Secret Valley (Ratfolk)

The Ratfolk

Entry for Techtree Contest #17
Intended to be played with SD graphics.
  • Added
  • Fixed a bug that didn't let Rat Catcher target allies with his level three Rat Ointment.
  • Fixed a bug causing Rat Ointment to summon more than one Giant Rat.
  • Perches can now properly use their Call to Roost ability.
  • Fixed a bug with the Entrance's Construct Trapdoor ability.
  • Fixed some tooltips and map description.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Death's Visage to not work properly on heroes.
  • Changed some tooltips.
  • Added two more screenshots.
  • Added music and system credits
  • Replaced Rabid Rats with Diggets. Diggets can repair, but at a slower rate than usual.
  • Underhulk health reduced from 1325 -> 1125
  • Underhulk base damage reduced from 27 - > 22
  • Changed Putrefy. Instead of amplifying incoming damage by 30% it amplifies it by a flat bonus of 2 instead.
  • Replaced the Resilience research with Half Rations. Half Rations reduces supply cost of War Rats and Direbows and shortnes their training times.
  • Dinnertime! now increases maximum health of War Rats for with each stack.
  • Changed a couple tooltips.

Smaller, weaker, and less intelligent than the major races of Azeroth, the ratfolk have lived in
seclusion from the rest of the world and have avoided conflict with the surface since time immemorial. With their nests wrought with overpopulation and not enough to eat in their deep caves, save for the occasional kobold, they turned on themselves for food. More concerned with forming packs and fighting each other to decide who becomes a meal and who doesn't, they had no time or care for the sciences. As a result, their technology is still primitive and simple and their sanitation is virtually non-existent. The ratfolk of Azeroth, it seemed, were to remain a minor and forgotten race forever.

However, the ratfolk have been stirred from their isolation. The packs have been united by the enigmatic Skull King and his lieutenants, the overseers. Under his leadership, they have been reorganized into The Deluge - an imposing and seemingly innumerable army. Spurred on by the skullrats, and their voracious appetites, they have emerged from the depths of the earth to devour everything that crosses their path. The kobolds and goblin expeditions were the first to encounter the Skull King's newly formed army. The goblins were quickly defeated and the kobolds were enslaved instead of eaten at the Skull King's insistence.

Now, it's time for the ratfolk to take on the other races of Azeroth and to sweep across the surface world like a tide and show all the might of The Deluge.

The ratfolk are an extremely aggressive race. They are at their strongest during the early game, weakest during the mid-game, and come back with a powerful late game with the introduction of Armours, Underhulks, and the Half Rations research. They are able to creep easily with the use of the Entrance's Riled Rodents ability, but doing so leaves them vulnerable to rushes or harass.


+ Early units are cheap
+ Bases are easily defended
+ All ratfolk summons leave corpses when killed
+ War Rats can become very powerful by using the Dinnertime! ability.
+ Extremely mobile army, especially with the Construct Trapdoor ability.
+ Casters can yield extremely high damage outputs.
+ Great siege potential
+ Good shop items that can be used in battle.
+ Salvage can be used to gain resources from an obsolete building (such as a far away Harvester's Mound) and can be used to spawn Diggets at an entrance.
+ All heroes have great damage potential.
+ Can train a flying scout at tier one.
+ Has two defensive structures.


- Workers are incredibly weak and susceptible to harass.
- Workers need to mine from a Repurposed Gold Mine, which is expensive to replace.
- All tier one units are very weak to area of effect damage until Resilience is researched.
- There is only one aura among all three heroes.
- None of the casters have any heals.
- Weak ranged units.




Building Models

Altar of Skulls - Mephestrial's Altar of Fangs
Harvester's Mound - Mephestrial's GnollLumberyard
Forge - Mephestrial's GnollForge
Perch - Mephestrial's GnollSavageTower
Catcher's House - Mephestrial's Gnoll Kennel
Trapdoor - Exyte's Creep Hut
Hall of Skulls - loktar's Doom Tower
Warren - loktar's Great Hall
Den & Nest - Red XIII's WCII_GreatHall
Entrance - loktar's Orc Barracks
Bunker - Edge45's Quilboar Bunker
Repurposed Gold Mine - Ujimasa Hojo's Mound (Lost One Draenei)
Warpit - Rubella Sidus' Ogre Mound (link removed) :_(

Spell Models

Destine (buff) - Mythic's Burning Rage (Orange)
Destine (heal) - Mythic's Heal (Orange)
Terrify (effect) - dhguardianes' Arcane Nova
Terrify (buff) - stan0033's Fear Effect
Putrefy - Mythic's Armor Penetration (Green)
Savage Aura - Mike's Aura of Strength
Grate - Mythic's Culling Slash Vol. II
Keen Sense - Sin'dorei300's Dalaran Aura
Motivation - Hermit's Empathic Bond
Desecration - Mythic's Flamestrike Dark Void I
Skull Pact - Mythic's Flamestrike I
Bile Bombs (missile) - kellym0's GreatElderHydraAcidSpewV1.53
Bile Bombs (buff) - Vitchie08's Nature Blessing

Unit Models

War Rat - Gluma's Skaven Clanrat
Stink Gun - Gluma's Warplock Jezzail
Armour - Gluma's Stormvermin
Skullrat - -Grendel's Baphomet
Rat Catcher - -Grendel's Kobold Slavemaster
Kobold Survivor - -Grendel's Kobold Basher
Overseer - -Grendel's Eligor
(missile) - Mythic's Firebolt Rough Medium
Wailbat Matriarch - grunt's BatWoman
Parmesan Pitcher - Ujimasa Hojo's Catapult (Lost Ones)
(missile) - D.O.G.'s Cheese Missile
Cheese Golem - D.O.G.'s Cheese Golem
Direbow - Cavman's Rattemenschen Ranger
(missile) - Mythic's Fire Arrow
Mana Slicer - Cavman's Rattemenschen Runner
Plagamancer - Cavman's Rattemenschen Monk
Underhulk - Cavman's Rat Ogre
Sensei - Cavman's Rattemenschen Hero
Rabid Rat - Mc !'s Manrat
Digget - Callahan's Kobold digger
Wailpup - Em!'s Giant Bat
Kobold Slave - Gyrosphinx's Kobold Slave
Kobold Cannon - Lord_T's Orc Air Barge
Giant Rat & Behemoth Rat - Direfury's Giant Rat Creeps


Disorient - Stanakan's BTNCallHelp
Kobold Slave - Stanakan's BTNAltKobold
Rat Catcher - Stanakan's BTNKoboldDigger
Echolocation - Stanakan's BTNBatSight
Summon Behemoth Rats - Stanakan's BTNShaftRats
Vengeance Factor - NFWar's BTNKoboldBasher
Rotten Weapons - NFWar's BTNNastyShiv
Moudly Weapons - NFWar's BTNDemonBlade
Coagulated Weapons - NFWar's BTNMecheteOfFury
Plague Burst - exN's BTNPoisonClaw
Bile Bombs - Hemske's BTNPoisonBlast
Savage Fangs - Mainy's BTNLethalBite
Brutish Fangs - HapppyTauren's BTNDemonBite
Rending Fangs - Marcos DAB's BTNGoliathBite
Rite of Skull - Marcos DAB's BTNCalyxOfDeath01
Stink Clouds - Sin'dorei300's BTNPoisonousSmell
King's Emblem - Infinitynexus' BTNAncientAmulet
Dinnertime! - PrinceYaser's BTNBloodSprinkle
Motivation - Peekay's BTNExecut
Putrefy - Peekay's BTNSkinRot
Expanded Mutations - Peekay's BTNFireMastery (Hue-adjusted)
Ravage - Praytic's BTNFrenzyCut
Desecration - viiva's BTNUnholyResurrection
Rotten Armour - Kimbo's BTNScavengedArmour
Mouldy Armour - Kimbo's BTNAdvancedScavengedArmour
Coagulated Armour - Kimbo's BTNImperiumScavengedArmour
Cheese Golem - D.O.G.'s BTNCheeseGolem
Savage Wings - Mad's BTNdeathwingfly
Brutish Wings - Don Valentino's DemonessFlyAlternate
Impenetrable Wings - Darkfang's Dark Fligth
Piercing Strike - Darkfang's Fireloa Scimitar / Spear
Raze - ~Nightmare's BTNFlameArrowShower
Behemoth Rat - Stein123's Giant Rat
Calcium-Rich Wedges - Blizzard's Cheese Icon
Mana Slice - Sun Gate's Mana Break
Resilience - UgoUgo's BTNMuscleCharge
Live Ammunition - UgoUgo's BTNBShipCannon1
Skullrat Adept Training - Ceterai's BTNOrcAmuletOrange
Skullrat Master Training - Ceterai's BTNOrcAmuletPurple
Power Strike - RaeVanMorlock's BTNRaiderCleavingAttack
Miasma Cloud - The Panda's BTNToxicVortex
Plagamancer Adept Training - Mr.Goblin's BTNBook
Plagamancer Master Training - HappyCockroach's BTNCabalMagic
Tunnel Rush - Burrow (Hue-adjusted)
Death's Visage - morbent's BTNVoidwalker
Disable Attack - The_Silent's BTNStop
Enable Attack - The_Silent's BTNattack
Healing Factor - The_Silent's BTNVirus
War Rat - Gluma's Skaven Clanrat
Stink Gun - Gluma's Warplock Jezzail
Armour - Gluma's Stormvermin
Destine - Jaccouille's Sigil of the Warp (Hue-adjusted)
Terrify - Jaccouille's Infection (Hue-adjusted)
Apotheosis - Jaccouille's Master of Sorcery
Skull Pact - Blizzard's Fire and Brimstone
Moxie - -Berz-'s BTNBattleRage
Magibane Seasoning - Thorneon's BTNBreadstick
Salvage - CRAZYRUSSIAN's BTNcrOcancel
Savage Aura - Blizzard's Memory of a Holy Sigil
Rat Ointment - Art from Daren Bader's Vitality Salve


Track1 - Middle Boss Battle (Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
Track2 - Defensive Fight (Valkyrie Chronicles)


Bribe's Damage Engine

If you come across any bugs please let me know.

Ratfolk (Map)

Approved based on reviews from: Techtree Contest #17 - Results Please consider the given feedback to improve the map.


Map Reviewer
Level 23
Nov 2, 2013
Looks fun, but it is clearly an "altered melee" map and not a pure "melee" map. The "melee" tag should be used only for maps that offer completely unaltered wc3 gameplay, i.e. the same as blizzard ladder maps. Therefore I've removed the "melee" tag.