Heroes of Pandaria: Brawl

Level 6
Sep 14, 2004

Choose between 28 different-styled heroes with unique abilities and skills, and battle throughout a small area surrounded by forests and mountains. Kill its inhabitants, such as the maraudous Centaurs and villanous Gnolls, to become stronger and battle other Pandaren heroes to show your skills of survival and combat.
Buy items and recipes to show your position in the battle, intimidating the enemies.
Battling both creatures and stronger opponents can be strenuous, so do as any other Pandaren, pay the tavern a visit for brews and potions.

All in all, battle other players to show your dominance and courage throughout the game, and become one of the greatest Pandaren hero alive.

You can expect:
- Single-hero control.
- FFA Mode or Team Mode.
- Map is divided into two sections. The base (Sacred Area) and the arena itself.
- Heroes can only get their items in the sacred area.
- To enter the arena, heroes will have to step into three ''random'' teleporters for either South, Middle or North.
- Each player will start with an Mini Pandaren, having the function to carry items and shop while the hero is busy.
- Tons of items available for purchase, with the function to upgrade items via the recipe system.
- Up to 50 different power-ups. Each power-up is divided into three parts:
Brawl Spells
Brawl Summons
Each of these three kind of power-ups can turn the tide of battle.
- Simple hotkey system using W E R T (D & F) for a better game-play.

Change Log v.6.6b:

- Fixed various bugs

Change Log v.6.6

- Greatly improved the loading screen time
- Fixed a lag issue
- Removed the Pandaren UI, simply because of the map became too large in file size. The Pandaren UI might
be implemented again at some point in the future.
- Implemented a new system, called the Honor Points system. Honor Point is
gained for killing enemy heroes. Honor Points can also be found in items called
'Token of Honor'. Tokens might appear from time to time on the map, much similar to brawl items and power-ups.
These so called Honor Points can be traded to the Vault of Honor for various unique
and powerful items, introducing new unique items. Few honor items can be upgraded by the Vault Keeper.
- Added Hero Glow to heroes who previously had no glow
- Heros can not be picked until the host picks a mode
- There can now be up to 12 players.
- Added a new mode, allowing players to play 3v3v3v3.
- Added a new and modified Multiboard
- Improved game info message when a mode has been selected
- Removed the tower ruins from the south-west and north-east side of the map and
replaced it with the old setup with trees
- Fixed various bugs
- Updated the creep respawn system
- Creep spots will now show its difficulty properly
- Flag of Pandaria will now give both gold and and the newly added honor points
- Improved creeps' Healing Wave
- Improved creeps' Endurance Aura
- Improved creeps' movement speed
- Added new abilities to all creeps
- Reworked few areas on the map
- Added new doodads around the map
- Increased the area size of Sacred Area (shopping area)
- Changed the sound when returning the Flag of Pandaria
- Reworked how Purge works. Any kind of Purge in the game will now deal high damage to ANY kind of unit,
except heros and summoned doom guards
- Reworked how Hex/Polymorph works. Any kind of Hex/Polymorph in the game will now ONLY affect heros.
- Fixed 'Required Spell Details' for buff effects

- Remaked Monk + changed voiceset
- Minor remake to Hex Lord + changed Hex Lord into an Furbolg and added a background story. Also renamed
the Hex Lord to Spirit Seer
- Renamed Battle Master to Bone Crusher
- Added a background story to Runemaster
- Removed Time Weaver's: Flow of Time and added Pulse of Time
- Swapped Earth-Walker's: Ground and Pound with Elite Guard's: Giant's Armor and renamed
the abilities to fit their hero-theme
- Improved few spell descriptions
- Added new icon to Wrath Guard's: Wrath Form
- Renamed Wrath Guard's: Enhanced Plating to Ethereal Armor
- Reduced the Blind duration of Wrath Guard's: Mana Beam
- Increased the AoE of Wrath Guard's: Mana Beam
- Void Master's: Astral Coil will no longer interrupt the target
- Decreased cooldown of Void Master's: Nether Lock
- Increased the duration of Void Master's: Nether Lock
- Reduced cast range of Void Master's: Nether Lock
- The mana cost on Void Master's: Summon Iblis now increases per rank
- Brewmaster's: Alcohol Spray will no longer heal enemy units
- Slightly reduced the mana cost of Brewmaster's: Alcohol Spray
- Added a whole new icon-set to Chosen One
- Fixed a typo on Chosen One's: Barrier
- Reduced the spell damage resistance on Chosen One's: Barrier
- Changed mana cost, cooldown and duration of Chosen One's: Barrier
- Changed the buff animation on enemies of Curator's: Sacred Wish
- Reduced base damage and slightly reduced attack speed of Curator
- Increased the AoE of Ancient Colossus': Colossal Strike
- Reduced cooldown of Ancient Colossus': Ancient Salvation
- Recoded Bamboo Brawler's: Eat Bamboo
- Added new icon to Bamboo Brawler's: Brawler's Slam
- Increased the cooldown of Bamboo Brawler's: Eat Bamboo
- Reduced the armor bonus of Bamboo Brawler's: Bamboo Bamboo Revolution
- Wind Waker is no longer invulnerable when performing Aerial Strike
- Changed mana cost of Wind Waker's: Cyclone
- Increased mana cost of Seer's: Soul Rip
- Slightly reduced cast range of Seer's: Soul Rip
- Recoded Elite Guard's: Bulk Up!
- Removed War Club
- Changed the mana cost of Elite Guard's: Smash!
- Changed the mana cost of Elite Guard's: Bulk Up!
- Reduced cooldown of Elite Guard's: Bulk Up!
- Reduced scaling selection of Elite Guard
- Changed attack animation missile of Time Weaver
- Increased mana cost greatly of Time Weaver's: Time Travel
- Renamed Frost Sage's: Ice Field to Frozen Field
- Tweaked the damage dealt from Flame-Dancer's: In Flames
- The mana cost of Beastmaster's: Summon Misha now increases per rank
- Added new icon to Stormseeker's: Lightning Paws
- Improved Stormseeker's: Lightning Paws
- Reduced mana cost of Wardancer's: Bind Foe
- Reduced movement speed of Curator by 5
- Removed the floating text of Chicken-Out
- Added new special effects to Earth-Walker's: Shattering Wave

- Power-Ups, Brawl Spells, Brawl Summons, etc. will now begin to spawn after 3 minutes of game start
- Adjusted gold costs on various items and recipes
- Added a special effect when Boots of Extreme Speed's: Super Speed is used
- Trickster's Box can now be used on enemy heros
- Improved the '% chance to block XX damage' Shield of Nullification
- Reworked Bulwark of Mountains, it now gives an ''Return Melee Damage'' effect
- Reworked Staff of Sages and the recipe requirements for it
- Changed the icon of Gem of Life
- Added new icon to Twin Blades of the Demon Hunter
- Improved few tooltips
- Reduced the cooldown of Gauntlet of Thunder's: Thunder Slam
- Added a new buff animation when being hit from Thunder Slam
- Improved the stats of Gauntlets of Thunder
- Renamed Potion of N.E. to Sphere of Electricity and changed icon
- Sphere of Electricity and Tempest Fury now deals damage to any unit. Except heros
- Increased hit points of Hydro Ward
- Slightly increased the duration of Hydro Ward
- Improved Battle-Armor of Glorious Honor
- Increased the movement speed bonus of Boots of Extreme Speed by 5
- Decreased the AoE of Essence of Disharmony's: Disharmony Aura
- Lady Vashj now casts every 1.25 seconds
- Slightly increased duration of Bulwark of Kings' armor boost
- Increased duration of Boots of Extreme Speed
- Increased duration of Ale of Swiftness
- Reduced the mana cost of Book of Life
- Renamed Pojo's Stiletto of Escape to Pojo's Dagger of Escape
- Reduced recipe cost of Pandaren Warblade by 250 gold
- Increased the AoE of Shawl of Demonic Flames
- Reduced gold cost of Triune of Giants by 150 gold
- Reduced stock replenish interval of Hearthstone
- Adjusted the damage and agility bonus of Golden Shaktani Warblade
- Adjusted the intelligence bonus of Pandaren Magus-Blade
- Reduced the AoE of Grom Hellscream's: War Drums
- Reduced the damage bonus of Tyrande Whisperwind's: Trueshot Aura
- Slightly increased the bash percent of Gazlowe's: Robo-Goblin form
- Added mana cost to Battlegear of the Fallen Titan-, Embrace of the Merciless-,
Vest of the Pandaren Highlord's: Restoration
- Increased mana cost of Gauntlets of Thunder
- Reduced the mana cost of Feral-Fury Hood's: Vanish
- Slightly increased the duration of Feral-Fury Hood's: Vanish
- Increased cooldown of Feral-Fury Hood's: Vanish
- Added new buff animation to Idol of the Destroyer's: Damage Boost
- Slightly reduced the duration of Brawl Spell: Anti-Magic

Download Map: HoP: Brawl v.6.5 - The Hive Workshop - A Warcraft III Modding Site

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Level 6
Sep 14, 2004
First of all, I am sorry if this is the 2nd time I made this thread. But the old thread's title could not be changed (God knows why) so I made this new topic with the RIGHTFUL name of the game as the title.

Second of all, the pictures above are old pictures of the game, I would recommend people to check the game out... in-game!