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  • It's a site that holds a compendium of all of the funniest conversations recorded on IRC. You should definitely check it out. It's hilarious.
    That is indeed the right word I'd use to describe it.
    Random News: I started going on this RP site with the same design and layout as Hive. It's awezzzome.
    I do enjoy arguing with the boneheads and arseholes prevalent on Battle.net, sometimes..
    Oh, I see.. well, I decided yesterday that I hate playing online multiplayer in Starcraft 2. Too many jerks. It seems to be a crime nowadays to not be good at SC2, even in a silly custom game.
    I haven't played Retribution yet; the only DoW games I have are the original game itself and Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising. Honestly, I've all but quit Warcraft because my server is almost completely DoTA jerks and other far-too-competitive people...
    Yeah, that is certainly true >.< The PC has rapidly overpowered my xbox as my top console. I used to play Bad Company, Brink and Halo every day, now my poison of choice is Starcraft 2, Warcraft and Team Fortress 2 :3
    Ah well, every other family member who games uses playstations, Nintendo64s and PCs. I am the only American member of my family who has an xbox ^_^
    Err, okay :D Why don't you like xbox?
    Also, my friend just pre-ordered the new Knights of The Old Republic MMO for me! w00t!
    I don't even use mine anymore.. It's just gathering dust/punches by the screen.
    Yup, my friend played the demo. I'm also looking forward to multiplayer so I can be Chaos Space Marine and show the servants of the False Emperor what for! You also get a thunder hammer too, right? Plus, if you play this one new 40K arcade game on the xbox 360, you unlock a power sword as well.
    I love my laptop! It lets me play my Starcraft 2, Warcraft 3, and Team Fortress with verrrry little lag.
    A change every now and then is always good! I recently switched computers and the last PC got fragged, so I have to renew my ancient archives/folders of avatar-worthy art and shit...
    Well, I was too apparently. How have you been? I got a computer of my own for my 18th birthday, so no more need to be all sneaky and use my mom's >.<
    Yeah :D Last night, slept over at my friend's after going to a party with them, walking to some other person's house and smoking much weed was quite nice. I really enjoyed it.. even though we walked so much >.< and I had to listen to one of my friends ramble on about his girlfriend being so wonderful (mine dumped me about a month ago..) And that's been my weekend. And it's incredibly hot out right now, and I also had to walk home.
    TVTropes is amazing O_O If you look at any article, you'll find yourself looking at them for hours..
    Grrrrr... fine. I think. Well, to sum it up and save myself from writing out a complete saga, I just don't get much time for teh computer.
    ... I dunno ^_^ I suppose it's sort of like a Dyson Sphere, but so large on the inside that several planets are within it, and there's some sort of gravity and so on inside.
    Weeeeell, it's all about this one planet and the mysteries in it.. BUT I'll let you in on a little secret; planning to have worlds within a world :D
    Well, the whole RP is going to be on this crazy little planet right 'ere, so yes, there is a larger area :D
    It's shallow water (at least in that part of the lake, and the wreck is mostly just a whooooole lot of shattered plates stacked up on each other side-by side and pointing up vertically at an angle. You can take smaller pieces off the lower parts.
    Aaaaah yes, you do has a point there :O I suppose I'll move up and help you with the heavy stuff then.
    Not all of them. The non power-armor attached model uses an inner generator, I'm pretty sure, or at least one that's somewhere on the arm.

    Plus, didn't you take off your armor or something?
    UPDATE: Ooops, just noticed... Hahahaha..
    OH COOL :D Which one, the actual 40K RP or the Deathwatch/Killteam rulebook? Does it use a d20 system? I play D&D every saturday now so I'm intuhwested :"3
    Oh, just terrible :/ I've had a terrible headache/earache/toothache on the left side of my face almost every day... and I hate having to use pills. For so long I'd avoided ever using them, and now it's almost every day that I am in strong need of a two-pill dosage or else I'll almost cry out in agony <:O And things at school are suck too, BY THE WAY. Sooo, I think I'll stop ranting now.. how about you?

    I hate being a senior.
    Ah, vereh gewd then :D Let's hope said internet mishaps go and screw themselves >.<
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