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  1. LordHatchet95

    Diablo 3 Barbarian in Warcraft 3

    Hello everyone, LordHatchet95 here! I'm back after a good while of hiatus (again)... Well, this time I've done a very """original""" idea: To recreate the Diablo III Barbarian! :D (Yeah, I know... This idea was made 9001 times) In the end, this project was abandoned. It was supposed to be a...
  2. Alry FireBlade

    [Import] Is it possible to import Heroes with Custom Spells all at once?

    Hello, I created many Heroes with Custom Abilities (Using only the Object Editor) in my Lifetime. The thing that annoys me is, that they are limited to the Map I created them in. Is it possible to import them without switching between the Maps all the time. Basically export an import the Unit...
  3. Dr Mile Risma

    Awkward Heroes Abilities for Campaign

    So I've discussed a few times on the Discord, but I want to make a more solidified thread here. I prefer things to stay vanilla when possible, but many vanilla heroes have abilities which are either awkward or straight up useless to AI. So here is a list of unintrusive and lore accurate spell...
  4. Art of War - Blood Elf Army

    Art of War - Blood Elf Army

  5. coconut

    Hero's main attribute for 7 brewmasters

    I'm having a problem, I can't decide how best to do for a map that looks a lot like 7 blademasters. I have 3 heroes with agility, 2 with strength and 2 with intelligence, but intelligence may not be very attractive to players, it does not boost attack speed, hero survivability, but in theory it...
  6. MaJlou

    Deceased heroes are not displayed in the Reforge

    Hi all! Faced a problem! If a large number of heroes die, then some of them disappear and cannot be resurrected. The problem arises with the death of more than 11 heroes.
  7. Intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map

    Intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map

    Heroes at first intelligence tavern of Light Side on Dota map.
  8. StonemaulMidget

    How do you carry a Hero over to the next level?

    Hello Hive, this is StonemaulMidget, I am interested in experimenting with carrying heroes over to one chapter to the next. How do I proceed?
  9. FeelMyRash

    Fifth ability for melee heroes?

    Hey guys, wazzup! Its me again! (honestly, this is basically the only forum I post in here on HIVE... hopefully that'll change in the future...). I'm here to bring about a discussion (which isn't ACTUALLY a discussion, as I'm also using it for ideas, which is why I posted here). You see, I'm...
  10. MacMardigan

    Can you make tower/building kills give experience to heroes?

    So, I made this hero who can build towers. Problem is when towers kill enemies, those kills give my hero 0 experience. I unchecked the "is a building" stat and it worked, but I would rather not have to do that. So, I guess my cuestion is, Is there any way to make it so when a building/tower...
  11. Arthas Death Knight

    Arthas Death Knight

    Prince Arthas in all his terrifying majesty, the walking version and the Invincible version
  12. Varimathras(Portrait)


    Portrait of a dreadlord. Changed the camera position, also added teeth and fangs. They can be seen when the demon opens his mouth during a response to a command or dialogue scenes
  13. Varimathras(Complete)


    The final version of Varimathras. Replaced wings and changed hands
  14. Nortander

    [General] Several instances of the same hero :/

    Hello there! I have (and always had) an issue with custom heroes, where you can actually recruit several time the same one, like any ordinary unit. Before anything, I added these new heroes to the proper "Gameplay constants" sections but all it does is limiting the total number of heroic units...
  15. Tom_Almighty1

    Question regarding heroes and leaks.

    I am using version 1.31, I understand that creating units make a permanent leak, so I have some questions that hopefully have an answer. I am making a large open world RPG so this might be crucial to the game. 1. Instead of using units for npc mobs, I created heroes and made them look like...
  16. Harold Grey

    [General] Neutral Altar -- Build Heroes

    Hey y'all, I was looking to see if anyone knew how to create a neutral building that revives heroes like an altar does rather than instantly like a tavern. I've tried what abilities I could find, and tried searching other threads to no avail. Ideally I want to keep it simple, of course. If I...
  17. Reggaeman

    Undead 01 - heroes don't spawn

    as in the title, I downloaded the pre 1.32 campaign version, as i'm playing on 1.29 in the initial cutscene the portraits in dialog boxes are just empty, and the heroes never spawn in also tried on version warcraft 1.26, which had the exact same problem any ideas what to do?
  18. JMitchy

    [Campaign] The Menune Project: Wrath of the Dragon (Classic Edition) REDUNDANT

    (Deleted due to redundancy)
  19. Knight of Arsford

    [Life of a Peasant] Real Life Reloaded: Heroes [ALPHA]

    Real Life Reloaded: Heroes by Arsford INTRODUCTION Real Life Reloaded: Heroes (Name subject to change) is a single player Life of a Peasant/RPG hybrid that hopes to incorporate the best features of both genres into one massive map centered around the fictional Magistrates City. FEATURES -...
  20. NobodyIGuess

    How to make the computer control campaign Heroes

    Hello, I am modifying a map for fun and I added to each player some campaign heroes, but once the game starts the AI doesn't control them. I suppose I should use the AI Editor, but I have no experience with this, can someone with some more knowledge help me? :) Thank!
  21. Dispatcher

    Making AI use Skill points

    Helloo i have made a custom hero with custom abilities but when the ai hero Levels up i noticed that the ai hero won't spend the skill points thus he cannot use other abilities how do i fix this?
  22. Macadamia

    Weird KillUnit() on heroes issue !

    Hello there ! Alright, after converting my amp to Lua, I am trying to optimize it a bit further. So far things worked great, but I hit a strange issue with the KillUnit native: My map is a 4 players TD with "Balls" as creeps. At map init, I create all Balls of different type for every player...
  23. Nortander

    [General] No limitation to custom heroes

    Hey there! In my Leafshade map, I've started to work on additional two heroes for each playable race to spice up the game a little. However, I encounter a small difficulty as some of these heroes can be trained as many times as the player wants. I checked the starting triggers and the heroes...
  24. Mathayis

    Wolf Model request and more

    Hey there, I'm on the hunt for some models for my upcoming Rpg "Good & Evil III" What I'm looking for is a Wolf model very similar to Feral Bearwolf where it has the ability to walk on its hind legs and *Morph* to walk on all fours... But with better textures if at all possible, and with no...
  25. Zultek

    [General] How make heroes spend skill points automatically.

    In my map i can buy a hero from the tavern. After i bought a hero, he changes the player from me to a Computer player. But when gets level up, he is not using any abilities. How can i fix that?
  26. ZeroGravity

    My map crashes when clicking on tavern

    So I was editing my map and testing stuffs then suddenly when I clicked on red, green or yellow tavern, my map crashes without any warning. I wonder why. The blue and orange taverns are fine though. I don't think it's my triggers and all my units are working fine. Any idea?
  27. Marcus 小羊

    Random spells?

    Hello guys, I'm still a totally noob when it comes to trigger editor. May i ask if it's possible to gives hero random abilities every time they die? Q, W, E, R 4 keys for 4 different abilities that will randomly be given to newly respawn heroes. Well in my mind i got an idea about saving each...
  28. Eraston

    [Altered Melee] Tree of Life Defend

    General: PvP 1-6 vs 1-6 Stage beta The scenario of the map: Straightforward. The forces of Darkness want to destroy the Tree of Life in order to break the forces of Light. Parties: Each side has 3 armies and 3 heroes. Possible playing 1x1, 2x2, …, 5x5 at this version but it may be imbalanced...
  29. AndrewTater

    [General] AI Editor - More than three heroes as options for the computer

    So, I'm attempting to make it so that the computer players will chose a hero from a list of four (or more). Surrently, the AI editor only allows the computer a pool of three heroes. Example: if you open a new map, and open the AI editor, it shows that the computer will only go with the...
  30. daverave1212

    [Role Playing Game] What types of heroes would you like the most in a Scourge of Lordaern Open World RPG?

    (TL;DR at the end) Hello. As a bit of background, I have been working on this awesome project for a while, in which I took the first 6 levels of the human campaign and turned them into an open world rpg, where you help Arthas throughout Lordaeron. The project is going very well so far, but I...
  31. BrazilEmperor

    Advices about my Map

    Hello everyone, I'm planning to create a "Melee Map" based on the conflicts of the Scarlet Crusade and Forsaken. I need your advice on how many heroes they would have between them: 4,5 or 6 Heroes per faction?
  32. Velmarshal

    [Aeon of Strife] Endless Tussle

    Endless Tussle And yes this was the inspiration for the name: Revengers: Endless tussle Last test: 28th July Currently working on: Primary Fixing the respawn system (seems to work properly atm) Hero selection messaging Secondary Making items "less shit" Nerfing speed abilities (they are a bit...
  33. Sarungard

    Might and Magic related models?

    Hi guys! I am making an altered melee map with custom races and I am curious, are there any HoMM-series related models published? Most of them would definitely fit in my new races as units and/or heroes! Thank you so much for the responses!
  34. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Aeon of Strife] WARCRAFT: Collapse

    By Lord Marrowgrath TOWERS When Void and Light collapse, Towers becomes unstable and out of control. It turns to Broken Keeper and deals damage to nearby units. Forces needs to capture or destroy Broken Keeper. If players destroy Broken Keeper, it will remove...
  35. PrinceOfThaWest

    Percentage based damage?

    I am in the process of messing around with the editor, and from time to time working on my long term custom campaign project. Overall with everything in it made from scratch, I tend to keep my style of making that campaign more simplified than the usual ones. Perfect example would be units...
  36. Woodenplank

    [Strategy / Risk] The Rift

    EDIT: Project discontiued, as I have lost interest in (this kind of-) map making In a world torn apart by a catastrophic daemon ritual known as 'The Rift' factions old and new strive for control over the lands of Pan - and dominance of the other factions. Players The map supports up to 10...
  37. Rheiko

    [Aeon of Strife] Heroes of Warcraft

    INTRO Heroes of Warcraft is a classic tri-lane 5v5 AoS themed map featuring the Heroes from Warcraft Universe. This project aims to be different than most of AoS map yet trying to keep its resemblances for players to easily learn the basics and eventually master the gameplay. FEATURES >...
  38. Łapin Viktus

    [Solved] How to choose stats to my hero

    I will have my heroes select stats in a box in the same interface where the spells are chosen, creating a second interface where each of the boxes correspond to a stat. I have 10 different stats, each stats can increase strength, agility, intelligence, critical strike chance, critical strike...
  39. Zak17

    Level 25 Heroes - Rexxar, Cairne, and Rohkan only?

    Is it possible to make a custom hero's level cap be 25 like the Orc Campaign heroes? Or do I need to make my heroes from Rexxar and Rohkan?
  40. justTobby

    Dungeon Siege II Plains of Tears

    Hello fans of Dungeon Siege and everyone else lately I have been working on map, that contains reworked version of game called Dungeon Siege II Link for the newest update: Dungeon Siege II BETA v0.2c THIS IS JUST DEMO - NOT A COMPLETE MAP, finished like 15% of whole content (two quests)...
  41. Tfz

    Request for custom skills for a new map. (League of Legends)

    I need custom skills created for each of the heroes listed bellow. (Q W E R). (Copies of the actual skills that are right now active in the game) Making a huge project here, plan to make it the second most played custom map after dota. Nami. Alistar. Jax. Diana. Nocturne. Irelia. Ahri...
  42. AquaFire

    Distributed Bounty Gold FX for Nearby Heroes?

    Hello Everyone, I am making a map that where heroes band together to farm creeps. However, i have had a quick question about distributing bounty. In "Tides of Blood" a player can just be near a lane and hostile minion deaths would give gold (+include Bounty Effect). To praise it even further...
  43. izaiphovias

    [Altered Melee] Hour of the Scourge - Andorhal

    Hour of the Scourge An Altered Melee map project So... I was bored, then I thought to myself "well, let's waste some time and create some random heroes in World Editor", I came up with some quite interesting ideas, then I thought to myself "well, this could turn out to be a good campaign start...
  44. Rence Kristoff

    Simple Editing

    Hey All, so First of all, I need a yellow colored version of 67chrome's High Elf Sylvanas Icon it's currently green. I asked him permission but has yet to respond. Second. A model is attached below. I want to see these on them. Himperion showed me the model given below. +Gloves +Sword and Mace...
  45. BossGengar

    WHO DO YOU THINK'LL BE NEXT? And who do you want?

    I'm very excited for what's to be announced at blizzcon! I'm mostly excited about the heroes that'll be announced! These are who I want! Warcraft Kel'Thuzad Mannoroth Tichondrous Diablo Mephitso Baal Belial Deckard Cain Starcraft I don't know too many starcraft characters....:/...
  46. FUJI

    HEROES ARENA v4.1a AI ( Needs Feedbacks )

    I can't work on a large texts at this moment because my presence in the site is just limited for now on ( busy,busy,busy days ). I do really need feedbacks on my map and it is free to test! any feedbacks relating to the map is appreciated =)! *Let me give you an important description to show...
  47. Dark-Zalor

    Hyperion Last War V1,3

  48. Svetli

    [Campaign] AGERRON

    AGERRON ByMighty invited me to work with him on something big and I agreed. It's a campaign that will take place in a new kingdom, alternative to Lordaeron. It will change the world of Azeroth to a different shape. The new campaign name is ''AGERRON''. I created this thread, so I can show...