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[Campaign] AGERRON

Which one is your favourite character?

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Sep 12, 2015


ByMighty invited me to work with him on something big and I agreed.
It's a campaign that will take place in a new kingdom, alternative to Lordaeron.
It will change the world of Azeroth to a different shape.
The new campaign name is ''AGERRON''.
I created this thread, so I can show you some information for it.
Note that this is the first campaign of my series after the Prologue campaign ''The High Elf Survival''.

Basic Lore:

At the beginning, in a once peaceful kingdom. The King of the Alliance was King Andre I.
The main hero of the campaign is the ''Multimage'' Edwuin:
the son of the Paladin Therans, who is the Right Hand of the King.
In the prologue of the campaign, the story starts when the King learns from a messenger that a new,
yet familiar menace destroyed the City of Lorens.
The King sends Therans to investigate and eventually liberate the city,
he also leads his son ''Edwuin'' to aid him.



Edwuin: Edwuin is the son of Therans. An adept wizard, also known as the first multimage for his use of spells with different magical essences. He seeks to save Agerron from the vile dead.


Therans: Therans is a paladin of the Lightorder o' Lightcrown and the right hand of the king.
A loyal servant of Agerron and father to Edwuin.
His enemies cower from his sight and his righteous wrath.


Ur-Shak: Ur-Shak is the new Warchief of the Orcish Horde.
He ultimately leads his army to aid the Humans against the Undead and the Burning Legion.


Ashton: Ashton is the leader of the high elves that survived the slaughter of the undead.
The remnants are known as the Blood Elves and seek vengeance against these oppressors.

Kingdom Map:


Hero Abilities:

- Holy Light
- Shards of Ice
- Blessing of Sorcery
1. Leadership Aura 2. Brilliance Aura 3. Arcanic Aura of Retribution
- Earth Split
- Forcewave

- Holy Wave
- Divine Shield
- Devotion Aura
- Resurrection
- Aura of Might

- Wind Walk
- Storm Hammer
- Critical Strike
- Reincarnation

- Flame Strike
- Banish
- Ultimate Speed
- Holy Phoenix

Tutorial: Setting the Scene
Prologue: The Messenger
Chapter One: Shadow in the Forest
Chapter Two: The Siege of Lorens
Chapter Three: Spread of the Corruption
Interlude: Prophecy of the Damned
Chapter Four, Part One: Journey to Dangel
Chapter Four, Part Two:: Warchief's Aid
Interlude: The New Alliance
Chapter Four, Part Three: The Legion's Arrival
Chapter Five: Return to Agerron
Epilogue: The King's Meeting


v3.1c by @YetAnotherYoutuber
v4.0d by @Pr0nogo
v5.0e by @Svetli


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Jul 6, 2014
Well,I love that map and logo,Good job
Also,good luck with this project.It's nice to see you already made some progress
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