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Scar of Northrend

Submitted by Khaldaiel
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
This map (Scar of Northrend) was created for the third melee mapping contest : Melee Mapping contest #3 - 4 vs 4. The goal of this contest was to create a balanced,beautiful and creative 4v4 melee map without using any customized ressource. This last constraint was here to ensure that the map will still be playable on warcraft3 reforged.

  • Map summary
This map is a 4v4 melee map of size 179 by 180 with the land tile 'Northrend'. The two teams are starting on the left- or right-hand side of the map. In a team, the player are disposed in a diamond shape which deliberately lets one of the side of the diamond more exposed. Between the teams, there is a 'rift' which is easy to cross but gives you the low-ground disavantage. Every starting location gives high-ground advantage.


The path in the middle of the map is wide open to allow rush and global fights. It gives direct access to the base of the player in front of the team. Alternatively, some 'narrow' pathway on the top and bottom of the map allow the players to get pass the center of the map and sneak into the other side of the map. These sideways are also the position of the two biggest goldmines of the map.

To avoid highground tower-abuse, the tiles near the top of the ramps are unbuildable (except in the bases which can be fortified this way if desired)

  • Advanced description
The image below presents the tile set used during map making (which is slightly different from the classical northrend set). The minimap on the top left of the image shows that :

- The map has two axes of symetry (vertical and horizontal)
- The map presents a lot of neutral buildings (gobelin shops, taverns, laboratories, Northrend mercenary camps, marketplaces, fountains of health, blue dragon nest )

The list below the minimap presents the different creep camps on the map, with informations on these camps. From left to right, you can read :

- The neutral building that is guarded by this creep camp if there is any
- The number of identical creep camps there is on the map (every camp that exists 1 or 2 times is in the rift that splits the half in two parts, every camp that is represented 4 times exists in all the 'corner' parts of the map, every camp that is represented 8 times is disposed near the starting locations of each player)
- The 'description' of the camp location
- A brief summary of the creep that are present in the camp (in three icons)
- The total level of the creep camp
- The item type and level that is dropped by the camp (circlet of nobility states for 'any permanent level 2 item', the big mana potion states for 'any consummable level 3 item', ...)


Note that there is no consummable item of level 5 or above and no permanent item of level 7 or above.

  • Preview and screenshots
Starting location, with two ramps creating a large entrance to the high-ground of the base itself. Note that cutting the trees reveals to small side entrances.

Two extremely large ramps are leading to the other side, passing close to the dragon nest in the middle of the map.

On the top and bottom of the map, they are some sideway paths, which can be monitored from this highgrounds. The ramps and the edge of the cliff are unbuildable though, and a medium creep camp guard this point of view.

In the corners, nerubians are creeping out of their caves.

In between the bases of a team's side of the map, there are the naturals. The natural expansions that are closer to the ennemy are guarded by smaller creep camps than the 'protected' ones. All the natural expansions are also close to the taverns.

Beginning of a 4v4 early fight, in the middle of the map.
  • Credits
Map made by Khaldaiel.

All ressources are natives to warcraft3 the frozen throne.

Thanks to BaronVonSG, twitch caster from the WC3 GYM clan, who helped by testing the map and giving pertinent feedback.

Thanks to Ragnaros17, mafe and mmtt for their help and comments on the hive during the map creation process.

  • Changelog
  • 08th of January 2019 - Creation of this page.
  • 16th of March 2019 - Map edition :
- Balancing of the item drops of the team exansions, the goblin laboratories and the dragon nest
- Balancing of the creep camp composition of the goblin laboratories, the marketplace and the frontal creeps
- The red magnataur creep camps in the middle of the map have been removed
- Minor visual changes have been made

Scar of Northrend (Map)

Melee Mapping contest #3 - Poll +judge reviews: Melee Mapping contest #3 - Results Awaiting Update. If you want more reviews, you should participate in the The Grand Review Exchange! R U L E S Site Rules Map Submission Rules M A P - D E S C R...
  1. Damn you made a very cool and explanatory spreadsheet. I'm impressed.

    Map looks complex and huge. Very cool looking.
  2. Totally not an Alien

    Totally not an Alien

    Jul 20, 2018
    LIke the map looks really good thank u
  3. XanderD


    Aug 7, 2015
  4. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    Melee Mapping contest #3 - Poll
    +judge reviews: Melee Mapping contest #3 - Results

    Awaiting Update.

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    Some changes made,
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2019