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Testing Dalaran Mages Faction (custom Tech Tree made by me)

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Hey guys, LordHatchet95 here, your friendly soda addicted sh***y modder.

Today I bring you a custom altered melee map I've been making.

Dalaran Mages:

Their gimmicks/uniqueness:

  • Most units and buildings have Mana shields.
  • Lumber Mills can manually harvest large amounts of wood.
  • Some units may have the ability to enhance their attacks at the expense of their mana shields.
  • Units and buildings with shields have less health, but have more mana just to balance out.
  • The 2 mages with 3 tiers still have 400 max mana for balance purposes.
  • Two of the heroes have Mana Shield, so far.

Most units there are mages or magical/artificially created creatures and constructs.

Missing features for now:
  • Currently I'm missing 1 of 4 heroes (All done).
  • I need to make custom shop items, yet. (Done)
  • Planning to get custom buildings (Done), effects, and units models, and possibly change their sounds, too.

Feel free to try them out, and any feedback is welcome c:

For further testing, feel free to edit the map and add the armies in it, and put level 10 heroes just to test.

Made in WC3: "Reforged" World Editor, using classic graphics.


  • Added Aetherdrake as a tier 3 unit with its building
  • Added Sage at the Tower of Sorcery, a specialist mage.
  • Added Boulder Battery as a siege AoE tower.
  • Changed most of the buildings' models by bakr's Gilneas' Building pack.

  • Added 4th hero.
  • Modified the game constants and triggers so heroes, altar and shop building actually work.
  • Created several skills/abilities and technologies.
  • Made Craftsman's Mill to be capable to acquire a hefty lumber stockpile (must manually gain the stockpile, up to 50 lumber).
  • Added/replaced 5 items to their shop.
  • Temporarily exited and entered back to hiatus until more ideas can be put into this new faction.

Credits for:


  • Dalaran Mages Faction.w3m
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