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help me

  1. AbellFan2004

    Can't open my Custom Campaign in World Edit nor ingame

    Hello, I've been working on this campaign for a couple of months now. Yesterday I did a lot of work on it and saved it, then closed my computer. I tried to open it this morning and it simply did not want to open, either ingame or in world edit. Please, if anyone can help me I'd be very...
  2. Tuwnew

    [Crash] Unknown crash of my Campaign Map (1.31.1)

    Hello everyone! I have a persistent issue on one of my map I made for my custom campaign. It happens only on my Chapter Seven: Sifting the Ashes. It bothers me a lot and though I've made some intense testing and debugging, I can't find WHY it crashes "randomly". So today, I am asking if some...
  3. nakotajs

    Help find old map

    Hello, can maybe someone help me, I really want to find an old Warcraft 3 map I used to play, but I can't remember the name. I remember that at the start you choose a hero, and go kill mobs to level up, there are bosses scattered to kill, I don't remember what triggered it, but later a model of...
  4. worldeditor2023

    Need help to find a old wc3 map

    Hello friends, I need help in finding a old rpg map. I apologize for my bad english. As far as I remember that rpg map,(I only played singleplayer of that map so I dont know that if it was a multiplayer aswell) starts with you choosing a hero and then a AI allie that has a blood elf...
  5. Dord96

    [SD/Modeling] help changing the attack effects for some models of jaina

    hello there some custom jaina models here that i the attack effct that is fire will by removed or changed to blue fire or some thing that resmbel frost ice attack effect this are the models 1 2 and 3 becuas jaina in lore is a frost mage pleass help 🙏
  6. Dejavwho

    Can't open my maps

    This is Reforged. Everything was fine, I think maybe the update screwed everything. Now I can't open my custom maps in editor, once I do the editor crashes. Also there are tons of new errors that didn't exist before. I tried uninstall and deleted files and reinstalled twice now. Also can't even...
  7. HolyWillRise

    Is it possible to downgrade a map to 1.26? (from 1.31/1.32)

    I have a recently updated map that i want to change to 1.26, because i have friends that doesn't own the game and cannot play it. My map isnt big and i don't have that much triggers. I readed somewhere that it is possible to make but, but i don't have a clue how to do it.
  8. HolyWillRise

    Wc3 patch 1.32 or at least 1.31. Is it possible?

    Hello! I've been working on 1 map from long time. 1 friend really wants to try it, but he doesn't own the game. Is it possible to get wc3 classic patch 1.32? Or the newest patch possible? Before year i was playing on 1.26 classic, on Gameranger its platform where u can play it, without having...
  9. jj84

    [SD/Modeling] Rename dota allstars files

    Hi friends I have all dota allstars files, I want to help me to write their names.
  10. Captain_Teemo

    [General] AI Pinging Map Trigger

    Hello, I'm trying to write a trigger that displays a text tutorial (Which i've gotten working) but i'm having issues getting the (AI Teammate) to ping locations on the map described by the tutorial. Does anyone know how you'd trigger this? Rather new to Wedit i'm trying to make a map similar to...
  11. Rubellu Sidus

    [SD/Modeling] Isendra - Diablo II Sorceress

    Hey, guys! I would like someone to help me in a issue I've been facing. I've created a Diablo II Sorceress using the base model of Jaina Proudmoore: The model can be found here: Isendra - Diablo II Sorceress However I am facing a few problems, since I don't have any skills at animating a...
  12. LittleBoy

    [Trigger] Set Ability Field nothing happened

    Hello everyone, sorry in advance if my english is not good, because I can not speak english (currently I use google translate). I am a new member here, I just want to ask, why when I change the ability field in the trigger editor nothing happens or am I wrong? what I make now is : Ability - Set...
  13. Meetius

    Trigger Problem: Spell does not work.

    Hi guys, i have a problem with this two triggers but i dont know what the problem actually is since i think they are well done (other trigger that i have done with the same approach works fine) but, clearly it's not. Can someone help me find what's wrong? : D P.S. The first ability (Divine...
  14. Barorque

    Spell possibility . . .

    Disclaimer: Right, so this is a thread where I'm asking if something is even possible, and if it is, I'd need some serious help :) Got this ¨brilliant¨ idea for a spell, let's call it Amplification Field: - Example hero has a simple Sheep ability. - If the hero puts down the Field, and clicks...
  15. ss4gogeta

    Need Help Creating Multi board

    need help with the multi board for this ranking system. Rank System this one was made for one player apparently and it wont load my player name when copied into my map. Ps. i am a scrub for context
  16. Xero

    Issue with the movement of units

    Hello! This is my first time posting here but I was hoping to reach out to other map creators in regards of an issue that I am facing with a map I have been working on. To make a long story short, the map is like a 1v1 MoBA-styled battleground where you select from a varied of heroes each with...
  17. Kamos


    only thing i could remember was there was one chapter the heroes of the campaign were told a tale in interlude in interlude the second war was reprised you play as anduin lothar in third person but the camera could be replaced with original style after typing a command after you get killed...
  18. demonpuppet

    Multiple hero load issues

    Hi! I'm new in this realm but I started using world editor since 2017. And I know most of you have been using the world editor maybe since 2007? I'm good at triggers, variables and other stuff in the world editor. The only thing that I'm not good at is the JASS. Well it is not primarily concern...
  19. GryfonCZE

    Script not running on a specific map

    Greerings, sorry to bother you, but after a weekend of headache i finally decided to ask for help. I recently updated my WC3 to 1.31 and started working on a new campaign. However, my creation of first mission got stuck, when the game seemingly refused to accept my scripts. - AI players are...
  20. Jake Conner


    So... been working on this map for a year. And now all the sudden, when I try to load it in editor, it will go through all the initializing just fine, but then stops at "loading 2 of 8 triggers". I have tried restarting the computer. I have closed out of it (wasn't responding) dozens of times...
  21. Twizz

    [Spell] How do i add stun effect on chain abilities with trigger?

    I can't add stun effects on chain ablilities (Forked Lightning, Healing Wave etc.). Can someone help me? I'm new.
  22. InSaNe_97

    Passive ability when "Mana Shield" is deactivated.

    Greetings! I want to make "Mana Shield" that when is deactivated unit (that has this ability) have some passive ability. Not about the title: In my case I want that passive ability be to hurl an rock on random target every 0 to 16 seconds in 900 range, that hit the target, deal damage, stun and...
  23. InSaNe_97

    [General] Special type Scoreboard

    Greetings! I need another help, I need to make scoreboard that works in a specific way. Game is end when all bosses is killed, for now there is just two bosses. Bosses are independent each from another, meaning that they not spawn before or after other bosses, and for now, they are in the map...
  24. InSaNe_97

    [General] Double-sided resources.

    Greetings! I need a bit of help, I need to make (for now just for gold) double-sided resources, let me introduce you what I mean. In incoming map I'm making (I will post it on Hive Workshop), player play with chosen hero, one of heroes available is "Shadow Demon", it is one hero with two bodies...
  25. bojanpet55

    Need Help to finish cinematic

    For a map im doing i need this Cinematic Iv done most of the triggers but i dont understand how the camera thing works, can someone do it for me ?
  26. victorsuazo1991

    RPG- NEO-GENESIS V1.O (Soy nuevo en esto)

    Muy buenas a todos, hablo español por lo que mi ingles es malo. La verdad es primera vez que comparto algo aca, nunca he hecho un mapa ni subido nada, tampoco me se las normas del foro asi que si posteo algo mal por favor indiquenme. Resulta que intento crear mi primer mapa RPG, nunca he usado...
  27. Eiohas

    Predetermined Stats

    Hello, I've been working on a map that I've had a bit of trouble with. One of those problems being; that I have no idea how to make only certain players, not have their starting unit, fx when you've chosen your race and you enter the game - you'll be given your main hall of X-race and the...
  28. pleasancer benediction

    [Crash] World Editor Crash!

    I've been getting crash every single time my unit attack the ai ,and also receive this.
  29. Rubellu Sidus

    [Role Playing Game] Diablo Tribute - Item Class

    As some of you may know, I'm making a Diablo I Map in WarCraft 3, this map is highly based on other Diablo II maps (most of my map is based on Diablo II - Classic by WokVingador). I'm having some doubts in the item class, since I wanted them to offer more than Attack Damage or Armor Points, and...
  30. diabloIIIROS

    Warcraft 3 Creates 2 of every folder and map!

    I got this problem when I put a map in the maps folder, then open Warcraft 3 ROC/TFT it creates another map/folder of it (makes the list really long). I got the game located in " This PC > Documents > Warcraft III Public Test ". The game used to be located my (D) drive but I moved it because...
  31. KNEZ95

    [Altered Melee] PLEASE HELP!

    Hello fellow fans of World Editor, I recently made a map and I spent over 20 hours in desperate attempts to fix the problem I get. The map is still not completed and it is early Alpha/Beta version but the problem about it is that when I turn AI to play, no matter if there is 1,2 or 11 AI players...
  32. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    HELP :(

    By any chance could someone possibly work with me collab or just give me a couple of pointers on making like a rpg map with triggers and making enterable houses,dungeons,caves guard AI balanced leveling and xp system the whole general idea behind it is that all the franchise characters from...
  33. InSaNe_97

    Healing potion stronger over time.

    OK folks, you know what I want. I want to my "Potion of healing" when consumed heal 20% of max hp + 1 for every 6 seconds passes in game. How I can make second part of my potion "+ 1 for every 6 seconds passes in game". Can anyone help me? Please? Thank you.
  34. InSaNe_97

    Triggering exact hero?

    I need help, again... First to thank you everyone for supporting me and my work giving me great answers and what I ask for. Now I need some simple thing, I guessing it's doing in variables, I never before used it because it's so confusing to me. So what's exactly I need? I need make when hero...
  35. Seavalan Legend

    Cleave w/o Slam Animation

    Whenever a unit has an ability based on Cleave, it uses its Slam animation. I am not skilled in triggers, so I was wondering if anyone could help me make a trigger for three levels of Cleave, identical to its non-trigger counter-part, but does not force the unit to using their Slam animation. I...
  36. MangaPwnz

    [Trigger] Fixing Leaks

    Hi, I recently started working on a map (about 2-3 days ago) and I just can't seem to get my head around leaks. Could someone please tell me where this leaks and how to fix it? This is what I've come up with on my own. 1. Special effect creation might leak. Not sure if "Position of Shockwave...
  37. Seavalan Legend

    Request: Opaque Kil'jaeden

    Is there any chance someone would be willing to provide a not-see-through form of Kil'jaeden's Warcraft 3 model. I am referring to the smaller one with Archimonde's animations. Thanks in advance. :D
  38. Iraxx

    Skill - Instant Construction (how to make?)

    Hello people, I'm new here and I'm sorry for my English, because I can not speak very well. :D I'm wanting to create a skill that when starting to build a build you can use the skill to complete it instantly. This works on allied constructions as well, similar to the '' Build Power '' of the...
  39. Turtul

    The UNDERTALE race!!!!

    Hi! My name is Octavio Maiani and I'm a fan of UNDERTALE (Not so much to have dolls everywere in my house). I just love everything about it, the gameplay, characters, it's retro style of graphics and especially the music. WHO DOESN'T LOVE MEGALOVANIA, SPEAR OF JUSTICE OR HEARTACHE? But I'm going...
  40. DylanheBuilder

    Some questions about triggers and unit groups.

    Im making a map and im making temp unit groups to attack my base and i have some questions. 1. How do i make a temp unit group and add units too it. 2. How do i make a trigger that trains more units for my groups. 3. How do i make undead units collect stuff? 4. How do i make acolytes and other...
  41. Mathayis

    [Spell] Spell lag

    Hey there! I'm currently testing a map that I've been working on for a while now...and i'm starting to notice some major lag as the game goes on, after about 5 hrs in, whenever enemy's cast spells, spells such as flame strike, it lags sooo bad! It never use to be like this. the last time i...
  42. InSaNe_97

    [Solved] Gold income units.

    I make this: "Money Events Time - Every 10.00 seconds of game time Conditions Actions Player - Add ((Number of living Sludge Minion units owned by Player 1 (Red))) to Player 1 (Red) Current gold" But I want make this: "Money Events Time - Every 10.00 seconds of game time Conditions...
  43. InSaNe_97

    Unit train unit

    Ok folks, I need help. I need to make unit can train other units. I know how to make ability cost resources, but if I do this with ability I will not have normal training time, so please help. Not important: I try to make this, but nothing what I try works, then I try to find on internet, but I...
  44. Seavalan Legend

    Merging Units

    Can someone help me make it possible for three units of different unit types to merge into one unit, similar to the Archons in StarCraft. I want the units to be able to activate it with an ability. I do not think it is possible with the default abilities, but maybe someone can make a custom...
  45. Seavalan Legend

    Haunted Gold Mine

    In the editor, the ability "Blighted Gold Mine" always turns the unit with the ability into a Haunted Gold Mine. Is it possible to set the ability, or a copy of it, to a different unit? Thanks in advance! :D
  46. Seavalan Legend

    Can't Add Maps

    So I am starting a custom campaign for Warcraft 3. However, for some reason, it can not properly add maps. When I try to save after adding a map, it says: "Unable to copy campaign map from [file path]." When I try opening added maps, it says: "Unable to load file [file path] -Main map file...
  47. Seavalan Legend

    Basic Shapes + Recolored Wisps

    I would like to request a few things. I think they would be simple, but they might not be as I have no experience in 3d modelling. My first set of requests is 11-15 Basic 3D shapes textured similar to either Checkered Cube (Green), Checkered Cube (Purple), or in a similar checkered pattern, but...
  48. MrHobby_53

    Making buildings invulnerable while they are being constructed

    Hello, so, I am making a map and I need to make it so the buildings, whilst they are being built, to be invulnerable but when they havebeen finished become vulnerable again. Is there a possibility to do that with triggers if yes could you help me?
  49. sashablanche

    World Editor weird text bug HELP!

    I have used world editor many many times and everything was ok but then my computer broke. after fixing it the world editor has now weird texts in object editor please Heeeeelp (sorry for my english btw)
  50. The1GreyFox

    [Role Playing Game] Input on a "Fantasy Life" Spin-Off ???

    What do you guys think about a "Fantasy Life" spin-off? It would have some similar elements to create familiarity in the helpful sense, but obviously not be a duplicate or too confusingly different. I'm mostly trying to get a pool of how many people might be interested in this kinda thing...