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Surging Tides


This campaign was made by Fang Tianshuo. He is the author of this campaign. The campaign is being posted on HiveWorkShop on his behalf with his express permission.

The campaign was originally posted here:



Surging Tides
Surging Tides
This campaign follows the struggles of the Naga directly after the events of Maiev escaping from the Temple of Sargeras.

The gameplay is RTS style.

Campaign saved on the latest official Wc3 patch from Blizzard.

List of Fang Tianshuo's Campaigns
List of Fang Tianshuo's Campaigns

1. Surging Tides


Kuanglan Raging-Sea-Storm: A blue Naga.

Namei Sea-Kiss: A female Naga.

Naisha: The currently deceased right hand of Maiev Shadowsong.



Message from Fang Tianshuo (creator): This is my first work and it has many shortcomings. I produced this campaign because of my love for naga. I hope you will enjoy it.

These are the hiveworkshop resources in use, based on the automatic credit generator:

Uncle Fester, Heinvers, DeuceGorgon, alredX_sotn, sweet oblivion, darkevil, pyramidhe@d, sellenisko, retera, callahan, kuhneghetz, jetfanginferno, AR, happytauren, tarrasque, grey knight, dreyus, alienatsystem, diosilva16, radagast, matarael, sin'dorei300, misha, pvt.toma, traggey, ket, Alpain, wandering soul, Nfwar, stan0033, misha, princeyaser, thrikodius, sharkarsh, armel, hellish hybrid, jesus hipster, lionsi, olofmoleman, blood raven, boogles, solu9, apeJl, levigeorge1617, golden-drake, general frank, kelthuzad, konblade, callahan, norinrad, kelna2, RPG HERO, tenebrae, direfury, killcide, mr.goblin, kenathorn, PGRU-unexpected, watterly, MN lahmar, matarael, moy, bisnar13, whitedeath, mike, kellym0, darkfang, miseracord, willydawiller, dickxunder, 67chrome, horn, scythy dervish, crazyrussian, andrewoverload519, mc !, pins, marcos DAB, moy, lordan12, nix_GR_, apaka, stanakin, gluma, misha, herrdave, kelna2, infernaltater, tranquil, eubz, the_silent, bloody_turds, armel, deolrin, n00bystance, zack1996, supertoinkz, creatorD3292, nightskyaurora, masterhaosis, freddyk, mortal, proxy, will the almighty, morbent, grey knight, D.O.G, spider egg, hellish hybrid, frlky, communist_orc, xazuki, waveseeker, hantoo, anachron, champara bros, storm_pcf, tee.dubs, ihobo, darky29, ergius, dansadisco, miseracord, funkydude44, cavman, daelin, vortigon, somnium, exfyre, mister_haudrauf, azure phoenix, natdis, stanakin, zenonoth, power, apeJL, chen, dionesiist, wandering soul, tal'rarity, takakenji.

Special Thanks

Message from Fang Tianshuo (creator): This is my first work and it has many shortcomings. I produced this campaign because of my love for naga. I hope you will enjoy.

These people helped in various ways in bringing the campaign to hiveworkshop.

Ghostwolf- YDWE conversion tool, Quinten- map description title picture, Deepstrasz- various things, Naruto- helping contact the author, Tuwnew- map template, SonGuhun- converting the campaign itself.

Change Log

STv0.49 - Initial Upload

STv0.51 - Corrected translation/grammar/spelling/string errors pointed out by Cleavinghammer
STv0.63 - Maps can now be saved, fixed missing translations, AI working, item combinations work, loading screens work
STv0.65 - Fixed Cleavinghammer's extra translation errors/spelling/grammar mistakes, and fixed the 2nd interlude cinematic mode problem which was caused by removing the third party editor triggers


Surging Tides (Campaign)

Thanks tuna times to @cleavinghammer for the invaluable feedback for perfection. Overall, nice and not. Nonsensical story, pretty standard gameplay too much just a reskin, no replayability, too few good opportunities. Approved. If you want more...
Level 22
Jul 26, 2008
Just to remind you all: The author of this campaign is Fang Tianshuo. The campaign is posted on hiveworkshop on his behalf with his express permission.
The campaign was originally posted here:



This is a campaign from the Chinese language warcraft 3 community. Hopefully we can "give back" in the sense that by sharing many campaigns from their community, it will inspire Hiveworkshop creators to make more campaigns, and then their community can play those campaigns when their translators bring Hive campaigns to their community (so in this way, they can benefit also).

Note: There were some errors in bringing this campaign to 1.32+ (these bugs are not in the original campaign by Fang Tianshuo)

1) You will get stuck if you play the bonus chapter for the Zaladari Troll Tribe mission. So it is better to save game during the Sea Witch mission with the witch doctors, so you have the option to go back and not go to the bonus mission.
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Level 27
Apr 6, 2010

Units that weren't originally Naga (Hunter, Mage...) should have their health regeneration boosted to the same levels.

Marauder -> Maybe a different name since Marauder is already a specific unit. Tooltip calls it a murloc.

Hunter's attack sounds like she's hurling a whole bunch of projectiles at once.

Naga Mage: Magic Feedback tooltip calls it a Mur'gul Mage.

No music during cinematics and only the default human music during levels? It also plays "Comradeship" whenever you bring up the menu.

Naga Holy Shield Shard: Why "just" a shard?

Water Confinement still uses Entangled debuff.

Azhara shard: why "just" a shard?

Minor one, but regarding "sing elegies for the landwalkers" in the campaign menu: If this is a reference to the Siren's line, "sing a requiem" is what she actually says.

Intro: the demon units are sleeping like normal creeps at night.

First mission:

Why do you need to fight a random Myrmidon? The other one at least has the excuse of being a mutant.

So is Kuanglan a random naga (so the others don't follow him at first) or is he someone important (as the quests call him a spiritual leader)?

Day-night cycle is still active.

Quest: next generation spiritual leader -> next generation's spiritual leader

Undead Naga units aren't classed as undead. Maybe find a more ghostly model for the naga spirit?

Destructible walls (in the room after the warlock, the one leading to the LP) don't have names.

Prophesy -> Prophecy
... How does he know what the (an?) Eye of Prophecy is, and why does it want to help them?
Eye doodad should be made visible in the FoW.

Portal should be visible in FoW, otherwise it looks like the rocks are floating in midair.

Maybe "Sinkhole" instead of Way Gate for the circle of power.

I'd give the units in the "underwater" section the swim animation, it helps with the illusion of being underwater.

Sea Bear Druid? OK...

Southern part of the map has connected different water levels, maybe put waterfalls there to hide it.

Lost Panda question: As in, where he's from, or where Kuanglan is from?

Tomb Guardian sounds like a Goblin Alchemist instead of a Sea Giant when dying.

Naisha cinematic: Brothers -> brothers

Naisha fight:
  • Wait, she has Polymorph?
  • Naisha should be a different color than the other wraiths.

How does he know there's great power nearby?
... Well, I see how it can be used to set up the plot, but it could have been better handled. Not reveal who's behind it, for starters.

Interlude: ... Well that was easy. Although I thought the naga were all behind Illidan.

Second level:

The antagonist is Naisha, but one of the heroes has her voice? Oh the irony.

I like the aesthetic of the ship level design, but it's a pathing nightmare.

Player name Pirate -> Pirates

The cannons point inside the ship before the naga even get there. They also aren't mechanical and so can be targeted by Parasite.

Captain's ability should be nerfed, they keep two-shotting my troops.

Two musics started overlapping at one point.

... How does flipping the lever make you control the ship?

One ship's boss is called Rage and his class is Old Jiu, the main one is called Luo ke and his class is Old San, the final one's class is Qi Mian.

... Thank you, random canon character! (also, how can he be thousands of years old if his mother lived through the First War?)

Dragon quest: "Taming" isn't really the word I'd use since you're just killing them. Also, nothing happens once you kill them apart from the quest completing, you onlyget random items and a sidequest item, Med'an doesn't say anything if you go back to him.

The dudes punching each other have completely different names to what the subtitles call them. Also, only one is invulnerable, and killing his buddy gets no reaction.

There's a place with lots of bones guarded by hydra hatchlings and an invisible monster (you can hear it sleeping at night). However, no amount of AoE casting gets it to show up.

What do the runes do?

Journal 2: axle --> ?

I genocided every crab I saw, but none of them had the item. They did drop potions and scrolls though.

Thanks for the warning, captain!

No comment from the heroes on the final boss before you fight him?
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Level 27
Apr 6, 2010

Royal guard has no research name for Crushing Wave.

Abyssal Treasure Room's tooltip is untranslated.

Hunter: Art of Throwing upgrade is still called Marksmanship in the tooltip.

Devour research has no tooltip.

Upgrading to a Tidal Temple shows a TC mesh of the building.

Ranged damage upgrade has no tooltip (and Coral Blades should mention that it's for melee units).

Backpack upgrade has no tooltip.

Buildings named Abyss -> Abyssal

Mage caster upgrade has no tooltip.

Third level:

Bandit camps don't send attack waves.

The area NE of the start with the Makrura has a bunch of invisible walls.

Overlord Snake's class name is Big Boss 2, reskinned Alchemist's is Lao Ba, north bandit is Lao Qi, bandit who still has a Tauren Chieftain name is Lao Si, Warden is Lao Liu.

Alchemist should not have a one-hit-kill ability before you can replace your units.

Bandit Rifleman -> Bandit Pistoleer

Bandit Knight should have a more descriptive name for a unit that's immune to magic and has Banish.

So the only way to build defenses is to buy them at the shop?

Fire Orb has color code in its name.

There's a wall doodad that looks like a line of barrels when sunk into the ground, it shouldn't be used as a barricade for that reason.

What is with every other enemy hero having Divine Shield?

T3 upgrades are still visible even though you can't upgrade the town hall past T2.

Sorceress has no name, and her quest message has a bunch of code in it (STRING 209).

John? Snow? OK then.

Witch's Gem has no description.

North wall of the encampment (just south of the harpies) has no blockers.

Wanted poster quest completion: gains -> gained

Why all the Shimmerweed?

Life is Like Summer Flower (I dunno about the name) says it lets you cast Monsoon, which is not the case.

DreamZhiFeather has no item description, "eagle-faced man" -> harpy?

Nothing happens when you pick up the Orb and the Feather in any order, the gate stays locked (you can go in by killing trees, but nothing happens).
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Level 5
Feb 16, 2021
In chapter 5, the game always exits within a second and there is a bug
Yes, you can play episode 5, but you can continue to desire another episode, for example episode 6
But the company looks nice and the journey is good, just fix the bugs and everything will be perfect
Level 22
Jul 26, 2008
In chapter 5, the game always exits within a second and there is a bug
Yes, you can play episode 5, but you can continue to desire another episode, for example episode 6
But the company looks nice and the journey is good, just fix the bugs and everything will be perfect
Make sure you are using the latest version of wc3. The only other suggestion is deleting any other versions of wc3 you have on your comp that might be causing issues?
Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
Fourth level:

Son -> son
it that -> is that

OK, there's this very annoying bug where a clip of disturbingly cheerful music plays for like five seconds and then stops, looping every few minutes.

Kuanglan's reflection has no name.

... I'm sorry, which prince? He hasn't even reached Northrend yet!

Chemists's quest: Head -> Skull

Skeleton Head -> ?

One of the bird critters is just called Skeleton.

... Protoss? Really?

OK, found both Halberd shards. Aren't they supposed to combine?

If Di Keman is a title rather than a name (as the hints and dialogue and that fact that his name is Mongrethod indicate) he(?) should be referred to as the Di Keman.

"to finish to pass" -> "to pass"

Invulnerable Dark Warrior needs a better name since it clearly isn't.

Why are they keeping undead in cages as well?

What in the hell is that thing? Great model for the endboss.

So if that's Arthas' evil half, why's he telling me where to find his good half?

Isolated bosses should not have Divine Shield, all it does is leave you with nothing to do but wait for it to go down.

OK, for this one I found the bosses' AoE spells to be too strong, often two-shotting half my army.
Level 27
Apr 6, 2010

Tower abilities should use passive icons.

Healing orbs should be placeable on water.

Fallen Snake Tower -> ?

Several research/upgrade tooltips have problems (missing names/descriptions/both).

Sea Drake Habitat (great model on this one) -> Nest, Lair, Hatchery etc.

Summon Sea Elemental should mention how long it lasts. It also has mana but no mana-using abilities.

Spikes can hit air units.

Sojourn Transformation -> ?

Frost Arrow can hit buildings.

Fifth level:

Intro: Kuangbing -> Kuanglan

I didn't get attacked once, but every base started out fully upgraded.

... Why is there another Arthas?

Green player(s?) has no name.

Spore sidequest:
  • OK, so the main character is Kuanglan Raging-Sea-Storm, and this guy is Storm Kuanglan (though his messages call him Destroyer). Any link there? And why does he have an invulnerable plant warrior next to him?
  • Plant spore destructibles have no name.
  • Return to the side of -> Bring the potion to

End cutscene:
What, not even an SFX to- oh.

See, this is better done than Naisha's turning.

Sixth level:

Swimming seagulls make seal sounds.

Main quest:
  • The quest log has STRING 179 in the middle. Also, Witchdoctor -> Witch Doctor
  • 3rd Witch Doctor: Murloc Slaves -> Murloc Slavers?
  • Uh, what's this about a treasure hunter all of a sudden? They only mentioned a Sea Witch.
  • Witch Doctor hint: Wars -> Wards
  • Wait this map looks famil- ohhhh. If this is meant to be the same place and people as the mini-campaign, Underworld Slaves -> Underworld Minions, Bone Cutter -> Bone Chipper

Big Tree quest:
  • Wa o and gun-gun-gun-gun -> ???
  • Fairy's line doesn't make much sense if you can just grab the branch.
  • Tree doesn't take the branch back, are you supposed to sell it to him?

You can research Hermit Crab Warrior upgrades before you can build them.

The enemy never attacks, but they keep building up forces so it makes attacking them difficult.

Found another Azhara shard, still can't combine it with the other.

Troll Warlord drops an item with no name or description (presumably a treasure map).

Wei Lige can reach level 10, Kuanlan is limited to 8.

Level should end early if you can take out every building except the Altar.

The custom model used for the Murloc hut has no death animation.

Every murloc hero is named Tides.

End cutscene: The Sea Witch is invisible/has no model.

Seventh level:

Oohh, underwater! I'd switch to the Sunken Ruins tileset for this one though, it looks more natural.

Sharks make vulture sounds, school of fish makes rat sounds, turtle makes rabbit sounds.

Blue player has no name and doesn't react when I go in their base. Who are they and why are they allied with me in the first place?

Purple players have no name except the Faceless Legion.

No fog of war over the enemy town halls.

Kelp trees don't disappear when dead.

Uhhh... Is no one going to comment on the fact that the guy the Sea Witch asked for help as she was going down is currently asking to be freed?

Ancient Naga Turtle? He looks like a lot of things, but "Turtle" is not one of them.

OK, tried putting the staff shards and ring on the same hero, doing so on the Heaven and Earth Furnace circle, dropping the items on the circle, still nothing doing.

The bridge NE of the starting base has a pathing issue on its north edge.

Qiu Long's voice reverts to Demon Hunter's when in Metamorphosis.

Ruins Guards -> Ruins Guard, and it also still has the Infernal tooltip.

Finishing the Ruins Treasure quest replays the starting dialogue, even though it's marked as completed.

None of the bases ever attacked or even built forces. Blue kept pinging places on the map but only sent a wave to the very last enemy building.

No explanation for Qiu Long not staying? It made sense for the troll, but why not this guy?
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Level 22
Jul 26, 2008
Thought I would add some notes I wrote down from when I first played Fang Tianshuo's campaign:

I was very excited watching the opening cinematic about the story from the War of the Ancients Trilogy. There has never been a naga campaign before, so this is a big achievement.

After playing this first map, I can already tell, this campaign will be one where the difference between people who find secrets and people who do not find secrets will be huge. I mean, half of the map (top part) is optional. There is a lot of optional/secret stuff. For me, I don't mind this. But players who do not search the whole map might have trouble winning later missions on harder difficulties.
In order to defeat that first mutated naga royal guard, I think people who do not learn the disable spell will have great difficulty, because a level 1 hero is very weak.

When fighting the burning legion hero at the end of the optional quest, it is best to not use more than 3 units, or else it will trigger his internal spell.

Also, what was the reason for keeping the top gate locked until the orc warlock dies? I mean, it just forces us to walk back to the gate, when it could have been open from the start, to save us from walking backwards.

Having the ghosts at the end of the mission is not a good idea, since possession completely weakens our army by stealing our units. It makes the game speed slow, since we need to lure them 1 at a time and make sure to disable the ghosts with the hero's spell, or else it will possess our units.

I liked this mission a lot. Fighting on the boats was very interesting, it was a good choice of terrain, very realistic wooden floor. One of the pirate units has some king of AOE fire attack (like the Panda Brewmaster's flame of fire), which can wreck our army early game. In fact, I think it is better to avoid the pirates at the start, and just creep all the monsters on the islands.

I think the mur'gul sidequest is bugged. Or else, is it actually only asking us to escort the unit back? I thought there would be enemies ambushing us as we walk back to the quest giver.

It would have been better in my opinion if the ending faceless pirate gave some kind of hint about Naisha or something. It didn't connect its existence to the faceless ones at all, except for the fact that it was a faceless creature.

First RTS mission. I am really impressed with the naga techtree. I like the summon elemental and healing spell at the main base. This is quite creative, and fits very well with the naga theme (water related stuff).

Good optional quests. I have a complaint though, that hiding things in the forest is not a good idea unless you make some indication we should destroy, like putting colour runes next to trees we need to destroy, etc. Otherwise it is very very difficult to find these secrets.

The peasant for the optional quest was hidden very well. I did not find him until the end.

This is probably my favourite map, but it really needs a better justification for existing. I mean, so the bandit tries to escape the naga, then runs into an undead citadel and is killed by his dead father. This is already quite hard to accept as real, but then, there is no cinematic to at least show the gate closing behind the naga. As far as I know, the naga can walk out door the door they came. Why did they stay and fight the undead?

Anyway, it is my favourite mission because the interesting undead monsters in here. I really liked the map design a lot. Was a fantastic mission. Fun optional quests.

Is this mission even possible on insane? How can we kill the flying units, they have heavy armour (so we cannot counter it with piercing attack units).

When I talked to arthas, did it trade the item we got from the previous mission (to summon a ghost arthas) for frostmourne? This is a terrible trade. If I knew about this, I would not have talked to him. Frostmourne item is not good compared to the other item.

I am liking the naga units/techtree more and more as we unlock more units.

There is no ping to show us where the goblin hero is (the boss we need to kill in order to access the RTS part of the map. I eventually found him on the right side of the map, but it did not ping to show us where he was. The goblin hero itself was just randomly put into the map. I do not know why we needed to kill him.

Ok, my main issue with the 2nd part of the map is, the introduction of this "witch" is too sudden. It was almost like she was supposed to be a boss we knew very well, but in reality, I only saw her two times, one when she said we will never escape, and two at the end when she is killed by the troll ritual. It was too sudden, there was no reason for her to oppose us. Was she with the enemy naga? We never find out why she is our enemy. Why was she asking for help from Qiu Long?

Ok, I think in the conversion process to remove YDWE from the campaign, this map became a big bugged. It is impossible to leave it, meaning we lose all items if we go to the next chapter.

We have no vision of our ally (the blue murlocs). Also, the only way to win this on insane difficulty is to save the 2 infernal stone items and the 1 doomguard summon item from the previous missions, then rush the south undead base. Otherwise, it is impossible to win 3v1 (the blue ally naga does not count, it almost does nothing).

I saw some coloured runes, but I did not know what to do with it. Was it a secret?

There is no reason for the blue murlocs being there. No explanation was given, they are just there. Allies AI should normally be in front of a player, so if its attacks keep being canceled by their target dying before they reach it, at least it can provide players with defence.

Hmm, I wish there was more of a plot with Naisha. We basically killed her at the end, with only a few lines of dialogue. I liked the mechanic where we need to kill the obelisk or we take constant damage in the ruins.
I enjoyed the optional quests here.

Ok, so this is where I have problems understanding the plot. First, is the creature that killed Naisha's ghost at the end the same red naga who joined us earlier?

General points

And now we find out all of a sudden it is a big conspiracy? Perhaps it would have been better to introduce this with events in the previous missions that foreshadow something is wrong (I know there was the scene where our naga hero pretended to be dead then came back alive, but maybe something more than this.)

My biggest issue is, the big "mastermind" is the optional hero we rescue in map07. What happens if we don't rescue him? Would he still be trapped in there? There is an overload of information at the end and it is hard to absorb all of it. So how many factions are there? I counted 3: The old god's forces (including faceless), the "evil" naga (led by Qiu Long in map07), and the "good" naga (our main hero + the female naga hero who regrets the main hero was gravely injured.) I am still quite confused though. Will there be a part 2 to explain things more?

Also, these forces (Old Gods, Qiu Long) are spending a lot of time plotting/conspiring against Kuanglan, who is some unknown Naga. If it was an important person I would understand. But it's almost like Kuanglan is some insane person who thinks that everyone is plotting against him, when in reality he is too unimportant for anyone to spend any time working for/against him, and this is all happening in his head.

I liked all the secrets referring to other campaign authors in the Uuu9 campaign community. It gave a sense that all those authors are friends/close, which is nice.

Anyway, I just wanted to repeat, the naga units/techtree was amazing. They were really creative, and finally gave us a chance to play as a custom naga race in a campaign. Was really fun. Many players of the original Frozen throne campaign have longed for a Naga campaign, and I think Fang Tianshuo gives them that experience.

Overall, I feel it is unfair to the author Fang Tianshuo that players who play his campaign are experiencing this somewhat substandard version of his campaign, since his original campaign did not have any of the bugs/errors that came from the conversion process to remove the third party World editor triggers. But ultimately, I think people will still enjoy his campaign.
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Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
Eighth level:

No intro?

Naisha Missing -> Find Naisha, Slay -> slay

wyverns -> snap dragons

Sea Beast quest: power -> powerful

Maybe rename the goblin merchant to Murloc Merchant?

Nope, the Snap Dragons stay hostile after killing the mutant one.

No message of acknowledgement from the murloc guy after you bring him the lumber?
- OK, it only told me he was going as I was about to enter Naisha's cave.
-- Seer just waits at the foot of the stairs until you rescue his brother, and then joins you.
-- The kidnapper is just named Mur'gul.
-- Seer's brother is also named Pei Erdan Tide (must've been confusing for their parents).

Water Monster turns into 2 Water Monsters on death.

What are the Spirit Lodges for in the Sea Demon fight?

Pei can't go above level 8.

... Really? That's how it ends?

During the first half of the cinematic, the text-heavy lines don't stay long enough.

trends/tides -> ?

... OK, so this kind of plot would have been better spread out a bit more instead of jamming it all in a single cutscene.

stay tuned to ] --> ?

Can't say I like the instakills and teleports in the ending, or the way Naisha is just forgiven only to get instakilled a few minutes later. It's just too convenient.

Why are there three Arthases running around?

And where's Illidan in all this?

Didn't find the Holy Light to de-curse Frostmourne (now there's a sentence), where was it?

Melee Map:

Ancient Siren has no description.

Water Phoenix: burns with fire -> evaporates, Fire Phoenix -> Water Phoenix

Balance-wise, I'm not sure there's much point to making Sea Drakes magic immune. Frost Wyrms can freeze buildings, which is more useful than being herder to kill.


The plot was a bit weak in places (especially given the lack of context at the beginning), hampered by the sometimes-canon, sometimes-not nature of events (3 Arthases, no Illidan), some elements appear for a line or two and are then dumped unceremoniously from the plot (why is Kuanglan the "next generation's spritual leader"? who is this bandit whose father is a lich? why is there a naga hero with the same name as the protagonist in the middle of the swamp?) but was still interesting.

Qiu Long should be introduced earlier and have more relevance, what would have happened if I hadn't unsealed him?

Overall it was interesting enough, just confusing, and I'd play the sequel if there is one.


Not much in the way of characterization apart from cutscenes, would have been nice to know more about them. Abilities were good if a trifle overpowered, but keeping them GUI-based still makes for good gameplay.

The RTS parts didn't send attack waves, but given how well-defended the bases were it didn't make much difference and never got boring.
EDIT: Having replayed the RTS levels with warpten, it turns out the AI actually does build attack waves, but accumulates them inside its base and skips the early stage of attacks (i.e. hero +6 ghouls for undead), meaning I was looking at something like this for the first attack of the 7th level (and pretty much the same coming from the north at the same time):

So apparently the AI isn't so much nonfunctional as it is very, very slow, and I'm very glad I didn't have to face that while playing normally.
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Level 11
Mar 4, 2014
Well, this was quite a random and chaotic custom campaign, despite being translated into English, the story was either confusing at best or just boring at worst, but the gameplay was still fun nonetheless, lots of cool monsters and bosses throughout the campaign.

There were plenty of bugs: from audio bugs where the custom music didn't work in any mission, it was always glitchy, the enemy A.I. not sending attack waves, and the unique items that were supposed to fuse, but they never did, I ended up leaving all of them on the ground since they were taking precious inventory space.

What else can I say, I liked the naga themed units, and the terrain in most missions was quite well done, especially the underwater effects, I loved those, and the spells were also fun to play with, It was interesting to see what other non-English map makers can create.

My rating for this custom campaign is a 𝓒 Tier (Average) with 67 out of 100 points.


Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
Thanks tuna times to @cleavinghammer for the invaluable feedback for perfection.
  1. No text during the intro/prologue. After it finished, the game crashed.
  2. First chapter - murlocs sleeping. Weird.
  3. Regular abilities.
  4. 1, 2, 3, Quest Completed. No idea which quest.
  5. Some transmissions run too fast to be read.
  6. Hero selected during cinematic mode.
  7. Lost Pand has hero glow but is just a unit.
  8. Not only is Naisha known in undeath but she was such a figure that all naga seemed to have known her...
  9. Hero moved from a part of the map to the place where a cinematic was triggered (demons coming from portal). While in this case it helped, in some it just makes the player move the hero again to the previous location.
  10. Sargeras' Avatar was already beaten by Aegwynn. This place is his tomb.
  11. Apparently everyone had something against the sea creatures, Maiev and the Watchers too, the naga as well.
  12. After learning Tide Aura it looks as if disabled/DISBTN, not like a passive ability.
  13. Naisha's been turned into some sort of Maiev-Sylvanas.
  14. Unfitting Chinese names allover.
  15. Locking them with their weapons and abilities.
  16. Cannons shooting on the ship Must have a really tough and fireproof deck.
  17. All that nice ship design and petty bandits instead of finding some nice pirate like models.
  18. Chapter have no loading screens aside the melee type, their names/titles being Just another Warcraft III map.
  19. Pirate base map - Makruras can't be reached by sea. Shimmerweed can be taken before the first quest is done.
  20. Guard Towers (brown/enemy) should be Scout Towers since they don't attack anyway.
  21. The last building has a broken description, a V or something. Abyss Treasure Room after being built.
  22. The upgrade in the Coral Pool to the right of the Coral Blades has no description.
  23. Naga Mage's upgrade has no description. Same: upgrades below the Myrmydon and the poison for the Snap Dragon, I presume.
  24. While I appreciate turning the naga into a custom race, it's still basically reskinned Orc, no unique gameplay mechanics aside the fact the units can go over water.
  25. The bandit hero is literally a reskinned Tauren Chieftain. Lao Liu is a Warden.
  26. Bandit base quest update is numbers in text like mentioned on an earlier quest.
  27. Bu Luke is wanted but is already in jail albeit in a bandit's camp one
  28. You can defeat the bandit leader's guards before making him appear if you leave one base standing. He doesn't seem to have any glow.
  29. Often times enemy hero names are switched with their unit name as in the Skeleton King chapter.
  30. Ah Qinsa's player name is null/missing. Actually all naga enemy players have this issue.
  31. All Namei's items are now lost instead of on Wei Lige. Oh, they're on the ground a bit to the northwest. Should be directly on him IMO. Could choose another path to play and miss them for some time.
  32. After killing the treasure hunter the heroes are briefly seen suddenly disappearing. Also selected during cinematic mode, afterwards.
  33. In the last part, you're supposed to defend for 20mins but the enemy is not attacking/sending troops.
  34. Near the last 30s, the flying witch came to cast Earthquake and even before she came and after she died the game lagged.
  35. In chapter 7, allied and enemy players have no player name. Some enemy units belong to a named player however.
  36. If this happens underwater, how are there flying units? Do they swim :\?
  37. Bizarre that murlocs have mechanical stuff in tone with gnomes or goblins.
  38. Chapter 7 also lags for some reason.
  39. Faceless units are reskinned undead ones.
  40. An underwater Goblin Merchant
  41. Pei Erdan Tide's brother has the same name, different model though.
  42. One of the goblin's customers on the ocean bed was a Faceless who bought Goblin Land Mines. Truly, goblin greed knows no bounds.
  43. Unbroken sleep and the energy towers around them are neutral passive.
  44. Energy towers in Faceless Naisha's zone also neutral.
  45. Aw.... naga sweethearts left Naisha rest or at least go home or maybe the tomb crumbled and she remained there forever with nothing to do. Anyways, once you go faceless there's no turning back.
  46. Sadly, Kuanglang's schizophrenia caught up to him, everyone becoming an enemy, especially close ones.
  47. Qiu Long somehow escaped although I didn't save him. But it was all part of the plan regardless. That's a real double twist, of the neurons if I may add.
Overall, nice and not. Nonsensical story, pretty standard gameplay too much just a reskin, no replayability, too few good opportunities.


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Level 22
Jul 26, 2008
Ok, the third party W.E triggers have all been deleted, so the maps in Fangtianshuo's campaign can now be saved.
-Loading screens now work, missing translations now filled (including opening cinematic), AI works (not including the pirate one because that was trigger related), item combinations work (thanks to @fangtianshuo for providing the list of combinations).

Because of some issues, even with the maps able to be saved, a very small amount of quest message updates that cannot be translated even with the maps able to be opened, and some team names (Controlled Naga, Faceless ones) that will not show the team name.
Level 27
Apr 6, 2010
Went through the new version, and for the most part it works better (notably, the enemy bases will build and send waves). However:
  • Be aware the game can crash when starting up a level from a victory screen or campaign menu (restarting the game works, usually).
  • The bonus level is bugged and can't be completed, even playing it causes your heroes to lose all items in the next level. It also can't be played from the menu.
  • The treasure quest in the second level is bugged and can't be completed.
  • Some text issues (typos, invisible player names etc.) can't be fixed, I just put them here for completeness' sake.
  • Some models are gone (e.g. Kuanlang's Water Jet, Sea Drake projectile, some cannons), but the spells work properly.


Coral Temple tooltip calls it Coral Pool (same as the lumber dropoff).

Maybe call combination items e.g. Azhara's Staff (Shard) instead of Azhara's Staff Shard.

Intro cinematic:
- Man the camera is zipping around, and some of the longer texts go by too fast.
-ultimately were victorious -> was ultimately victorious

First level: There should be a warning/the Way Gate should be in deep water so you can't accidentally drown the panda.

Interlude: Run to Freedom doesn't trigger as a cinematic, it just dumps you into the map with all the units in place and no quest.

Second level:

Loading screen: near approach -> approach near

All but two cannons (on the final boss ship) are gone from the map.

The journals fuse correctly, but the treasure quest is still bugged:
  • Hydra is invisible (you can hear it snoring at night)
  • Dudes punching each other on the beach have completely different names from when they're talking.
  • Top dude is invulnerable so you can't get his item.

Pirate classes are still un/half-translated and/or use their names as classes, including the final one.

Third level:

Orb of Fire still has color code in its name, but the items fuse correctly.

Doomsday Staff: "chance to punish the enemy" via what?

Fourth level:

Loading screen: was became filled: either was or became, not both.

ARRRGGGGGG that horrible music is still there.
- OK, the full-length version triggered after I resolved both sidequests and had only the final boss to take out. Then went back to randomly playing the truncated version.

Di Keman is the hero class, still uses Pit Lord names.

Good news: What I thought was a bug (minibosses not appearing) turned out to be because I hadn't triggered their quests. They worked fine.

Halberd fuses correctly, but "both the weapon and him" -> "both he and the weapon".

Rebirth Potion (quest) or Resurrection Potion (item name)?

Fifth level:

  • Something triggers a merchant arrow on the heroes during the cutscene.
  • Kuanbing -> Kuanlan

Yep, AI works and sends waves (didn't test it fully though).

Spore destructibles still have no name.

... Pipi Snake?

Sixth level:

AI and item fusing works.

Bonus level (reminder: this one can be played but not finished and removes your items in the next level):

Loading screen: Hakkar, and -> Hakkar and

Triceratop -> Triceratops (even in singular)

Enemy heroes keep the Night Elf/Orc names.

Enemy heroes shouldn't be spell-immune, it just makes fights against them boring.

Some walls are walkable/have no pathing.

Wards near the Fountain of Blood and in the final boss room are passive.

Zandalari Rider's model might be bugged, tring to hit it with Frost Arrow gets a "must target a unit" message.

I announce in the essence name of Hakkar -> ?

Major bugs:
  • Heroes don't revive when killed/there's no button to revive them at the stone.
  • Level doesn't end when you type "end".

Seventh level:

Ah. Doing the bonus level means your heroes have no items and no skills at the start (they have all skill points, fortunately).

Qiu Long really needs to be a main quest, otherwise the ending makes zero sense.

Nothing new to report for the eighth level or conclusion.