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Feb 26, 2020
Mar 19, 2009
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Back, from France

jk2pach was last seen:
Feb 26, 2020
    1. adinelson
      where is the board I'm new to this site
    2. Cweener
      I have it saved to a notepad document (the review base) so my reviews only take like 5 minutes to create :P
    3. Cweener
      haha, yeah and it took quite a while to get them this way. :)
      Anyways, review is being posted right after I send this VM.
    4. Cweener
      Alright, I'll have the new review up shortly, and if you have any question, I have a Yahoo account{ w.weener@yahoo.com } or, I'm always in the chatroom when I'm online so you can go there and whisper me.

      Oh and I must say, good job!
      You new score will probably be an A or close to it.
    5. Cpt.ZnacK
      Love your maps, maybe we should create a map together one or other time.
    6. Hugomath
      I've spotted a bug in your 300 BT map: When I've played,it occurred that,in mission 2 chapter 1,the workers didn't repaired the walls,so we got stuck in that quest like for 20 minutes ['till everybody left].
    7. Vengeancekael
      I played 300 with someone on battle.net, everyone left because the wolves didn't keep coming. They stopped spawning <.< Also reduce the music volume. It's annoying. The host said i should great you for him;)
    8. supertoinkz
      Can I edit your Ground Walker Minigun model?
    9. blek121
      Your maps are nice
    10. hell gate
      hell gate
      but i saw so many units without deacy animations
    11. hell gate
      hell gate
      this is unfair but we can't something against the moderators...
    12. hell gate
      hell gate
      O.o no deacy animation... (i found some on my pc)
    13. hell gate
      hell gate
      what happened to your alien space ships? O.o
      i can't find any of them any more...
      (finaly the right person xD)
    14. Red
      Is the sky model working well for you? :D
    15. Dragonkeeper
    16. Squidle
      Heya, nice animation model you got there.
      I could make a better screenshot for ya to show some of the animations.
      I would love to do that =3
    17. The_Grapist
    18. Mr. Bob
      Mr. Bob
      lol I looked at your site. Honestly, your current space system is aweful. All you did was replace the ground with a strange texture. You need a space model system. I have been working on some stuff of the sort lately, and I will let you know if I ever finish anything usefull for a good space system. Sound good? Because, your game looks like it has a lot of potential.
    19. Ardnived
      From the screenshots of Stars I see that there are many many more ships that you haven't uploaded, do you have any plans to upload them?

      PS: When replying to visitor messages you are suppose to post on their profile not yours.
    20. AbstractCreativity
      Dude, you should really make a Pack out of those space/sci-fi models! :]
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