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Resource Submission Rules (Models, skins, icons, spells)

Discussion in 'Rules & Information' started by Hive Workshop, Oct 30, 2012.

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  1. Hive Workshop

    Hive Workshop

    Neutral Passive

    Jun 30, 2016
    Resource Submission Rules (Models, skins, icons, spells)

    • Users can upload resources to Hive's resource sections. They are marked as pending until a resource moderator or reviewer checks it out. The resource is fully visible and downloadable by everyone until that happens.

    • Resource moderators and reviewers decide on a case-by-case basis which resources are marked as approved, substandard, restricted or awaiting update.

    • Submission of existing resources not created by the submitter and submitted without substantial modification requires proof of the author's documented and verifiable permission.
      • If the original author of a resource ever sends a DMCA takedown or similarly expresses concern about copyright infringement of their property we reserve the right to mark the resource as restricted or put it into awaiting update. Therefore we always recommend asking for permission before potentially wasting a lot of time.
      • Don't forget to give attribution to the original maker of the modified resource. Read more about attribution in the section emphasizing 'contributing members must be added'.
      • A model exported from a popular map is submitted by someone who is not the author. Permission required because it has undergone no change and submitter is not the author.
      • A skin is downloaded from another site and is submitted. Permission required because it has not been changed and submitter is not the author.
      • A skin is downloaded from another site and has undergone heavy modifications is submitted. Permission not required because it was changed significantly despite not being submitted by the original author.
      • A model is exported from an old game and is modified to work and look natural inside Warcraft. Permission not required because it was changed to work inside Warcraft 3 (which is significant) despite not being submitted by the original author.
      • An icon is exported from a game and edited to have Warcraft 3 borders, right size and a disabled state. Minimal amount of work done to not require permission, but encouraged none the less.
      [Moderator action: If permission is required, Awaiting update until permission granted or Restricted if permission denied]

    • The resource must work and look properly and according to expectations. It must also look at home inside Warcraft 3. [Read more in the separate rules for each type]
      • A model must have a fitting number of polygons compared to standard models.
      • A model must have the right animations according to its type. (death animation, attack, etc.)
      • A model must have the right team color and glow according to its type.
      • A skin must have similar coloring as what would be expected of its type and Warcraft 3.
      • An icon must have the appropriate borders depending on what states are supported.
      [Moderator action: Awaiting update until fixed]

    • Resources must be unique. Resources largely similar to existing ones (even by other authors) may not make the cut. Alternative versions can be submitted as part of the same bundle.
      • Icons or skins that are hue-adjusted version of each other.
      • Simple reskins that don't change the shape of the model.
      • Maps that are effectively clones of each other, such as most LOAP and Footman Wars maps.
      • Resources ported from other games that are already ported.
      • No unedited original Warcraft resources (those shipped shipped with Warcraft 3) may be submitted.
      • Icons that are slightly edited from other icons must be uploaded to the same bundle (if they are the same author).
      [Moderator action: Mark as Substandard]

    • All resources must have a minimal amount of errors. They must function properly in-game. This includes resources that are works in progress.
      [Moderator action: Awaiting update until fixed]

    • If a bundle is unjustifiably reviewed or marked as substandard or restricted, the submitter can appeal their case in the Staff Contact forum.

    • Resubmitting a previously submitted resource is not permitted. Even when deleted first. You can request your resource to be undeleted or re-reviewed in the Staff Contact forum.
      [Moderator action: Restricted if re-uploaded but guide user to restore their previous resource]

    • All bundles and resources must bear a fitting title. (e.g. a submission titled "Elephant" with an icon depecting a tree will not be approved.).
      [Moderator action: Awaiting update until fixed]

    • A proper description must go along with the bundle. The description must describe what the resources in the bundle are and can be used for. This is to help when searching by various synonymous words.
      • A resource containing material that is not from either Warcraft 3 or made from scratch by the submitter must contain clear attribution as to who and where the material comes from (links if possible).
      • This includes material created by Blizzard if it comes from a different game from Warcraft 3.
      [Moderator action: Awaiting update until description updated, if repeatedly trying to deceive by pretending to have made from scratch, submitter will receive warnings and ultimately a ban]

    • Bundles must have as many relevant tags possible to improve filtering.
      • In cases where material in any resource is not scratch made by the submitter (or hand-drawn in case of textures/icons) or originally made for Warcraft 3, The bundle must also be tagged #Contains External Material.
      [Moderator action: Awaiting update to fix over-use of tags or missing tags]

    • All relevant contributing members must be added to the bundle as authors. Currently this is done by posting in the Staff Contact forum with a list of usernames and a link to your bundle.
      • Submitters makes a model and collaborates with a 2D artist to make the icon and submits it as a single bundle will have both members added as authors.
      • A submitter makes a model based off a model from another user. Both users will be added as contributors.

    • Bundles must only consist of resources that belong together or derivations of each other.
      • A model or texture and their fitting icon.
      • An icon and versions of it in different colors/hues.
      • A model or texture and versions of it with slight useful modifications.
      • A model with extra alternative textures.

    • Resource section specific
      The following sections describes the rules specific to each resource section.
      This means that rules for the 'skins section' do not apply to skins for models in the 'Models section' but only submissions in the section itself.

    • Models section
      • All building, destructible, item, and unit models must include a game camera or portrait model; attachment and doodad models need not.

      • Building, destructible, unit, hero, attachment models must be properly animated.
        • This may also extend to other types of models in certain situations.
        • If the model has custom animations, they must be good and smooth. Animations cannot be too slow or too fast and
          must be as realistic as possible.

      • If the model requires custom skin files all necessary skins must be included.
        • Don't include standard assets if you have not modified them.

      • The mesh must be clean, with no excess of unnecessary edges and no wasteful geosets or polies.

      • The UV map must be decent and continuous, with as few seams as possible and without nasty stretching of the skin.

      • The model must have proper attachment points.

      • Attachment models must list all models for which they were optimized for (One at the very least).

      • If the model is a geomerge, make sure the parts are blended properly and so they don't look like something wickedly unnatural (i.e. exaggeratedly huge heads, very thin necks/waists, etc); objects that should be attached to body parts must not float around or be attached unnaturally (i.e. a sword floating near the hand or attached to the lower arm instead of being in the fist); also make sure the UV mapping is correct and that it has no nasty stretching. If so, redo it.

      • The submission must include an in-game screenshot.

    • Skins section
      • Skins require proper shading and highlights.

      • They have to work flawlessly ingame.

      • The submission must include an in-game screenshot.

      • Skin recolours may be accepted if a skin's usefulness outweighs the fact that the skin is a recolor/copy-paste work. In this case, moderators will note that the texture doesn't fully adhere to the rules, but is approved due to it's usefulness/demand.

    • Icons section
      • The bundle must have a bordered 64x64 BTN image of the icon as the preview.

      • Icons must be of decent quality. To help improve your submission, refer to the 2D Art Tutorials forum.

      • Icons must have the standard Warcraft 3 borders to be approved. Button Manager can help you do this with ease.

      • Uploading an icon that is purely a screenshot fitted for a specific model, skin or spell in any of their respective sections is not permitted. You must "Edit" the bundles of the corresponding model/texture/spell and add the icon there.

    • Spells section
      • A changelog must be present in either the bundle description or the Trigger Editor.

      • The description must at least contain a listing of the API, external library requirements and importing instructions.

      • Spells must provide an in-game screenshot. Systems do not need an in-game screenshot, but their preview image should be related to the resource.

      • Submissions must be useful. Concepts that do not have a clear purpose, or are extremely simple might be rejected (e.g. a "remove unit on death" system is too simple).

      • Submissions must be leakless. To find out more about leaks, click here.

      • Spells must mimic in-game mechanics (e.g. damaging spells must give bounty when they kill enemies).

      • Submissions must be MUI or MPI, meaning that they can be casted by multiple units or players without bugs.

      • Systems must be as instance-able as possible (instance-ability will often depend on the type of system).

      • Submissions must have decent performance. Unnecessarily repeating function calls, repetitive group enumerations, overuse of special effects, or other useless overhead, should be avoided to prevent a performance drop.

      • Under no circumstances can a resource modify unit user data (custom value) with the exception of unit indexing systems.

      • No overloading the test map with bulky, unneeded custom models and icons. If you really do need to use a lot of imported content, link to it in your description.

      • Submissions must be easy to import. Strive to require as few changes as possible when importing (e.g. use variables to store object editor data such as abilities and unit-types).

      • Submissions must be made using vanilla GUI (aka triggers), JASS, vJASS, Zinc, or Wurst. Using other third party languages, including UMSWE GUI, or similar, is prohibited.

      • GUI resources must strive to follow common GUI convention set by GPAG.

      • JASS resources must strive to follow common JASS convention set by JPAG.

      • Submitter: The user submitting a resource.
      • Author: The creator of a resource.
      • Bundle: A submission with a title, description, tags and one or more resources.
      • Resource: A model, skin, icon or spell that is used inside Warcraft 3.
      • Material: Part of a model or skin.
      • Model: Geometry, animations, attachments but not skin.
      • Skin: A texture or skin for a model or other interface component in Warcraft 3.
      • Icon: Buttons for Warcraft 3, typically 64x64 and prefixed by BTN/DISBTN/PAS/PASBTN etc.
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