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Hyperion Last War V1,3

Submitted by Dark-Zalor
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Dark-Zalor presents :

Hyperion Last War V1,3
Created by Dark-Zalor - Originally by : NightTiger_HLW

Map Info

Choose one of the 13 custom heroes and more than 60 custom items to defeat the other team and help a crazy and bloody lord to dominate the world.

Hyperion Last War is a Hero Defense map based on the Hero Line Wars - Lition map from NightTiger_HLW.
This is an upgarde for people that loves Hero Line Wars Lition but found the map repetitive, the heroes useless,
the items quite useless too and the gameplay not really optimized.
I really changes a lot of stuff on the map, you can see the list below.

I made a lot of changes:
- The heroes are now completly custom with some eye candy and useful spells.
- Items are changed consumables ones are changed and a stack system has been added when you buy it.
- Permanent items are changed too, they are items that can be upgraded very easily by purchasing a recipe.
- The terrain has been changed too.
- The buildings is upgraded automaticly after 12 in-game minutes and 22 in-game minutes. So the items will be different after that.
- There is some modes -em, -hm, -ne, -nb, -ar, -ds, -hs, and commands -view, -random, -repick, -agi, -str, -int, (see the Modes and Commands section below)
- I added some events: the battles (see the Events section below)

For any questions or suggestions please send your e-mail at : darkzalor@hotmail.fr

I made a playlist youtube for epic games :
I hope you will enjoy it, feel free to give me suggestions about song that are missing to you...

Visit my facebook page at :

You can see my videos here :

Short Story

Hyperion is the lord of Katal'Dun, his cousin Hirefol is the lord of Bangad'Mar the country near the
Hyperion empire, to defeat his cousin he needs to create an army with his best warriors.

This war is the last one before the invasion against his cousin Hirefol. Winners will be honnored and loosers will be killed.


In this game 2 teams will fight to defeat the other team. Each team starts with a number of lives, this number can be changed with a mode.
Each team can be composed with 5 players maximum. Each player has a hero to defend his base. Each player can pay to send some neutral creeps
to the other team. If a creep enters in the other team base the defending team will lose 1 life.
The first team that reaches 0 life will lose.

The maximum hero level is 120.

Spells :
Every heroes have 5 uniques and custom spells differents from the warcraft 3 basics spells and good loking with awsome effects.
Spells are divided in 3 classes
- Basic spells that could be learnt at Lvl 1 upgraded every 3 levels
- Advanced spells that could be learnt at Lvl 6 upgraded every 3 levels
- Ultimate spells that could be learnt at Lvl 10 upgraded every 10 levels

The last spell is a passive, it gives a definitive attribute bonus to the learning hero.

Bonus Spell : When a hero reaches the level 120 it get a new spell [Surprise].

Events :
There is several events in the map :

- Super Waves :
After a short delay the big boss will send you a wave of powerful creeps 2 x (Nbr of players in the team) + 2
(can be disable see Modes below)

- Battle :
Every heroes will be teleported in an arena to fight every 6 minutes. The only way to come back in your base is to go throught the enemies and
take a teleporter.
(can be disable see Modes below)

- Random Spawn Distribution :
(See the creeps section below)

- Building Upgrade :
The Tome Shop and the Potion Shop will upgrade 2 times. With these upgrade you can purchase some stronger items.

Income :
Buying some creeps will increase your income. And every 10 seconds you receive an amount of gold equal to your current income.

Spawn :
You can send some creeps to the enemies team with your comandant building. This building is upgradable 2 times maximum. Every upgrade allow you
to create bigger creeps with bests stats and bigger income. And bigger bounty for the enemy so be careful.

Random events when you buy a creep :
- 12,5% chances that your creep die instantly (no income provided) (the buying amount is not given back to the player)
- 12,5% chances that your creep is created twice (double income provided) (the buying amount is not paid twice)

For any creeps bought there is 20% chance that is get a Boost (60% Movespeed during 3 seconds)

Items :
There is manly shops in that game where you can buy some items :
- Ring Shop (A shop where you can buy attributes)
- Potion Shop (A shop where you can buy consumables) The items stacks now [Upgradable]
- Basic Shop (In this one you can buy specific ,items that can be upgraded just by buying the recipe again)
- Tomes Shop (In this shop you can buy attributes tomes) [Upgradable]

Kills :
Every heroes kills in this map will gives you some gold. The killing hero will obtain 4 times the dying income as gold and the dead hero will loose 3 times his income. The respawn time is 30 seconds.

For creeps any kills will reward you a bounty and some experience.

Spell Vault :
Any player get a building that can cast spells to help the players. These spells are really powerful, be careful when you use it, they cost a lot of mana and have big cooldown. You can't get any bounty from kills.

Auras :
In that game you can buy some auras to reinforce your creeps sent or to decreses the power of enemies.
This shop is Upgradable automaticly

Modes :
There is a few modes in the game :
-ar : All Random (Every player will have a random hero) (+40 gold)
-ne : No Event (Disable Automatic Events)
-nb : No Battle (disable the battle)
-hs : Half Score (50 lives to each teams)
-ds : Double Score (200 lives to each teams)
-em : Easy Mode (Creeps maximum life reduced by 20%)
-hm : Hard Mode (Creeps maximum life increased by 20%)

Commands :
-view : to reset the camera view
-random : to get a randoml hero at the beginning (+40 gold)
-repick : to get a new hero (only works if you get your hero randomly) (-40 gold)
-agi : Will buy to your hero automatically some agility tomes (100 gold --> 1 Agility)
-int : Will buy to your hero automatically some intelligence tomes (100 gold --> 1 Intelligence)
-str : Will buy to your hero automatically some strength tomes (100 gold --> 1 Strength)


Map Overview
Is coming...

Gameplay Screenshot
Is coming...


V1,3 :
Fresh meat now duration is 15 seconds
An option is added to buy a new life for your team

V 1,2 :

New spells are created
A new Upgrade have been created
2 new auras have been created
3 New heroes are created

V 1,1 :
The Ring of protection item was created
Now the spell vault won't reward to the player any bounty

V 1,0 :
New spells are created
New heroes are created


Special Thanks :

  • The Helper
  • Hive WorkShop
  • The Warcraft 3 French Community
  • Blizzard

Also Thanks to :

  • JetFangInferno
  • Kitabatake
  • ratamahatta
  • wingednosering
  • Alpain
  • GreyArchon
  • Troca
  • Ki
  • Zack1996
  • Frankster
  • Donut3.5
  • Rizz_Boomer

Originally by : NightTiger_HLW

Author's notes

I spent a lot of time and imagination to improve that map, I hope you will enjoy it.
If you have some ideas about spells, events, modes, just send me an e-mail at : darkzalor@hotmail.fr
You can visit my Facebook Page at : facebook.com/DarkZalorMapper

I appreciate feedback and suggestions!

Map Description Template Created by -Kobas-
Find more here: Map Description - Templates


Hyperion Last War V1,3 (Map)

  1. Dark-Zalor


    Oct 10, 2011
    Hi everybody


    I added a new option called Buy a life
    You can give back a life to your team
    it cost 50 000 gold and -30 000 income

    I makes a few changes about the warlord
    Now his price is :
    100 000 gold
    6 emeralds

    It's only available if the player has a Citadel

    The warlord has a Special Lvl 120 Ability


    Now I will work on the Ai

    Have a nice day
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2016
  2. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014
    A new Dark-Zalor map,sweet.Will test it out right away
  3. WhiteFang


    Jul 6, 2014
    good luck
  4. Dark-Zalor


    Oct 10, 2011
    I have no review for the moment, I hope people will like this map
  5. Dark-Zalor


    Oct 10, 2011
    I'm still working on the Ai (normally a first version would be released next week)

    I hope nobody saw some bugs or crashes

    I will probably add a few moree heroes
  6. Kino


    Oct 12, 2008
    One of those maps where you send creeps down your opponents lane and try to outlast them.
    Mechanically solid, I found the hero skill-sets to be a good mix of flair and function.
    Only comment is that balance wise, the game seems to heavily favour strategies that pool money to rush big creatures ASAP.
    (Not inherently a bad thing)

    A lot of work has been put into the visuals of hero abilities, the Lich in aprticular has some awesome looking ones.
    If I were to criticize the visuals in any way, the utility buildings (such as the spellbringer/creep hiring station) arent very obvious.
    Theyre abit too far to the edge of the screen (from the perspective of someone focusing on their hero in lane anyway.)
    Terrain visuals are a little barebones, though its not ugly by any stretch.

    Nothing much else to say here.
    Its Hero Line Wars, it works, it plays fine.

  7. Zordrak


    Dec 19, 2014
    My current rating:
    3/10 (Terrain looks not so interesting and it's not very pretty. The landscape and the ground are more or less ok.)
    Gameplay: 3/10 (The time until the next wave is too long. The creeps are way too strong, it's not possible to defeat any one of them. I also don't really understand when the game exactly is lost. The creeps just gather together on the left borders after the actual wave killed me one times. Also the items are way too expensive at any point of the game. I also noticed some bugs: The Ring of Agility and the Potion of Haste don't work. In conclusion i must say that there is no real gameplay at this point. It just doesn't really work.)
    Units, Spells, Items: 6/10 (The spell that i saw was pretty interesting and seem to work. But unfortunately it didn't deal enough damage to kill the creeps in the beginning successfully. The hero i played was way too weak but had some nice spells. It was a bit disappointing that two of the items i got didn't work at all. But the icons looked pretty fitting.)
    At the current state the map gets a rating of 4/10 from me.