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  • Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

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    Happy Birthday!

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . . , . ., . ., . ,. . . . .
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    . . .|~~::~~~~~::~~| . . .
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    Anti_Bodies! Happy birthday to you, or sad one if you don't like aging.
    I really hope you do come back though, because Blizzard promises a lot more for their game Warcraft III:)
    Gosh, your Star Wars maps are so fun... I highly encourage you to continue that Risk map you made, even if you don't really touch the Warcraft III section, because to abandon it is like throwing a good piece of art away... ):
    Reputation (+1):
    (Bundle) For some sense of detail and the work put in this map, even though map itself needed more work.
    I believe on the net when looking for a suitable loading screen for a futuristic city. Even though it wasn't the best choice, I kept it for the desktop. Do you want it?
    I need everything from china, indea, all the way right to the western half of the united states.

    i'd also like a little island to the far left that would resemble britain.

    the water needs to be perfectly flat on the bottom and pathing blockers need to be set up so that "ships" (units) can't go to any "un-level" terrain.

    if you have any more questions ask me =)
    it wasn't very clear, it seemed that he had exams, and he had started another project, which took priority.

    it'll take some time for me to get used to the data editor, in the meantime, i'd like to have some terrain done.
    Would you like me to optimize some of your maps for you? i could probably reduce the filesize by 40%-70%
    Thank god I learned from an Awesome Master :p there for im better then him and learned his mistakes to better myself and maybe I'll have a student of my own!
    Ya, I love SC2 aswell. And yes you did mention it, after all i offered a beta key to you :p. I love the Editor in general. BTW if you need any help with trigs or data ask me ( Hehe I, have become the master now! )
    Btw, have you read the story yet, about the planets, the races, etc.? :D
    Well the terrain will be something like cities and deserts :p
    Well actually me and the writers are still thinking about the starting area etc., so when we're done, i'll contact you ;)
    Hey Anti! I just signed up for StarForge Studios! Maybe we can work together! hehe :p
    BTW, how are you Master Anti? And just because I know you will ask me... I'm doing fine
    Reputation (+2):
    (Post) Forgot to rep you for this comment the other day. I thought it was hilarious, lol. Though I'm not really looking that bad, right, right, hnn, right? : o
    Wow thanks alot. I have some models like the AT-TE and the A5 Juggernaut so it's gonna be cool,I Guess. Thanks again for allowing me to edit your map (I'll be giving credits to you,don't worry xD).
    Oh and yes,it is unprotected.
    Will you continue with the Star Wars: Clone Wars project? If you do,I have some ideas that maybe can help ya.If you have a working crew on this map,I wanna join it xP.
    Mkay, I hear you get Galaxy Editor towards end of beta. Also the new is mkay. and so far only multiplayer no single no chat rooms yet use your account to log on umm what u want to know?
    Thank you =D. Maybe you could make a little dummy map with the AT-AT model so you can pass the map and I can get the AT AT model from it (Just exporting). Well that if you play on Garena,I Believe not =(.
    But i'll search on the forums thx for your help.
    Hi =). I'm really appreciate your work,add me plz =).
    Also: I would like to know where did you got that AT-AT Model u got on the Star Wars: Galactic Risk Map (By the way,really nice work on the map =D)because I wan't to add an AT-AT Walker on my map =).
    Reputation (+1):
    (Post) Awsome Advice. hahahahahaa
    This is the multiboard for my map
    Income:[c]##[c]blank[c]Time:[c]min[c]sec[r]player name[c]kill/Deaths[c]age[c]Income Currency[c]Income Energy[c]Status[r]Player[c]k/d[c]Medieval[c]Hidden[c]Hidden[c]Playing

    I only did player 1 since it goes the same and such

    and I'm gonna add host rules for air/lvl5/Toxic Trooper/Nukes/Sneezer/If there is any rules

    and I hope u can finish the terrian before the 27th so I can do a mass update and such to do less hassal with importing the triggers

    I learn more vb code xD myahahahahah

    Still don't know how to make the fancy simple table
    Lol alright well what shall happen on the map? Just another abandoned map? rofl
    Anti if you still need help with ur hosting problem let me know! And we are kinda slowing down progress on the map o_O
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