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Arena - Rules And Guide

Discussion in 'The Arena' started by IcemanBo, Nov 22, 2017.

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  1. IcemanBo


    Sep 6, 2013
    Arena - Rules and Guide


    The Arena is a place where all users can participate in organized contests. Winners will receive reputation and icon awards. For properly managing a contest follow following steps:
    1. Discussion

    If you want to start a contest, you should start a discussion in the Submission Forum. Explain your thoughts, or themes, and look for fellows who are interested in participating. If enough people are interested, you may proceed. If the exact theme choice is not clear, yet, an extra poll might help for the final result.
    In case you're certain that a theme doesn't have to be discussed (for any reason), then you can talk with staff and directly start with step '2. Submission' in case of agreement.

    If a submission exists for too long without attracting other members, and is just inactive, then it will be archived. Though, that doesn't ban the topic being a contest theme, but it just means that noone was interested in participating at that time.

    2. Submission

    Once you have a concrete theme, you can prepare the submission thread and post it in the Submission Forum. Have a look on our Arena Templates which should already include all required rules and critera for the respective contest. If that's not the case, contact the staff to ensure a proper rule-set instead of creating one on your own.
    Once a moderator approves the contest submission, it will get moved into the Arena, and becomes an official contest. We probably won't always have the required resources to hold every suggested contest, but if enough people are interested, and just no moderator chips in, then feel free to open a thread in Staff Contact.


    The person who posts the contest thread is called 'host'. The host can help organizing the thread, recommend judges, and help contestants in the thread. However, the host is not responsible in any kind for enforcing rules, to discipline users, to determine judges, or or give penalties of any kind. Though, he is very welcome to suggest and discuss it with the Appointed Moderator.

    Appointed Moderator

    The appointed moderator is the staff member who approves the submission, making it an offical arena contest.
    He is responsible for the rule-set, for approving judges, and for any other contest related issues. If there are problems of any kind, with which the host, or judges can't help, you should contact the appointed moderator. The appointed moderator should be very familiar with the Appointed Moderator Guide.


    A judge is a user, who is approved by the staff to judge an arena contest. Each contest needs at least one judge, but is not limited to it. The judge has some good knowledge and expertise in the chosen contest theme, and has usually already some review experience. Judges should be very familar with the Judge Guide.


    A contest should last approximatly one month, but may vary, depending on the specified contest theme. The users can ask for an extention though, and if the appointed moderator agrees, it's very possible to extend the deadline, and to make exceptions. There should be a reasoning though, and you should not naturally expect the moderator to please your wishes.
    3. Poll

    When the contest has ended, the poll can start. This can be done by the host, or the appointed moderator. The poll lasts usually 15-20 days, and is usually single-choice in case there are not a hell lot of entries. (7-10 is normal)
    When the poll has started, the judges can start their work respectivly, too, with reviewing the submissions.

    For resources it's good if they are packed all together into one .zip file, or something similar, and provided at the thread, so it can be ensured not accidently to download, and to judge an updated and improved version of the submission some later.

    If at any time a user gets disqualified from contest, he will be also disqualified from the poll.
    In such cases a new poll is a possible way to compensate lost votes, if it could change the result, for example. You're encouraged to contact the staff in such a situation, if you recognize such a problem and nothing happens by its own.
    4. Result

    When the judges and the poll finished, the contest results may be presented. The results should be always checked by the judge, and also by the appointed moderator, to ensure not making mistakes. The calculation formula is:

    FinalScore = (30*PollVotes/POLL_VOTES_TOTAL) + (70*JudgeScore/JUDGE_SCORE_TOTAL)

    ...where, here the weight for judge is 70%, and the poll 30% -- these values may slightly change, specified to the contest. You can use this tool helping you to automatically calculate the results.
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