest Wywyr to Where Is Wywyr?
- Wild Boar, Wolf and Vulture now have the Cannibalize ability
- Renamed Destroyer to Demolisher
- The tooltip of Electric Hawk no longer falsely states it can reveal invisible units
- The tooltip of Feedback now lists Flayer as its correct user
- The tooltip of Parasite now correctly says that a Forest Spider will spawn
- Reduced the collision size of the critters, making them wander through more of the woods
- Changed the missile art of Electric Hawk
- Changed the button position of the units trained in Elemental Grove
- Reduced the healing done by Devour Magic to 30 and the mana gained to 25
- Drill Worm no longer has passive mana regeneration
- Moved some trees
- Changed the button position of Parasite so it doesn't overlap with Load and Unload and jump around
- Increased the lumber cost of Advanced Technology to 200 and research time to 60 seconds
- Dislocated some of the trigger functions from the Map Initialization
- Changed the map preview image
- The tooltips of Invincibility Potions and their upgrade are now more elaborate and will tell you what exactly will happen if you use them
- Relocated the miscellanous beginning of the Lumber Mill tooltips to the end in yellow, so they are now more comprehensive
- The Gnoll AI will now build Heaps of Rocks further down the construction line
- More AI units can now attack the creep camp
- Various textual changes, fixes, clarifications and additions
I can proudly say that this is probably the first stable and bug-free version of the map.

Deforestation v10.0 changelog (Aug 28th, 2016 - CET):
While digging in the far-flung tunnels, the Gnolls unearthed Kobolds, who joined them:

- New Building: Kobold Mine
- New Units with new systems and synergy bonuses: Kobold Geomancer and Drill Worm
- New Abilities: Burrow, Parasite, Devour Magic, Sentry Ward, Healing Ward, Stasis Trap, Earthquake, Grant Sentry Wards, Grant Healing Wards, Grant Stasis Traps, Spider Attack
- New Upgrades: Burrow and Geomancy
- Obsidian Golem now requires the Geomancy upgrade
- Heap of Rocks now requires Kobold Mine
- Bat now requires Kobold Mine
- The Dig Tunnel upgrade is required for the construction of the Kobold Mine
Gameplay has been greatly changed and improved:
Changed and added new victory/defeat conditions and systems:

- There is now one more way to win - collect 5 Offsprings of Qrh'qrc and cast Call of Qrh'qrc and you win instantaneously
- Added the normal melee game victory/defeat conditions, the reveal system, the shared resources leave system and other systems in addition to the old ones
New abilities for the old units and changes to the old units, buildings, upgrades and abilities:
- Chaos Warrior has been replaced with Ork-hai Pikeman, a long-range melee unit with the Stand Down, Taunt and Chaos Glow abilities and Chaos attack type
- New ability for Slasher: Cleaving Attack
- New ability for Plague Treant: Thorns Aura
- New ability for Offspring of Qrh'qrc and Qrh'qrc: Call of Qrh'qrc
- The Gnoll racial ability Frenzy has its effects, cooldown and duration reduced
- Obsidian Golem is now classified as Giant
- The Obsidian Golem tooltip now states that only four of them can be summoned by any player on the map
- Reduced the cost of all the zeppelins by 20 or 30 lumber and their food cost by 1
- Increased the health of Kodo Beast and Kodo Mill to 550
- Increased the health of Pocket Factory to 650
- Increased the damage of Spirit of Vengeance by 2
- Increased the health of Lumber Mill and Lumber Mill/Black Market to 1800
- Rain Elemental now has the Chaos attack type and the Unarmored armour type
- Bat now has the Unarmored armour type
- Destroyer and Corrupted Ancient Protector now have the Artillery attack
- Destroyer and Repeater now daze the units inside them when they are destroyed
- Reduced the Cargo Hold of Zeppelin to 6
Heavy changes to the AI - the AI is much more efficient and the single-player gameplay greatly improved:
- Added the new units to the Gnoll AI
- Removed one zeppelin from both AIs and replaced them with other units
- The AI is now added directly to the map
- Changed the Attacking settings of the AI and fixed it, so it now works properly and as it should
- Changed the AI Properties to suit the new tree pathing collision for a better AI
- Added Lumber Mill and Lumber Mill/Black Market to the techtree town halls and text in Gameplay Constants
- Due to all these changes and to the changed tree pathing collision, the AI is much more efficient and the single-player gameplay greatly improved
Changes to terrain, doodads, environment and their systems:
- All trees on the map now have changed to the smaller pathing map, and thus have less colision size, resulting in much higher passability of the woods on foot
- Added random critters which randomly appear and randomly roam the map (Frogs, Owls, Rabbits, Raccoons, Rats, Stags, Vultures, Wild Boars and Wolves)
- The Kodo Beasts now respawn at a random plateau 30 seconds after they have been killed or captured
- Increased the area of trees cleared by Deploy to 550
- The weather cannot be changed more often than once per 15 seconds now
- Added one more corridor that runs through the center of the map in the north-south direction which opens up when using the -pathways command
- The -pathways command can now be used for three minutes at start
- The sizes of the trees are now more varied, there are larger and smaller trees than before
- Reduced the size of the bigger mushrooms
- Smoothed the whole map, making it flatter
- Added many new tiles of the Dark Grass tile, making the terrain tiling better
- Added one raised cliff tile out of the map bounds at the west plateau
- Changed the sky
Bug fixes and trigger changes and improvements:
- Due to the changes to the AI, tree collision pathing and trigger leak fixes, the lag is dead and gone
- Removed numerous trigger leaks
- The players will no longer spawn stuck inside the creeks unable to move or act
- Changed the extent of the starting zones
- Removed the redundant unnecessary trigger parts and functions
- Removed some redundant Wait trigger functions from the Map Initialization trigger
- Changed the position of some trigger parts and functions
- Other trigger fixes and improvements and bug fixes
Game interface, models and textual changes:
- New units, buildings, abilities and upgrades have many new (custom) icons and models
- Old abilities, upgrades, buildings and units which have changed icons: Obsidian Golem, Soak, Dig Tunnel, Frenzy and its buff, Cyclone and its buffs, Mud Golem, Solunar Power Plant
- Logging Madhouse, Solunar Power Plant and Solunar Ray Generator have new models with construction animations and/or changed colour
- Heap of Rocks has a new model, it is now bluish rather than reddish
- Rain Elemental now has the Sludge model and its missile art
- As the Chaos Warrior has been replaced with the Ork-hai Pikeman, it has a new custom model and icon
- Changed the health bar skin
- Solar and Lunar Ray now shoot ray lightning effects
- Windfury has a new effect art
- Frenzy now gives the correct Frenzy buff, instead of the Bloodlust buff
- Aviary now has the correct hotkey
- Bat now has a hotkey
- The races are now called Orcs & Goblins and Gnolls & Kobolds
- Added new hints at the beginning of the game
- Changed and/or clarified the text of quests, info quests, many tooltips, map description, map name to the old basic one, race selection dialog, countdown timers, etc.
Other minor and forgotten changes, updates, additions, fixes, clarifications and improvements...

Old versions

v2.4 changelog:
- NEW TEXTUAL COMMAND: "-pathways" - cuts some pathways through the woods and can be used in the first 90 seconds
- NEW SPELLS: Summon Rain Elemental, Echolocation, Vampiric Aura
- Wildkin Meteorologists are now weather-sensitive - they change their abilities depending on the weather and have two aspects - rain and wind
- Wisps, Corrupted Ancient Protectors and Chimaeras can now be called all the time, regardless whether Qrh'qrc is alive or not
- Corrupted Ancient Protectors can now attack air units and ancients, and they no longer have minimum attack range
- Chimaeras can now attack air units and ancients
- Repeaters can now attack everything instead of buildings
- Destroyers can now attack everything instead of air units
- Zeppelins, Goblin War Zeppelins, Orc Zeppelins, Offsprings of Qrh'qrc and Corrupted Ancients of Lore are no longer limited to 1 or 2 units at a time and can be trained infinitely, or as much as the food limit allows
- Obsidian Golems are now limited to 4 at a time
- Giant Hawks no longer have True Sight, it's moved to Bats and now called Echolocation
- Reduced the build time and cost of Giant Hawks to 38 and 110 respectively
- Halved the cost of Chaos Warriors and reduced their build time by one fourth
- Trappers now have Envenomed Arrows (weaker than Mutant Agents') instead of Slow Poison Arrows
- Increased the damage of Trappers and reduced their build time and lumber cost to 26 and 40 respectively
- Removed the redundant extra Lumber Mills from the Orc and Gnoll AI building queues
- Many optimizations, changes and fixes to the AIs and added Bats to the building queue
- Reduced the build time of Clockwerk Goblins to 18 seconds
- Increased the health of Kodo Mills and Kodo Beasts to 380
- Increased the health of Wywyr to 550
- Reduced the collision size of Wildkin Meteorologists and Plague Treants to 24, meaning they can now pass through tighter spaces
- Reduced the build time of Wildkin Meteorologists to 34 seconds, but increased their cost to 92 lumber
- Bash is now called Windfury and has damage increased to 30
- Beastiary is now called Aviary
- Increased the health points of Elemental Grove to 950
- Reduced the duration, damage and area of effect of Weak Nuclear Bomb, because Zeppelins no longer have a build limit
- Solar/Lunar Rays can now be cast and sunny weather now lasts for the whole time of the channeling of Tranquility
- Kodo Beasts' appetite has decreased - Eat Tree now grants 15 lumber, as they eat only half of the tree now
- Offspring of Qrh'qrc can now be seen at all times in Woodcutters' build menus
- There is a new countdown timer at start telling you how much time until the "-pathways" command becomes unavailable
- New icons for Windfury, Wildkin Meteorologist, Summon Rain Elemental, Soak, Echolocation and Cyclone
- Some icons have changed places
- The notifications about Qrh'qrc are now green
- Various textual changes/fixes/clarifications/additions
- Various trigger fixes, optimizations, changes
- Changed some ally priorities, if that changes anything
- Other minor and forgotten changes

v2.3 changelog:
- NEW UNIT for Gnolls: Wildkin Meteorologist
- Giant Hawks no longer have Permanent Invisibility
- Reduced the HP regen of Obsidian Golems and Giant Hawks
- Increased the HP regen of Plague Treants, Mud Golems and Qrh'qrc
- Kodo Beasts and Kodo Mills now have HP regen
- Rockets upgrade now works properly
- Rocket ability now damages friendly targets too
- Increased the cost of Mud Golems to 52 and build time of Giant Hawks to 40 sec.
- More fixes to the Gnoll AI, it WILL now build everything it should
- Added more stuff to the Gnoll AI building queue
- Various textual fixes/changes

v2.2 changelog:
- Players now start with a Kodo Mill (Kodo with a mounted Lumber Mill) instead of a Kodo Beast
- Kodo Mill has a new ability Deploy, which clears the surrounding trees and creates a Lumber Mill immediately, turning the Kodo Mill into a Kodo Beast - this speeds up the start considerably
- The AI will be much faster and efficient at start because of this, increasing the game speed in single player
- Gnoll AI won't get stuck at start or later any more and will construct everything now
- The first Lumber Mill won't be cheaper and faster to build any more because of Deploy
- Kodo Mill will now be selected at the start of the game
- Kodo Mill will be auto-dismantled into a Kodo Beast if a Lumber Mill is built before its Deploy is cast
- Increased the area of trees being cleared for the base by Deploy for easier building
- New ability for Clockwerk Goblins: Rocket
- New upgrade in Pocket Factory: Rockets
- Increased the cost of Pocket Factory and the cost and build time of Clockwerk Goblins
- Increased the starting lumber to 80
- Removed the Steal Quillboar Beastiary Plans upgrade and it is no longer required for anything
- Elemental Grove is now required for the construction of Beastiary
- Penitentiary/Slave Pen is now required for the construction of Elemental Grove
- Removed the messy and buggy defeat countdown system after a player loses their last Lumber Mill, until I find or make a better one
- Changed the missiles of Grenade, Assassins, Corrupted Ancient of Lore and Qrh'qrc to new custom ones
- Weak Nuclear Bomb blast now looks like a real nuclear bomb
- Corrupted Ancient of Lore now has a ranged attack
- Qrh'qrc now also drops lumber when killed
- Qrh'qrc now always has 1 hp/sec regeneration
- Changed the icon of Scout Tower
- Changed the cursor
- Fixed a bug where Kodo Beasts were disappearing after being Ensnared
- Players won't spawn stuck inside the streams or cliffs any more
- Obsidian Golems now have Resistant Skin instead of Spell Immunity
- Kodo Beasts' Eat Tree now grants 10 lumber
- Added water lilies to the streams
- Updates and fixes to the AIs
- Reverted the minimap colour of the trees back to the normal one
- Many textual changes, fixes and clarifications
- The whole text of the info quests can now be seen on all screen resolutions

v2.1 changelog:
- Damage numbers and casting spell names are now shown hovering above units
- Trees are selectable now and their health can be seen
- There is now a 3-minute countdown after a player loses all their Lumber Mills - if the player doesn't rebuild a Lumber Mill, they will lose the game
- New ability for Zeppelins: Weak Nuclear Bomb
- New ability for Assassins: Headshot
- New ability for Slashers: Feedback
- Plant Tree is now merged with Repair which is called Repair/Graft now - target dead tree stumps with it to rejuvenate them
- Gnoll units, Wywyr and Kodo Beasts now use the weapon and armor upgrades available at Corrupted Ancient of Lore
- The Gnoll AI will now build towers
- Changed the look of the experience bar
- Gnoll elite units now have 2 more Strength and Agility at level 1
- Reduced the attack damage of Assassins and increased their cost to 80 lumber
- Reduced the attack damage of Mutant Agents and their attack speed
- Reduced the ground attack damage of Hawk Riders, and their air attack is melee now
- Increased the time needed to stealth with Permanent Invisibility to 3 seconds
- Increased the health of Mutant Warlocks by 100
- Reduced the sight radius of all air units because of the fog, clouds and weather
- Reduced the cargo hold of Orc Zeppelins by 1
- Renamed Pile of Stones to Heap of Rocks
- Reduced the maximum mana of Bloodlust Generators to 80 and increased the starting mana to 50
- New icons
- Fixed a non-existant water tile at one spot, moved some doodads and added one tree
- The AIs for both races will now build two Lumber Mills
- The AIs will now build troop-producing structures and train troops earlier
- Various textual changes, clarifications and fixes

v2.0 changelog:
New stuff:
- Gnolls now have AI, the third player in each team plays Gnolls if it's a computer player
- New building for Gnolls: Pile of Stones - Mud Golems can build them
- New ability/upgrade for Trappers/Giant Hawks: Mount Giant Hawk, Pick up Trapper, Giant Hawk Taming - they replace the old way of producing Hawk Riders
- New ability for Mud Golems: Repair with Mud
- New model for Granite Golem, which is called Obsidian Golem now
- Many new icons
Both, Orcs and Gnolls:
- Increased the cargo hold of Zeppelins to 8, Goblin War Zeppelins to 8, Orc Zeppelins to 5, and the Orc Zeppelin and Zeppelin training limit is increased to 2 at a time
- Increased the movement speed of Chimaeras
- Reduced the minimum attack range of Corrupted Ancient Protectors
- Eat Tree grants 20 lumber again
Total rebalancing of the Gnolls and other Gnoll changes:
- Gnoll Elite units - Rockbreakers, Slashers and Chaos Warriors - now level 2x faster, are less powerful at level 1, and gain less stats from leveling
- Fixed a bug preventing more than one Chaos Warrior to be recruited
- Increased the food and lumber cost and transporting size of Obsidian Golems, added a hotkey, they can no longer attack air units, reduced their size, selection circle size, movement and attack speed, and changed their colour to normal
- Giant Hawks cannot attack air units anymore, and have less attack and movement speed
- Exchanged the air and ground attack damage of Hawk Riders, reduced the air attack damage and movement speed, and increased the food cost by 1
- Increased the view range and attack damage of Assassins and gave them Ultravision, and changed their colour to normal
- Reduced the attack damage of Trappers
- Increased the health and attack damage of Mud Golems
- Grenade now deals 50 less damage
- Lumber Mill is now required for the construction of all Gnoll buildings, except Construction Sites, Logging Hut and Lumber Mill itself
- Renamed Well to Stone Well, it now regenerates mana during the day also, and added a red replenish effect to it
- Renamed Slow to Slow with Mud
- Reduced the hp of Construction Sites by 200
- Multishot should do 2 less damage from each attack now
- It will now take 2 seconds less to reach the other end of the tunnel, when entering caves with Dig Tunnel researched
- Logging Hut and Large Construction Site are now smaller, and also the selection circle size of the latter
- Removed Recruitment Post, Woodcutters are in Lumber Mill now, and Pillage is in Recruitment Agency
- Reduced the attack speed of Goblin War Zeppelins
- Updated the Orc AI
- Qrh'qrc now has AoE attack and can attack air always, and increased his damage
- Qrh'qrc now starts becoming stronger 5 minutes earlier and at a 3-minute interval
- Qrh'qrc will now reach 20,000 hp if 4 or more players are playing, but 15,000 otherwise
- A message will now be shown if a player leaves the game
- The tooltips of the stolen plans and technologies will now say what they unlock
- Fixed a textual error at the Call of Qrh'qrc message
- Various other textual fixes, changes and clarifications
- Updated the in-game minimap screenshot

Gnoll Invasion v1.0 changelog:
Having heard that orcs are starting to exploit resources in their neighbourhood, gnolls have decided to take their place in the rat race:
- A dialog for choosing a race now appears for all players at start
- Qrh'qrc now has a ranged Chaos attack, and less acquisition range
- Maximum hp Qrh'qrc can reach is reduced to 15000
- Minor terrain and doodad changes
- Goblin Shredders now collect lumber 5x faster than Woodcutters, instead of 20x faster
- Reduced the build time of Corrupted Ancient Protectors and Chimaeras significantly
- Plant Tree and Eat Tree (Kodo Beast) now have cooldown shorter by 10 seconds
- Eat Tree (Kodo Beast) grants 15 lumber now, instead of 20
- Fixed the cargo transport of tanks
- Many new custom models and icons
- Floating messages now appear when capturing Wywyr and Kodo Beasts
- Readded the defeat messages
- Many textual changes, fixes and clarifications

Older versions

v1.5 changelog:
- New ability for Woodcutters and Mutant Woodcutters: Plant Tree - they are now able to regrow a tree every 40 seconds
- Reduced the cooldown of Spirit Dew Cloud and Spirit Dew Mist
- Increased the area of effect of Spirit Dew Cloud and Spirit Dew Mist to 500 and 250 respectively
- Spirit Dew Cloud now also reduces enemies' chance to hit, attack speed and movement speed
- Reduced the mana cost of Lightning Shield
- Reduced the build time of the first Lumber Mill to 15 seconds
- Qrh'qrc is not a building any more, he is level 20 and his creep camp is now shown as a red dot on the map
- Reduced the collision size and changed the AI placement radius of some buildings
- Fixed a pathing issue at one of the stream ramps
- Moved some river rushes and trees
- Increased the health (by 200), attack range (to 1800), cost (to 160) and build time (to 60) of Corrupted Ancient Protectors
- Quadrupled the health of Wywyr
- Tanks - Repeaters and Destroyers - can now carry units inside them
- Removed the redundant Barrage preventing the further construction from the AI building queue
- The AI will now build a Boulder Tower before than it did before
- Increased the number of Plague Treants spawned by Corruption of Nature by 1
- Increased the area of effect of Solar and Lunar Ray to 500 and 250 respectively
- The time window for casting Solar and Lunar Ray is doubled to 20 seconds, and starts 5 seconds after Tranquility is cast
- Increased the cooldown of Solar and Lunar Ray to 50 seconds
- Reduced the mana cost of Space-warping Web and Manipulate, and the maximum and initial mana of the Twins
- Reduced the damage of Mutant Warlock's Firebolt by 50 - it's still 50 more than the normal damage
- Mutant Agents won't auto-acquire targets while invisible any more
- Increased the damage of Goblin Sappers' Kaboom! back to its normal values
- Mutant Woodcutters can now also plant Offspring of Qrh'qrc
- New custom icon for Plant Tree
- Various textual changes, fixes and clarifications

v1.4 changelog:
- Corrupted Ancient Protectors aren't buildings any more and can be loaded onto a Zeppelin
- Increased the health of Chimaeras and Corrupted Ancient Protectors by 200
- Removed Barrage completely, because it prevented the construction of Destroyers with its hard-coded features
- Decreased the cost of Repeaters back to 140 and increased their damage by 1 per attack
- The AI won't get stuck in building queue at one point any more
- Flying units won't be entering the caves any more
- Only one defeat message will be shown now, instead of two
- Various textual fixes and changes

v1.3 changelog:
- The first Lumber Mill now costs less, has less build time and clears the area of trees around it - this speeds up the start
- The AI won't have the special first Lumber Mill, but all of their Lumber Mills now also clear the area of trees around them
- Kodo Beasts now have the Eat Tree ability which also grants 20 lumber
- Increased the costs of Spiked Barricades and Recruitment Post
- The players starting in the corners will now start even further away from the half of their team's half of the map
- All players will now start even further away from the line dividing the two teams' halves of the map
- Added more weather choices to the weather system
- Various AI fixes and changes
- The lag caused by the AI might be fixed by now
- Various textual fixes and changes

v1.2 bugfix patch changelog:
- Fixed the bug where Repeaters couldn't be built after Barrage had been researched

v1.1 changelog:
- New spell for Repeater: Barrage
- New spell for Wywyr: Lightning Shield
- New spell which replaces Envenomed Arrows for Mutant Agents with Teleportation Device: Slow Poison Arrows
- New upgrade in Steel Beastiary: Barrage
- Qrh'qrc now grows stronger and stronger - starting at the 10th minute, he gains 500 hp every 5 minutes, reaching the maximum of 20,000 hp after 2 hours and 55 minutes
- Increased the movement speed of Qrh'qrc
- Players can now change the weather with the chat commands
- Added the info quest - Changing the Weather
- Changed the in-game minimap
- Fixed some stream ramps, narrowed the streams, increased the size of the eastern plateau, smoothed some parts of the terrain, changed the tile placement at Qrh'qrc and behind the streams, and moved some doodads
- Players won't spawn stuck in the streams anymore
- Balanced some costs/build times
- Now even Mutant Raiders can use their Ensnare for capturing
- Invulnerability Potion renamed to Invincibility Potion
- Fixed all the bugs with Invincibility Potion usage - the units won't duplicate or die, and the payment is charged correctly, when more than one unit uses it simultaneously
- Steel Beastiary now also requires Lumber Mill
- Moved the starting locations a little bit
- Players will now start farther away from the middle line which divides the opposing teams
- The four players starting in the corners of the map will now start more away from the middle of their team's half of the map
- The AI can now create all units, buildings and upgrades
- Other AI changes
- Fixed some ally priorities
- Various textual changes, clarifications and fixes
- Fixed, added, and made some triggers more efficient and reliable

The New Frontier v1.0 changelog:
The logging companies have decided to move to a new frontier, since they have exhausted all the resources in the previous forest:
- Total overhaul of the terrain, doodads and environment
- The tileset is Lordaeron Fall now, with one custom tile and the HQ tree skin
- Players now start at a random point in their designated area with 5 Woodcutters and a Kodo Beast which can serve as a drop-off point for lumber - this makes the game more dynamic because the players can choose where to build their base
- The number of players is now 6, because the map is too small for 8
- Playable map area has been decreased a little bit to its normal limits for this map size which stays the same
- There are now mushrooms all over the map, river rushes by the streams, bubbles, steam and shells in the stream, the rocks fit in with the tileset, and there are also some stone walls outside the map area at one point
- Changed the colour of the fog and water, and the sound environment
- The four old forest starting areas are now filled with trees, and the areas behind the streams have more trees now
- Added ground fog all over the map
- Smoothed the terrain a bit and changed the terrain tile placement a little bit
- The no-build area around Qrh'qrc is smaller now
- The plateaus don't have ramps leading to them any more
- Kodo Beasts now roam the plateaus and players can capture them
- New quest: Kodo Beasts
- New unit: Kodo Beast
- New ability: Devour
- New upgrade: Mists
- New upgrade: Ultravision
- Reduced the starting lumber to 40
- Celesta is now a Spirit Wyvern called Wywyr
- Krh'krc is called Qrh'qrc now
- The respawn time of Qrh'qrc and the time after which Wywyr disappears have been reduced to 4 minutes
- Ensnare is now used for capturing Wywyr and Kodo Beasts
- Fixed the bug making the cloaked Mutant Agents invincible
- Fixed the bug preventing Logging Madhouses from returning lumber
- Changed the icon of the Poison debuff to match the corresponding spell
- Various AI adaptations, changes and fixes
- There is a message at the beginning telling players how to start playing now
- If a player slot is empty at the beginning, the defeat message won't be shown anymore
- Various textual changes, clarifications and fixes
- Changed the map name and the map image
- Other minor changes and fixes

Oldest versions

v7.2 changelog:
- Wisps and Celesta now have a new spell each which can disable towers and regrow trees:
New spell: Spirit Dew Mist
New spell: Spirit Dew Cloud
- Decreased the collision sizes of most units and some buildings, and increased the collision size of Pocket Factory
- Fixed some of the icons/names for the buffs/effects that weren't the same as the icons/names of the corresponding spells
- Various textual changes

v7.1 changelog:
- New unit: Celesta - the spirit roams the forest and players can get control of it
- New optional quest: Celesta
- New spell: Spirit of Vengeance
- New spell: Lunar Ray - it replaces Solar Ray during the night
- New icons: Solar Ray, Lunar Ray, Tranquility, Endurance Aura, Command Aura, Cripple, Unholy Frenzy, Firebolt, Ensnare (both the ability and the upgrade), War Drum, Thundering War Drums, Bloodlust
- Fixed a bug where the Eat Tree ability of Offspring of Krh'krc was making the weather clearer
- Tranquility now activates Rays of Moonlight during the night, instead of Rays of Light
- Placed more of the varied terrain tiles
- Various tooltip, quest text and map description changes and clarifications
- Changed and edited the map image
- Goblin Blasters can now attack trees normally
- Renamed Solar Ray Generator and Solar Power Plant to Solunar Ray Generator and Solunar Power Plant
- Changed the colour of the water to better fit in into the environment
- More fixes and updates to the AI
- The AI will now also use Orc Zeppelins to launch attacks
- The AI won't stop attacking after some time
- Orc Zeppelin now requires Logging Camp and Recruitment Post
- Renamed War Drums Damage Increase to Thundering War Drums
- Wisps can now Renew ancients
- The Renew icon doesn't look as if disabled when it's set on auto-cast anymore
- Doubled the damage of Mutant Warlock's Firebolt to 200
- Doubled the initial mana of Mutant Warlock to 150
- Clockwerk Goblins can now be loaded onto a zeppelin
- Mutant Agents with Invisibility Cloak have Ultravision now and the switching ability is called Switch to Invisibility Cloak and Ultravision Goggles
- All ancients have Ultravision now
- Increased the sight radius of Mutant Agents with Invisibility Cloak to 1800
- Reduced the duration of the Plague Treants spawned by Corruption of Nature by 10 seconds

v7.0 changelog:

New units, buildings, upgrades and abilities:
- New unit: Orc Zeppelin
- New unit - tank: Repeater
- New unit - tank: Destroyer
- New unit: Wisp
- New unit: Plague Treant
- New building: Steel Beastiary
- New building: Corrupted Ancient of Lore
- New upgrade: Black Gunpowder
- New upgrade: Iron Plating
- New spell: Corruption of Nature
- Other new abilities which are old but are added to the map now
- Goblin Zeppelin model and name changed: it's now Goblin War Zeppelin and it can shoot air units

The game pace is faster now:
- Reduced the cost of everything by 20%
- Reduced the build time of everything by 20%
- Increased the movement speed of all units by 30
- Further reduced the build time of Logging Camps/Logging Madhouses by 10 seconds
- Further increased the movement speed of Goblin War Zeppelins by 60
- Other alterations in the costs, build times, movement speeds
- Reduced the starting lumber to 80

Map changes:
- Four creeks are running in the four corners of the map now
- Placed more varied terrain tiles
- The playable map area is now a little bit bigger
- Increased the scale of the northern, southern and eastern plateaus
- Relocated some of the starting units
- Added some trees at Krh'krc
- Raised/lowered some parts of the terrain
- Moved some trees and doodads

UI and models:
- Units/buildings with new custom models: Wisp, Steel Beastiary, Orc Zeppelin, Goblin War Zeppelin, Repeater, Destroyer
- Abilities/units/buildings with new custom icons: Entangling Roots, Disease Cloud, Detonate, Gather, Harvest, Wisp, Steel Beastiary, Goblin War Zeppelin, Repeater, Destroyer, Corrupted Ancient of Lore, Iron Plating (all 3 tiers), Nature's Blessing, Renew, Corrosive Breath (both the upgrade and the ability)
- Reduced the size of Clockwerk Goblin a little bit to match the size of a normal goblin

- Added the new units/buildings/upgrades to the AI building queue
- Modified the building queue to fit the new units/buildings/upgrades
- Removed the Expansion Town from the queue, cos the AI won't build it on this map anyway

- Changed the map version number
- Changed the map description
- Changed the suggested players number
- Various tooltip updates, fixes, clarifications and changes
- Various quest text updates, fixes, clarifications and changes

Unit/building changes/balance:
- Increased the damage of Mutant Agent, Mutant Warchief, Corrupted Ancient Protector, Clockwerk Goblin, Brainwashing Mutant Cyborg Twin and Time-warping Mutant Cyborg Twin
- Reduced the attack speed of Mutant Warchief and Corrupted Ancient Protector and increased the attack speed of Mutant Agent and Clockwerk Goblin
- Increased the cost of Mutant Warchief to 160
- Moved the upgrades from Offspring of Krh'krc to Corrupted Ancient of Lore
- Increased the training time of Mutant Warchief to 56 seconds
- Reduced the health of Recruitment Agency and Goblin Laboratory by 100
- Increased the health of Corrupted Ancient Protectors by 100
- Increased the armour Corrupted Ancient Protectors receive from upgrades by 1 for each upgrade
- Reduced the movement speed of Raiders by 20
- Changed/fixed the repair costs and repair times of some units/buildings to fit their costs and build times

Upgrade changes:
- Changed the cost of the 3-tier damage and armour upgrades or left them unaffected by the overall 20% cost reduction
- Some of the old upgrades are expanded to affect some of the new units

...and other updates, alterations, modifications, fixes, changes, improvements, etc. I forgot to mention here.

v6.3 changelog:
- Fixed 2 empty fields in the AI building queue, preventing the further building
- The AI should now be able to plant Offspring of Krh'krc if it has the seed
- Reduced the damage of Fired Firefighters by 4
- Fixed a bunch of unit group and dynamic location trigger leaks - the map should run much smoother now
- Various tooltip and quest text fixes and clarifications

v6.2 changelog:
- AI won't flee and thus get stuck in the woods anymore
- AI won't get stuck at certain point and stop building anymore
- AI will now send a new attack wave each 30 seconds, up from 20
- Other AI fixes and tweaks
- Various tooltip fixes

v6.1 changelog:
- Increased the width of the ramps leading to the plateaus
- Increased the size of the northern plateau
- Moved some units and trees accordingly

v6.0.1 changelog:
- Substituted the starting locations of the purple and teal players for more balance in 1v1 situations
- Removed the map version number from the map image

v6.0 changelog:
- The map now supports up to 8 players
- Increased the playable map area a little bit
- Added a respawn countdown timer for Krh'krc
- Changed the skins of the sellection circle and health bars
- Mutant Agent can now switch between the Teleportation Device and Invisibility Cloak
- Switching between Goblin Blaster and Goblin Shredder now has 3 second cast time and 10 second cooldown
- Increased the mana cost of Twins' abilities to 80 and cooldown to 30
- The rain should stop falling and rays of light appear properly now when Tranquility is cast
- Reduced the movement speed of Mutant Agents (with the Invisibilty Cloak), Fired Firefighters and Mutant Warlocks by 30
- Various terrain and doodad alterations
- Changed the Idle Workers button
- The map name shown in-game is now colored
- Edited the map image
- The Wanted: Krh'krc quest has been moved to Main Quests
- Various tooltip and quest text changes
- Compressed, optimized and protected the map file
- Other minor changes, bug fixes and improvements

v5.0 changelog in short:
- Many new units, buildings, abilities and upgrades:
New unit: Mutant Warlock
New unit: Mutant Agent
New unit: Mutant Warchief
New unit: Mutant Grunt
New unit: Mutant Raider
New unit: Mutant Woodcutter
New unit: Goblin Blaster
New unit: Corrupted Ancient Protector
New building: Logging Madhouse
New building: Mutant Training Facility
New building: Brainwashing Mutant Cyborg Twin
New building: Time-warping Mutant Cyborg Twin
New ability: Invulnerability Potion
New ability: Switch to Goblin Blaster
New ability: Plant Land Mine
New ability: Space-warping Web
New ability: Manipulate
And other abilities which are old, but added to the map now.
New upgrade: Invulnerability Potion
And other upgrades which are old, but added to the map now and adapted.
- Many new icons, models and a new UI look
- Rebalanced the old units/buildings/abilities/upgrades/costs
- Reduced the health of all the trees on the map from 50 to 30, making them cuttable/clearable faster
- Various terrain changes and doodad additions
- Some of the building upgrades are now divided into separate buildings
- Increased the food limit to 120
- Upkeep rates, levels and names changed
- The Krh'krc event altered and rebalanced
- Various tooltip and quest text updates
- Other changes, improvements and bug fixes

v4.0 changelog:
- The map has AI and can be played with or versus computer players
- There are tunnels at the map-edge plateaus between the allied parts of the map
- If a player leaves the game, their ally will get control of their units
- The map can be played in Free Play mode if only one player slot is occupied
- Only one Offspring of Krh'krc can be planted at a time by a player, and it isn't shown in the menu until at least one seed is collected
- Krh'krc also has Ultravision and corrected his damage to 149
- Fixed a bug preventing Krh'krc from respawning
- Removed the gold upkeep tax rates and updated Krh'krc's bounty, sides per die and number of dice so he always drops 1 seed
- Added lumber upkeep tax rates - they are similar to those for gold in normal melee games
- Doubled the Pillage resource steal
- It is possible to get the seed by attacking enemy players' Offsprings of Krh'krc with your units upgraded with Pillage
- Increased the cost of Pillage to 65 and War Drums Damage Increase to 115
- Reduced the armor of Recruitment Post and Pocket Factory by 1
- Removed the requirements for some buildings and upgrades:
Boulder Tower doesn't require Reinforced Defenses
Burning Oil added to Boulder Towers and it doesn't require Reinforced Defenses also anymore
Pocket Factory doesn't require Recruitment Post
Goblin Laboratory doesn't require Recruitment Agency
Watch Tower doesn't require Logging Camp
Solar Power Plant building upgrades and War Drums Damage Increase no longer require Lumber Mill
- Spiked Barricades apply to all buildings, except Offspring of Krh'krc
- The Goblin Zeppelin cargo hold has been increased from 4 to 6
- Reduced the damage of Fired Firefighter by 2
- Explosive Fuel is a caster upgrade for Fired Firefighter, and shows the upgrade icon and text in his info screen
- Replaced the rally point model with a new, custom one
- Replaced some button icons with new ones: command buttons, weapon and armor upgrade buttons, harvest buttons and the rally point button
- Updated the Upkeep text, Quests are called Quest Log, Quest Log quest is called Logging In
- Added General Info into the quest log containing the most vital information about the map
- Updated the Strategies & Tips in the quest log
- Various tooltip fixes
- Added some wind onto the plateaus, and some fog around the tunnels
- Added/removed/moved some trees
- Other minor improvements, bug fixes and changes

v3.1.1 changelog:
- Fixed and updated the Strategies & Tips in the quest log

v3.1 changelog:
- Starting Woodcutters and lumber have been increased to 5 and 100 respectively
- Increased the damage of Krh'krc and the Offspring of Krh'krc to 149 and 109 respectively and granted them the Pulverize ability in their rooted form
- Ultravision doesn't need to be researched any more, it is there passively
- Reduced the cost of the Recruitment Agency upgrade to 125 and Goblin Laboratory upgrade to 150
- Changed the repair times and costs of some units so they match the build times and costs
- Reduced the size of the Offspring of Krh'krc and Solar Power Plant and its upgrades
- Various tooltip fixes
- Other bug fixes and changes

v3.0 changelog:
- Krh'krc (the middle creep camp) now has a purpose - you can kill him to get a Seed of Krh'krc which is used to build a new building - Offspring of Krh'krc
- Offspring of Krh'krc can call Chimaeras and research weapon and armor upgrades for them and Corrosive Breath, Nature's Blessing and Ultravision
- Added a quest to kill Krh'krc and text notifications when he dies and respawns
- Krh'krc respawns every 5 minutes and while he is alive Chimaeras cannot be called nor controlled
- Krh'krc now has Nature's Blessing upgrade researched
- Changed the gold, lumber and food icons and renamed gold to Seeds of Krh'krc
- Rebalanced costs and research times of some upgrades and units and the requirements of some upgrades and units:
Advanced technology's cost and research time have been reduced (125 lumber and 40 sec. now)
Goblin Zeppelin now costs 225 lumber and the construction time has been reduced back to 30 sec.
Boulder Tower no longer requires Reinforced Defenses upgrade, but Advanced one still does
Burning Oil upgrade now requires Reinforced Defenses, not Advanced Boulder Tower
- Boulder Tower's and Advanced Boulder Tower's damage has been increased to 61 and 91 respectively
- Goblin Zeppelin's tooltip now states that only one can be sustained at a time
- Added/removed some trees
- Updated Strategies & Tips in the quest log
- There is a notification for the players at start telling them to read the quest log for info
- Various tooltip fixes
- Other changes

v2.0 changelog:
- The map size has been increased and there are 4 elevated plateaus at its edges
- If a player slot is empty, the player's units will be destroyed
- If a player leaves the game, the player's units will be destroyed
- There is a new, ranged unit - Fired Firefighter
- There is a new building - Solar Power Plant, which can be upgraded further
- There are new upgrades - War Drum Generator, Bloodlust Generator, Explosive Fuel, War Drums Damage Increase, and three levels of the Flamethrower upgrade
- Fixed a bug not allowing Goblin Zeppelins to be constructed and they now don't have a cooldown, require a Solar Power Plant to be constructed, have their cargo capacity lowered to 4 (down from 8), build time increased to 60 seconds and their quantity limited to 1 at a time for each player
- Starting lumber has been reduced to 60, down from 70, for all players
- Increased the cost of Advanced Technology upgrade (75 -> 225) and research time (40 -> 60 sec.)
- Updated the Tips in the quest log
- Renamed the force Game Logs & Co. to Game Loggers & Co.
- Logging Camp now has a construction sound
- Reinforced Defenses upgrade's tooltip now states that it is required for the construction of Boulder Towers and Advanced Boulder Towers
- Fixed some tooltips
- Other minor changes

v1.5 changelog:
- Added a new expensive unit with a cooldown - Goblin Zeppelin
- Weapon and armor upgrades and Pillage now apply to all units they can be applied to
- Increased the lumber cost of: Woodcutters (15 -> 20), Clockwerk Goblins (20 -> 30), Grunts (30 -> 40), Pillage (35 -> 50) and Goblin Laboratory (150 -> 175)
- Fixed the armor of Pocket Factory and Goblin Laboratory (they now have 5 fortified armor both)

v1.4 changelog:
- All players now start with 70 lumber and 2 additional Woodcutters
- Lumber Mill now provides 10 food
- Grunts and Clockwerk Goblins now have the same collision size as Woodcutters, which means they can pass through most of the woods now
- The quest log now contains the tips on how to play

v1.3 changelog:
- Lumber Mill now provides 6 food
- Clockwerk Goblin's Kaboom! can also blow up trees now
- Added some trees
- All buildings except Logging Camp and Recruitment Post now require a Lumber Mill in order to be built
- Watch Tower now also requires a Logging Camp in order to be built

v1.2 changelog:
- The building tooltips now state that the buildings can be upgraded
- Smoothed the terrain a little bit
- Added some cliffs outside the playable map area
- Scattered some different terrain tiles all around the map randomly to make the terrain more diverse
- The heart of the forest is now green and cannot be built on
- Renamed Forward Logging Camp to Logging Camp

v1.1 changelog:
- Added new upgrades
- Added build requirements for some upgrades, buildings and units
- Fixed some tooltips and game interface messages
- Rebalanced the costs, build times and health of some units, buildings and upgrades
- Added/removed/moved some trees and moved some units
- Fixed the button positions
- Added/altered some triggers

Custom resources were made by:
viiva, Pyritie, kola, Sin'dorei300, Stanakin, Marcos DAB, Wezthal, Debode, Red Shift, Spellbound, Ujimasa Hojo, Kitabatake, Xifos, SkriK, Mr.Goblin, JollyD, MasterHaosis, General Frank, GooS, Apheraz Lucent, PeeKay, bigapple90, Shiv, Palaslayer, Kuhneghetz, CRAZYRUSSIAN, The_Silent, DeathChef, Nightcrime, GhostThruster, genin32, ~Nightmare, Blood Raven, JesusHipster, ikillforeyou, Huinipachutli, Hemske, BLazeKraze, KelThuzad, -Berz-, Lelling, Elenai, zbc, Palaslayer, 4eNNightmare, CloudWolf, SSrunX, WerBackIII, BallisticTerrain, Darkfang, LiOneSS, Mephestrial, Mike, Windrunner29, Edge45, The Weird Human, Nugamentum, Horn, Eagle XI, Kimbo, 3ICE, Heinvers, UgoUgo, NFWar, Kenntaur, SA Dashie, darkdeathknight, D.ee, Ket, Talon the Mage, WILL THE ALMIGHTY, Mythic, HerrDave, Callahan, L_Lawliet, Fingolfin, JoelS, Sephiroth_VII, The Panda, M0rbid, Himperion, Retera, Tranquil, Uncle Fester, Champara Bros, Static, Jampion, Hellx-Magnus, Em!, and myself (Alok).
The photo used in the map preview image is from here: http://s.hswstatic.com/gif/deforestation-670x440.jpg

Deforestation v11.1 (Map)

14:24, 16th Dec 2015 StoPCampinGn00b: Map approved.
  1. Arad MNK

    Arad MNK

    Dec 11, 2014
    The Terrain can use some touch.
  2. Arrr


    Jun 15, 2012
    i think the game is bit too slow at the moment, in the beginning you have only 1 worker and need at least 80-95 food to get started
    Also training troops is worthless unitl you break the treeline
    Maybe it could be all faster if workers costed 1food and lumbermill gave some food(5?)
  3. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury

    Nov 4, 2013
    As Arrr stated, the game is too slow paced. In the beginning, it's only a matter of harvesting wood. Basically, you watch your peon only and that is not entertaining of course. The game itself is, as the name suggests, just cutting down some trees until you reach others. The game heavily lacks excitement and interest, you must make it more amusing.
    For now, it is set to needs fix.
  4. AlExGamer23


    Dec 27, 2014
    The gameplay is very simple because you only must to harvest wood for a very long time.
    And i think you will lose a lot of players on this map because is only trees no gold no battle but i like the idea with the harvest tree but i want to be some gold items or gold mines to establish your base and kill the enemy. Because only peon fight is not so good .

    But i like the idea. Good Luck
    Vote: Need some updated
  5. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015
    Thanks for the feedback everyone. The map has been updated according to it as much as I thought fit.

    But no, gold mines or gold won't be added. I've found another way around that problem in today's update (v3.0).
  6. Shadow Fury

    Shadow Fury

    Nov 4, 2013
    Gave it shot in multiplayer. This is an outline of the game:

    The game was lame and boring all the way through. It took ages to reach enemy players. Even when I cleansed the way with sappers, it was all an "attack and retreat" style. By the time one managed to defend himself from an attack, the attacker would have already trained a new army due to the long time it takes for going from one base to the other. It would've been funnier and more challenging if sappers could get on the zeppelin so that we could actually ambush each other with bombers and totally screw up one another's base.]

    The variety of units is just too low. We simply spammed sappers and firefighters + some raiders if we wanted to ensnare. Grunts were an optional. Honestly the game requires more units for more synergies and tactics. We ended up quitting the game because we got tired of playing after half an hour. Also check out for hotkeys because they don't seem to work properly.

    For now, the map is reset to needs fix.
  7. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015
    New update is already under way and almost finished. I will upload it when I finish testing it thoroughly.
  8. AlExGamer23


    Dec 27, 2014

    Aa ok i was thinking to have some others resourses to buid your base . I know the gameplay is only to harvest wood and fight and i don't download the update but go exactly what you want.
  9. Arrr


    Jun 15, 2012
    tried the 5.0, the game is much more interesting
    More choices, can either build up your base and use zeppellins to attack later on or "rush" to the enemy with clockwerks and proxy logging camps.
    would approve with 3/5, interesting gameplay and concept
  10. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013

    Daffa the Mage Review on Deforestation

    I must say it's done quite well, though more aethistic can be added to give more appealing information to the viewers to encourage downloads. I recommend using Kobas Map Description Template or Vengeancekael's Map Description Generator to archive this, the best though is using BB Codes (Check Sunken City by Spasorc) or Images (Check Genesis by Vengeancekael).

    Well designed, the icons and models suit perfectly with the theme.
    Clockwerk Goblin has an error in the tooltip. It says "Detonate after a certain period of time", but in truth it has ability to detonate on user's command and has no time limit.

    The progress is slow with AI, at least those AI looks so slow in attacking. Though they bite me good.
    For some reason the gameplay lags, at least presumably after upgrading those Grunts and Raiders with that potion thingy, or the AI attacks.
    The attack method is a little slow, the Zeppelin is limited to 1 and only has 6 cargo, which means it's next to impossible to launch a surprise full scale assault.
    Again, the gameplay lags and this time it's unclear what drives the lag in, possibly as AI starts their assault movements.

    Details Spoilers Alert!
    So okay, the first run ;
    Build a base as I'm amazed with the well-made design. In the other hand, notices AI didn't attack for quite a good amount of time. To follow up, I decided to hunt the tree in the middle and destroyed it, then the AI starts biting me but suddenly the lag came in and ruins the fun.
    The second run ;
    Same as first, except that I decided to focus on defenses until the lag hits in. This time, AI is yet to hit my base.

    All in all, I enjoyed this map and it's features, but the lag kills the gameplay the moment it pops. I hope the matter can be investigated. Once the lag matter is discovered and taken care of, this can be approved.

    FINAL SCORE : 21/30
    RATING : 3.5/5
    VOTING FOR : Needs Fix/Approval

    Last edited: Nov 8, 2015
  11. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015
    I know about the lag but unfortunately I don't have any idea what's causing it. I would be glad if anyone who had experience with this problem could share some info about this. It seems only to happen when there is AI.
  12. Daffa


    Jan 30, 2013
    Is the AI made using Jass or using AI Editor?
  13. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015
    AI editor.
  14. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014

    The visuals in this is fantastic.The models and UI fit perfectly with the map.You really did a great job with the visuals on this map,very great.There isn't much to be done with the terrain due to the nature of the map,however you did manage to make some parts different and look better

    The gameplay is very slow but it feels different due to there being only one resource.As the result,the combat also takes much longer and is quite hard to do due the dense woods and limited transport.The upgrades are pretty cool and though not all of them are completely new,they still have great use and fit in with the theme.The unique creature is also a nice touch,it gives the players a little goal to reach for.The lag bug needs to be fixed,since it's a vital error.I'm no expert in AI,so I can't help unfortunately.I suggest getting aid from someone who has great knowledge in the subject

    Overall and Verdict
    The map is interesting and unique.It's not for everybody however,you must be patient when playing this map since it's slow paced.It's still fun though,especially if you would like to sit back and calmly play ,even it's mostly cutting trees xD.I rate
    4/5 but due to the lag Ill have to say Needs Fix
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2015
  15. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015
    Fixed the AI and a bunch of trigger leaks. The map should run much smoother now.
  16. StoPCampinGn00b


    Community Manager

    Apr 2, 2013
    Map follows the rules, map approved. Quite unique and entertaining. My personal user rating is 4.

    I don't know if it's greatly balanced, but it seems even.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2016
  17. Directive255


    Nov 4, 2010
    Reminds me of a custom map of Warcraft 2, though this is much better and more entertaining, good work homie!
  18. Alok


    Sep 6, 2015