Galactic Conquest 3.7

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You can pick your empire's special ability from one of the following: attack power, endurance, mobility or stealth. First player to control half the planets wins!

galactic, warfare, space

Galactic Conquest 3.7 (Map)

22:55, 29th Jun 2008 Earth-Fury: Barely need to play it to know its the map i love <3




22:55, 29th Jun 2008
Earth-Fury: Barely need to play it to know its the map i love <3
Level 10
Nov 17, 2004
Changes in this version:
- No more troop ships. Large vessels can bombard planets, making them neutral and allow a colony ship to take them.
- New vcitory conditions (you must take half the map to win)
- Planetary defenses now included

Here are some screenshots:


For more information regarding this and other maps, please visit the Lords of Middle Earth clan website at
Level 3
Mar 6, 2005
Why do you protect it? if you post it and you say you made it? I'm sure people won't download and repost it to say it is theirs they just want to learn from maps you made. By protecting the map people who are noob have a smaller chance of learning to make a map like this. :?
Level 13
Apr 13, 2008
Interesting game, but could use more abilities and many improvement. Right now the game's goal is to outexpand, outresearch and zerg your enemies.
The imperial march was really funny, even though it took ages to research that station.
The mobile warp gates could use some +movement speed and a shorter blinklike warp ability.
It's hard to make a difference between unexplored space and explored space.
It's difficult to find planets. I think scout ships should have a find planets on short range ability.
Waiting 3 minutes or so for the game to begin is a pain in the ass. I think you could dramatically decrease that wait time. Am I wrong?

What can you tell me about this map:
If it's not yours I think you should report it and request its removal.
Level 2
Aug 18, 2007
No what i mean is everythings awesome With mods and just .everything. its just that its like purchasing grunts which cost like 600gold or 230 or somthing the units and upgrades etc are EXPENSIVE