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  • Hello, I really liked your Scars of War, terrain and doodads are great! Thanks a lot for this map, and may I ask: do you plan about improve this map? Last version which I find is 10c. There is some bugs and a lot of opportunity. I really hope, that you may find some way to improvements, if you want. With a big respect and gratefulness, your fan.
    How are you old friend :)
    If still interested to wc3 modding let me know, maybe I can offer you place in my hosted project :)
    I'm good, but a little disappointed on how Thrall or now Go'el his orc name, chose Garrosh in charge.
    Garrosh is going to destroy the Horde, and I kinda like how he got a mate now.

    Thrall is gonna make Jiana jealous. LOL...
    Sure,just send me material if you find something useful, btw it would be finished already but I am working on test map as you can see so I need more time!
    Damn, I buy new PC today, installed windows 7 and shitz, but I wasn't able to connect old HD to new one :sad:
    I must wait until buddy come with Flesh Drive to copy wc3 and my other files from old one :(
    Sorry about not being able to post stuff recently. I've got some ideas, but I just haven't had the time to do it this week. Hopefully I can post them this weekend, if I am unable to do it any earlier.
    No problem, let me know if you think of something. ^^
    I thought of something. It's been posted.

    Awesome! I would love to help you with the development of this map. Not the actual map-making aspect itself, but with hero skills and ideas and storyline stuff. I'll get to work when I get home today.
    Hey you didn't posted anything in forum, grrr don't be lazy, 1 or 2 threads/posts will do ^^
    It is cool, first image look epic, but I don't like image size, I already told you that, but hey that's me so if you like don't bother with it!
    I would like to try to create some pictures for you, I have nice idea, you will see ^^
    :D That's the spirit ^^
    Well as soon as I finish with site!
    Still need few hours to describe each hero, upload some more screenshots and so on!
    Hehe, can't wait for the new version to come out, from what you told me in your last comment. :)
    Potions are fixed also!

    Hmmm you are right, that can be bothering!
    Should I add some items like: Scroll of Teleporting
    I fixed all reported bugs so far
    Hero selection system is finished!
    Multiboard also, just few items!

    What you think about few items that can be upgraded 20 or more times

    Ogre Gloves: (250 gold per level)
    Base +10 strength, +3 Agility/Intelligence
    per level +3 strength, +1 Agility/Intelligence
    You're welcome! Reading Kobas's posts on this page is really exciting. I sense that a big change is coming in the next update! :D
    Oh ok then!
    If you say so :razz:

    Well I used that already and it crushed game ^^
    Will check again! Grrr
    Hey i created new loading screen!
    Added few lines of text and added your name there (special credits ^^)
    It look epic dude!
    Lime green looks great!
    Hero descriptions and all item descriptions are nice also!
    But maybe you don't know because I saw this for example:

    Movement Speed: 300 Attack Speed: 1.7
    instead of
    Movement Speed: 300
    Attack Speed: 1.7

    You know some wc3 codes?
    |n (new line)
    |r (end of color code)
    Grrr about that other link...
    "The entry you are trying to display has expired or does not exist"
    Well we have same problem, if red player or blue don't play (example) teal player values will be shown on wrong places -.-
    SO we need to have red, red and blue, and so on players!
    Yes multiboard like that with 5 columns (name, level, kills, deaths, gold)
    Also I need update triggers, I think that that was problem and crushed game -.-
    I will then just copy all that into my RoH 2.2!

    I have really great problem can you pls dl uploaded map (RoH II) and fix multiboard there, once when you finish please upload it back with pastebin and give link!

    I fixed current one but then I got some random errors and game crushed wc3 each time when I try to load map -.-

    I am optimizing other triggers right now!
    Well I can do anything except crating models :D

    Also btw

    This is my Loading Screen picture (small)

    Then Edited First time


    And at then end edited again!

    Oh did I forget to tell you thanks for multiboard! Grrr

    Thanks a lot!

    Btw colors and stuff is already used in RoH, I just needed opinion and maybe few suggestion like that (3 players 3 rows, not empty space like in other versions)

    Thanks again!
    Btw I want to create Loading Screen for SoW if you allow me ^^

    Just tell me what you want to see there?
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