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[General] Can you edit a units attack range in editor?

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Level 7
Apr 26, 2015
Howdy there! just a quick question.... I'm not very smart when it comes to complex triggers, but I noticed in the latest patch "1.31" they added a bunch of new triggers and functions in the editor.... I was just wondering, is there a way now, through triggers where you can add and subtract a units attack range?

All the hero in my game are melee, but I have a Job system where for example, if a Hero picks up a "Gunner Job" it adds gunner ability'.
What I want is- If the item "Gunner lvl1 is in their inventory in the first slot, it changes the units attack range from 200...to maybe 700. and when it's not in the first slot, it's brought back down to 200.....

I know you can't really do this in the previous patches, but I noticed a lot more new unit functions in the trigger editor this time around...Soooo.. is there a way to do this now? :p thanks!
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