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  • look how's back
    Well, I finished my college, signed up for a master studies, finished those too. Been a professor in a high school for couple of months, lost my job and I'm looking for a new one for almost a year now...
    I see. I hope you get back on your road soon. Btw i also heard that reforged is pretty awfull
    I hope so too. Yeah a lot of work is left unfinished. And a lot of promises not fulfilled...
    Now that's a face I haven't seen in a long time.
    I started to work in the army. For 2 years i was a soldier and now i am a student at an warrant officer school to rise up on ranks. I came back to hive after 4 years because i started to play Warcraft 3 again and playing a lot of custom campaigns and stuff. Also at the moment i do online school so i have a decent amount of free time so i play Warcraft, working out, watching series and thats pretty much. I see your campaigns have grown beautiful.
    Shar Dundred
    Shar Dundred
    Sounds cool, nice to hear you are doing fine!
    Yes, Arkain has been doing quite well over the past few years and I intend to further capitalize onto that.
    Take care of yourself, kakuzu.
    All the best, my friend!!! Also i noticed an orc warlord named Kakuzu in the first undead book or it was the first human book.
    Ah good ol' helot abuse. It is wonder there weren't more Helot rebellions.

    Still that would probably showing the effects of too much unwatered alcohol since greeks didn't drink pure wine. That would be "barbaric".
    I can't say I ever heard of Spartans having anything against alcohol. I can't really imagine ancient greeks having problem with drinking.
    Dracula! haha
    Are there some horror shops where people can buy masks, costumes?
    I heard around castles there are some shops
    Hashashin are the origin of the word "assassins". It was Shia Islam sect known as Nizar Ismaili and were known for assassinations. Active during crusades (targeting both crusaders and other muslim) and were destroyed by Mongols.
    Well it is historical game so I am not surprised about actual historical characters. Still nice touch to make sure the place of death is correct too.
    I wouldn't know what to say. Guess depends what "warrior life" means. Like if it is healthy life style, physical fitness and ability to fight (preferably in self defense of course) then it would be an ok lifestyle.

    And I wouldn't really call bodybuilders warriors, MMA ok those would be more fitting. I do have more respect for actual soldiers though, those that fight to protect.
    Well being modern soldier takes a lot of guts since today it is easier to die on the battlefield.

    Err no idea, Arabs, Saracens, Moors and other islamic groups?

    And I think they make interesting history but I wouldn't want to live in one.
    Actually Greeks and Romans too were familiar with martial arts, at least some forms of wrestling and boxing. Unsure about dietary habits though I suspect nothing too complex.

    And well regarding samurai diet like I said, they were nobles and they could afford all that food. Still surprisingly they were lot like western knights with bushido/chivalry code, both knights and samurai fighting on horses (though samurai used bows, knights saw ranged weapons dishonorable) oh and of course both are noble caste. Not to say that aren't differences but samurai are lot more romanticized because they are exotic. Oh and don't really know if meditation was factor since that is more mainland asia thing. Asian cultures aren't one singular thing.

    Well vikings were definitely more organized then we give them credit. Though always thought it was first and foremost their naval capabilities that gave them the edge. As for drinking well seriously it is easier to list cultures that aren't alcoholic.
    Well Spartans had very demanding training that started from age of 7 and lasted I think till 20 or something. And the only occupation was a soldier until they retired. Rest of the Greeks were not that brutal but as I said physical fitness was one of the top ideals.

    Romans had mandatory military conscription until they switched to professional armies. Roman training is well documented and definitely was demanding. Though the quality did fall as time went which is true for greeks too.

    No honest idea about vikings. Samurai were basically medieval knights and well nobles so I expect they had some combat training and had money to buy better equipment than common soldiers.
    Well besides them actually being shorter than modern human they definitely were in top condition. Though I doubt they were as ripped as modern bodybuilders. For Greeks and Romans you can just look at their sculptures for the idealistic version of human body.
    Can't really say that I even remember the story parts except that it is assassins vs templars. But I can't say if it is good or bad.
    Sorry for long delay but I didn't have internet. Anyway only played first one and it was repetitive so I got bored. I heard second one fixes that problem.
    sorry for the late reply, happy new year to you too!!! I celebrated it with my friends, we didn't slept at all :D and you ?
    *looks at the fish* But.. he is eating fat full fish! *gets an american football suit* On ur diet! Rock! *The Rock picks Leo up and threw him out* I eat what i want!
    Hey! *sniffs air* Smells like fish....*eyes widen* *runs to open the kitchen door* My worst fearz be confirmed!! The rock be cooking we dinna!!*sees the rock cooking dinner*
    Fine. It was fine, though I really wanted next round of what I did last year :D
    Its better anyway if you don't enjoy drinking,BUT IF YOU DO... xD let's just say that you might find it more interesting if you go outside with friends.
    Happy new year kakuzu :) You can find my plans for the new year by reading my latest posts in the Malfurion's Quest forum.
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