1. Kikinsin

    Could not load file, lost alot of progress

    Hello, I was working in my map and wanted to look another map for trigger and upgrade references, but when I went back to my map I got this. All the models where working fine, I recently added a model with the icon and it worked, but know like 90% of the models are in green box. Is there a way...
  2. Blood Raven

    [General] Is there any way to change the water textures? [SD graphics]

    Hey, I got a new animated water texture consisting of 45 .blp files with each frame of the animation. I tried to import them with the following paths: "ReplaceableTextures\Water\A_Water00.blp" to "ReplaceableTextures\Water\A_Water44.blp" "Textures\Water00-0.blp" to "Textures\Water44-0.blp"...
  3. lachferagh

    Help with importing object data?

    Hi guys. So I'm currently trying to create a campaign and I've already created the first map, using new icons inplace of Footman. So I then export all my object data and Imported files - then I create my 2nd map. On the 2nd map, I import all the object and imported data (F12) and everything is...
  4. Shandium

    My map keeps crashing and its so bizzare..

    Hey everyone , i hoped maybe some could help me because i cant figure it out.. Just like many other ppl , my maps started crashing after 1.33.. (fuck 1.33) But i could usually save them , even my 500mb+ map. I had tried to troubleshoot and find the models which would cause the crash , but it...
  5. TheJassy

    [Import] Imported Models showing up with no color

    Hello, I recently downloaded a Model and it appears white / Purpleish, Any ideas how to make it work? :ogre_haosis:
  6. Lordliw

    [SD/Modeling] Clotaire's Lich King model

    Hi, I would like to make a request for Clotaire's famous Lich King model. Although, it was taken down for some reason, I'm unsure whether sharing models that were taken down is allowed. So feel free to let me know. If not, I would appreciate anyone who managed to get it to share it and it's...
  7. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Import] Questions about editing 1) sound sets and 2) imported models?

    Hi all, I'm playing around with making heroes, and I have 2 general questions: 1 - I believe (but please correct me if I'm mistaken) it's not possible to make custom sound sets for units (at least not easily), but it is possible to edit existing ones. I would like to edit the Dryad sound set...
  8. A Rather Wily Beaver

    [Import] Unable to add special effects of any sort to a custom model?

    Hi everyone, I'm making a map with a lot of custom heroes in it, and I found a model I absolutely love (Direfury's Gnome Arcanist - link below) but I'm having some difficulty with it; added effects such as hero's glow or effects from other characters' buffs don't show up on the model. I'm not...
  9. Ardenaso

    [Reforged] Compiling importing errors and the solutions to fix them

    In Reforged, some of us has experiences of models suddenly breaking when we import certain geosets of another unit or when we import certain animations to another unit. I don't have any solutions myself but I think it would be a good idea to pool the importing issues and the solutions here for...
  10. InsaneMonster

    Request about resource overwrite

    Hi there! While seeing some footage of my campaign being played with Quenching Mod, I noticed that you are overwriting some of my custom models. Specifically, if I import a custom model at a default path (I usually do this to expand on units animation) you overwrite my imported model, removing...
  11. WaterFloe

    [Import] Importing mass resources

    I created an AI for my custom race and I want to test it on another map. But the work for exporting importing the resources takes too much time since I have to retype the paths for all of them. Is there another shortcut to get it done?
  12. Taylor Mouse

    3D Studio Max - Import & Exporter for WC3 Reforged

    This thread discusses my 3D Studio Max script for importing and exporting Warcraft III Reforged models. Any updates to the script can be found on my github page: Taylor Mouses Warcraft III Reforged Tools Supports 3DS MAX 2016~2022 For using the script please refer to my documentation...
  13. HerlySQR

    How to import and export data from one map to another?

    I think my map is corrupted so I decided to move all to another map, but I don't know how, I searched and I saw I have to import the data and then export, I did that but nothing happens, and the editor stopped working and I had to close it to end the import, can you help me?
  14. Cheshire

    [Import] find all uses of icon in map

    hey there, one of the icons I imported into my map has become corrupted, so I want to re-import it and replace in all places. the problem is that it's one I used in a bunch of places (a blank black square to hide dummy abilities) and I don't remember where. since my map is pretty big I would...
  15. Bloodheaven_

    [Spell] Is it possible to change the AoE-UI to a Cone one?

    Hey there, Whenever you press a Ability that has Area of Effect a circle will popout as a UI to help determine where the Area is and which units will be focused if casted. However is it possible to change the Circle to a Cone one? Example: . Any magic trick here to solve this problem?
  16. Altruistic Anduin

    [Import] Can't Give Imported Assets Custom Paths

    I'm no longer able to give assets I've imported custom paths. Double-clicking the Full Path doesn't allow me to edit the field. However, I can edit File Name, Mode, Teen and Locale by double-clicking their columns. I tried to edit the path with 'Modify File Properties...' option but it just...
  17. SadMachine

    [Import] How to change the Full Path of an Imported Asset?

    How do I change the Full Path of a custom asset (model and skin texture) in World Editor? I remember when doing this, you have to right-click and click the ‘Modify File Properties…’ button. But in my case when I do, it just highlights the File Name and is awaiting to be renamed; the pop-up no...
  18. Marnin The Shaper

    Need Help With The Texture Import - Warcraft 3 Reforged

    Hello. Recently I attempted to replace reforged tiles existing on the dungeon terrain for my map (I've basically took brick, darkrocks and greystones textures and made them gray in gimp). However, I've encountered numerous issues when I tried to import them to Wc3 Reforged. I have read tutorials...
  19. HerlySQR

    [Misc] How to convert a non 3D sound in a possible 3D sound

    You know when you wanna add a sound in your map as a 3D sound you simply can do: But sometimes you can't do that: Since I have not seen anyone explain how to fix this, now I will tell you how I did it: You need a program that can edit sounds or music or videos for do this, I will use...
  20. lolreported

    [Import] UberSplat import path for Building Ground Texture

    Hello, I've been looking at replacing a specific building ground texture, but can't really grasp how one would do that. As I've understand it, the ubersplat data is stored in the UberSplatData.slk file (not sure if this is still the case for Reforged), but I'm unable to access that file. I'm...
  21. Cheshire

    is this model bugged?

    hey, I tried importing this model (troll shaman) to my map, but no matter how many times I restart the WE, can't get it to appear (it even crashed the WE once). I also can't change it's file paths in the import editor for some reason. is there a problem with the model? does anyone know what...
  22. Cheshire

    [Import] update custom map to new patch

    hey, I started creating a map on WE 1.20, and recently updated to patch 1.31.1. my problem is that all the standard data is in the version of the old patch, and so in essence my map is a very outdated 1.20 map. Is there a way to export>import only my custom data, but have all the standard...
  23. Dispatcher

    Model's Pack Problem

    Hey guys i have been trying to figure out this problem for like a week now but can anyone tell me how to use the draenei building models in UjimasaHojoDraenei pack for each building they come with a BTN,DISBTN and the MDX file but the buildings won't show up and i mean every building in the pack...
  24. Dispatcher

    Problem with importing model

    Guys do you know how to import the blood elven model of an archer all of the files are all blp's created by 67chrome does anyone know how to import this model?pls help.
  25. Dispatcher

    Importing Models

    Heys guys Im importing a Model called Reliquary Thaumaturge but it appears as a checkered box. What i did is i open the world editor and then i opened the object and created a custom hero or unit which the blood mage and then i imported its model the file with the mdx in the end and then i saved...
  26. Donut78

    Helpful Import MDX into Blender 2.79 Addon

    Hey Everyone! After searching far and wide for something that could do this, I'd finally come across a super helpful addon for Blender 2.79 that allows a very comprehensive import of an MDX file that appears to include everything from mesh, UV, rig/animations and even other nodes like attachment...
  27. Xzere

    Import bugs

    Anyone else who's having problem with importing models, icons etc? They work at first but all of a sudden after restarting the WE the model/icon wont show.
  28. Stormgoddd

    [Import] Import custom tilesets in reforged world editor

    I'am suprised noone else has asked this yet. How do I import custom tilsets in reforged? When I import a custom sand tileset and change the path of lets say, and the result is (see below). I also tried to just change them one by...
  29. deepstrasz

    (SOLVED) Two headed unit (=+1 head import) and water doodad animation slow - please

    So I tried to import and fuse a head from one WoW model to another with little success. I need the imported head to act somewhat in tandem with the original one like how the two headed ogres act. The issue is it looks weird and the head acts as if it weren't attached because of its animations...
  30. Hun_Bableves

    Can't see imported models

    Long story short I started to make a custom map before the release of Reforged and now I'm trying to finish it. There are at least a 100 custom models in game, but for some reason I can only see some of them. What changed with reforged? Is there a new pathing now for certain models? Where can I...
  31. ElevatorEleven

    Is it possible to transfer custom sound sets between maps?

    Been working on and off as a hobby on a set of maps all using the same set of characters for the past few years. Recently made a bunch of custom sound sets for many of them. Previously I'd had to replace each internal sound file one by one for every unit in every map, so I was very excited last...
  32. JohnnyBoy

    Adding importing ambient sounds problem

    Hey Hive! Im trying to add customized ambient sounds for my map. Im using a .wav file. Selecting it to play in a certain region and ticking the "ambient looping" section in the sound editor. However when i get ingame i hear nothing. I tied changing the path to "Ambient\Sounds\" but that did not...
  33. EpicMyzik

    Import Kill Streak System

    Hello guys, I really need help with this, here on the Hive is probably the best kill streak system to download, This one: Advanced Streak System v5.1.1.0 i need someone to import it for me as it's JASS and i've zero knowledge of it. I had a GUI trigger of this working perfectly but i did it...
  34. Henry_AC

    Help import JASS skill

    Hello everyone, someone who can help me on how to import this skill to my map is that it is very different from the others, I think it is because of this JASS or GUII Divine Halo v2.1
  35. Gatheinnnnnnnnnnnn

    Importing Models Glitch

    Hey again wonderful people of the Hive. So I'm back again because I can't figure things out on my own. Basically I had a bunch of models in a map setting so I could do an altered melee for personal use. It worked fine on one map but then I got bored of it so I decided to export all the model...
  36. matin45

    [Import] Green Icons

    When I import an icon, in pause and more it's green. why? (I imported both icons: btn and disbtn)
  37. Gerrick

    Could not Load .mdl file

    I'm still learning the ropes for WE and I was trying to load this model for the sake of learning Wc2ElvenArcher. I did exactly as the automatically generated guide here says How to import 'Wc2ElvenArcher' | HIVE, but even still when I load the map the WE says "Could not load file...
  38. EggPooPoo

    How to get your imports for all maps in Campaign?

    Ah not sure how to best word the title with the limited character space. Basically I used to always see in people's campaigns as a kid back in 2005, they would have say a campaign called Joe's Quest or Return of the Dragons, and they had say 15 maps to the campaign. BUT, here's the rub. I...
  39. Gusanoman

    Loading imported files for all maps in a campaign

    Hi there. I have created a complete technological tree for two races (a very expanded naga race and a steampunk themed gobling race) and I have both working for the first map of my custom campaign. I did not have big problems when importing models and icons for the techtree (mainly from this...
  40. SSJ7107

    Custom Birth Animation

    I have downloaded a custom birth animation but the problem is how do I set it as birth animation?
  41. deepstrasz

    [Import] 1.29.2 object editor data on newer patches

    Hey, is there a way to have all my object editor data kept by the manner of exporting and importing it? Say, I'll not use Latest (Melee Patch) but Custom TfT 1.07 (the stable/standard version?) but first export all object data of 1.29.2 and then import it over the 1.07 version (once the map is...
  42. Yusuf123

    [Import] Importing custom tilesets? Tilesets not showing?

    So i found these tutorials on how to import custom tilesets and i did what they said but when i go to advance>modify tileset the tiles don't appear.. So here's a screenshot of my import paths; can someone tell me why its not showing or am i missing something? I'm downloaded a ton of tilesets and...
  43. Sarungard

    [Import] Model went missing after 1.29

    Hi guys! After the patch I reopened one of my older map, where I used Happytauren's Chaos Citadel which was working fine. Until now, of course. And it is totally missing, I get a green box only. The fun fact, that model does not use any resources, just the base file only. I tried to reopen...
  44. The Panda

    How do i import models correctly?

    I import the .mdx file of a doodad or unit towards my map then hit the save button but when I try to look for the model I just imported, there is nothing there.. what am I doing wrong? It is also random models, some models work easily and some just don't.
  45. Daniel Cuomo

    Trouble importing certain custom models

    Hi All, I am having some trouble importing some custom models for my map. i will link the first one i am having trouble with and explain whats happening. Blackrock Grunt Everytime i try and use this model all i am getting is the shadow along with "could not upload" message. i tried saving and...
  46. Arohk

    Importing files impossible.

    Since i updated to the last patch i cannot import files anymore, it always shows this error: i have already looked for a solution around here but nthing helped, like starting in admin mode.
  47. ice_cold_killer

    [Import] Error - Import failed: can't copy from C:\Users ...

    HELP! I am running it as administrator and for some reason I can't import any files and I thought perhaps I had to many imports on the map so I deleted one and tried to put one over it, and it still didn't work please help I am so stuck When I trying to import a model I get this error Error...
  48. Goregoose

    Merging TTOR resources(units/abilities) with the latest version of Wc3 World Editor

    Hi guys, I've noticed a topic that has cropped up on the forums more than a few occasions with not many people replying and that's about utilizing the resources from the TTOR mod and putting into regular Wc3 for use. I myself mentioned this a couple times in my other two threads. Well, I'm...
  49. Wardota2 Gamer

    [Import] What is the full path of a Consule?

    I actually dont know what is the full path of a consule and I have a consule of a naga race but I can import it because I dont know what is the full path or how to import it so guys can you tell me please?
  50. Gmk

    Problem exportin/importing from campaigns/custom maps objet table

    My english isnt the best so sorry. I was finding a way to rip specially custom races for my own campaigns (moslty for fun, i dont think what i can made some good to post) but i am getting a lot of troubles with it. Actually it generate a very small file when i export and when import just a few...