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Last Activity:
Jan 8, 2013
Jun 30, 2010


The Laser Master

Laserdude was last seen:
Jan 8, 2013
    1. iGauchei1
    2. haxer1337
      Hey, any advice when making trigger spells (for real noobs) :D
    3. Magtheridon96
      check out my atomic bomb spell! I've rewrote it! It's MUCH better now. I need your feedback.
    4. Squall_Leonheart
      sure. why not. i love to learn it myself.
    5. Squall_Leonheart
      hey there, saw ur links, i'm gonna request whether you would feel free to help me in a spell i made sometime ago...

      ***i need help to make it mui***

      thx anyways in advance.
    6. MasterHaosis
      Yes man, Laser USa General has laser tanks, laser defence turrets, Laser Avengers, particle cannons and such.... Good General... His advantage is because he has Laser Turrets which are better than Missile turrets of course. Lasers does instant damage, instead flying to the target.... Also missiles can be shut down by anti missile lasers.
    7. MasterHaosis
      Which spam? Man, you do not deserve to use Laser in your name then. You do not remember Taunts from USA Laser General in Zero Hour?
    8. MasterHaosis
      Lasers charged! Tracking targets now!
      You cannot defeat my lasers, General! Airborne is perfect target for my lasers, General!
      Laserdude, :cgrin:
    9. Wraithling
    10. baassee
      As I said, you can't declare a function in custom script. You can only do it in a converted trigger in JASS or in the header. Because all triggers you make in GUI, the actions part is a function and you can't nest functions.
    11. baassee
      Nope as you can't declare functions within other functions (Yes the action part of a GUI trigger is a function itself).
    12. baassee
      You cannot recycle timers in GUI without a function made in JASS (actually two functions, watch my simple hero revival in JASS). Btw are you refering to vJASS or just JASS? :D
    13. baassee
      Of course it is, that's the major difference + some extras like modules, textmacros etc, between JASS and vJASS. JASS is GUI in the rawform, vJASS is outstanding compared to these.
    14. baassee
      Usage of structs, scopes, libraries, free global declaration (almost like variable editor). I can add the keyword private and public. There are lots of features with it.
    15. baassee
      That maybe applies to JASS but for vJASS, no :D
    16. Pyritie
    17. Hemske
      Guess we are just missunderstanding eachother then. ;)
    18. Titania
      A good one,not just any tileset
    19. Titania
      What I am saying is making a model from scratch,and making tilesets unless you're experienced or genius in it you won't get it right
    20. Titania
      I figured pretty much out of the WE before I even got someone to help me,besides,I said modeling,not WE,why did you change the subject,if you think you can model without help starting,you are a genius.This is what I said about my mentor:That is not even a bug,it's a tip and yes I do,he teaches me modeling and a little bit of triggering
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    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
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    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Cult of the Damned



    Do you need help with a spell? PM me! (Link is in picture)
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