[Import] How to change the Full Path of an Imported Asset?

Level 1
Nov 4, 2020
How do I change the Full Path of a custom asset (model and skin texture) in World Editor? I remember when doing this, you have to right-click and click the ‘Modify File Properties…’ button. But in my case when I do, it just highlights the File Name and is awaiting to be renamed; the pop-up no longer appears when wanting to give a Custom Path. I tried double-clicking the Full Path since doing so with the File Name, Mode (SD or HD), Teen (on or off) and Locale (language) allows me to edit the field, but it doesn’t work. The model just goes full-on white when I leave the file path directory. [P.S. I am currently trying to use the WoW-imported Anduin Wrynn model]

On that note, I also want to know if by simply changing the Mode of the assets will I be able to use them respectively to what mode I set my game to (Classic or Reforged).