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  1. LordHatchet95

    Testing Dalaran Mages Faction (custom Tech Tree made by me)

    Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, your friendly soda addicted sh***y modder. Today I bring you a custom altered melee map I've been making. Dalaran Mages: Their gimmicks/uniqueness: Most units and buildings have Mana shields. Lumber Mills can manually harvest large amounts of wood. Some units...
  2. Shimmeringwoods.png


    New melee map banner. Coming out very soon. This forest remained undisturbed for centuries, until the druids arrived and began to make it a place of pilgrimage. It was peaceful at first, but warmongers came too. Now endless chaos is slowly destroying this place. Rally your troops and save this lan
  3. MichaelWilson

    [Altered Melee] Gnogan Isles

    my new map looking for ideas and criticism custom UI is Dungeonmaster UI by kwaliti
  4. Burnings frost souls clan1.png

    Burnings frost souls clan1.png

  5. Ruvven

    [Trigger] Melee/Ranged Isnt Working

    Hello Community that has helped me understand so many things in the WE! #MuchAppreciation! I am having trouble with yet another situation here as i have googled and searched through here for answers on switching from Melee -> Ranged and keeping spells and all of that is cool. The problem is...
  6. Xelos

    [Altered Melee] Mercenary king

    Hi friends, after a long time started working on a bigger project. So far they were only small, melee races, but this time bring new elements. So Mercenary king is to custom/altered melee map on dragon waterfalls but will have some new terrain and wave spawn enemies. first the player will have...
  7. zlotoia dolnica.png

    zlotoia dolnica.png

    slowly working on new project call it Mercenary king, im not good terrainer but i bring me best to this project
  8. Shar Dundred

    New melee mapping contest

    Hello there! There's been expressed interest in another melee contest, a 4v4 "speed contest" (1-2 weeks time) with the prize for the winner map being to be featured in the W3Champions ladder. The exact format is not clear yet. I'd like to know how interested Hive's melee mappers are in that.
  9. xyzier_24

    Unit Cost Calculation for Melee Maps

    I don't know if this is the right Forum to ask this but: - I am looking for a formula for calculating the unit cost of the first trainable non-worker unit (or the basic one, to be exact) in a standard melee. Well, just a reference based on the gold cost for Footman and Grunt. Doesn't have to...
  10. W

    Your best game of WC3R to play?

    What is your favourite strategy/risk, altered melee and melee map/game that you ever having fun with? E.g. Maybe it could be an RTS game as well apart from being relative to WC3R?
  11. W

    The map with the Melee Map components

    There are Azeroth Wars: Legacy Reborn, Lordaeron: The Aftermath, Lordaeron: The Foremath, Kalimdor: The Aftermath, Dark Ages of WarCraft maps, etc. Are they considered as RTS or Altered Melee since they include the classic way of training army units and researches from the buildings but without...
  12. Zucth

    Random Unit didn't work?

    Anyone know how to do this? I did it and all neutral are work well, but as a units it didn't start to cycle at all... What did I missed here? Or is it doesn't work from the start? +3 photo below
  13. u wot m8_

    Modified Haunted Gold Mine issue

    I've modified a haunted gold mine a little bit, mostly cosmetic, but i've also modified it's abilities. Now every time i build this modified haunted gold mine, the gold mine it's built upon resets it's gold value to zero, and when i cancel the modified haunted gold mine's construction progress...
  14. AGKRegal102

    [Melee] What is mpksingh's popular map?

    Please comment if you want to see a popular map.
  15. NobodyIGuess

    How to make the computer control campaign Heroes

    Hello, I am modifying a map for fun and I added to each player some campaign heroes, but once the game starts the AI doesn't control them. I suppose I should use the AI Editor, but I have no experience with this, can someone with some more knowledge help me? :) Thank!
  16. AGKRegal102

    Melee Map Requests

    Hello here! Please comment before you will create new map in WE. Example: Map Name: The Beginning Size: 116x86 (128x96) Tileset: Sunken Ruins Players: 2 Recommended version: 1.24a - 1.28c Template: Map Name: Size: Tileset: Players: Recommended version: (optional: 1.21, 1.24a - 1.28c, or...
  17. Melee_Units_Races_Size_Comparison_WarCraft_First_War_Memorium


    Melee units of the 7 races in 'First War Memorium', sorted by size. Ogres and Demons train single big units, all other races train squads of 6.
  18. mafe

    Melee map suggestions for tournaments and ladders (Spring 2020)

    Hello wc3 players and mapmakers, for most of the time of the existence of wc3, the competitive mappool has been evolving very slowly, if at all. Recently, there seems to be an increased in interest in giving new maps a chance, evidenced by tournaments such as the Tag Team Tournament 2, or the...
  19. HiveTerrainPrtScShare


  20. Zucth

    Melee Map 7 Players Maps Ideas with picture(problem help!)

    (I didn't finish the half right yet and it's not a duplicate of half left) Detail: Mid of right side are tavern, near mid are GM and near player will be merc As you can see, right now I designs of new 7 players maps and try to not make it round... so problem for now is that the Teal and Green...
  21. MStylo

    Ray of Disruption

    Does anybody know how to order Draenei Harbinger to use Ray of Disruption? The ability itself doesn't use an order and even unit manually casting it is considered as if it was inactive.
  22. Teitan

    Need help with triggered spells!

    Hello, lately i got a lot of free time and decided to try the world editor again, this time starting with something simpler than a map, a custom hero. Now first of all i want to clarify that i don't own any of the resources used on this hero, everything from the 3d model and special effects to...
  23. Otherknownoise

    Find some hive melee maps on Netease Platform

    Excuse me, may i ask if some melee authors or hive activities related to Netease? Why i see some hive maps on netease platform? If not, please encrypt your melee maps in case Netease steal it! These are examples-- Netease: HIVE:
  24. Gabriel C Sullivan

    [Melee] Map with new units and skills for these units?

    Of course that we already have a lot of maps with additional races, units, new technologies, new skills like that, "my map" its not that much different from these, but I wanna try something for fun at least. In my "project" of course each race (besides the new units) has only one type of attack...
  25. [K40$]-Spectre

    [Altered Melee] Wcr3 TFT Expansion mod

    Info: An expansion mod for Wcr3 TFT, mainly adding units, heroes, items and towers. Nothing that has not be done before but I had fun making and playing it. This mod is relatively easy to export to other maps (it is not protected/optimized and only uses wcr3/TFT assets), so feel free to expand...
  26. Mathayis

    [General] Can you edit a units attack range in editor?

    Howdy there! just a quick question.... I'm not very smart when it comes to complex triggers, but I noticed in the latest patch "1.31" they added a bunch of new triggers and functions in the editor.... I was just wondering, is there a way now, through triggers where you can add and subtract a...
  27. Sauri Boombastic

    Modifying Melee Maps: Do you alter the tree hit points and gold mine amounts?

    Am I the only one who feels that 'default' mines amount is too short for a good game experience? Same for the pretty quick map deforestation due to the default value for the trees? I have a whole folder with 'default' maps, with the trees hp risen up and the mines gold level too.
  28. Eraston

    [Altered Melee] Tree of Life Defend

    General: PvP 1-6 vs 1-6 Stage beta The scenario of the map: Straightforward. The forces of Darkness want to destroy the Tree of Life in order to break the forces of Light. Parties: Each side has 3 armies and 3 heroes. Possible playing 1x1, 2x2, …, 5x5 at this version but it may be imbalanced...
  29. BrazilEmperor

    Some abilities ideas for my units

    Hi Folks, i need some ideas for some of my Human Race units. My map is inspired on Oldschool Warcraft : Orcs and Humans. I need that you give some abilities/ skills for those units: Footman/Legionary - Archer - Knight (armed with jousting lance) - Handgunner - Halberdier - Gryphon...
  30. mafe

    Melee Mapping Contest #4 - 2v2

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #4 Create a 2v2 melee map that excels in balance, terrain and creativity, while being suitable for Warcraft III Reforged. No submission may violate any of the site rules. If a submission does not follow the map submission rules the creator will be disqualified. All...
  31. Arodon.

    How to change unit range (from melee to ranged)

    Hi there, (you can skip this part,it only says how i got that idea to make it) I saw some of the people having problems with making unit from melee to range. Lot of "advices" was to do it by orb,but that is stupid and it doesnt work for ground units. Another advice...
  32. WolfFarkas

    4th melee contest may allow optional teamwork?

    The 4th melee contest, it is in debate if optional teamwork should be allowed. That means that some users may join in teams (of two) and other may participate alone. Not an oficial poll, more that to know what is the general opinion in a fast way. I am not organicing this contest, probably...
  33. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #3 - Results

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #3 - RESULTS Create a 4v4 melee map that excels in balance, terrain, dynamic, and creativity, while beeing suitable for the Warcraft III Reforged. 1st place: 30 reputation points 2nd place: 20 reputation points 3rd place: 10 reputation points Judges: 5 rep @WTii...
  34. Mr.Henci

    Next Melee Mapping contest Pre-disscusion

    Hello there! With Melee Mapping contest #3 soon comming to an end, we should start disscusion about the next one. Share with us your opinions, I and many more are looking forward to hearing what you have to say. The poll should represent the general theme, thus what types of map we want to...
  35. Shaeam

    [Melee] (4) Deluge (Melee Map)

    (4) Deluge Map CategoryMelee Suggested Players2v2 or FFA (Red) Creep Camps3 (7 including mine guardians) (Orange) Creep Camps18 (Green) Creep Camps8 Neutral BuildingsTavern (4), Goblin Merchant (2), Goblin Laboratory (2), Mercenary Camp (Lordaeron Summer) (4), Fountain of Mana (1), Waygate...
  36. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping contest #3 - Poll

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #3 - POLL Create a 4v4 melee map that excels in balance, terrain, dynamic, and creativity, while beeing suitable for the Warcraft III Reforged. Each user can only vote once in the poll. Judges can't vote in the public poll You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has...
  37. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #3 - 4 vs 4

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #3 Create a 4v4 melee map that excels in balance, terrain, dynamic, and creativity, while beeing suitable for the Warcraft III Reforged. No submission may violate any of the site rules. If a submission does not follow the map submission rules the creator will be...
  38. deepstrasz

    Making Neutral Melee Assets Viable for Ladder+Others

    There are many tutorials and guides on how to make a proper melee map. Not many emphasize the importance of neutral buildings and units regarding melee gameplay balance. However, we've seen in many ladder maps that many of the game's neutral features are either rarely used or not at all. I...
  39. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #2 - Poll

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #2 Create a competitive 1v1 melee map that excels in terrain, dynamic, and creativity, but most importantly balance. Each user can only vote once in the poll. You cannot vote for yourself. If a voter has the same IP as the author then the vote will not be counted and...
  40. Mr.Henci

    Melee Mapping Contest #2 - 1 vs 1

    MELEE MAPPING CONTEST #2 Create a competitive 1v1 melee map that excels in terrain, dynamic, and creativity, but most importantly balance. No submission may violate any of the site rules. If a submission does not follow the map submission rules the creator will be disqualified. All...
  41. Mr.Henci

    Melee map contest #2

    Soon, it will be a year since the last melee map contest and I must say that it was a quite enjoyable experience. Thus, I want to ask you, my fellow map makers if you would be interested in the next round of melee contest?
  42. Althavis

    Quilboar Race just a simple one

    The Quilboar Tribes Created by foje tit "Don't hope too much, well just play" Dowload Here : The Quilboar Tribes Version 1.3 The map is a modified Blasted Lands map from Blizzard Entertainment Tilesets and some texture are relplace Change Creep Camps 14 Red Camps 12 Orange Camps 8 Green...
  43. mafe

    Melee mapping - The reasons behind common aspects of competitive 1v1 maps

    Hello hiveworkshop, I am mafe and in this guide, I would like to gather and elaborate on some topics around melee maps that come up of on a regular basis for new melee maps uploaded on the hive. Authors note: This will be a long thread, and it will likely never be finished. I will try to add...
  44. deepstrasz

    Hive melee maps for official ladder?

    Community, if melee maps made by our members would make it to Blizz ladder, which do you think would be the best? Please, post links of the melee maps you like best. Thanks. I'll start with some: I've also started threads on the official forums...
  45. Krakenn99

    [Miscellanous / Other] Natural Selection

    Natural Selection Created by Krakena with the help of Persuasive and Soylent Download: Natural Selection v0.5b - Warcraft 3 Maps - Epic War.com Map Info: Natural Selection is a map inspired by the game "Natural Selection". You have 2 teams: The Force(Humans) and The Plague(Aliens). Player...

    Changing a model globally

    Is there a way to change a model so it will be in effect for official melee ladder? Other than custom games I also play in bnet's ladder in 4v4, and would like to change the hero models. I tried working on this years ago, and the most I could do is only changing the skin of a hero, but not the...
  47. Keathen

    Aid in Making Maps

    As the title read, I need help in making maps. You can be in a long term or short term collaboration with me, or just one map. I love making maps, but never shared them because they were just lacking. My standard will be Medium to Epic-sized maps (if Epic is possible to me, though). You can also...
  48. hypsandar

    [ Video] Melee Map Made in Due 11m!

    Map download & Discord server invite can be found in the video's description.
  49. deepstrasz

    Defining and Placement of Melee Maps with Meagre Changes

    There are some melee maps with scant changes for the better of gameplay or as a result of a different view on the melee experience. Examples: a map (not a blizz or edit of somebody else's but an original one) with a Dragon Roost from which the tenth level dragon is removed; a map where the...
  50. Lurker99

    Wc2 Melee Hero units?

    Hello Hive, I am starting to work on a melee map that will take place during WC2, it will feature the various human nations and orc factions. I want the factions to be able to be used by custom AI which I will build. I'm am looking for ideas on several things that I am undecided on or cannot...