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Last Activity:
Jul 13, 2019
Feb 6, 2015


Well-Known Member, from Somewhere in the middle east.

Silva was last seen:
Jul 13, 2019
    1. Lockheart
      nice signature. made me lol.
    2. joaquim98
      1. Silva
        Haha believe me, when I update the campaign you'll know. Also, I'm downloading the campaign now, it's' pretty huge.. :|
        Nov 23, 2016
      2. joaquim98
        it was big already+ the changes I made.
        Nov 24, 2016
    3. Wietlol
      You should try to get it working using some of the approved systems (as far as they would be approved if I take a look at them).
      There are a few things you should be very careful with using TriggerSleepAction() (TSA).
    4. BiroN
      That's 'Papyrus' from the game 'Undertale'. :)
    5. BiroN
      Is that Killua's dad? :P
    6. APproject
      It is mostly leaks I suppose, even if most of those are removed, it still seems to build up memory for Wc3, when it reaches over 2.5 GB, as it builds up overtime, it cause Wc3 to crash when attempting to load.
    7. APproject
      It still does cause crashing I heard, but less than previous versions. If you crash during the loading, reopening Wc3 allows to load normally the second time.
    8. Legal_Ease
      So did my export advice help at all? And, did you save yourself a load work by avoiding a ton of individual imports?
    9. Directive255
      Nevermind, take your time then.
    10. Directive255
      The roleplay is a bit inactive, with me vs Leo's animatronics.
      You can join the roleplay, to let it live longer, and Enigma can try to sabotage our plans.
    11. Directive255
      September or October?
    12. Directive255
      4 January (aka First Monday of 2016 CE)
    13. Silva
      Wrong conversation. Ignore this. :D
    14. Directive255
      I am okay, looking forward to the first day of school (it's been a long time since I am isolated from most of my friends).

      I spend my time surfing Hive, writing on some literature stuffs and a super long diary entry, and learning about modern Chinas (there's two Chinas which effectively exist in this world).
    15. Directive255
      It's been a long time since we last talked.

      How are you?
    16. KILLCIDE
      Hey did you still need the request done? I haven't taken a look at it, but I'll consider it if it's interesting.
    17. KILLCIDE
      Yah its a ton of work xD I should have it done by tonight though.
    18. KILLCIDE
      I have to fix all my spell resource at the moment :( I will try to take a look when I'm done.
    19. Eldin HawkWing
      Eldin HawkWing
      Would you like to join in RaCC Project map?Read this
      There many roles you can do
      Scripts,custom spells,AI etc
      Lore,plot,character design etc
      Models,Icons etc
    20. WhiteFang
      The creatures called Illithids(info about them) will try to dominate the surface world by either killing or enslaving everything.A few of my characters are trying to unite the surface world since they are next of the illithid's list
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  • About

    Somewhere in the middle east.
    Current Project:
    Of Blood and Honor
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Kirin Tor
    A veteran in RTS games : Dune 2000, Red alert 2, Generals.
    Hobbies : mapping, rapping, and fa.. I mean swimming.


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