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Based on Magic: the Gathering's coloured mana system, design a faction that represents the philosophies associated with 2 colours, as suggested in the table below:

White-BlueWhen put together, White's focus on community and peace often combines with Blue's endless search for knowledge and perfection.

However, what both White and Blue can lack is a 'moral good'. It seeks a perfect society, but this can come at a cost for those who don't conform to its ideals.

White-Blue guild: Azorius Senate
Blue-BlackWhen Blue's thirst for knowledge meets Black's self-centeredness, the result is a tendency to use knowledge as a weapon. It is related to secrets and forbidden knowledge.

A very secretive color pair, Blue and Black want to know everything, regardless of the cost, but this can often warp into paranoia and greed.

Blue-Black guild: House Dimir
Black-RedRed is the colour of impulsive passion, and Black is the colour of power by any means. When put together, each colour's chaotic and cruel aspects are dialled up.

Black-Red typically prefer to overwhelm opponents at all cost, often at the expense of their own creatures and even their users' life total.

Black-Red guild: Cult of Rakdos
Red-GreenRed-Green is very unthinking, considering the fact that it has red's impulsiveness and Green's preference for instinct over the mind. Red's passion and Green's emphasis on nature make the two the colours of raw, bestial instinct.

Red and Green is a very combat-centric colour pairing, often utilising big creatures to smash through any of the other colours' defences. Its biggest weakness is its emphasis on "Might is Right", depending on overwhelming opponents with pure strength.

Red-Green guild: Gruul Clans
Green-WhiteGreen's nurturing and White's societal focus makes it probably the colour pair closest to achieving perfect harmony. White and Green strive for the entire community to grow together.

The downside to Green and White is that it's the most associated with maintaining the status quo. White loves society, but Green loves very gradual growth as part of the natural order – its strategies work, so it's going to keep doing it with little in the way of flexibility.

Green-White guild: Selesnya Conclave
White-BlackTake White's focus on structure and hierarchy and add in some of Black's drive for power and control, and the result is what the White and Black colour pair represents: corruption and oppression.

It may also represent the balance of good and evil, where the world is seen as a grey area in times of war or strife. One of the colour pair's biggest problems is that it can frequently be too oppressive.

White-Black guild: Orzhov Syndicate
Blue-RedAfter combining Blue's desire for progress and Red's impulsiveness, Blue-Red is a color pair that focuses on innovation. Obsessive, brilliant, and frenetic in equal parts, Blue and Red is all about pursuing your whims to their logical conclusion.

However, one of the problems of Blue and Red is that it struggles to commit to anything. After all, why settle when there's something new to do? Its focus on instants and sorceries can sometimes come at the cost of having a board state comparable to other colours.

Blue-Red guild: Izzet League
Black-GreenThe life cycle is central to Black and Green's conflict. While Green sees death as a natural part of life to be respected, Black sees it simultaneously as another tool to use, and its ultimate enemy to escape from.

Black-Green capitalizes on creatures that slowly grow over time or those that have special effects when they die. Black and Green's weakness is that it needs the dead for its plans to work.

Black-Green guild: Golgari Swarm
Red-WhiteRed and White represent the passionate desire to protect something you hold dear. It is the enforcement of justice, as a mixture of Red's readiness to take action and White's insistence on honor.

Arguably one of the biggest problems is that Red and White's focus on having a few, glorious protectors to get the job done.

Red-White guild: Boros Legion
Green-BlueBlue and Green are the pair of natural science, with Blue seeking to not only understand nature, but also perfect it through research, selective breeding, or even genetic mutation.

Blue uses Green's propensity for consistent growth as proof that nature isn't 'finished' yet. The core weakness is Blue's obsession with perfecting nature, which leaves this pair pretty penned into their strategies.

Green-Blue guild: Simic Combine
  • Entries that play well in the melee format will score higher than entries that do not.
  • You may only choose ONE pair.
  • The colour pair you pick does not determine the visual appearance of your faction. It is chiefly a philosophical descriptor.
  • You are not required to follow Magic: The Gathering's actual lore or ideas.
  • Your faction has no prerequisites for how many structures, heroes or units it must contain at a minimum or maximum.
  • Submissions must specify whether they are intended for HD or SD.


  • Submissions must follow the Map Submission Rules.
  • Submissions may not begin development before the contest start date.
  • You must download the provided template map, make the edits, and resubmit it as entry.
  • Post at least 2 media (images or videos) of your workflow Works in Progress before the deadline.
  • The map must be playable in battle net.
  • Using imports is allowed as long as it follows Resource Submission Rules (Models, skins, icons, spells).
  • The submission must be unprotected so that it's openable via the normal WorldEditor.
  • Teamwork is not allowed.
    • Testing and feedback aren't considered teamwork, and are allowed.
  • Upload your final entry to the Map Resource Section, and indicate that it's an Entry for the 18th Techtree Contest. Link to your bundle in the contest thread.
Breaking any of these rules may lead to punishment in the judgement score, up to disqualification from the contest, depending on the weight of the issue. In case of doubts towards a certain rule, you are very encouraged to discuss it in the contest thread so others and judges may help with sorting it out.

Helpful Links: UI-Custom Race System by MyPad, How to create Full-working custom race, Guide to make a Race. (Provided by VeljkoM)


  • 1st place: 750 experience points
  • 2nd place: 600 experience points
  • 3rd place: 450 experience points
  • Entry: 150 experience points
  • Judge: 50 experience points per entry
The three winners will receive an award icon representing the winning entry.​



How well the various elements of the Faction (including aesthetics, gameplay & design) fit together in a thematic manner such that they feel like they are representative of the given Faction, as well as that of the chosen Contest Theme. Well-fitting & polished aesthetics which complement a cohesive theme will be graded well; poorly-considered or lacking thematic elements will result in a poor score./25

How well the various elements of the Faction work together to achieve the tactical synergy & gameplay style the Faction has, as well as how efficiently each element performs its particular function. Strategic systems that endow an identity to the Faction, comprehensive & well-though-out roles which complement a cohesive Faction will be graded well; ill-considered, insufficient or over-compensating roles will lose points./30

How original the design of the Faction is in terms of innovative ideas, clever implementations, or creative concepts. Innovation and creativity will be rewarded; extensive re-use of existing elements in vanilla factions & poor originality will result in a poor score./45

  • Judgement: 70%
  • Poll: 30%
FinalScore = (30*Reached_Votes/POSSIBLE_VOTES) + (70*Average_Judge_Score/POSSIBLE_SCORE)​


Start date: 26 November 2021 GMT.
End date: 26 January 2022 GMT (day is included).

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More information about extensions in the Arena rules.

Assigned Staff: @Riki

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AHhhhhhhhhh, I really like the graphics for the colors.
I might start to whip something together but I have literary zero ideas so far, will re-examine the options and see.

Don't count on it being a finished product either way, I tend to run out of motivation real quick.. but a fun wip or two seem feasible.

edit: I can import systems from other maps right? I made a custom race selection system for an old contest (which I never finished ;P)


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May 9, 2014
If I can manage to push through with my entry, I'll go with Blue/Green as well.
Faction Name: Sentinels of Selection

Faction Background:
The Sentinels of Selection are composed of individuals with a fascination towards the natural surroundings around them, while also acknowledging the need for adaptation towards an ever-changing environment. To that end, those who join this faction will inevitably evolve, sometimes constantly, to adapt to the situation at hand. Understanding the need for technology in the future, the Sentinels of Selection strive to utilize it to the fullest extent while following the natural order of things. It is through technology that they can adapt as quickly as they do to the environment around them.

They are primarily comprised of creatures from Kalimdor and Ashenvale, with the Night Elves being their forefront leaders. Although they do not indulge in the same worship as their night elven brethren do, rest assured that their interests are aligned. If one even so much as expresses a desire to be remembered in their world, it cannot be so, for they have remained secret and cloaked in a mystical veil of the unknown. Perhaps it is the magical essence of the Titan within Azeroth that they have not been noticed yet in the current world, even by Malfurion. Perhaps an elder god Ret'konomi'kon had not yet unmasked their presence. But, whatever happens to the world, know that they have sworn to protect it at all costs.