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  • Silva
    Haha believe me, when I update the campaign you'll know. Also, I'm downloading the campaign now, it's' pretty huge.. :|
    it was big already+ the changes I made.
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Thx for your feedback, remember, may ask Anything. (Screenshots, suggestions, a picture of the map's layout, just any question)
    You should try to get it working using some of the approved systems (as far as they would be approved if I take a look at them).
    There are a few things you should be very careful with using TriggerSleepAction() (TSA).
    It is mostly leaks I suppose, even if most of those are removed, it still seems to build up memory for Wc3, when it reaches over 2.5 GB, as it builds up overtime, it cause Wc3 to crash when attempting to load.
    It still does cause crashing I heard, but less than previous versions. If you crash during the loading, reopening Wc3 allows to load normally the second time.
    So did my export advice help at all? And, did you save yourself a load work by avoiding a ton of individual imports?
    The roleplay is a bit inactive, with me vs Leo's animatronics.
    You can join the roleplay, to let it live longer, and Enigma can try to sabotage our plans.
    I am okay, looking forward to the first day of school (it's been a long time since I am isolated from most of my friends).

    I spend my time surfing Hive, writing on some literature stuffs and a super long diary entry, and learning about modern Chinas (there's two Chinas which effectively exist in this world).
    Hey did you still need the request done? I haven't taken a look at it, but I'll consider it if it's interesting.
    I have to fix all my spell resource at the moment :( I will try to take a look when I'm done.
    Would you like to join in RaCC Project map?Read this
    There many roles you can do
    Scripts,custom spells,AI etc
    Lore,plot,character design etc
    Models,Icons etc
    The creatures called Illithids(info about them) will try to dominate the surface world by either killing or enslaving everything.A few of my characters are trying to unite the surface world since they are next of the illithid's list
    Just a heads up,I have a main event going on where creatures emerge from the ground and starts killing and mind controlling everybody
    The faction arrives from another world and make establishment at West Jurope. Then, the faction sent agents to Jesia (Asjeria) and South Jurope. South Jurope agents manage to dispose all factions there, thus adding the area to the faction's control. The ones at Asjeria are currently engaging with Pherith.
    The pathway needs more rock (bigest ones) and maybe some archs. The trees aren't very good for your forest, perhaps you could change them... You should work more on the city too I think :)
    Shadowridge is a IronHorde like factioj with fel ogres, fel trolls and Shadowridge Orcs(orange). They rely on demons to do their bidding and are currently controliing North and South America and Antartic.

    Rp2 is done.. but the description fita FOW too.
    Participate the RP: Just open a portal somewhere at your favorite/strategic spot in the world.

    Event: When the Illithids attack you, then you retaliate and become part of the anti-Illithid force. Or WhiteFang send another crow to warn you about thevIllithid.
    This sufficient ?

    Hey directive, could you tell me the places that are currently inhibited in this world and what's still not inhibited?
    The Shadowridge Empire, leaded by Leo, has taken control of the southern icy continent (aka Australica in Edge45's map), as well as the entire western hemisphere (Surnervard and Norvernard; aka South America and North America). And Jurassic (Africa) too.

    In short, Leo controls about 75% of the world.
    Pherith Empire occupies Bolehland (Malaysia Peninsula, but bigger; B-O-L-E-H-L-A-N-D) and Peninsula J (Sumatra), as well as the southeast mainland of Asjeria (Asia).

    However, Keep in mind that Edge45 has spelled the name of Bolehland wrongly (as Bohelland), and has reversed the names of Bolehland and Peninsula J.
    Phantom Alliance is at Jurope (Europe)
    Legranda is at the Genevan Peninsula

    Edge45's Map: Here
    Sliva, can I know some details or info about your faction Enigma (Flames of War Roleplay)?
    Err... I think, let me say what happen:
    All factions enter Jupiter (Pherithian: Jupradus), but two of them (Drow and Legranda) are natives.
    There were also two native clans (based on WC3) -- Silver Rise (based on Silver Hand) and Mage's Arch (Kirin Tor), but both of them are destroyed by Phantom Alliance in the end.
    Pherith Empire enters Jupiter and establish their presence at Bolehland (Malay Peninsula) and Peninsula J (Sumatera).
    and more.

    But the first event hasn't begun as of now yet. So no need to read a lot.
    So ? What does the word called Roleplaying even mean?

    "Roleplaying is the acting out or performance of a particular role, either consciously (as a technique in psychotherapy or training) or unconsciously, in accordance with the perceived expectations of society as regards a person's behaviour in a particular context."

    Or to be simple "Roleplaying is participation in a role-playing game."
    Join RACC then. It has a good roleplay named Flames of War (read the rules first), but you have to register first. The official RPs are... well, not so enjoyable.
    :D They are all great classics. But unfortunately EA destroyed Westwood, annexed these once-glorious game franchises and publishes tons of crappy games you'll see nowadays. Some of the franchises such as Dune, are even dead/ignored.

    I miss these great games...

    P.S. Do you want to join a roleplay?

    I have only seen Dune 2000 walkthroughs, but I have played the Dune 2000 mod in OpenRA. The Harkonnen mentat sounds just awesome!
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