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Techtree Contest #18 - MtG Color Pairs (The Sentinels of Evolution)

Entry for the Techtree Contest #18

Submitted 28th of January, 2022, 13:05 GMT +08:00

The Sentinels of Evolution

A Multiversal faction of overseers, watching over half of all fictional worlds. Led by Mal'furion from an alternate timeline in the 10,000 years hereafter, this faction seeks to preserve the flow of history within each fictional world. Using their powers over their evolutionary path, they can adapt to any circumstance instantaneously and overwhelm their opponents with their sheer tenacity, as long as they can see their opponents.

Faction Units

Gameplay & Tips




Planned Updates

Kal'dorei EngineerWhile normal Kal'dorei follow the path of the druids, the Kal'dorei Engineers have a fascination with technology. They harvest gold from the mines, and have advanced in their lumber gathering department such that they do not even need to cut down trees for lumber. With the path they've chosen, they are quite fragile as a result.
Dragon InfantryTaking the semblance of a human footman, these behemoths have shed their ability to fly. Even without their ability of flight, they are ferocious and surprisingly durable. Do not dare underestimate them, lest their Surging power Strike you dead.
Primal DragonReverting back to their primal form, these green dragons may not be as durable, but do not underestimate the bile they spew with each of their attacks. If you do, you'll find your defenses too thin to save your own hides.
Dragon CyborgReverting back to their primal form with cybernetic enhancements, these dragons do not play around. Be warned, facing them head-on in the air when they are fully energized is a fool's errand as they can even shred a frost wyrm into pieces with their Malefic Gun.
Bearkin AssassinShedding their own bulk and power for precision, these Bearkin are nimble foes, capable of hitting vital points of enemies in a prolonged battle. If you cherish what remains of your life, do not engage them in combat, as they hurl Daggers with the precision of Sharpshooters.
Primal BearkinReverting back to their old form, they become vicious attackers, capable of Mauling their prey into shreds. Despite lacking in defenses, they have surprisingly stellar regeneration capabilities. They may even Hone their Claws to increase the amount of pain they deal. Pray that you do not find yourself to be his/her next meal.
Bearkin PilotHaving further evolved, these bearkin have gained an entire aircraft at their disposal. While the materials comprising the aircraft are fragile (factoring in the bulk of the bearkin), do not underestimate the firepower the aircraft provides. Their barrage of Clustered Rockets, while surprisingly not affecting any organic units, are fatal to the structural integrity of any poor building within its area of effect.
Agent of CenariusTasked with keeping the integrity of the timelines of multiple worlds, the Agent of Cenarius is also under the direct command of Mal'furion Stormrage. Piloted by an arch-druid, the Agent of Cenarius is notorious for disrupting the flow of the entire battlefield. Enemies that try to land a blow on him will find themselves Imprisoned by Thorns, as are enemies who happen to be close to the Agent when he Glides through the Grass. When in a pickle, the Agent of Cenarius channels his life energy into a Surging pulse that both heals and harms allies and enemies respectively. When all else fails, the Agent of Cenarius will Shatter the ground with such force that not even divine protection, nor Spell Immunity can protect any foe unfortunate enough to be caught in its effect of Harmonic disruption.

Your Kal'dorei Engineers are basically Wisps reskinned into the engineer model. While they can gather gold, they cannot harvest lumber directly.
To harvest lumber, you will need to construct Tents, which will also serve as your lumber collecting structure. Once the Tent is constructed, you
will need to garrison your Kal'dorei Engineers inside, letting the Tent generate enough Nature Energy to sustain its' lumber collection.

Note that in this faction, you are limited to two types of warriors as a base unit, and you'll have to manually transform each one to their desired
forms (I wasn't able to find a work-around for this as of the first version). To expand on the number of warriors you can use/transform into, you will
have to construct certain hubs. These hubs serve as additional town halls, despite not offering additional food, and they render the base town hall

While unassuming, the Tents can become vital to winning a game during daytime, due to their ability to blend into the shadows. You can also
garrison other types of units inside, so you can surprise your opponents with an unforeseen gank. While inside during daytime, the units will
recover health and mana points.

In the early game, it's important to keep your army alive until the mid-late game, since they will scale terrifyingly well with upgrades. Without
access to any defensive towers or your own shop (as of the first version), building an expansion would be throwing away your gold to the enemy.

Your only available Hero for the faction, the Agent of Cenarius, is built to be a tanky spellcaster, with a sustain skill in Lifesurge. Use him to the
fullest to disrupt enemies, but be careful of your mana pool. You can use this skill combo as an example for disrupting enemies: (S2-S1-S4-S2-S1).

Your hero's ultimate skill should only be used in dire situations, where you still have mana to spare. To maximize the value out of the skill,
use it around a lot of enemies after you've used up your S1 and S2. Note that even invulnerable units or spell immune units cannot resist the
stun coming from this skill.

When inside, be like Sas. When outside, be like Amari.

Avoid mass-swarming Upgraded Dragon Infantry with Tier 1 units. While the Dragon Infantry is surging through a target, use a raider or Keeper
of the Grove to ensnare or root the Dragon Infantry, which will interrupt the surge.

Don't cluster your units against the Primal Dragons. Use artillery against them, as despite their movement type, they are still considered as ground

Use powerful anti-air units against the Dragon Cyborg. Despite the beneficial defensive typing, even they will eventually fall to multiple strikes.

Treat the Bearkin assassin as an Archer with more health and less attack in the early game. In the late game, use a lot of CC skills against them.
Otherwise, if left unchecked, they will burst down even your tanky units.

Kite the Primal Bearkin or burst it down with your arsenal of magical damage. They can't beat the shit out of you without getting closer.

When in the open battlefield, you can safely ignore Bearkin Pilots. Otherwise, if they are close to your base, focus them down.

When fighting against the Agent of Cenarius, it is imperative that you get him to waste his mana on his skills. Don't fight him head on, use
ranged attacks whenever possible to avoid being rooted.

Observe the time of day, and look out for suspicious collisions close to the trees. You may have stumbled upon a tent which might hold enemies

Cut down the trees within the vicinity of the harvesting essences. This will force the enemy to build additional tents close to nearby living trees.

When attempting to destroy the town hall, destroy the tier 2 structure first. This will force the enemy to rebuild the second tier structure first,
leaving their units without the ability to transform into their primal forms.

  • v.1.0.0
    • Release
  • v.1.0.1
    • Fixed a minor visual bug where a newly constructed Tent would not become invisible during the day.
    • Fixed the icon position of the following Upgrades:
      • Bearkin Dominance (0, 0) => (1, 0)
      • Protective Armaments (0, 1) => (1, 1)

  • Darkfang:
    - Ether Ray (Malefic Ray Icon)

  • Bu3ny & Blizzard Entertainment:
    - Tidecaller Blade (Surging Strikes Icon)

    - CR Ancestor Claw (Hone Claws Icon)

  • JollyD:
    - YourFreshDay (Lumber Synthesis Icon)

  • Arowanna
    - Dragon Upgrade Icon

  • Kimbo
    - Pant Icons (Upgrade Icon)

  • Kadoviyi?
    - Altar of Eternity Icon

  • Mustang
    - Nature Hand Icon
  • Vinz:
    - Arcade Bolts (Used by Green Dragon (Future))
    - Radiance
    - Soul Armor

  • Unknown102:
    - Den of Wind (Used for Warrior Den)

  • Ujimasa Hojo:
    - Bandit Tent (Used for Tent)

  • Wojia1522 - Krakenn99
    - Terran Viking (Used as base model for custom version with bear portrait)

  • Tranquil
    - Sniper Target (Modified animation)

  • JesusHipster:
    - Guardian Wisp

  • Vexorian
    - Dummy model

  • MN Lahmar
    - Magical Missiles

  • Kitabatake
    - 3 Tier Power Generator

If you find that your resource is used here and is not credited to you, please notify me, so that I may credit you as well.

TBITo be Implemented

Target Version: 1.1.0

  • Planning on releasing a balance update in this version.
    • Lumber Cost of most units, upgrades, structures drastically increased.
      • Units:
        • Dragon Infantry - (10 => 25)
        • Bearkin Assassin - (0 => 100)
      • Structures:
        • Altar of Evolution - (60 => 65)
        • Armory Den - (100 => 175)
        • Psionotic Hub - (210 => 270)
      • Upgrades
        • Dragon Strength - (75 => 225), Lumber Increment increased (100 => 150)
        • Reinforced Scales - (75 => 175), Lumber Increment increased (100 => 150)
        • Bearkin Dominance - (75 => 225), Lumber Increment increased (100 => 150)
        • Protective Armaments - (75 => 175), Lumber Increment increased (100 => 150)
        • Surging Strikes - (100 => 200)
        • Sharpshot Daggers - (100 => 250)
        • Dragonhide - (100 => 350)
    • Gold Cost of units and structures increased.
      • Dragon Infantry - (130 => 245)
      • Bearkin Assasin - (155 => 280)
      • Psionotic Hub - (380 => 410)

  • Fixed a glaring bug where spamming the following skills will cause a game crash:
    • Build Primal Evolution Hub
    • Build Psionotic Hub
    • Fixed additional bugs associated with the skills above.
      • On certain occasions, one might be able to construct the next tier hub structure for seemingly no reason. This is related to the bug that caused a data-race condition to occur (Dummy builder proceeds with building construction, gold and lumber updated afterwards, erroneous results stemming from previous assumptions taking precedence).
    • Added gold and lumber cost info to the skills above.

  • Fixed a bug on the dependency StructureEnterLeave that led to events firing in the wrong order.
    • The original order was actually ON_ENTER => ON_START. The subsequent scripts were written assuming that the order went like this: ON_START => ON_ENTER.
    • Affected scripts include the UpgradeHall script and the DaylightInvisibility script, to name a few.

  • Fixed a bug where the maximum amount of applicable stacks for Corrosive Bile was 10, instead of 8 as stated in the description.

  • Removed the ground texture of the Psionotic Hub and the Primal Evolution Hub.
    • This was intended to resolve the data-race condition inducing bug earlier. (It didn't work)

  • Rewrote the description of Harmonic Shatter's effects.
    • Removed a section stating that Harmonic Shatter will nullify both Invulnerability and Spell Immunity. That is because that mechanic isn't implemented yet.

  • Buffed the regeneration rate of units while inside the tent during the day. Now, the regeneration effects will persist even at night.
    • HP regeneration bonus increased from 5.0 to 20.0. (Becomes 10.0 during the night)
    • MP regeneration bonus increased from 3.0 to 12.0. (Becomes 6.0 during the night)

  • Modified Gameplay Constants to now include the following units:
    • Agent of Cenarius (Hero)
    • Altar of Evolution (Altar)
    • Verdant Center (Tier 1 Hall)
    • Primal Evolution Hub (Tier 2 Hall)
    • Psionotic Hub (Tier 3 Hall)

  • Surging Strikes Nerfed (Level 1):
    • Damage multiplier decreased from 2.00 to 1.50.
    • Ability cooldown increased from 12 seconds to 15 seconds.
    • Now has two levels. (Additional levels can be researched through the Psionotic Hub).
      • Level 2 Surging Strikes brings back the original damage multiplier, with a lower cooldown from 12 to 10 seconds.

  • Additional Unit Adjustments:
    • Dragon Infantry:
      • Base Damage Range decreased from (18 - 22) to (18 - 20)
    • Primal Dragon:
      • Base Damage Range decreased from (9 - 11) to (8 - 10)
    • Dragon Cyborg:
      • Base Damage Range decreased from (16 - 18) to (14 - 17)
      • Can no longer attack ground units. (This was not caught in the first release).
    • Bearkin Assassin:
      • Base Damage Range decreased from (9 - 10) to (7 - 8)
      • Now requires an Armory Den before training.
    • Bearkin Pilot:
      • Base Damage Range decreased from (54 - 74) to (48 - 68)
      • Attack Range increased from 600 to 850.
      • Can no longer attack air units.
    • Primal Bearkin:
      • Base Damage Range decreased from (36 - 40) to (24 - 28)
    • Kal'dorei Engineer:
      • Attack Cooldown increased from 1.00 to 2.20.
    • To compensate for the nerf, additional upgrades have been introduced to increase either their base damage or their bulk, but one cannot have both upgrades active at the same time. (TBI)

  • Added a new song to the playlist: WOW Nightsong

  • New Unit: Raven Scout (Primal Evolution) (TBI)
    • A highly versatile flying raven that can sweep the area for invisible units. Has the following abilities:
      • Shadow Eyes - Allows the flying raven to detect and deal 500% more damage to invisible units.
      • Pluck - Magically removes the ability of sight of an enemy unit. While the enemy unit has the debuff, this spell cannot be cast.
      • Concealing Field - While enemy units are inside this field, they are slowed, but are rendered invisible.

  • New Unit: Raven Knight (TBI)
    • It's a raven riding an armored horse. Take that as you will.
      • Eiver-mec'zin - During the day, the Raven Knight can easily reach a maximum speed of 500. However, at night, the horse has to rest, and so it becomes immobile starting from 22:00 onwards, until 4:00.
      • Intimidate - Uses its uncanny semblance to reduce the enemy's attack damage by 33%.
      • Feeding Frenzy - Consumes a dead corpse to restore health and temporarily boost its attack speed and movement speed by 25% and 20 respectively.

  • New Unit: Ravenous Droid (TBI)
    • Just like the bearkin piloting an aircraft, the Ravenous Droid is a mech-suit operated by a raven.
      • Medical Droids - Deploys a swarm of medical droids tasked with keeping allies alive. Prioritizes allies with the least amount of health.
      • Cybernetic Boost - Permanently increases the hit points of organic units, and increases the armor of mechanical units. One-time use.
      • Electric Surge - Units that attack the Ravenous Droid may find themselves paralyzed, reducing their attack speed and movement speed by 75%. Can only be dispelled by attacking the Ravenous Droid again.

Twisted Meadows - MyPad (Map)

The green dragon's fly height is too low, the unit going through trees and stuff. Malefic Ray's icon doesn't have autocast borders. You can add some with: Button Manager v1.8.2 The faction seems rather incomplete with only one hero and few units that...
Played the map and here's what I found:
  • I like this concept a lot and I favor this idea, but what is your color combo again? I didn't find it in the description here.
  • The armor break limit is 8 if I read the description right, but in reality, it can glitch to 9 or 10. => Nevermind, I found it in your planned patch notes
  • I don't recall any healing method except the hero's second ability. Not that it's a big deal (I mean mine also has similar issues), but I just want to note it since HP is not a prominent point for this faction (compensated by absurd damage potential this faction has, at least).
  • Bearkin Pilot's Cluster Rocket can easily wreck a base. One Pilot can destroy an Orc Burrow from full health.
  • The unit selection feels little, though that is partially due to the mechanism of this faction.
  • Due to mid-combat change being possible, it is possible to make an on-the-spot counter once you memorize what each unit is about.
  • Cannot buy Tavern hero, since it requires "An Altar". Not that I find it a big deal, but it is sort of disruptive for me.
  • Balance-wise feels somewhat strong. Maybe cause I got lucky on my test?
  • The Surging Strike dislocates unit positions, oh and for me it bugs one time. The unit got stuck when it triggers, but not sure exactly why for that one. Replay attached.
  • Forgot about this one: The upgrades from main structure does not display cost.
Curious, are you a big fan of Malfurion? I recall you used Malfurion in earlier TC as well, unless memory mistakes for me.


  • MyPad01.w3g
    102.4 KB · Views: 27
The faction's colors are green-blue. With that in mind, I went with units with the ability to constantly evolve and adapt to the situation at hand.

When I uploaded the entry, I forgot to modify some of the gameplay constants and certain values in the config part of the spell scripts, a rookie mistake on my part.

Aside from the Agent of Cenarius' second skill, there is another way to recover hit points during the day. Simply load the unit inside the Tent, and they'll recover hp and mana. Otherwise, transforming your units into their primal forms will help them regenerate hit points faster.

The tricky thing with the upgrades for the main town hall is that those are actually abilities in disguise. I have already included the cost in the description of the skill in my local copy of the map (most recent one).

With the Bearkin Pilot, I wanted to make it as fragile as possible while keeping its' ridiculous firepower. Due to how good Cluster Rockets is on the Bearkin Pilot, I thought of balancing it out by not having it hit any units, bizarre as it sounds.

When I tested the faction multiple times, I ended up shredding the enemy army each time in a matter of seconds without losing too many units. Economic wise, securing an expansion isn't even needed, since there are only a few upgrades to research. So, yeah, they're super OP.

I'm not really a fan of Mal'furion per se, but I am a fan of what he is supposed to represent, a wise, yet respectful person.
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Map Reviewer
Level 70
Jun 4, 2009
  1. The green dragon's fly height is too low, the unit going through trees and stuff.
  2. Malefic Ray's icon doesn't have autocast borders. You can add some with: Button Manager v1.8.2
  3. The faction seems rather incomplete with only one hero and few units that shift around which complicate business a bit especially if you're being attacked and have to first train the first form and only after switch to the others as necessary. And you can't do the shifting fast, you have to wait for each unit to finish morphing before the next one starts even if you spam-click the abilities.
  4. The StarCraft-like building add-ons don't feel rewarding to make as their use is quite limited.

There's definitely much you can improve upon, the main idea being really good.

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