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Warlords Empire lost

Submitted by Avahor
This bundle is marked as awaiting update. A staff member has requested changes to it before it can be approved.


Legends Of Sand and Trechery

"...In the sands of Irntu-Hell a song calls for you,
from the oasis to the caves a storm comes for you
the warlords battle sounds far on the horizont line
the fierce scream arrives with the sand breezes
Again and again the desert's pilgrims start the march
march to control the entire land
march to see the death dancing in the storm...
see the nature fighting to emerge from this dry land
Will choose you to fight until the death?
will emerge your heroes glorious from the battle?.
come and listen the sand song
come and be evolved in the sand storm...."


Based on the old version of Warlords Empire, here is Warlords Empire L.O.S.T. wich improves
mostly of the previous systems, terrain, code and look & feel from the original map.

The game experience is about gaining control over map areas and make enemy domination by
destroying their core base building, specifically their "Emblems".
When game starts you are issued to select a race from the race portal, there are 10 race options
to choose. Instantly picking your option, your core base is deployed on player's current start
location (random point in the map). You are not alone at this point, players have to choose
forces to play as allies: Storm song or Sand Song.

You start the game with a little amount of units (8), a charger vehicle and three buildings:
Your emblem building that provides heal for your troops and offers some items to buy,
your tech building that allows unit property improvements and your first trainer building
that create new units to fight in your army. From here you must start building your own domain.


Building your domain

  • At map start, the game deploys neutral controls points based
    on total number of active slot players. A control point is a
    neutral trainer building. There's an average rate of 8~10
    neutral control points spawned per player. This feature
    makes map more flexible to any number of players
    (1v1,2v2, 4v4, 8v8, etc).
    When you destroy an enemy trainer building, a temporary
    owned unit is deployed giving you 3 control options:

    • Deploy it as owned trainer
    • Pillage the previous owner and return the
      captured building to him.
    • Destroy it.
    Deploy option expand your controled zone by adding
    new trainer buildings to your collection.
    Pillage takes resources from last owner and retrieves it to you.

    A new feature added to this map version is tree spawn growing; New deployed trainers can enable trees spawn around them to
    gather lumber. Each race has its own tree type assigned. Late in game you will check how the landscape has been modified by
    trees and grass spreading.
    Neutral control points should be any random race's trainer building in its first, second or final upgrade. Ultimate neutral trainer
    building like castle or Keep are spawned with low rate while mostly of them are spawned at first stage.
    If you attack neutral control points the game will spawn defensives unit at first attack. The amount of spawned units and their levels
    equals to the stage of the attacked building. Last stage buildings are stronger to beat than the basic stage.

  • [​IMG]

    Upgrading trainer building unlocks you new units and
    allows to deploy defensive towers. Each defensive tower
    can deploy 3 settlements, each seetlement has worker
    to gather wood. settlements can deploy walls, each wall
    has two improvement levels, increasing hit points.
    use this feature to make safe your controled places.

  • [​IMG]

    It's a feature that will be released complete on future versions.
    It consist in connection controls. For now each trainer unit has
    way path cast ability that builds paths between owned buildings.
    In current status this feature is merely decorative.

Conform your Army

  • Each race has five unit types to train:

    • hard melee type
    • light melee/ranged
    • light/hard mage
    • hard defense
    • ligh/hard air.
    Magic and defense units are unlocked by upgrading first stage trainer building.
    Air units are trained from the highest trainer building, castles, keeps, etc.
    Game food limit cap is 150.


  • You can evolve your units by killing enemy units. A counter like "9/12" shows
    current kills for any unit under your control: first digit shows current amount
    of kills, second digit shows required amount to reach next stage of the evolution.
    Each evolving unit has 4 stages:

    • Stage 1: the normal trained unit wich comes with default race
      type ability and with a small chance of get a innate ability.
    • Stage 2: the unit grows to a new rank with increased properties
      and a new ability.
    • Stage 3: the unit upgrades to a higher rank with higher properties level,
      new ability and items inventory.
    • Stage 4: the unit becomes hero. with AGI,STR,INT skill levels and
      two new abilities (one ultimate). Heroes can be recovered from the
      tech building after death. there's one hero allowed per unit type,
      so you can own 4 heroes per game.
    Besides the killing way, any unit that his counter kills reach to 3 gets a
    killer brand ability that increases a bit his attack speed and movement speed.
    this killer brand has 4 levels. When the unit evolves to another rank the
    killer brand is reseted and removed to start again from zero.

  • There are 2 main resources in game: gold & lumber.
    Gold is for aggresive tactics and Lumber is for defensive tactics.
    You get gold as income each 40 sec. More trainer buildings
    owned equals more gold income. You get gold too by killing
    enemy units, higher rank means higher gold reward. Lumber
    is used to deploy and upgrade walls and masonry and is used
    too for buying rare artifacts from oasis shops located near to
    the center of the map and equipment for heroes.
    You get lumber as reward from killing ranked units. Another
    way to get lumber faster is deploying settlements for towers
    wich have their own lumber worker.

Explore the lands
  • [​IMG]
    Due these kind of map has low influence at their release and due their peculiarities
    and the high amount of slots to be loaded, you could find hard to test, know and learn
    the game with other players via multiplayer options. To solve this inconvenience you
    can test the map by adding computer players. There are 11 AI setups with 3 sub
    configurations according to computer difficulty chosen [easy - normal - hard].

    AIs are chosen randomly when game starts and their difficulty level is stated as:
    [soldier -> easy] [lord->normal] [warlord->insane], this relation sometimes doens't make
    the axiom that insane is the hardest difficulty. Some tests logs have shown that
    Soldier AI become stronger than Warlords AI in determined circumstances.
    You can test all slots with AI, Anyway there may be some lag if you play with the
    others 23 computers, so use them as your convenience.

    In future release you will be able to select any of these 10 AI personalities.

General Frank, Elenai, kaycei, Rondo, wingednosering,
HappyTauren, Kitabatake, Tarrasque, Leeroy, dickxunder,
Hanza-Ru, Mr. Bob, ikillforeyou, Just_Spectating, InfernalTater,
Cihparg, Remixer,induwer.

Mc !, SantoRayo[iP], RaeVanMorlock, ElfWarfare,
olofmoleman, Gwen Stefani, General Frank, Anachron,
KelThuzad,Kael Theron, Deon, AbstractCreativity, Dmazzz.



::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Version 1.1 log:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
- worker now dies when his settlement is destroyed
- Relocated some start location points
- Fixed vampire count model


Warlords Empire Lost v1.1 (Map)

Maybe you could work more on the randomizing aspect as the terrain is pretty one tile and empty. Use Button Manager v1.8.2 to make Healing Aura's icon look passive and make a proper passive icon for Piercing Arrow as it looks as if...
  1. Traner


    May 28, 2012
    Is it okay, that map doesn't have fog of war in multiplayer games?
  2. Avahor


    Sep 29, 2008
    It's okay. Mostly of conquer maps doesn't have fog of war enabled, and those with fog enabled host players always change map visible from bnet menu
  3. deepstrasz


    Map Reviewer

    Jun 4, 2009
    1. Maybe you could work more on the randomizing aspect as the terrain is pretty one tile and empty.
    2. Use Button Manager v1.8.2 to make Healing Aura's icon look passive and make a proper passive icon for Piercing Arrow as it looks as if disabled/unresearched.
    3. Killer Brand should have a passive icon.
    4. Raze and Pillage Building should have active icons.
    5. Paused has no DISBTN. It looks green on pause/F10. Learn a bit about icons:
      Complete Icon Tutorial - All About Icons
      How to Make an Icon
    6. What does way trace do? Describe the ability further.
      Tooltip Tutorial
      Creating Good Descriptions
    7. What's a charguer?
    8. Spawning positions are too random. Enemy players might start too near each other.
    9. Randomization also needs more work on where things appear, sometimes neutral buildings are too close to each other and parts of the map are empty.
    10. Defensive Tower ability should have a visible cooldown (description).
    11. Icon positions in the upgrade building (human) need to be sorted. They change depending on which is researched first.
    12. One of the drakes came out with the repair ability.
    13. How many levels per upgrade? Description doesn't say.
    14. Absorption should be passive. How did my archer get it since it did no kills or is that an upgrade of the unit which resets kills?

    Generally, Warcraft III dependent.
    Waiting for a more close to finish update, factions and stuff.
    Would be cool if you could also randomize the terrain.

    Awaiting Update.

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