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Space Marine Invasion final

Space Marine Invasion Final
(final cuz i dont want to make more edits xD)

Select your hero
Defend agains waves of enemies
Destroy enemy base to win
Beat the Final Boss
Do not die

You have been send to clean a planet

This mission looked easy but they didnt know this would take for so long

You only have one life so treasure it

I tried but idk how to upload the images

• 1 Life
• A lot of waves
• 1 Boss
• 1 - 2 Hours gameplay
• 2 Difficulties

- - - - - - - normal: have anhk
- - - - - - - hard: one heal potion, gain more gold/sec, enemies more hp and damage
- - - - - - - imposivol: same as hard but hard
• 6 Heroes
Marine: Normal damage, very fast attacker

Artillery Marine: Low attack speed, huge range and aoe damage skills, have low movement speed

Support: Low damage, very fast attack, can stun enemies and heal allies

Plasmagun Marine: Nice tank, can make enemies miss attacks, aoe skills

Specialist: Can change weapon to sniper or machingun, give shields and healing drones

- Assault Marine: Nice tank, can change weapon to melee or range, very fast movement

Alien drone - Amigurumi
Alien - AlienAntFarm
Frigate - jk2patch
Invasion Shuttle - jk2patch
Multi Troop Transport - Fingolfin
Marauder - Fingolfin
Space Marine Heavy Plasmagun - Burning_Dragoon5
The SC2 Marine - GhostThruster
Assault Space Marine - dogadov65
Scout - Адмирал
Medic - gdl_rap

vfinal true this time 10/14/22

• Balance some heros
• Fix bugs

vfinal 06/27/22

• Nobody buy lvl 1 or 2 items im going to cry, so the form to buy item has change
• Now there are 3 quest
• Added new difficulty
• New items
• Balance specialist hero
• I don't remember what more i did

Space Marine Invasion final (Map)

Icons like that for Support look passive. You can make them look active with: Button Manager v1.8.2 Could also add autocast borders to Plasma Charge. Upgrades should not be named Animal War Training. Also, there's no level mentioned. Not sure why the...


Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
There are numerous Space Marine defense maps. Is this one any different or better than those around?
A credits list in the map description with the names of the authors whose resources you've used is mandatory. That includes models, skins, icons, custom spells, systems. Also, sounds, music and everything outside this site.
This helps you with the models, skins and icons from Hiveworkshop:Resources in use by Space Marine Invasion final

Awaiting Update.

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Map Reviewer
Level 67
Jun 4, 2009
  1. Icons like that for Support look passive. You can make them look active with: Button Manager v1.8.2 Could also add autocast borders to Plasma Charge.
  2. Upgrades should not be named Animal War Training. Also, there's no level mentioned.
  3. Not sure why the enemy's attack is named Magic while it has the Chaos icon.
  4. Explosilisk's selection circle is huge. Same: Crypt.
  5. Terrain could be improved.
  6. Enemies are much less varied than heroes.
  7. Once you get your inventory full, there's little to do to become stronger yourself.
  8. When the leaderboard updates, same value players get shifted around. Also, why are the enemy players in the leaderboard as separate players instead of one enemy player?
  9. An Acidlisk and a Plague remained near the exit of their base near a tentacle and did not start moving with the following wave.
  10. During the end cinematic scene the infantry still appear to go to the enemy base.
  11. Overlod has the same icon as Grenade.
  12. The non-artillery Marine's spells can be learnt on every level whilst the artillery Marine's follow the Warcraft III rule of one ability level in two gained levels.
  13. Overcharge's icon=Forked Lightning (Plasmagun hero)'s.

There's not much to do. Everything is mostly happening on one lane with little to no incentive to get outside where the Warcraft creeps are.
Should improve with more custom material (triggered spells and events etc.) as the map is mostly reliant on Warcraft III material. Could add some special enemy units/heroes now and then on certain waves. Could be more diverse with turrets and building stuff.