1. Super Mario

    Changing the time indicator skin

    Hi i'm creating a custom UI for reforged and am struggling with the time indicator skin. I changed (moon and sun image) and imported it as UI\Console\Human\ but it won't work. I changed the mask-skins to alpha-images to test what...
  2. Lordliw

    Map crashing

    Hi, so this is not my map, I edited it, but the terrain is from Turnro's famous Rowan the Wise custom campaign. I have a problem that I cannot resolve. My game keeps crashing while playing and it happens at random intervals. I've checked out the gameplay to see what could the factors be for it...
  3. Barbafire

    [Arena] Gladiator Map for Warcraft III - by Barbafire

    Hi everybody! My name is Fabiano Silva, also known as Barbafire, and I'm here for some feedbacks. I'm studying Game Design, and I decided to create a mod (map) for Warcraft III to improve my skills, because it is the game that I most played all my life (I played at the golden age of mods in...
  4. inactive forever

    [SD/Texturing] JPG into BLP

    can you turn this image into a blp? NOTE:WAR3VIEWER DOESNT WORK
  5. I just hope this will fit in with what Blizzard made

    I just hope this will fit in with what Blizzard made

    Just a mini screenshot from my custom campaign
  6. Shandium

    My map keeps crashing and its so bizzare..

    Hey everyone , i hoped maybe some could help me because i cant figure it out.. Just like many other ppl , my maps started crashing after 1.33.. (fuck 1.33) But i could usually save them , even my 500mb+ map. I had tried to troubleshoot and find the models which would cause the crash , but it...
  7. Mistral

    [Campaign] [ WARCRAFT 2 ] Alaunter: Ancient Stonia - Expedition of Gedsun

    Alaunter: Ancient Stonia - Expedition of Gedsun We present to you new new custom fan-made campanign for Warcraft 2. Aside from containing several features to make new gameplay feeling, you can now explore a whole new story and expand the already known storyline of Alaunter. You will see...
  8. W

    What is your current favourite WC3R custom maps atm?

    What is your favourite WarCraft 3: Reforged custom maps at the moment?
  9. Madison

    Exporting Custom Models

    Hi everyone, I want to learn how to export .MDL custom models for Warcraft 3 maps (a step by step tutorial would be neat!). I know there's an mdl imp/exp plugin for 3dmax (the program I use) but for some reason when I tried to export my models they don't work or never load in game, not even in...
  10. Blahblah_Blagar

    Merging the database for the campaign?

    I've been working on my custom campaign and making various changes with pretty much each level (spells, units, icons, models, etc.), so that in the first level the main Hero has Ressurection as his ulti, but while making the third level I have changed my mind and changed it to Avatar (this is of...
  11. Blahblah_Blagar

    Units that need a buff for single player experience?

    Hi I'm currently working on a custom campaign based around the vanilla factions and since I'm doing some QoL and minor balance changes to make the campaign more fun, I've been wondering which units could use some buffs? Bear in mind since this is a singleplayer experience, strict balance...
  12. Mayday

    [Development] CliCli Incubation Program!

    Hello Hive! We're here to present map makers with a fantastic opportunity to expand their creativity with our new editor tool, CliCli⁽ᵃˡᵖʰᵃ⁾! What is CliCli? CliCli is a brand new editor and platform that draws inspiration from old school RTS game editors and modern game engines alike. We aim...
  13. Altruistic Anduin

    [Reforged] "Familiar Places" | An aimless Village custom map project

    I've began to work on this map project not too long ago. The purpose of this map is still unknown, even to me. But we can go towards RPG, or "Hack-and-Slash", if you want a rough guess on what the map can be. It's a custom Village map because I've added other terrain brush from other tilesets...
  14. Evilhog

    UED First Light - a fully voiced SC2 custom campaign

    Guys, UED First Light Missions 1-11 have been released! Instructions and downloads available here: N.B.! Before you download and play this, be sure to play the prologue mission "Routhe" available on SC2 Arcade. Trailer:
  15. Kodidro

    Unable to create normal units

    Hello all, first time poster I'm working on making a relatively simple project making "variant" heroes, effectively taking existing heroes and tweaking abilities to make them fresh or unique for a change of pace in the game. I'm working on a Beastmaster variant and want to make a wolf instead...
  16. Samizo

    Is it possible to swap models and/or use skins on Reforged?

    I remember I used to play with a bunch of custom skins and models for my hero's before the game got updated to reforged which I did by swapping out .mdx files (ex I'd rename my new model that I wanted to use HeroMountainKing or something similar) and such. Is doing this still possible? I've...
  17. issaltar

    [General] Creating a custom hero

    So this is my first post not exactly sure how to go about this. I haven't messed with the editor in ~15 years trying to get back into the swing of things. I wanted to make a custom berserker hero and ran into a few snags and came across the site in my quest to answer my questions. Currently, I'm...
  18. LordHatchet95

    [Altered Melee] Bandit Race (Still needs test)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, and I've finally got a bit more of motivation to make a scenario. This time, around the Bandits. A fully customized Bandit Race able to put traps, hire units instantly (yet they still must replenish), and build an almighty Lair which can garrison up to 10 brigands...
  19. frostwhisper

    Quenching Mod v1.5 - Custom Campaigns on Patch 1.32+

    The WarCraft 3 Quenching Mod version 1.5 is finally here, bringing custom campaigns to Reforged for the first time! Join us with @Zorrot for a quick demonstration on how to load, run, and play .w3n files within the Reforged client. Special thanks to @Zorrot, @jixed and Keno for the mod and...
  20. Xelos

    [Altered Melee] Mercenary king

    Hi friends, after a long time started working on a bigger project. So far they were only small, melee races, but this time bring new elements. So Mercenary king is to custom/altered melee map on dragon waterfalls but will have some new terrain and wave spawn enemies. first the player will have...
  21. zlotoia dolnica.png

    zlotoia dolnica.png

    slowly working on new project call it Mercenary king, im not good terrainer but i bring me best to this project
  22. Lordliw

    [Spell] Explosion Spell

    Hello, I'm wondering how I can create a passive spell that when a unit (in this case abomination) dies, they explode and deal damage to enemy units. I saw some triggers for when a specific unit dies they do the kaboom spell, but this is not the case. I want it to be a custom spell and every...
  23. Ruvven

    Structure Costs Items To Build?

    Hello there everybody! Thanks for checking in :) I have been working on a map inspired by survival minecraft with alot of randomness, i want to be able to "chop a tree" and get wood, this part i have down pretty well, so the interesting part here is the fact that i cant for the love of god...
  24. N00b-Morti

    Adding a new Tag for non-w3n Campaigns, post-Regorged

    Since, for my enormous sadness, custom campaign can't be played anymore unless you own a prereforged version of the game, I'd suggest to add a new tag for the projects that consists of more maps/level, a story progression, but are made up by separated w3x maps, like the Co-Op Campaign from...
  25. HerlySQR

    Custom appearance

    Seeing the new Hive, I like some added things, but I don't like how looks the part of (code) Is there a way to custom it?, at least to make it look as before.
  26. recruit_alpha

    Reforged: how do you host custom maps?

    Played the original WCIII in 05, now I have reforged. I want to host the same custom maps I see, where do I place them in the folder to host them in reforged.
  27. guardian90

    How to recovery war3map.w3u after lost it?

    Hi guys, I made a custom map in world editor. I try to protect my map by removing war3map.w3u follow the guide. I do copy a map before remove war3map.w3u and store it long long time ago. Now I can not find my original map anymore, maybe I lost it when I fix my PC or something happens. I just...
  28. SadMachine

    [Import] How to change the Full Path of an Imported Asset?

    How do I change the Full Path of a custom asset (model and skin texture) in World Editor? I remember when doing this, you have to right-click and click the ‘Modify File Properties…’ button. But in my case when I do, it just highlights the File Name and is awaiting to be renamed; the pop-up no...
  29. lachferagh

    [Spell] Abilities with triggers

    Hi all, After fiddling around with custom abilities, I thought I'd like to try making abilities through the triggers. For my first idea, I'd like to try create the Defend ability but instead of just reducing damage from piercing attack, I'd like to make the user take reduced damage from all...
  30. Barorque

    CSW - Resources

    Greetings! As you know we made quite a few custom models, textures and icons for the project. This thread will serve as a collection of them. First of all to not spam the resource sections on Hive, and to have a better overview for you all, plus the ability to post feedback. Note: Not all...
  31. Nightmare Doors

    Before Darkness Falls

    Before Darkness Falls is an incredibly polished and unique total conversion mod created on StarCraft 2 engine In the aftermath of the chaos resulting from the invasion of the feral Zerg, the defensive army of the mining colony has been almost entirely massacred. The evacuation of people and...
  32. slimshaby

    Create Minimap Icons/Models

    Hi guys! I want to display various CUSTOM MADE icons in the form of Models on the minimap via the following trigger action: Cinematic - Create Minimap Icon at (Center of (Playable map area)) of color (255, 255, 255) using UI\Minimap\MiniMap-Goldmine.mdl and fog visibility Black mask...
  33. Macadamia

    [Solved] Serious Custom Splat issue.

    Hello there ! I have this blocking tower I use in my map to build entire mazes. For obvious reasons, I needed a more "square" splat texture as all those available in the game are all "round". First solution I successfully implemented was adding a plane at the base of the tower model. It...
  34. RedWing

    Reforged about custom triggers

    I'm from Korea. I was using custom triggers on Reforged But after this update, I can't use custom triggers I can see only default triggers and English texts in the editor. Most people have the same problem. Anyone knows about this problem???
  35. Cheshire

    [Import] update custom map to new patch

    hey, I started creating a map on WE 1.20, and recently updated to patch 1.31.1. my problem is that all the standard data is in the version of the old patch, and so in essence my map is a very outdated 1.20 map. Is there a way to export>import only my custom data, but have all the standard...
  36. Cheshire

    [Solved] attack animation - doesn't match sound

    hey, I'm having this issue with a custom model that the attack animation happens way before you hear the attack sound. how can I fix this? are there fields in the OE that deal with this, or would it help to switch the model onto a different base unit? thanks!
  37. Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Ogre_Icon_Buttons_Unit_Roster_Tech (First_War_Memorium_WarCraft_3)

    Some icons. The centaur icon is actually used for an Ogre unit that has a similar face and helmet. The top left & top right icons are made by me. Bottom left is an edit of Dionesiist's 'BTNButcher'. 2nd icon 2nd row by Scias, bottom right by takakenji. WIP of Ogre Faction for "First War Memorium".
  38. Rykon-V73

    Modelling custom auras

    I got help from JAKEZINC regarding modelling custom auras and he pointed me here. Is the tutorial this hard to understand? What tutorials should I use regarding those auras?
  39. A]mun

    Mana shield sizes (solved)

    Hail Hivers, i'm in need of a mana shield model, that changes its size depending on the object editor field: Art - required animation names - attachments "medium" or "large" (not sure if small also works?) The default mana shield model is one size only, so it gets overlapped by a larger unit's...
  40. NChief

    Custom textures, what did I overlook?

    Greetings! I am lurking around and has been a big, unregistered fan of the forums for years. Today I decided to finally join because I just can't find a clear enough solution for my problem. I am trying to get into modding without any deep understanding or knowledge of the required softwares. I...
  41. Nortander

    [General] No limitation to custom heroes

    Hey there! In my Leafshade map, I've started to work on additional two heroes for each playable race to spice up the game a little. However, I encounter a small difficulty as some of these heroes can be trained as many times as the player wants. I checked the starting triggers and the heroes...
  42. Blikunman

    Bug using abilities based on same pattern

    Hey, I need a Unit to have various abilities (Y),(X) that are based on "inmolate", but they dont work properly, I gave that unit ability "X" and "Y" ... but ingame happens this: when pressed 1st time "Y" it activates "X" instead ... when pressed 2nd time "Y" it deactivates "X" ... when pressed...
  43. deepstrasz

    Concerns on the future of Reforged mapping

    So, I've been having this autistic chat with @Moonman (here: [he's doing a wonderful job, by the way, supreme programmer bless his soul] and I've come to the obvious realization that mapping Reforged will be...
  44. Deminonon

    [General] Auto attack effects

    I've been trying to change the mortar team auto attack missile into a custom model or effect. I've searched around for a while and I can't figure it out. How would I go about doing this? Thank you.
  45. GrimmReefer

    How do I get custom units to show in palette?

    Basically the title. I made hero's and units through the custom data tab of the campaign editor. Is that not the correct place? They never show up. Only to place into buildings, but then the buildings are still the vanilla ones when I test the map. I watched youtube videos and everything...
  46. Michael Silcock

    Greetings! The player wants to be a world builder.

    Hi all, First off I want to say hello and introduce myself to the community, I would also like to say while i have had NO interaction with anyone from this page I am in awe of this forums dedication, hard work, creativity and level thinking. I would like to just briefly explain why I have...
  47. Victel

    How do I add my own Models to Engine?

    I have many custom assets I can light up the modding scene with, problem is that I can't get anything into the engine. I have no way of converting my stuff to the right textures and model file types. How do I get my assets converted to the right file formats for the engine to read? Thanks
  48. posthumousturbo

    I need trigger for custom auras

    Please tell me what types of variables I need. This auras must works on heroes and units. Aura Of Fortification (AoE 900) lvl 1-Increase armor by 15%. lvl 2-Increase armor by 17%. lvl 3-Increase armor by 19%. lvl 4-Increase armor by 22%. lvl 5-Increase armor by 24%. lvl 6-Increase armor by 26%...
  49. gchibeni

    Map Creation Kit

    Introduction: Hello. Im here to drop this super duper map creation kit that I made, which contains tools to create full HD up to 4K LOADING SCREENS and MAP ICONS, tools to PROTECT your maps from filthy thieves, and even maps with TRIGGERS that can be easily copied and pasted to your maps ...
  50. Teitan

    Anyone willing to take a model request?

    Hello, i have been thinking about this for a while and decided to try my luck with a request: Could anyone please make me a Tryndamere model? He's a character from the moba League of Legends, i plan to recreate him in warcraft 3, mostly for fun(spells and everything), but i dont want to rip it...