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Last Activity:
Jan 20, 2010
Aug 10, 2007


Necrobobsledder, from The Frozen North

Arkan. was last seen:
Jan 20, 2010
    1. Mgeterno11
      Your Dark Invasion map is a legend. The Map of the Century. :)
    2. Neytiraccidafus
      i really like your Dark invasion Map!:))))
    3. -Kobas-
      I told to your friend already, write some awesome tutorial about multiboards!
    4. Diehard@Azeroth
      hey man... is it by any coincidence that you remember me?
    5. Spet
      Love your map man, very nice systems ;D
    6. imahero
      hey i think with this new battle.net update your map broke just like most of them did im trying to host your map but all i get is "the game was not found" im wondering if its on my part of everyone cant host?
    7. Kal'Mon
      Hello Arkan.I'm an Upcomin Map maker and i'm in my Project for about 2 months i'm making a map alone.i've played Dark Invasion Before and i have to say its a Terrain and Trigger Accomplishment.Now i have a favor to ask.i saw in DARK INVASION II you have a zeppelin Patroling around Load and Unload Units.Could you please Help me make something similar to my map?
      Thank you for Creating such a map and givin us new map makers ideas..XD.
    8. Rifle-Man
      DUDE Dark Invasion 2 is the best RPG ever. It's not a Map, it's a game! And I thought TKoK was the best RPG!
    9. wereguy2
      Lol, could you please get a good, unflawed code system this time? :(

      PS. Ill link your skinners request to some people, it might help :D
      PPS. Why not just use existing models?
      Heres some good ones: 1 2 3
      PPPS. I think ill promote your map, thats how much it means to me :cute:
    10. TriggerHappy
      No Program. Try looking at Mutlibars on Welcome to Wc3Campaigns in the resource section under systems
    11. RunBa
      You gave me ideas man. thanks. your Dark invasion II sh*t is awesome...
      cool ideas man... I have a question though...
      Using what program have you inserted progress bars...
      i tried... Though I do not have any connection with jass or vjass...
      can you help me somehow???? PLZ
      LOL U became my best friand now... :thumbs_up:
    12. NiddHogg-kun
      Hey man , I want to ask you about 1 multiboard for my RPG . Stat multiboard . It is really good . Thank man .
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    The Frozen North
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    Dark Invasion ORPG
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
    Rock tonajt


    An avant-garde ORPG
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