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Discussion in 'World Editor Help Zone' started by Maks Lion Of Orcs, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Maks Lion Of Orcs

    Maks Lion Of Orcs

    Jan 31, 2017
    By any chance could someone possibly work with me collab or just give me a couple of pointers on making like a rpg map with triggers and making enterable houses,dungeons,caves guard AI balanced leveling and xp system the whole general idea behind it is that all the franchise characters from different cartoons,manga,comics,anime,movies etc.... team up to save the parallel universe against other franchise villains including wc but im just fairly kinda new at this
  2. MasterBlaster


    Feb 23, 2014
    If you're new to Warcraft 3 map making, you should probably start by checking out the tutorial section:
    WarCraft III Tutorials

    There you should find a lot of guides that will show you how to make great terrain, including things such as houses or dungeons.

    For example, these tutorials explain how to create an "enterable" structure:
    How to make directly enterable houses (no dummie houses)
    Enterable Buildings

    These explain how to make a decent dungeon:
    Creating a Dungeon Entrance
    How to Make an Epic and Worthwhile Dungeon

    And these are some general guides about making a nice looking terrain:
    The Ultimate Beginners Terrain Tutorial
    Natural Environments
    Advanced Terraining Tutorial

    Browse through this section of the tutorial forum to look for other tutorials on general map-making and terraining:
    General Mapping Tutorials

    Also, if you are completely new to Warcraft 3 map making, you might wish to first check out some of the basic tutorials such as this one:
    A Beginner's Guide to Map Making

    As for triggers, be sure to visit the GUI tutorial section:
    Trigger (GUI) Editor Tutorials

    Since you are a beginner, some basic guides can be found here:
    Basics of Triggers
    Chaosy's GUI tutorial for beginners
    Basic Triggering
    Complete and Concise GUI Tutorial

    Once you learn all of that, you can move on to some a bit more advanced stuff such as implementing game systems or designing AI. I will not post any links to guide on these topics here, but if you wish to check them out anyway - just head over to the tutorial section :)


    And... Remember that what I've posted are just some examples of the useful tutorials that are available on the Hive. You can find way more in the mentioned tutorial section :)

    At any rate, follow the tutorials and you should get a general idea on how to create a map - the rest is pretty much up to you. With some experimentation and time you should eventually get there and be able to create a decent map, be it an RPG or something else.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2018