Calm Before the Storm

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-Calm Before the Storm-
Elune's children have been stricken for a long time in Draenor.
Only hope of revenge undermines the struggle.
Nobody expected it so soon--
The Betrayer is dead!

Calm Before the Storm is a russian campaign by Sansaney that I translated into English. Permission in screenshots.
Find out what happened to the surviving night elves in Draenor. What did they do after Illidan's death?

Calm Before the Storm is the second campaign in Warriors of Azeroth Series.
This campaign is the sequel to the Destiny of Blood Elves.

In this campaign you can play Night Elves, Mercenary and Horde.

In this campaign, you can collect an artifact, parts of which are in different maps

This campaign is easy difficulty. There will be no problem with the campaign.

Follow an interesting story in the Warcaft universe.

I tested this campaing on 1.26. But this campaign should work on 1.31.1 too.

Good luck!

23-10-2020 - Fixed some grammar mistakes

Author of campaign - Sansaney
Translated to english: LordNefarian.
Campaign model: Vampir21, Carash. Destroyer, Milash, Dumat
Campaign made in 2011
Original campaign posted here: Воители Азерота: Затишье перед бурей - WarCraft 3 Reforged / Моддинг - XGM
To build the whole picture, you need to play the first campaign. Here you can get it: Destiny of Blood Elves

Special thanks to Sansaney for his series campaign!

This is just the second campaign in the Warriors of Azeroth series. I hope I will translate the next part of the series: Paladin.

Calm Before the Storm (Campaign)

Critical error found If you exit from map 2 after you loose the map is considered "won" and chapter 3 is unlocked, yet chapter 2 remains locked (very strange indeed) Until fixed Set to Awaiting Update
Level 5
Dec 29, 2017
Played on Hard. Version 1.31.1. Used iseedeadpeople

Mission 1:

A bit too zoomed on Maiev during the cinematic.
Tool tip missing for Warden, The blink ability.
Kira is the same model as the warden's.
We have to wait till all the ones ran back to the original camp. So tedious.

Mission 2:

Why does Akama sent a messenger? Rush him? what does that mean?

Mission 3:

I liked this mission tbh. But it's a bit odd as well. Too much wasted space in a sense.

Mission 4:

I used the Scepter of Mastery from the previous level to take control of the orc. Sadly um i just killed too many to properly create an orc base however i did restart and cheated to get the orc base. Wow the tech tree is broken. You can also summon heroes.
Scepter of healing increases all health regeneration. Meaning the fountain of health also increases by 200%

Mission 5:

I skipped most of the story because i was uninterested.
Maiev has randomly shown up for some reason. During the Orc part of the mission

MIssion 6:

Is illidan supposed to level up to 20 or smth? (only 12)
Ok so i took one of the undead acolytes. Made a bunch of Frost Wyrms instead.

Mission 7:

I took control of a worker again :p.
As i thought you don't have any cash whatsoever so it doesn't work. Though you can still make the buildings.


I gotta say mission 6 feels more like a final mission than mission 7. Overall this is an improvement over the previous campaign. A solid a 3/5.
Can't wait for paladin.
Some of the issues being the easy difficulty. The AI being downright stupid. They just won't attack sometimes.
The balancing can use a bit of work as well. But mostly i found it to be too easy. Im too used to playing other people's campaign which are just downright abnormally insane difficulty lol
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Level 8
Feb 21, 2015
I'm not a fan of how this campaign ended at all. As the sequel of "Destiny of the blood elves", I expected it to live up to the quality of the prequel. Not only did it not live up to that, but it shocked me with the sudden finale. I didn't even see the heroes reunite to combine the items that the campaign description box told me to! Not cool.
It ended abruptly. Not to mention that the first 3 chapter or so are a copy from the prequel, and the content there only shows you the other side's perspective as you play their faction. Everything is an exact copy.
The chapter list is messed up! Some chapters are entirely missing, and I can only play them by pressing "continue" after every chapter, which means I can't change the difficulty. I hope the next campaign is better. This campaign is more like an interlude than a solid sequel.

EDIT: Never mind. It looks like the third installment saves the progress of both campaigns before it, so the items are still there and can be combined in the third campaign. Not bad!
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Level 9
Nov 17, 2020
Ok i had fun playing this campaign, its pretty easy(except the second mission).
1) when you finish the first chapter it unlocks the third one instead of the second.
2) Akama level 10 isn't a bit too powerfull?
3) i liked the bet between Maiev and Bronzebread, but the AIs are a little broken, i just stayed in a specific point in the map and the bandits keep coming one at a time, just to be slaughered by Elfs, also Kira says "Reinforcements arrived" while the final cutscene was playing.
4) Night power button of Kira is placed in the wrong position (it should be X=3,Y=2, or at least at a button-free position)
5)Loved the new Mercanary camp system, making gold with animals xD, anyway the final scourge horde is bugged, they keep going up and down, that's probably because they are commanded by an AI, i had to taunt them with illidan for making them move.
6) in the final mission, Maiev and Kira can just Blink to reach Tag, also the mission says "don't destroy Blood Elves structures" but the magic towers doesn't count
7) many animations in cutscene are missing, i mean, sometimes a unit plays an animation and then freezes, it's a little ugly seeing them frozen.
I appriciate more this campaign than the others, 4/5 :D.