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Warlords Empire [AI] - v0.41b


A recent Upgraded version has been released, please check it here: Warlords Empire lost

In this land you must conquer a safe zone near your base and defend it from any enemy invasion while you are owning all enemy bases.

You can conform your army with 4 unit types: light melee, ranged, mage and heavy melee (some races have little diferents types ej: heavy ranged from trolls) and any unit from these types can evolute to warlord killing lots of units in battlefield. Warlord unit is hero type, can be revived on the tech center and max level is 25.

- Finished Bloody Warlord
- Finished Darkness Warlord
- Fully Rebuilded AI.
- Enabled Novice - Normal and Insane Mode
- Added Selectables AI enemies.
- Now Ai can raze and pillage owned buildings.
- Now Ai can start building towers and Obstacles.
- Increased Inner Force cold down duration from 5 to 14 seconds.
- Improved tower damage dice balance.
- Fixed frozen spectre levels.
- Changed pillage rules. now pillage gain 20% of the current gold from the last building owner.
- Changed Damage base on Mercs range units (rogue - assasin - killer) -6 dmg.
- Changed Merc buildings models
- Changed Orcs buildings models.
- Changed some Brutes building models.
- Minor terrrain changes.
- Enabled melee mode (only melee units are allowed to train).
- Enabled range mode (only range units are allowed to train).
- Enabled magic mode (only mage units are allowed to train).
- Enabled tank mode (only tank units are allowed to train).
- Changed magic inmunity on golems, for hardened skin (33% magic reduction)

version 0.41b

- fixed some minor bugs.
- fixed player leaves msg
- new loading screen.

In this game any killer unit has the chance of evolute into another more stronger unit. Each unit have an upgrading way, where the final unit is hero type and rank is Warlord. When a unit kills another unit (non friendly / non allied) a counter is revealed over himself. the first number is the currently amount of kills for that unit, the second number reveals the number of kills required for evolute to the next grade.

When a unit becomes to the new grade the first counter is reset to zero and start again for the next rank. the maximun grade for each unit is warlord. The requirements are diferent for each unit type, because some unit can kill more easily than others, then this diferent amount helps to game balance.

When a unit have 3 or more killed, an passive ability is added, the killer brand skill gives to the killer unit a little bonus of attack speed and movement speed. this skill can be upgrade after 12/36/80 kills.

- To improve the balance of the game, all races have the same way to upgrade Life, Armor and Damage. All requirements are removed from previous version.
- All races have four units to conform an army. only four warlords are allowed per each player, one warlord of each type.
- Each training building can cast a tower build to improve zone defenses, but there are requirements to get the tower, all races have towers allowed.
- Each race have charger units.
- Each race have tech building to research upgrades and revive dead Warlords. if a tech building is destroyed the owner can buy another tech building on the neutrals shops. use this to accelerate researchs.

Dont forget to visit: http://wess.phpnet.us to check any information.

Getting Gold Resources.

the main way for get gold is conquest neutral and enemy buildings, when each turn ends a tax is collected from any training building owned by you. Basic buildings gives less gold than castles. When you destroy a enemy training building you get 1/10 of the current amount of gold from last owner player but that player loses 1/20 of his resources. A second way to get gold is killing, killing and killing. The map flag is on, any killed unit gives bounty gold reward. Also the mercenaryes race always is stealing resources from buildings and units.

Getting Killer Points Resources.

Lumber resource is replaced with killer points. There are 3 ways to get killer points, the main way is getting ranks. For each rank that you gain killing a certain amount of enemy units, you get a major bonus of killer points, indeed when you reaches a new rank in first or second position you gain an extra killer points bonus. The second way is killing upgraded units, those units have a killer point bounty per grade. Second upgrades have 1 killer point bounty, Third upgrades have 2 killer points bounty and Warlords units have 3 killer points bounty. Another way to get killer points is taking the massive killing event. that succed when you kill 7 or more units in little time, in the same point or diferents points at same time. getting 5 killer points. See thief´s skill for more killer points.


In this game any killer unit has the chance of evolute into another more stronger unit. Each unit have an upgrading way, where the final unit is hero type and rank is Warlord. When a unit kills another unit (non friendly / non allied) a counter is revealed over himself. the first number is the currently amount of kills for that unit, the second number reveals the number of kills required for evolute to the next grade.|nWhen a unit becomes to the new grade the first counter is reset to zero and start again for the next rank. the maximun grade for each unit is warlord. The requirements are diferent for each unit type, because some unit can kill more easily than others, then this diferent amount helps to game balance.|nWhen a unit have 3 or more killed, an passive ability is added, the "killer brand" skill gives to the killer unit a little bonus of attack speed and movement speed. this skill can be upgrade after 12/36/80 kills.


In game you can use all slots with computer controller. AI support was designed to emulate a little experienced human player. Indeed after some time of training you can own easy the Ai support. Take care of expanded Ais, those becomes hardest enemies.

Well, A killer ranking in game comes within 0.37 versión. basically after certain amount of killed units, you will gain a new rank, with a Kill Points reward. This is a racing btw all players. The first and second Player who complete a number of kills condition for new rank, gain extra bounty.

With kill points you can buy awesome relics from the map center. All neutral shops was moved to the map center to get items easy. The "Relic Shop" have Aura items, very usefull with ur army. "Rare Things" contains lot of items for your upgrading units, and "Armory" contains needed things for ur Warlord.

From 0.40 to 0.40b
- Fixed tower damage upgrade.
- Fixed Dark Warlord ability skip.
- Fixed tavern Classification.
- Changed brutes wall model
- Assigned Unit formation range for some unit with wrong formation order.
- Reduced Shockwave damage to 60 and cold down increased to 16 seconds.
- Fixed chaos pit bug that can remove wall skill.

From 0.39b to 0.40

- Finished Blade Warlord (orc range patch)
- Enabled health bonus upgrade to all heros.
- Enabled attack bonus upgrade to all heros.
- Enabled armor bonus upgrade to all heros.
- Reduced base research time to 30 secs for Armor, Hp and Damage.
- Added wall to all races.
- increased weak air AoE from 150 to 500.
- changed Dwarf obstacle model to tavern.
- increased Disease cloud AoE from 150 to 400 and damage to 2 hp/sec.
- Rebuilded human farm.
- Rebuilded vampire crypt, now are abandoned house.
with major AoE dissease cloud.
- Rebuilded orc obstacle to Chaos Pit, now can cast blood lust.
- Enabled default active ability on Elvens, N Elfs and Orcs Obstacles.
- Major scales changes on structures.
- changed Incursor skill stomp by shockwave.
- changed zombie worm model to maggot.
- minor changes on terrain.

From 0.39 to 0.39b
- some minor scale changes.
- fixed some minor bugs from 0.39 version
- removed some leaks.
- improved upgrading unit system.
- changed some art colours.
- changed dwarven warrior & dwarven leader models.
- changed human obstacle, farm for stone wall, with major defense bonus.
- finished Lightning Warlord (orc Mage patch)
- removed gold cost from structure research
- reduced time research for structure to 30 seconds.

From 0.38c to 0.39

- Added Settlement event.
- Added training ground event.
- Fixed mayor bug that kicks out the game.
- Reduced the chance of headshot to 10% on dwarfs.
- New Building Settlement.
- New Building Training ground.
- Fixed minor issue on killer brand upgrade, new level at 3/12/36/80 kills.
- Added 1 armor and 20 hp to soldiers.
- Reduced hp on vampires to 160.
- Reduced hp on Dark stalkers to 240.
- Reduced damage from fragments to 5.
- Reduced Stun time to 2/2.5/3/3.5 sec on stunning pellets.
- Reduced Damage on Magician, Wizzard and Archmage to 12/24/30
- Increased Ganya power on trolls from 5 to 8 seconds.
- Finished Sniper Warlord
- Finished Thunder Warlord
- Replaced Ice Storm ability on Lich Warlord
- Added 4 new cities.

From 0.38b to 0.38c

- Improved all innate abilities, now pressing ESC, you can autoselect units with innate abilities.
- Rebuilded Orc warlord ultimate"repel".
- Rebuilded Templar Warlord Ultimate "sacred Frenzy"
- Finished Sorceress Warlord
- Finished Explosive Warlords.
- Finished Vamp Warlord.
- Finished Thief Warlord.
- Finished Golem Warlord.
- Improved all AI´s
- Fixed some uncommon issues and minor bugs.

From 0.38 to 0.38b

- Upgrade requirements and Killing sistem changed. Now a upgraded unit has diferent bounty than basic unit.
- Added new feature: Innate Abylities: there are 9 innate abilities. including Spy, Repair,etc. Each new trained unit has a little chance to get an innate ability.
- Changed default mode to -warrior
- Enabled Supply usage for all upgrading units.
- Added new flyng unit: Batrider (for trolls)
- Added new flyng unit: Ice drake (for humans, gryphons moved to dwarfs)
- Added new unit for all races: Obstacles.
- Fixed some errors on units without mana.
- Fixed leavers nick.
- Added new unit Ancient Warrior.
- lots of minor changes to improve the game.
- Training grounds only gives gold, not kill bounty (TG will removed by other instance on next release).
- Fixed life upgrade, now all units get new hp bonus.

From 0.37 to 0.38
-Added New Race: Human
-Added New Race: Elvens
-Added New Race: Dwarfs
-Added New Race: Vampires
-Added New Race: Undeads
-Added New Race: Brutes
-Added New Race: Orcs
-Added New Race: Night Elfs
-Added New Race: Trolls
-Added New Race: Mercenaries
-Rebuilded all conquest procedures (thanks to blackcat, Nothu, Mechanical man and all poster for his suggestions)
-Added 4 warlords per each race.
-Added 4 basic units per each race.
-Added 1 tower unit per each race
-Added 1 flying unit per each race (except dwarfs)
-Previous Warlords moved to own race.
-Changed Upgrading system, now you can see te max requirement.
-Rebuilded Major AI´s
-Rebuilded Multiboard.
-Rebuilded Tower system, now towers can be casted from any training building.
-Changed major´s cost on all items.
-Rebuilded Templar warlord.
-Rebuilded Ravager warlord.
-Rebuilded Succubus Warlord.
-Added Two training grounds.
-Major changes realized on the terrain.
-Removed all caves.
-Added main portal to select your race.
-Added Scroll of curation to Healer shop.
-Rebuilded Frozen Armor Relic. Now have a little chance of cast frost nova per each attack.
-Removed all guardian units.
-Increased reward per each new rank on 30 kill points.
-New place for all neutral shops, and there two of each neutral shop on the map.
-Added some commands to help us in game.
-Introducing WESS acronym for the map name "Warlords Empire - Second Stage (WESS)"
-Changed Loadingscreen and minimap preview.
-Improved voice effects.

This changelog is a very reduced compilation of all changes made, plz check yourself all new features on the map.

From 0.36 to 0.37
- Enabled AI functions for Left Players on Bnet
- Added Rank players, kill to win rank.
- Added New Resource: Kill points
- Added New Shop: Relics, sells Aura items
- Added New Shop: Armory, Sells Bonus items
- Added lots of new items, check it on neutral shops
- Added Sound effects per each new rank.
- Upgrading Units bounty now are Kill points.
- Added New unit: Charguer. can store ur items n relics
- Improved Succubus Warlord Stats, and Skills.
- Improved Orc Warlord Skill Repel, now can reduce damage.
- Now shops are on center map
- New event: Massive kill, gain +5 extra kill points
- New base item: Mana potion.

From 0.36 to 0.36b
- Enabled Ai for Left Players on Bnet

From 0.35 to 0.36

- Changed Orc Warlord ability Deep cut for Brutal Hit
- Fixed repel bug, only buff casting hero
- Changed upgrade armor, weapon and life requirements to Stronghold, Castle and Warlord.
- New stats balance revision
- Changed Templar Warlord Ability: Redemptio by Sacred Cross.
- Changed Some start player positions
- Lot of terrain changes
- Changed Globlin Shop1 position, near center of map
- Revised Improved AI
- New Unit added: Defensive Tower, buy it on arca
- New Unit Added: Succubus - Dark maiden - Demoness - Succubus Warlord
- Removed Abilities Section description, if u want learn more about abilities plz check map description on Hiveworkshop.
- Changed amount of Hp bonus upgrade to 25
- Increased hp and movespeed on guardians, Brave Guardians, Wild Guardians and other upgrades.
- Added Custom Loading Screen
- added minimap Preview
- Changed art of disperse rock and Repel.
- Templar Warlord now cast multiple Holy Light

From 0.35 to 0.35b
- Fixed several bug on hero upgrade

From 0.34 to 0.35
- Fully improved AI at slot 1,3,4,5,6,7
- Changed archer upgrade kills number to 6,12,20 on novice mode, 7,15,28 on warrior mode and 8,20,40 on warlord mode
- Lot of terrain changes.
- Added two neutral fortress.
- Changed buildings models
- added free Memory amulet to defend your base

From 0.33b to 0.34
- Enabled Templar Warlord (Hero class, no unit)
- Added graveyard with skeletons respawn each 60 sec
- Added new unit:Guardian
- Added Item: resurrection stone, buy it on goblin shop
- Changed some terrain aspect.
- New revision on units balance.
- extra: fixed templar lumber cost

From 0.33 to 0.33b
This is a quickly update to fix severals unbalanced conditions.

- Enabled Ravager Warlord (Hero class, no unit)
- Disabled multiple Heros of the same type upgrade, now only can have 1 per type
- Enabled player units bounty
- Increased time of respawn Skeleton to 100 seconds.
- Added game mode commands: -novice,-warrior,-warlord
- Added Multiboard to check gaming score

From 0.32 to 0.33

- Changed some terrain aspects
- Checked stats unit improving balance
- Reduced time duration for ability Ravager 6 to 4 seconds
- Reduced number of upgrade Warlords kills from 36 to 24
- Now Warlords are Hero Class
- Third rank units have inventary.
- Added Tunnel building, check it on Items section
- Added Resurrection Stone building
- Removed Neutral Castles in center of map.
- Temporarily removed units: Centaur,Mamuth,Spider.
- Added three research techs : Health, Armor, Damage, check it on Resurrection Stone

All Credits for models and icons signed into map

Enjoy Warlords Empire.

Warlords Empire [AI] - v0.41b (Map)

21:47, 10th Aug 2010 ap0calypse: Approved
Level 3
Jan 19, 2008
Warlords Empire 0.32c is very similar to risk maps there are control points scattered across the map, everyone starts with a control point and 2 buildings to research and buy items, and to train units, it has a interesting twist to it that I found both interesting and fun, after a certain amount of kills your unit will level up becoming more powerful and gaining new abilities. I liked this feature because it made people actually pay attention to fights to make sure units with kills stayed alive and where getting the kills, but there was a downside of this because creeps would randomly spawn and where already in control of control points, so that you would make sure a unit would get all the kills. I suggest that the kill goes to the unit that has the most damage delt to the killed unit. Overall it was a a great start on what could or will be a fun map. :spell_breaker:
Level 5
Aug 19, 2007
Great map, a few suggestions. I had a orc warlord and dwarf warlord but couldn't upgrade because i didn't have a dwarf warrior and grunt it seems like if I have the stronger version I shouldn't run into this problem. It would be nice if you had some kind of built in kill counter besides just the floating numbers. An example is from broken alliances but instead of an exp bar just a kill bar.
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
True, mechanical man.
I think same ideas. and, on next upgrades, this map will have enought amount of upgrading units, to select any race. For now, this map concept and gameplay is under development and there is not final ended versión.
The final gameplay concept focus is conform a solid army game, from initials upgrading units.
In tested games, i detect 3 diferents tactics. Players choosing build a unique unit to get fast a final Warlord. Anothers choose to conform an stack with 12 upgrading units like commandos, and others training a large army to expand on the map, and also others only using dogs.

Well, all tactics gets good answers and funny games.
More units will come on future upgrades. (sorry for my english)
Level 3
Jun 18, 2006
I've played this map a few times. It's great. There are a few things I recommend you to change, though:
-When any kind of castle is destroyed it leaves an "owned castletype" building. That one can be easily destroyed and that permanently erases the building from the map. It can happen by accident, not only when you tell your units to. You could make that building invulnerable, but in exchange make those types of buildings only last ~20 seconds. If the player does nothing with it in that time, it will rebuild itself as a neutral building, to prevent that players keep hold of it forever.

Another thing, which was mentioned before, is that you can train your units by slaying allied units. If you really want to implement something such as a denies, you should make attacking allied units impossible over a certain percentage of their hitpoints. That means the players who own the units may not attack them themselves without that condition, because that would mean they could weaken the unit for their ally for them to deny it.

There is another bug: After you pillaged a castle, there is another one spawning next to it. However, the pillaged one stays for about a second. So you can build a castle and directly after pillage it so you have both conquered and pillaged it. That way, you get a castle yourself and a new neutral castle next to that one. It's a duplication glitch. With the new invulnerability system I recommended, a 0 second death time of the castle should be no problem?

I read you were going to implement an evolution for the flying units. Either I recommend you not to, or to nerf their attack power, as they are a big threat to the balance in my eyes by themselves as they are right now. Perhaps that's just me.

Another thing I've been wondering about is: why did you leave out two players in the AI support? You could just make it check whether it's a human player playing or not and have them be active only if it's a computer or a leaver, if that's the problem of having all slots used up. It's not challenging enough to only fight three out of four possible bots, because they lack defense if they don't cover all ground equally.

Also, the map hates winners. At least if you play against AI only. The game tends to crash when you destroy the last AI-controlled healing building and tower. I think you messed something up at the victory trigger, because I always get a fatal error when winning. Always. There has been no exception at all.

As a last thing: I have been wondering..if your English is a problem, why not find a person who speaks a good English and spanish, who could help you translate? Maybe someone can be found for that on the forum. Other than that, you could try an English native and just desccribe what you mean. I'm sure they'll come up with a translation of your description!

All in all this is a great map, but some of the glitches affect the gameplay quite a lot. If all the changes I recommended were to be made I am wondering if the melee units would require a little buff in the evolution speed, as they are really disadvantaged as the cannon fodder type sometimes, but in the end I think it is well possible to upgrade them.
I really like the race idea, I hope to see that in your next version. Keep up the good work!
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
Thank you for your comment blackcat and all posters.
really, read ur comments encourage me enough to continue developing this map.
About ur suggestions and bugs, blackcat, i currently working fixing that. also im working on complete re build of initials procedures, inserting race mode, and because it, owning buildings procedures will be changed fixing that problems. so, that´s take time, since im giving finales tests on my university.

- About dennys, that´s fixed on version 0.38
- About slots without AI, i really added these two Ai on 0.38, currently working fine on my testing maps. but, Ai need change to race mode.
- another thing fixed are item values. lot of relics have increased kp values and chaged some effects values. Ank have decreased prize.
- about races, some of them will come on 0.38 version. So, races will be developed are:Humans - Elvens - Ogres - Demons - Vampires - Undeads - Orcs - Dwarfs - Trolls - Night Elfs - Ents - and a last race with some creeps.
- About melee evolution: uhm there are some modes to upgrade thats units on easy way, anyway I will check that.
- About flying units, i will ckeck that, and on next upgrades all flying units will be not upgraded, since, Flying warlords are very very strongers.
- About win condition, true, there are a lot of better ends. I will rebuild win condition and actions on v0.38.
for 0.38 versión im working on Human - Elvens - Night Elfs - Orcs - Dwarfs - and Vampires races, Inserting some features, units and building aspects per race.

Well, a home page is coming.
xd, i will find a good translator to helpme. (so, tellme where are the major translate needs)

ok. that´s all for now
Enjoy Warlords Empires
Level 2
Oct 15, 2009
hi there

I really like your map because of the unit killing system and so on and I really hope for future releases. =3

Am I wrong or has the AI some bonuses?
Cause when I play 3 people versus 3 pcs its allmost sick how much units the pcs can produce and upgrade at the same time.
(none the less they are beatable but at the beginning they are really tought)

The Knight: sure he is T2 and stuff but hes allmost 2 strong I dunno if you add a evolution for him but I hope not xD
Or is it just me that their too strong?

btw I think the graveyards are intresting "levling spots" for weaker units but wouldnt it make it more intresting when there are other (random) places for creeps to spawn?

Keep up your good work
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
Hi Nothu.

about ur questions
1: I consider two alternatives to improve the evolution of the weaker units, one is adding two training areas in the caves removing two of the 5 monsters. The other option is to implement a collusion system, ie, when a unit participates in the murder of another, earn accomplice points. 3 accomplice points may amount to 1 murderer point. but this improvement will come on future updates, im currently working on races.

2: AI don´t have bonuses except for Ai Dead hero restores time. this take minor time. indeed, the behavior of the AI was designed to emulate the playing way of human player with an average experience.

3: The knight: he as the tank, the same Guardian function but with less cost. Indeed, i consider include knight upgrades. but it will be totally rebuilt to improve game balance.
Level 2
Oct 15, 2009
Thx a lot for the quick answer and the "insights" ;)

one last question: when do u think that the next version will be released?
Level 5
May 12, 2009
Hi, I saw your map and it had only posts about "wow, very good" and other that isn't quite helping so I thought, Ok I'w make a proper post. Well, here it is after totaly five hours of playing I think I had a good look of the map.
Originality is like 5/5 cause I've never played such a map and yeah, there are a lot of risk/strategy maps but this one deserves 5/5 cause with the great option of choosing from so much races and the leveling system is great.

Single player is fine, the AI is allright and fully functional thought in the first 45 minutes it doesn't realy do much exept being owned with proper tactic but after this time it gets kinda berserk and pwns.

Terrain is awesome, you have put so much work on it to have such a variety of terrain and doodads and other.

Description is quite good as in ingame and in Hive Workshop. There is detailed information about almost everything. One thing bodders me thouhgt, the change log is quite big, shorten it a little, wrap the screenshots in hiden tags and why do you have written text thats about the game when you have an "about the game" tab where even more detailed information is? Just delete the one in the beggining and put the "about the game" up.

Balancing is nice, I have nothing to say.

Gameplay is quite good, I didn't sufer lag or crashes and it was quite fun.

Credits are given properly, well done.

I didn't like much the variety of units(the thing with the only four units) and the fact that the dwarf race hasn't flying units(lol, that's major unbalance).

Overral this map is quite fun, simple but yet very good.
I give you 5/5.
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
Ads for versión 0.39.

Greettings to all followers of Warlords Empire.

by some complicated personal situations, the development of the map was a couple of months in detention. but I notice that version 0.39 is coming out. this version will have the most complete upgradable units, plus add a function to self-selection of units with similar innate abilities.
improved the majority of innate abilities.
improved the balance of the third unit for vampires became too strong in relation to units of similar grade and reduce the harm from gun men's self-timer.
I am also working on better definition of obstacles, it aims to provide an effective tool in building an adequate defense without unbalancing the game for both attacker and defender.
It is very probable that in this version include a building that recognizes colonized territories, delivering certain categories (towns, cities, fortresses) according to how defenses are mounted, these categories would deliver some defensive bonuses, in turn, is being studied to recognize battle types (regular attack, siege, pillage, devastation, conquest) and determine certain bonds to attacker and defender in each case.

Well, now those are the ads for version 0.39.
greetings and continue to enjoy Warlords Empire.
Level 5
Apr 19, 2009
bugs i found:
1: when you get upgrades newly trained units are more affected by upgrades than older ones are
2: explosive warlords can blast himself across map with impact bolt and into bottem area or other areas that units cannot normaly get to, also this sometimes causes him to be stuck and unable to move because he must cast the impact bolt on land that can be walked on

problems with gameplay i found:
1: armies and units tend to run out of units to kill for ranks once the neutral creeps run out due to removal of feed camps
2: dwarven artilery is incredibly powerful when supported with a few units, i had powder teams do 80-200 siege damage and with coltmen and some ranks on both they could take an army thier size an lose only a few units
3: warlords tend to be much weaker than thier rank 3 counterparts due to upgrades
4: unit abilties are nice, but they are hard to use in the heat of the battle when everything is in chaos unless you are very good with micro, since units die much faster than in normal melee, it is hard to use them so that they can be of any purpose, with a few exeptions, such as the dwarven artilery's stunning pellet, which once you get 2-3 TNT teams it can stun armies
5: some warlords are very weak in abilties compaired to others, such as sniper warlord and explosive warlord, the former has no abilties other than stat boost, and the latter has some very powerful abilties, like impact shot and stunning pellets, and even a gaint nuke that obliderates armies in one cast
6: weak melee units have little chance of leveing since thier leveld forms are much weaker than tanks, and most units give 2 kills, so melee is merely feed

that concludes my problem report

P.S. i play as dwarf a lot.
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
Thanks for the help crawlers.

i check all ur notes on next release.

there are other bug, that can kick out the game when a player pulses ESC.

so, u can get explosives warlords from unwalkable area with memory charm item, than can teleport any unit to the caster.
Level 5
Mar 13, 2010
i got some bugs for ipprove map becuz i love it (i love scubba warlord :D )
First i played with computers not player!
-i upgrade armors of my soldier but they upgraded when i call new soldier or they lwl up(i mean transfrom new unit)
-my units are kill more than 50 unit but there is always say this unit kill 3 unit why that skill goes up from 1 lwl?(kill skill gained after killing pepople)
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
about the killer brand, yes there are a error from the 0.37 versión. this ll be fixed.
about the upgraded unit died is part of the game rules, but on next release, i ll add a building that u can recover your died unit.
about the amor upgraded, i cannot understood what talking about. if u can show me more details.. ;).

i am prepairing a fast fix release. where the mayor problem are solved, included the imbalance of the dwarvens.
Level 22
Feb 3, 2009

As a Reviewer of the Map Reviewers Group, I joined the THW Cleaning Event.
end up writing a fast review, or just posting the end state of the map, rating is not always included!

Current State for this map: Approved

I will contact the moderator to Approve/Reject the map, depending on what you recieved.

Level 13
Sep 29, 2008

As a Reviewer of the Map Reviewers Group, I joined the THW Cleaning Event.
end up writing a fast review, or just posting the end state of the map, rating is not always included!

Current State for this map: Approved

This announcement is an excellent new.
thanks barathrum for all management, I am very pleased with the approval of warlords empire map. The following version is very near to exit.
I'll report some typos/grammatical errors here (because I like this map).

Evolute your soldier to the best warrior...
Evolve your soldiers to the best warriors...

Make itself a powerfull Warlord...
Make them powerful Warlords...

Conquest the world...
Conquer the world...

Press (F9) for all features into the map.
Press (F9) to see the features of the map.
Press (F9) to see useful information in playing the map.

Dont forget visit us on http://wess.phpnet.us
Don't forget to vist our site on http://wess.phpnet.us

Race State Ready: 75%

The humans race is very powerfull on heal points restoration and very effective against undead units. Warlord coming on Humans Empire are:

Humanity [Human Empire/Kingdom of Men/Alliance of Men]
Race State Ready: 75%

The Human race has the best healers and are very effective against undead units. Warlords coming from the Human Empire are:

Race State Ready: 55%

The Elvens race are here to keep the sacred fire of Kael. strongers on magic arts and strategic battles. Warlord coming on Elvens Empire are:

Elves [High Elves/Blood Elves]
Race State Ready: 55%

The [High/Blood] Elves are here to continue Kael'Thas' rebellion. It's units have strong magic and are good at strategical battles. Warlords coming from the Elven Empire are:

Race State Ready: 55%

The Trolls Tribe are begginning to bring his rule on the World. They are stronger on traps and only one troll attack can be lethal. Warlord coming on Trolls Empire are:

Race State Ready: 55%

The Troll Tribes are beginning rule this world. Their use of traps and very lethal weapons give them advantage in the field. Warlords coming from the Troll Empire are:

Night Elfs
Race State Ready: 30%

The moon servants, Night Elfs are stronger on piercing attacks and can use the forest on his favor. Warlord coming on Night Elfs Empire are:

Night Elves
Race State Ready: 30%

The moon servants, Night Elves. They have the best archers[Shooters/Ranged Units] around and they use the forests for their favor. Warlords coming from the Night Elven Empire are:

Race State Ready: 75%

The Orcs race coming from the deeps of the Earth, stronger on armor and healt points can siege every land on his way. Warlord coming on Orcs Empire are:

Race State Ready: 75%

Coming from the depths of the Earth, the Orcs will conquer the world. Using heavy armored units with high vitality, they can lay destruction in their path. Warlords coming on Orcish Empire are:

Race State Ready: 30%

The mercenaryes race are powerfull on stealer and slayer units and can stop all your forces blocking your way. Warlord coming on Mercenaries Empire are:

--I still can't understand what you mean there--

Race State Ready: 95%

|From the North Hills, the Dwarven are stronger on Armor and Evasion. Warlord coming on Dwarven Empire are:

Race State Ready: 95%

Hailing from the Northern Hills [I prefer Northern Mountains], the Dwarves employ soldiers which can wear tough armors and can evade attacks. Warlords coming from the Dwarven Empire are:

Race State Ready: 90%

The Vampires race coming from the deeps of the Night, absorbing life from their victims, they are unstopables when the night has become. Warlord coming on Vampire Empire are:

Race State Ready: 90%

The Vampires, nicknamed as the "Hunters of the Night", can restore their health by absorbing life from its victims. They are near unstoppable when darkness befall on the lands. Warlords coming from the Vampire Empire are:

Race State Ready: 90%

The vengueance of the Undeads is coming scourging all alive land, they are strongers on range attacks and critical strikes. Warlord coming on Undeads Empire are:

Race State Ready: 90%

The thirst for vengeance of the Undead gives them one objective, scourge every living in the land. They have strong ranged soldiers and have a high chance of dealing critical blows. Warlords coming from the Undead Empire are:

UGH. Can you just send me an not-protected map? It's hard to alt-tab always.
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I played this with my brother, as overall we had a good, time.
The Ai was decent, attacked me, defended properly ran away when it nearly died etc.
Good leveling system, I really like how they also have random spells and abilities, thought that was really nice (My bro got a frost wyrm with repair!).
I also like the special effects, like the mini worms around the ghouls, you should make more stuff like that, cos that is pretty cool.
The only thing downside is the mass of typos and bugs. But I know this game isnt finished and is right now more of an "Open BETA"
A bug that pissed me off though was when I bought a shadow orb with my charger and it died with the items it was holding vanishing, strangely, the items popped back where the charger died so I wasn't overly angry. Also another note, usually the heroes are much weaker than the second last upgrade due to the armor, health and attack upgrades not affecting the heroes, Like i had 50ish armor for a mountain dwarf but only 15 for my hero.
3/5 I think. But obviously will get higher once you finish it.
Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
wowww. that maggot model looks very pretty cool on the ghoul skills show. indeed i´ll add this model to the zombie worm, and give us the credits in the next Warlords Empire releases.
So...i have a request from more than 1 year in the request section.

some news from versión 0.40 changelog: in response to the comments about the weakness of the heroes.
- Enabled health bonus upgrade to all heros.
- Enabled attack bonus upgrade to all heros.
- Enabled armor bonus upgrade to all heros.
- Reduced base research time to 30 secs for Armor, Hp and Damage.
- Added wall to all races.
- increased weak air AoE from 150 to 500.
- changed Dwarf obstacle model to tavern.
- increased Disease cloud AoE from 150 to 400 and damage to 2 hp/sec.
- Rebuilded human farm.
- Rebuilded vampire crypt, now are abandoned house.
with major AoE dissease cloud.
- Rebuilded orc obstacle to Chaos Pit, now can cast blood lust.
- Enabled default active ability on Elvens, N Elfs and Orcs Obstacles.
- Major scales changes on structures.
- changed Incursor skill stomp by shockwave.
- changed zombie worm model to maggot.

Added some screenshoots. from the 0.40 versión. Thanks to all readers for showme where i can improve the map. Next versión cooming soon.
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Level 13
Sep 29, 2008
¿problems with the sound effects?, always i test the map on battlenet, and on sometimes, someone start screaming about the sound effect, but that´s is a problem with the own game sound configuration, check it in options.
Level 2
May 14, 2010
i wanna play this online but i cant find someone interested. is there a beta test game coming for this map sooner? PM me if you want to play too!!
Level 7
Aug 21, 2010
You have quite a lot of classes, but it seems like the classes have randomly mixed units that only slightly look like they belong in that group (example: There is a ghost in the vampire class?). Maybe you should have less, but more unique/better made classes.