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  • Dear Sire, even though I am a n00b, I would like to ask if a space flight simulator would be possible?, considering that you have a flight simulator.
    Hello there, you wouldn't by any chance still have your grand theft auto map at your hands? :3
    I would really like to try some stuff out and unfortunately your link in the YT video is dead :C
    wen you create a new version of combot zone plz messge me and give me a link to it :)
    I have just posted a fixed version of combat zone in the combat zone thread, I would request that it be set to the official version.
    Accually, From my tests, The jump pad is indirectly related to dysyncs. It seems to have to do with two players passing each other while in the air, at the same hight. Also, the invis platform bug is caused, with an arrowplane anyway, by flying over a building. Anyway, Removing the jumppads only helps the problem indirectly, since it causes units to go flying, and causes them to pass each other.
    such a idiot trys to steal your map -_- ("Killing Zone")
    and the best:

    I dont steal!!! stealers have no integrity!!! anyway i tried that map and its almost the same as mine T.T but mine is made later than his map T.T
    and there where normaly "normal unkeep" stands still stands
    Combat Zone.....
    i hate such guys -_-
    Well I did not disallow it ^^ And if someone sends me a good map like this, I will suport it...

    However, as far as i remember supcom isnt protected anyways... so it would be easier to load an existing map, delete the terrain, so you can already use the correct mass spot indicators and so on... (the commanders standing around there are the positions of quantum gates for team defense)
    Hi there

    I got a suggestion for your "Supcom" project.
    You could allow other players to create their own Supcom Maps.
    This would work that way:
    Players place farms on spots they want to have a mass spot and do the terrain themselves, using a specified sort of destructibles without collision that they wish and the basic terrain sorts.
    When the players are finished with that work, they can send you their map and your only job would be the importing of object/trigger datas and the protection. ;)
    Could you please fix combat zone 3.6? as you may know the patch has made it unplayable but not only this something appears to be screwy with the Gravity in which going too fast in a plane and then leaving the plane can keep your camera locked onto the plane even though you arent actually in it or going on one of the lift pad things can make u walk in mid air and i believe also drop everyone else in the game
    Hey man!

    I found your post about the camera offset (http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/jass-functions-413/getcamoffset-131434/).
    If i'm right, it is exactly the feature, i need for my map (which has a terrible problem with it's camera: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/world-editor-help-zone-98/terrible-annoying-camera-problem-148253/).

    Because i'm not proficient in Jass, i have no idea, how to integrate this system into my map and get it working.
    Can you tell me, which triggers and variables i will need, to use it?
    That would really help me!

    Best regards, Bob
    Dear Bob666:
    I'm a war3 player in China.So maybe I can't make you understand me.But I hope you will try to do it.I love the map Supcom v20 very much,but there are few players that like to play this map,maybe the reason is the English words.So I want to change this map into Chinese,and make this map public.I will do this with another war3 player called Dream_Money.I hope you will allow us to do that.It will be our pleasure.Thank you!
    Reputation (+1):
    (Bundle) VERY VERY awesum game, even though it is still in beta! There is lots of room for expansion . . . Good luck, i cant wait :D
    N-a-z-g-u-l, I wish to seek the answer to something that has been bothering me for some time. I have played your Sup Com map, and it's good, really good, I love it. I noticed, however, that you have a projectile system and a very attractive shield spell. I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if you'd help me out.

    You see, I am currently working on a map and want to implement said projectile system as well as the shield ability. I would like it very much if you could plz show me how to do it.

    In addition, I would like to know how to alter it so I can get the stats that I desire. BTW, did you use Jass for this? I ask because I know vJass requires a new editor (or so I've been told) and do not have said editor, so the most I want to go into is Jass for now.

    Well, if you do help me out, I will most certainly add you to the credits for said system and ability. So, how about it? Can you plz help me out?
    i know vJass, used it once (for sphere physics simulation), but did not use it in combat zone, nor i am using it in supreme commander (i use a very similar way to make things like classes, but written by hand to fit my needs)
    Do you know/use vJass yet?

    It really makes classes (well structs) much simpler, and makes Jass a more usable OOP.
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