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Blood Elven Upgrades

This bundle include:
- Icons for Melee Upgrades
- Icons for Range Upgrades
- Icons for Heavy Units Armor Upgrades
- Icons for Light Units Armor Upgrades
- Alternate icons for Heavy Units Armor Upgrades
- Icon for Bows Upgrade
- Icon for Glaive Upgrade
- Icon for Vorpal Glaive Upgrade
- Alternate icon for Light Units Armor Upgrades
- Icon for War Eagle Taming Upgrade
- Icon for Ballista Upgrade

Credit me if you use them and enjoy :infl_thumbs_up:

Look also at my High Elven Upgrades.

You can download some Ballista icons with different team colors here.

27/10/2017 :
- Uploaded the bundle

31/10/2017 :
- Changed Advanced Sun Armor Icon
- Changed Advanced Strength Of The Sun Icon
- Added Blood Elven Armor Up Icons
- Added Improved Blood Elven Bows Icon
- Added Upgrade Sun Glaive Icon
- Added Blood Elven Vorpal Blades Icon

14/11/2017 :
- Added Blood Elven Leather Icons
- Added Tame War Eagle Icon
- Added Blood Elven Impaling Bolt Icon
- Changed the beak of the Tame War Eagle Icon

Advanced Strength of the Sun (Icon)

Advanced Sun Armor (Icon)

Blood Elven Advanced Hides (Icon)

Blood Elven Arcanite Melee (Icon)

Blood Elven Armor Up One (Icon)

Blood Elven Armor Up Three (Icon)

Blood Elven Armor Up Two (Icon)

Blood Elven Impaling Bolt (Icon)

Blood Elven Improved Hides (Icon)

Blood Elven Leather Upgrade One (Icon)

Blood Elven Leather Upgrade Three (Icon)

Blood Elven Leather Upgrade Two (Icon)

Blood Elven Reinforced Hides (Icon)

Blood Elven Steel Melee (Icon)

Blood Elven Thorium Melee (Icon)

Blood Elven Vorpal Blades (Icon)

Improved Blood Elven Bows (Icon)

Improved Strength of the Sun (Icon)

Improved Sun Armor (Icon)

Strength of the Sun (Icon)

Sun Armor (Icon)

Tame War Eagle Blood Elf (Icon)

Upgrade Sun Glaive (Icon)

Level 3
Mar 8, 2011
any chance you could do the iron plating upgrade in this style, i quite like it but since the Blood elves use shields and the likes aswell that could be useful, anyway it's just an idea but i think it would fit nicely

GJ on the icons though, i like them alot and they fit in really well and dont stand out so much that people will find them "too fancy" which is what i see in alot of icons, not that theres anything wrong with fancy icons i just prefer blizzlike icons :p
Level 3
Mar 8, 2011
Oh, ok. But I think the Armor from Night Elfs match better with the Blood Elfs.

i like the night elf armor too and the icons you've made are really good, i just want the shields to use for the units with shields, like bloodelf leutenants and spell breakers, anyway it's just a request if you feel like you wanna do it :p it would be awesome xD
1- Vorpals?
2- Ik glaives are for the Spell breakers, so u just must do two upgrades i think (like priests/shamans/banshees upgrades)

BTNUpgradeSunGlaive for the Blood Elven Huntress.

BTNBloodElvenVorpalBlades for the Blood Elven Glaive Thrower (it's what I choosed for my Blood Elf Race).

The Spell breaker keep just his original upgrade Control Magic.
Level 16
Apr 20, 2014
Oh yeah, why not.
However, you should maybe add more red instead of gold.
This icon looks really unfit :x
I had never understand this icon but i can see that it is a hand giving food to and bird.

The original icon represent an Archer giving seeds/food to an hippogryph, just that. My recolor represent a Blood Elf archer giving seeds too to a War Eagle (because there is a Archer on War Eagle model in the model section, and someone asked me to recolor this icon).
Can you create a sorceress upgrade book and priest upgrade staff adding this style

There is already original Warcraft III icons, maybe you want a third upgrade icons for priest and sorceress. I'm working on a map project (
) so I don't really have time. But I can make somthing like "BTNSorceressApprentice" if you want ?