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  • What the heck... he is liar! I never registered there and I use NFWar always at wc3 forums. He is trying to get credits for my work as Broodmother or he represent me to gain credits for me (that is stupid and full of lies action). You can report him or defend my name.
    Sorry for my long reply, but i had some internet connection problems. My fourth basic spell means that, you have 4 skills you learn at lvl 1 and the ultimate at lvl 20 + stat skill. Means 6 things to learn from level up.
    Go to pastebin. From right to comment box, you will see "Your Pastes". Press New and attach file. When it is done with uploading, you will see your file linked to a text. Copy the link from your browser and send it to me with PM. So I will open the link and will see your file attached there.
    This is wierd. I do remember a BUG in world editor that may causing it. When you copy and paste triggers and index varieble doesn't exist it the map that you pasted in, then it simply buging in this way: spell works but while changing varieble index in Loop is imposible since you just cant see the index in loop.

    If you will send me the map, I may fix the problem.
    Technically, I am not a map reviewer, however, I do review some when I really want to. I'll be sure to check out your project when you finish.
    I am from Montenegro.
    thank you for telling me about my map but plz dont regect it did not realy take 24 hr my freind told me it was cool to do that it tuck two weeks
    No one's forcing you to look at it. Amigurumi seems to have a spinning one as well. xD
    Your very welcome. It just takes a bit of patience and time to learn how to do it all. I'm quite busy with college homework all the time lately. But I still can do a bit here and there.
    Well I do lots of things. I help other people out quite often. I do models, skins, AI's for maps and more. And I write tutorials as well.
    *Illusory Orb. And, yes, but I didn't want to rip off DotA. I was wondering if anyone can make that spell with a different model and different icon.
    i have exam this week :), after study i create those spells :D.

    i'm a collage student too :D , in Software Engineering major
    Hi, thanks for the rep, to answer your question im from USA, AZ. I won't get more specific cuse i like to keep somewhat hidden hehe.
    About massive blast, no it will not bug or anything.
    About meteor slash, the animation part is only for the hero that casts it from the begining, so you should maybe try to reduce animation speed :D
    I'd be quite happy if you ask someone else about that issue, i am extremely busy these days.
    Sorry :/
    Yeah, I knew about your map through your sig already =P link me to the project thread once you posted it =D
    run the optimizer, click "open..." means browse your map, then select your map, then check all options "New Buffer Size" just set it AUTODETECT, and the others just check it all, after that click "Save Optimized As...", save and optimized your map, make sure the optimized map name doesn't same with the unprotected one.
    1. the effect comes from the unit self ("goblin land mine", it is a unit, and it play "death spell" animation when triggered with that ability). so it can't be changed, you must create custom ability with trigger that act like goblin land mine :D. or make trigger fires when a goblin land mine dead, then create your effect at its location.

    2 & 3. use vexorian optimizer
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