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  • I find myself enjoying that you have Duke on your profile :smile: Oh and look what I found: Old signature of yours
    Greetings. Would you like to work as a gameplay supervisor in my project? I know my project is not started yet but I honestly hope that you will accept.
    A long time ago i saw something like the "science of games" or something like that and i believe you made/contributed to it? I would like to talk to you about that-a game which requires skill to play. The theme and objectives of the map are irrelevant, what im seeking are ideas and methods on how to turn a wc3/sc2 map into a competitive multiplayer game of skill.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts.
    I read all twice times man, I am little drunk now... yeah... i agree with you still you are awesome man!
    I will replu you tomorrow (later) depends in which time zine you are..
    Yeah man just keep doing this you have my support! Cause you are ducated. And reply on chat when I copied conversation between joe-black-5and XXXX what do you think about it
    Reputation (+2):
    (Post) Nice to see you around again. I recall you being helpful when I first joined.
    Thank you =)
    But seriously, heed my words, unless more users start acting mature, and taking the burden of being an "adult" onto their shoulders, this site will be driven into the ground, and I doubt we'd be able to bring it back.
    My advice: pay attention to what you say. You are being in absolute prostration. (Wake Up!) Finish your sentences, and only then go to next one: that's why you put a hell of dots. Psychology, eh? Psychology are not just terms, psychology - is being on the place of the other and trying to find out what is actually wrong.

    Rikardo, what's wrong if someone is Christian? I'm too, but I've lost my cross in Houston's airport. Someone pick pocketed it from my passport where I put it... Duh!! Now I put my faith into angel-guardian (it is myself. I made it, and myself doesn't let me to do awful things or think about something evil. Myself often puts me into a fatal confusage, so if I envy someone, myself whispers me that that guy, I am envious of, is a 60-years old wiseman with millions of dollars, and I am proud of that guy. The problem is - when someone asks me how old that guy is, I say that he's above forty and he is a very rich businessman. Here's no way back from what myself tangles me into).

    P.S. You are no psychologist, quit trying to be it. How dare you disgrace that profession? :spell_breaker:
    You do use a above average amount of dots...................................................
    Note To Self

    Balancing in Theory
    The idea of attacks and Spells against enemies

    The Idea of The basic attacker
    -Fear of Being Surrounded
    -Easily hit by DpS

    Leveling up
    as levels go up, so does Health regen, Attack, Health, Mana, Mana Regen, atk speed.
    Health regen could occur through Spells
    Mana Regen can also occur though Spells
    Atk Speed can also

    Health Cap and Mana Cap however cannot.
    As For running Speed, Tends not to be when it comes to heroes except with items
    Click true battle link in mah sig! JOIN, JOIN, JOIN! I is telling everyone! GO, GO, GO!

    You could be Conseptualist! GO GO GO!
    It's horribly painful to read any of your posts because of massive amounts of dots you put into each sentence. Please don't use dots everywhere :cry:
    hey dude, whats up? i'm working on Battle Of The Ages 2. I'm going to get some pics up very soon
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