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Valkyrie Maze TD V 3.7

Valkyrie Maze TDV 3.7
By Polardude

- There are 51 Levels
- Creeps Only Needs 1 room to walk through
- Only Player Red can pick Difficulty
- Difficulty`s Easy / Medium / Hard / Extrem / Godlike
- Build a maze is a good ider.
- Game start you can pick or do Random Builder
- boss Levels got arua. it Reduces 15% damage to towers
- Divine shield Levels got 15 % chance to activate shild again when they reach an Arrow
- zoom between 50 and 210. (Default is 100) to set your cam
- Show Levels -air / -invis / -divine shield / -immune / -boss / -mana shield / -next
- if you pick Random Builder it Gives you a chance to to get a hidden builder
- Last level is a Damage Tester

51 waves of different creeps
5 different Difficulty`s
4 builders
• Solo/Race.

Air, invisible, immune, divine shield, boss and Mana Shield.
• Hidden Builders.
• Last level is a Damage Tester.

Special Thanks:

Uncle (big! help with map code)​

Thanks to

credit to all this people-

models -
johnwar, s4nji, JetFangInferno, s4nji, Direfury, Stefan.K
UgoUgo, Rhapsodie, tillinghast, Villagerino, HerrDave, Grey Knight
nightelfbuilder, HerrDave, PROXY, Vinz, Daelin, iron_warrior
Mike, eXciTe, Illidan(Evil)X, Sundance, HerrDave, General Frank

icons -
The Panda, Darkfang, 8512590215848, Sun gate, Chucky, iPeez
Heinvers, Blizzard Entertainment, Scias, kola, Murlocologist
Altruistic Anduin, Null, -Dieser-, PrinceYaser, NFWar
Sundance, Marcos DAB, -Berz-, KILLCIDE, Mr.Goblin
CloudWolf, Murlocologist, CRAZYRUSSIAN, ~Nightmare, KelThuzad
Juice_F, Val_09, PROXY, Marenko, Marcos DAB, Murlocologist
HerrDave, General Frank, Kallimachos

Healthbar by Avatars Lord
Widescreen by Spellbound, Unwirklich

(Update 1.0)
- add reg T2 Maze Stone Research for Gold Coin Research so you cant buy it before you unlock the gold mine
(Update 1.2 )
- fix Ice Mage tower for one of the builders so it upgrads in to the right one
(Update 1.4 )
- fix that your builder dont die by moveing him down to the circke of power
(Update 1.6 )
- fix some descriptions on towers ther wars only for air
(Update 1.8 )
- fix some Abilities descriptions and map description and got screenshots to work
(Update 2.0 )
- more start gold has been add. and 2 more food
- more gold per level has been add
- update Multiboard removet gold a lumber from it
- more gold from creeps has been add
- Divine Shield levels had been set down from 23 sec to 20 sec
- more speed has been add to some towers
- movet the Gold Coin Research to the goldmine so it is easy to se gold per hit
- lower cd on a lot of abilities
- add more dmg to some abilities
- low a bit on the armor and Movement speed Auras on the Difficulty`s
- more dmg to aruas ther mana bruns
- add so players can pick or do Random builder
- edit some descriptions here and there
- add some more area of effect to some abilities
(Update 2.1 ) -
fix a small error now all players can do Random Builder
(Update 2.2 )
- i moved the Gold Coin Research black to center and give a new trigger so now you can se on the goldmine abilitie Total gold per hit:
- fix some more descriptions
(Update 2.3 )
- fix bug wave spawns now if you precisely hit 0 lives
- set Divine shield Levels down to 18 sec shild
(Update 2.4 )
- give a new color of test to last level
- add a Tavern where you can pick or do random builder
- give more speed to some towers
- edit some descriptions
(Update 2.5 )
- fix trigger bug for goldmine
- fix trigger bug with random builder.
(Update 2.6 )
- fix trigger for goldmine so you dont get dubble Abilitie when you buy Gold Coin Research.
(Update 2.8 )
- fix abilitie for goldmine thanks to Lordul Dracula
- fix some triggers thanks to the feddback by Lordul Dracula and Astronoot
- edit description on builders
- edit description on maze stones
- add icons to Multiboard depens on the builder you pick
- update some icons to some towers
- lower cd on some abilities
- add more dmg to some abilities
- add new ui
(Update 3,0 )
- fix Hydralisk so it can be upgrade to level 4
- edit description on goldmine and made them so they cant be killed
- add towers there Will gain XP and Level up by itself
- give a new name to hero levels now it is boss
- give the map a new name
- add some new icons
- add new moddel to where the wave spawns
- add a loadingscreen
(Update 3,1 )
- edit description her and ther
- edit so tower there can level up dont need that much xp
- give the tower there can level up more range
- edit so it tower there can level up can get aura from other towers
(Update 3,2 )
- give hero tower more dmg and one more abilite
- low the xp need to level the hero tower up
- edit some cd on some towers
- edit some descriptions
- fix bug on level 30
- add Kill Counter to all towers
- add new model to where you pick builder
- add 2 builders 1 of them is a hidden builder
- last level has been made in to a Damage Tester. thanks to @Uncle.
(Update 3,4 )
- fix bug with warlock level 1
- fix small bug with damage tester
- fix sharman skill so hero tower now can get it
(Update 3,6 )
- fix a small trigger error
- hero tower well get more xp from creeps
- increase the skill Superiority for heros a bit
(Update 3,7 )
-edit some descriptions on some towers and skills
-fix new error for sharman skill
- edit sound for the builder Tinker.
Map Description Generator 「By Vengeancekael」

Valkyrie Maze TD V 3.7 (Map)

It's pretty neat and varied. Maybe you could come up with some game modes other than difficulties. Could make the passive icons look passive rather than active with: Button Manager v1.8.2 Approved. If you want more reviews, you should participate...
Level 12
Jan 4, 2014
I enjoyed playing this map. First saw it on Wtii's stream. There were a lot of fun tower designs, like those that use mana, or abilities that are rarely seen in TDs like bladestorm. There's a lot of mazing possibilities and the map isn't stingy with mazing towers. I thought the panda race seemed much stronger than other races, because of the stone throwing multishot tower. I also think anti air tower's description should be a little clearer, the only indicator is that it says "attacks air units", instead of "attack air and ground units". A noticed a few games people building the AA tower mistakenly and screwing up their run.
Also is the game a race, since wave start immediately with no buffer timer, it seems like there's no benefit to building in the starting zone otherwise


Map Reviewer
Level 71
Jun 4, 2009
It's pretty neat and varied. Maybe you could come up with some game modes other than difficulties.
Could make the passive icons look passive rather than active with: Button Manager v1.8.2


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Level 12
Mar 4, 2014
Hello, I played the map a few times and managed to beat it on normal difficulty.
(i also killed the dmg tester)
I played on the latest version of War3.

- Is a good td map with the ability to maze and create any kind of maze, there is huge potential with this, players can come up with interesting maze ideas and the mazing variety is big, the only issue i noticed is that the blocks themselves to create the maze with cost 1 food, and at the start food is limited to 30(if i remember corectly), i feel like we should have more food at the start, so we can partially finish the maze we want to make from the start, so we don't have to worry about it later, that way we can place the towers we want in better positions (i know this is a noob approach but i think it will help the map overall, giving players more blocks to work with from the start).

Another aspect related to food, i noticed by the end of the game i had tons of unused food, maybe there should be a shop where we can sell food for gold or even wood since not all players will want to create gigantic mazes and only focus on 1 small or average size maze, the research center can have that also or just create a different building just for this, a market building, lets say you can buy 50 gold with 1 food and 1 wood with 10 food.

- I like the different races you can go with, and that each race has somewhat similar towers at first tier 1 and then at tier 2 and 3 each has unique abilities and such.

- I like the idea of the hero tower, but i wish they had some spells as well, not just autoattacks, for example, the far seer hero can have chain lighting spell that upgrades over time with the heroe's levels, or maybe he can summon spirit wolves or even cast earthquake, and those can be autocasted as well.

Maybe you can research the spells at the research center and even upgrade them there, the sky is the limit, that will make the game more interesting.

- From what i played the orc race has a problem with the catapults and the burning oil, they make the game super laggy, if u build too many of them, i played solo and my fps dropped to 30 from 400, now imagine more players with their own towers, yea...

- I like the idea of the goldmine towers to farm extra gold, i noticed u can't sell them tho, that means once u built them you can't move them which sucks.

Also since you need wood to build those, we can only build 4 since we don't get wood anymore, maybe with each boss level completed you get 1 extra wood? that would be interesting,

- From what i have noticed the hardest levels are the immune/fortified armor ones, second hardest would be air levels, but after you build 4 - 5 anti air towers max lvl air levels become a joke, also the boss levels are too easy, they might be the easiest levels in the game, i think they need a buff, maybe give the bosses some extra spells, like the aility to silence towers to make them unable to attack for a few seconds, that would punish the players that build all their strongest towers near eachother, another boss spell idea would be to make them able to use dash/jump abilities, my point is, boss levels need some extra spice added to them to make them more interesting and worthy of the name "boss" :cool:2

My rating for this TD is an S Tier with 90 points out of 100