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Revenge on Brutillus

Submitted by furyuS
This bundle is marked as approved. It works and satisfies the submission rules.
Hello, I have created a Part II of my previous map - Brutillus' Betrayal
There are 2 maps, one is made for singleplayer, I have tested it and finished with the Baron Felblade hero on my third attempt.
The other map is playable for 4-5 players.

First hour of gameplay consist of arena survival and defense of the Brutillus, after you have to kill Detheroc and save Lord Garithos and his human remnants who will help you to get to temple of Banehallow, where you meet Illidan who is already trying to get into the Temple and claim the Eye of Banehallow.

At the moment, you can choose from 6 heroes:

Mistress of Torment the demon Princess
Death coil, Chain lightning, Dark Portal and Doom

Kazax the Cruel the Doom Lord
Bash, unholy aura, slam and Finger of Pain

Nerathor the Fel Blademaster
Mirror image, shadow strike, critical strike and bladestorm

Azazel the Demon Queen
Firebolt, spirit beasts, mana shield and Charm

Bonethirst the Fel General
spiked carapace, life drain, summon Abraxas and Roar

Baron Felblade the Fel Champion
Cleaving attack, Impale, Immolation and Avatar

Abillities have 4 levels, ultimates have 2 or 3.

Change log:

v.1.3- balance, now you get gold at the end of the lvl 5, 10 and 15.
v1.4- bug fix

1Player v.1.5- now you can bribe the Fel Warlock at the Horde of Agony base to make him send 2 red dragons to assault the temple.

Credits: Chaos Tauren Arch Doomguard made by Kitabatake DemonPrincess Chaos General Tormentor Doom Ravager Doom Emperor BTNSpell_Nature_AgitatingTotem BTNSpell_Holy_SealOfProtection BTNDarkShield BTNHolyArmor BTNSpellShield2 BTNOrbPain BTNInfection1 BTNPShieldT4 BTNShieldOL BTNImprovedStrenghtoftheSun BTNFlameShield BTNDemonicArtifact BTNNobleSword BTNScrollOfInferno BTNCupOfBlood BTNGobletOfVampires https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/btndemonshield.249402/#resource- 64317 BTNDemonBlade BTNHeroHelmet BTNPolearm BTNBlessingofKings BTNPresenceoftheDarklord BTNDeath BTNEnchantedOldAxe BTNMaskOfBeauty Bird of Greed Btntier3 DarkSting (Felhound) BTNJudgment BTNFlamewalkersMantle Mad Mask Doombringer BTNAxe Blood Elven Upgrades BTNNightmare Eye Of Sulfuras BTNHarbingerHelm Already Dead BTNNecromancy Nucleus Cloak of Demon BTNDemonicOrb Mannoroth Buckler Dark Seal

Revenge on Brutillus (Map)

Revenge on Brutillus (Map)

Still uses exclusive Warcraft III material. Spells don't say how many levels they have but 3 even though you can go past level 3. Tooltip Tutorial Creating Good Descriptions Gorro's Axe doesn't say what it gives. Also, enemies mostly attack Brutillus...
  1. fantocan


    May 23, 2015
    I liked your first one gona try this, but screenshots would be nice.

    Edit: Sadly this time no more waves to tank for me so soloing with no cheats seens not doable... sucks.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2019
  2. furyuS


    Jun 24, 2015
    Well, the game is created for 4-5 players, but you can always get the players to play on the bnet :D screenshots are coming very soon :)
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Still uses exclusive Warcraft III material.
    2. Spells don't say how many levels they have but 3 even though you can go past level 3.
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    3. Gorro's Axe doesn't say what it gives.
    4. Also, enemies mostly attack Brutillus so without healers it's kind of not possible.
    5. Azazel and Mistress of Torment have the same model. You can add hero glow to models that don't have it: How to add Hero Glow without Modeling
    6. Can't get an idea of what each hero does before choosing.
    7. Chain Lightning and Death Coil have the same hotkey on Azazel. Also, Dark Portal and Doom have the same hotkey.
    8. Dark Portal doesn't precisely say what it does.
    9. Doom level 2 is bugged. Can't be used on any unit anymore as it says the target is too powerful, that includes units below level 5.
    10. Player units and heroes are automatically ordered around the arena from time to time.
    11. The rescued orcs don't move properly on the path, they even cut corners and avoid some towers.
    12. Garithos becomes an ally after Detheroc is killed but the humans attack the allied fel orcs.
    13. The humans can make their way through the demon line towards the gate since the demons don't send any troops back.
    14. Riflemen even have bigger range than the death towers.
    15. Generally, you can take your time as most of the game is killing units on the map awaiting.
    16. Dark Portal seems to summon infinite numbers of units over time. Also, its description doesn't say what level the spell currently is.
    17. Found the Horde of Agony base but they don't come to aid.
    18. That Demonic Gate doesn't seem to break. Finally. It would help to see its HP.
    19. So,it does not end after Garithos says the humans are free?
    It's not a bad map but it's unpolished and chaotic. Could use more interesting stuff in it though.


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