Melee Map 7 Players Maps Ideas with picture(problem help!)

Level 20
Jan 4, 2020

(I didn't finish the half right yet and it's not a duplicate of half left)
Detail: Mid of right side are tavern, near mid are GM and near player will be merc
As you can see, right now I designs of new 7 players maps and try to not make it round... so problem for now is that the Teal and Green will be easier to reach right side goldmines(for sure) and easy to raid other players base... So what should I put to make this balance? if there are a goldmines expansion of the right side of the map? Should I put Goblin Lab on the left border or not?

any way If this one isn't match for 7 players I will change to 8 with duplicate... and
Fountain Of Life in the middle. But I just need people idea or pro map maker knowledge to help me out here cause my brain storm won't enough...


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