[Import] Can't Give Imported Assets Custom Paths

I'm no longer able to give assets I've imported custom paths. Double-clicking the Full Path doesn't allow me to edit the field. However, I can edit File Name, Mode, Teen and Locale by double-clicking their columns. I tried to edit the path with 'Modify File Properties...' option but it just highlights the File Name, thinking that I'm going to rename the asset. Also, when changing the graphics mode of an asset to HD, it adds this prefix '_HD.wc3mod' after the 'war3modImported' subdirectory. I can't tell if this is a bug or an update for the World Editor that I don't know of. If it's the latter, then the auto-generated tutorial should be changed since it still provides instructions on how to change the custom path (if it's necessary for the asset) using the old method.