[Aeon of Strife] Black Clans War

Level 4
Mar 21, 2014

Black Clans War
Created by Oljin

Map Info:

The Blackrock Clan and The Black Tooth Grin Clan are at war!
Choose one of 24 epic heroes from the Warcraft World and fight with your clan to destroy the enemy's Fortress!

1vs1 to 4vs4
  • 24 different Heroes to play: Assassins, Tanks, Healers and combinations
  • Every hero has
    • 3 abilities with 9 levels (Q,W,E) and one ultimate ability with 3 levels (R)
    • a teleport ability to any allied unit on the map (interruptable, 300s cooldown)
    • level cap 30
  • Total up to 85 unique spells!
    • 69 of it imported from the HiveWorkshop
    • All spells should be MUI and leakless
    • The spells are distributed among 22 different classes. 4 heroes share just 2 classes, namely:
      • Orgrim Doomhammer (The Blackrock Clan) and Dal'Rend Blackhand (The Black Tooth Grin Clan) have the same abilities, but can only be played by allies of their clan
      • Nikoro (The Blackrock Clan) and Maim Blackhand (The Black Tooth Grin Clan) have also the same abilities, but can only be played by allies of their clan
  • Several In-Game Options - Choose your own style how to play the game
    • No gold income, no shops, no runes of healing/mana (-nogold, -noshops, -norunes)
    • General options (-altplay, -lvlcap, -trees, -events, -dmgmove)
      • Altplay: Activates/Deactivates if allied units share xp and gold from kills with the players.
      • Lvlcap: Raise the hero max lvl to 50.
      • Trees: Turn off/on tree regrow
      • Events: Turn off/on periodic "Battle Arena" game events.
      • Dmgmove: Damage Engine allows the option to take less damage while moving
      • Randhero: Random heroes will be assigned to all Players.
    • Creep camps options (-inc, -camps): Change if camps are active at all or not, and if they have an initial spawn delay or not.
    • Change the minions/soldiers production (-allmin, -nomin, -otop, -omid, -obot, -otm, -omb, -otb)
    • Options for towers and strongholds (-notw, -nostr, -mtw, -tpp)
      • Notw: No towers at all
      • Nostr: No strongholds (at top and bottom bases)
      • Mtw: 2 more towers than in normal modus at top and bottom base
      • Tpp: Towers per player modus. Top and bottom base have one more tower per Player. Main base has towers proportional to the number of players playing.
  • 3 Lanes
    • Upgrading buildings & units every 200 seconds
    • Top and bottom lane have extra strongholds, mid lane has only Towers
    • When one stronghold is destroyed, more minions are produced on that lane for the team which destroyed the stronghold
    • When both strongholds are destroyed, more minions are produced on all 3 lanes
    • There is a small chance that runes of healing / mana appear when units are killed; they disappear after 10 seconds
    • There is a small chance that gold coins drop when units are killed; they stay until picked up
    • Trees regrow afer 8 seconds
  • 4 Small-, 4 Medium- and 2 Boss-Camps are distributed across the map
    • Including 2 Mo'arg the Overlord's as bosses
    • The camps system works like in Heroes Of The Storm (Blizzard), which is: After the camp is defeated, a counter assigns points to the heroes which stand within the runes. If both teams stands within the runes, no points are given. Whichever team reaches 10 points first will get the camp.
    • The units are stronger when fighting for a clan, so it's really worth it!
  • Item shops with nearby fountain of regeneration in each base - Enjoy your drinks!
Author's Note:

We have tested the map several times 1vs1, and once 2vs2. We haven't tested it 3vs3 or 4vs4 yet.
Updates and improvements are coming - we are playing it daily :)

It's OPEN SOURCE - use it as you like.

If anyone plays it at least 1v1 I would be very happy to hear some feedback!
Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!

I made it with my Mac and shitty World Editor from WC3 Version I don't have windows (yet). Update: Now i have a Windows :)


Karte.png Hero Selection Chen.png Fortress.png Fight at Creep Camp.png Hero Revive.png Learn Ulti Electric Conduit.png Purchase Spellbook.png Fight Chen VS Sylvanas, Chen Wins.png Gold Coins 50.png Rune of Superior Healing.png Defending stronghold against boss.png Fight Chen VS Sylvanas, Sylvanas wins.png pArAdigmaDox wins.png

Known Issues:

  • Units chasing heroes around the map: How can I force the units to stay on their lane, without forbidding them to attack heroes? And to stick to a certain order in killing units on their way?

  • The Burning Arrow (Tyrande's Q Ability) is not created exactly at the position of the caster, but a bit offset. The trigger works exactly like Elune's Arrow, but Elune's Arrow works perfectly (perfet alignment). Don't know how to fix this yet… --> Solved.

  • Not sure if all spells are MUI, and not creating lags in multiplayer games. I did not test all of them yet (working on it). --> Improved Fire and Ice Synergie. More spells may come...

Change Log:

Released on 25.4.19

  • Random hero works now correctly, i.e. all 22 classes are equally weighted.
Heroes & Spells
  • Lady Vash'ji
    • Maelstrom (Ulti):
      • Reduced duration from 7+1xLevel seconds to 3.5+0.5xLevel seconds.
      • Increased damage from 70+30xLevel to 100+20xLevel.
      • Reduced area of effect from 400 to 350.
    • Elemental Wave:
      • Reduced healing from 200+40xLevel to 220+30xLevel.
    • Freezing Arrow:
      • Reduced splash damage of splitted arrows from 55+5xLevel to 40+5xLevel.
      • Increased cooldown from 10 to 11 seconds.
  • Grom
    • Mirror Image
      • Increased damage of illusions from (2xLevel-2)% to (9+1xLevel)%.
      • Increased duration of illusions from (7+Level) to (10+Level) seconds.
    • Bonebreaker:
      • Reduced cooldown from 22 to 17 seconds.
    • Shockwave:
      • Increased damage from 40+60xLevel to 80+60xLevel.

Released on 21.4.19
  • Minor Bug fixes (leaks).
  • Added option "Random Hero" (-randhero).

Released on 19.4.19

  • Memory leaks removed: Realized my codes were full of point / group / effect / playergroups / wait-(game-time)-seconds leaks. Now (hopefully) all of them should be removed.
  • Added a periodic Battle Arena Event in the map center: Last team standing will get a boss for free. The event will be announced 90 seconds before the fight Begins.
  • The game will start after everyone typed "-rdy", so game options and heroes can be selected without to hurry. One can also undo the ready status by typing "-unrdy". The ready status can be seen in the multiboard.
  • Added a bunch of game options. See features above (or just play it).
  • All camps with status <Fight!> will now pop up floating Texts with the current value of the Region, when a hero stands within it. It's basically the same as "Points" in the Camps section of the Multiboard.
  • Game Timers corrected -> No more "Wait X (game-time) seconds", but timers.
  • Map decorations slightly improved.
  • Removed XP, Gold and Lumber tab in multiboard. Was unnecessary.
  • Removed the option "-maxlvl" to raise all minions and buildings instantly to max level.
  • Quests added to explain the different new options.
  • Increased HP Regeneration of Watch Towers (Level 1-10 and 10-20).
Heroes & Spells
  • Heroes which try to leave the base before the game started will be instantly moved back to the base.
  • The range for shared XP from allied minions kills is reduced from 1600 to 1000/1100/1200 (hero kills/units kills/building kills). Stand within that radius to get XP and gold from allied minions when they kill something. "-altplay" deactivates this function.
  • Rokhan:
    • Star Shower: Fixed Hotkey (W) to learn the spell.
  • Maim:
    • Phantasm: Added an aura glow to the illusion of Phantasm
  • Maim+Nikoro:
    • Cutting Edge: Reduced damage from 150+30xLevel to 150+25xLevel.
    • Phantasm: Is now preloaded (but I don't guarantee it will not lag when cast for the first time).
  • Rexxar, Balnazzar, Muradin, Chen, Cairne: Increased their animation movement speed of their "Q" ability (which are all from the Charge Spell System) such that it looks now more like they are running (and not walking.)
  • Kael'thas:
    • Fire and Ice Synergie:
      • is now MUI. See here.
      • Changed the damage and the damage rate accordingly.
      • Reduced the AoE from 500 to 400.
      • Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.
  • Tyrande:
    • Burning Arrow is now created at the right position. See here.
    • Starfall: Damage rate increased from 1.50s to 0.3 seconds. Damage reduced accordingly, but in total the damage is higher than before.

Released on 12.4.2019
  • Removed the "Enhanced Damage" Tag - it's just spam.
  • Fixed the ownership of the troll housings to neutral passive.
  • Entangling Magic and Hoist of the seven conundrums were casted simultaneously, therefore i changed the base order id and spell id of Entangling magic.
  • Chen Stormstout
    • Changed his Abilities and accordingly his hero description
    • Replaced Air Strike (old Q) with Rapid Slash (old E, new Q)
    • and replaced Rapid Slash (old E, new Q) with Drunken Brawler (standard ability)
    • Removed Air Strike completely, but nevertheless, to keep tracks - Air Strike:
      • Renamed to Crane Strike, because the jump didnt work.
      • Changed the tooltip accordingly.
      • Cooldown reduced by 10 seconds.
  • Rokhan
    • Star Shower:
      • Reduced Cast Range from 1000 to 800.
      • Mana Costs raised slightly.
      • Chance to spawn a star reduced from (16+Level)% to (1+Level)%
      • Reduced Base Dmg from 0.5xLevelxInt to 0.3xNxInt
    • Hoist of the Seven Conundrums:
      • Fixed the duration of the spell, which should be now what is written in the spell tooltip.
      • Cooldown raised from (30/40/50sec) to (120/120/120sec) for the 3 levels.
      • Heal per killed unit raised from 20% of "heal target"-unit's max HP to 25% of "heal-target"-unit's max HP.
      • Increased mana gain from 150 to 300 per killed unit.
  • Gul'Dan
    • Distortion Wave:
      • Increased the angle from 60° to 70°.
      • Reduced Cooldown from 40s to 20sec.
    • Demonic Ball:
      • Increased AoE from 600/800/1000 to 800/900/1000.
      • Reduced cast time from 5/4/3sec to 3/3/2sec.
      • Mana costs raised.
    • Life Drain:
      • Changed from (130+10xLevel)HP per 1 second to (30+5xLevel)HP per 0.2 seconds.
      • Cooldown reduced from 40s to 30s.
  • Small changes in terrain texture.

  • Items:
    • Killmaim:
      • Changed from 50% Life Steal to 30% Life Steal
      • Gold costs changed from 8400G to 6900G.
    • Frostguard:
      • increased from +20 to +30 Cold Damage Bonus
    • Mask Of Death:
      • Changed from 50% Life Steal to 20% Life Steal.
      • Gold costs changed from 6900G to 4000G.

Released on 11.4.2019
  • Major Update: Redesigned the whole middle part of the map!
  • Removed the constructions/buildings for the start peon.
  • Removed the Hero Icon and Name in the Multiboard while "Pick Hero"-Phase, such that you can't look what the other players chose until the game started.
  • Removed the Damage Tag in regions where the creep camps are, so noone can see if there is a fight or not.
  • Removed the trigger which tells the unit to stop if they leave their lane, because it didn't really work like intended.
  • Changed Range of Wound Poison from 120 to 210.
  • Reduced Gold Costs of Boots of Speed from 2400 to 1500.
  • Changed the colors in the multiboard of The Black Tooth Grin Clan.
  • Changed the unit priorities of Grunts, Trolls, Demolishers, Strongholds, Fortress's, Watch Towers and all Heroes.
  • Tome of Agi/Str/Int (+2): Stock Replenish Interval reduced to 2, maximum stock 10.
  • Changed the position where basic units get created and when they start moving.

Version 1.0 - Released on 8.4.2019


Special Thanks:
  • pArAdigmaDox
  • BlackRum
  • TheAmn
  • Any other game reviewers = you


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  • Black Clans War 1-2-2.w3x
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Level 4
Mar 21, 2014
Respect, I used to use the OS X world editor for many years. But why not update and use the latest editor version? It adds some useful new features and I believe the sound issues have been ironed out by now.

I don't know how... ?

I just downloaded the newest patch from blizzard (Standard for Mac, and Public Test 1.30.11256 for Mac), but neither has a World Editor with it.
Then I downloaded the Windows version and tried to install it with CrossOver on a XP, Windows7 and Windows10 bottle.
Only Windows XP Version managed to download and install the game, but then when I launch it, it wants to ask for the license key but the program crashes immediately and i can only force quit.
The windows 7 and 10 bottles don't even manage to download the game, it gives an "controlled" error from the blizzard app itself.

BTW: I used for this map also CrossOver, with Warcraft on a Windows XP bottle.
From the patch 1.27 patch notes:


Patch 1.27

Specific Changes & Improvements
- Throw away that old PowerPC Mac in the closet, we’ve created a new installer to support Mac 10.10 and 10.11
- Improved compatibility with Windows 7, 8.1, and 10
- Fixed a crash caused by Chain Lightning

Known Issues

- Windows 8.1 and 10 saved games are still stored in a location that requires running as system admin
- Some graphical issues with the cinematics are still occurring
- Changes to gamma settings will not take effect in windowed mode
- Cyrillic characters are still not displaying
- Disabled ambient sound while a MIDI issue is being resolved
- Mac 10.9 and earlier are not supported
- Mac build does not support the editor

Level 4
Mar 21, 2014
Updated the map to 1.1, but more is coming! Working on better map design now :)
and i will give rep and ratings to all those who i mentioned in my credits (still need to do that :))

Edit: Done.
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