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Secret Valley (Manapure)

This map was made for the 17th Techtree Contest - Swarm.






A swarm of various magic-crazed creatures, consumed by the energy of Pure Mana...

A mana-based race, where magic flows in everyone and through everyone. Creatures highly depend on mana and can share it between each other.
Unfortunately, Pure Mana doesn't often choose its victims. Thus, most of its servants have a weak magic potential (not only does their mana not replenish by itself, they slowly loose it with time).
Your goal is to turn this chaotic mingle of magic into a powerful rain of spells and summons. Choose your troops carefully - some work better together than other. And be warned, that too much magic might get out of hand...

The map is suitable for 1v1 melee, only humans can play as manapure (by selecting night elves as their race).
The map was created on Wc v1.29.

In the depths of subterranean abyss, deep under the grounds of Dalaran, rests the slowly growing outcome of pure magic energy overflows from the surface, with its excesses slowly soaking into the ground, bonding, intertwining, and saturating the abyss with pure mana.

This mixture of remnants of spells and auras, so dense and unpredictable, is what was the birth of Pure Mana.
And after years of silent growing, becoming stronger with each spell, it can no longer be contained by the underground spaces it occupied. It has to grow and expand past its home, it has to go to the surface.

At this point, its not just magic, and its not just mana - its has a mind of its own, not yet able to feel, but able to act, able to control itself, able to control... others. Not only that - it can communicate! It can talk other creatures to fight on its side, to protect it and to help it grow.

After a while, having spread around the city of Dalaran, it evolves into a new stage - it starts to... desire. And not just anything, no. Its not a regular instinct of survival, or a felling of hunger. It desires to not just consume, but purify mana, the same way a human would desire to collect and refine diamonds.

Right now, Pure Mana feels stronger it has ever been, and it doesn't plan to stop. And everyone in its path will either kneel or fall, be purified or turned into dust...

Pure Mana, a half-concious magical energy, constantly grows and expands, trying to saturate everything it touches with itself, to "purify" sentient creatures with their "corrupted", "artificial" magic.

Its army consists of mana-crazed creatures and mind-broken monsters, fused with magical energy of Pure Mana. Power-hungry battle mages, wizards and witches can also be found alongside this purple-colored swarm - they see Pure Mana as a partner, a friend almost, an opportunity to become better and stronger.

Pure Mana often acts very friendly towards magical and summoned creatures, spirits and astral beings. It feels almost at home near them, as well as near places with high magic potential, like Dalaran, Quel'thalas, and the elven forest of Kalimdor.

I thought of a "swarm of pure magic energy consuming everything in its path".
Also the idea of shared consciousness from zergs from starcraft, but here they also share mana.

While taking a bunch of seemingly unrelated creatures and putting them together might not be the most original idea, I hope you'll like my spin on it :)

While I'm happy with the result, unfortunately I haven't been able to find properly fitting structure models for the race. I hope their looks don't throw you off too much :D







  • units can share mana freely and without limits;
  • a lot of mana can significantly strengthen your army;
  • there are units for almost every kind of situation, you won't feel helpless;
  • automatic gold harvesting and building.

  • having no mana significantly weakens your army, you'll have to think of a way to supply them with it;
  • some units loose mana constantly;
  • a lot of units have active abilities, and most of them (units) require individual researches, so choose your army wisely;
  • main structures can't harvest gold or build while upgrading.
Manapure feature a fairly regular set of buildings.
Main Structure - Mana Fountain:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A large fountain, full of pure mana. A center of any Manapure base.The main structure of the race. Can build other structures in 1200 radius and harvest gold. Can also be upgraded, unlocking new builds, units and research. The fountain is protected by a guardian and has its own mana pool.
Main Structure level 2 - Mana Geyser:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A huge pool of geysers erupting with pure mana. A center of any large Manapure base.Upgrading Mana Fountain to Mana Geyser increases its health and mana limits, and also unlocks new builds, units and research.
Main Structure level 3 - Mana Fall:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A gigantic endless manafall. The falling mana is so pure it radiates magic energy. This fall is center of any major Manapure stronghold.Upgrading Mana Geyser to Mana Fall increases its health and mana limits, and also unlocks new builds, units and research.
Food Structure - Mana Well:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A sacred pool of pure mana, a source of power for the manapure.Stores up to 8 food and can build other structures in 900 radius. Can store up to 100 mana (with slow regen).
Defense Structure - Manatower:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This magical tower was designed by Pure Mana to increase the power of its attacks by using mana.A defensive structure, which uses its mana to use more powerful attacks.
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Hero Structure - Altar Of Magic:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A sacred monument through which Pure Mana revives the souls of manapure heroes.Serves as a place of summoning new and reviving defeated heroes.
Unit Structure 1 - Thunder Pillar:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A giant enchanted pillar, charged with the power of storm and thunder.Here you can train thunder and siege units and also research some related upgrades.
Unit Structure 2 - Enchanted Temple:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Magical temple, a birthplace to many magical creatures. This is where Pure Mana converts its victims into its servants.Here you can train mages and ranged units and also research some related upgrades.
Unit Structure 3 - Magic Spire:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This mysterious spire is a home to different manapure flying creatures.A mystical stone structure. Flying creatures can be trained here. It also contains research for some related upgrades.
Wood Structure - Harvester:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A home of manaspawns - the face and force of Pure Mana.This structure produces manaspawns - beings of pure magic, who can be used in battle as well as for harvesting wood. Harvested wood, brought by manaspawns, also gives 5 mana to the harvester. The structure also contains related researches.
Upgrade Structure - Mana Generator:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Generates mana and provides unit research.This structure slowly regens mana of all nearby allies (in a 600 radius). Also contains unit-related researches and upgrades.
Shop Structure - Manashop:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A magical item shop, that can extract mana out of every purchase you make. Magic truly is everywhere!In this shop you can buy a variety of magic items. The range will depend on the progress of you base. Each bought or sold item replenishes mana of the manashop by 20.
Ship Structure - Manapure Shipyard:
IconIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This is how Manapure traverse the rivers, lakes and seas - on equally magical vessels.Had some spare time left, so I thought why not? Obviously, you won't need it in this map, but since original races have themselves a shipyard, I think Manapure should too.
Trained in the Harvester:
ManaspawnIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This ranged magical unit can rid its enemies of their mana.Magical being of pure mana, able to attack enemies on short distances. When coming in contact with the target, the pure energy of its missiles drains target's mana.
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Loses mana with time.

Trained in the Thunder Pillar:
Thunder HunterIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A gnoll warrior captured by Pure Mana, wielding a lightning-endowed ball on a chain.A melee siege unit, able to cast ''Discharge'' and stun his enemies. Can learn to turn into a wolf.
Can only attack ground targets.
Loses mana with time.
Thunder KnightIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A fearsome magical being, encased in enchanted armor, able to use its magic to protect itself.A melee unit, able to cast ''Thunder Shield''. Can learn "Thunderstrike".
Can only attack ground targets.
Loses mana with time.
Faceless GathererIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A mistycal giant, seemingly from another world. Unfortunately for Pure Mana, though very powerful, it is highly resistant to magic.This huge melee siege unit converts all received damage into its mana. Can learn to hit nearby enemies when attacking its target.
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Loses mana with time.

Trained in the Enchanted Temple:
ManadiggerIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This kobold acquires mana from destroyed structures and mechanisms.This melee kobold can gather mana by damaging structures and mechanisms. Can learn to repair ally structures.
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Loses mana with time.
OverloaderIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A mysterious magical spirit, able to manipulate mana of its victims.This ranged spirit can heal or damage units in exchange for their mana. Can learn to explode itself.
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
SpelleaterIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A dragonspawn mage, fallen to the power of Pure Mana. A menace to its magic enemies.A melee dragonspawn warrior, highly effective against hostile mages. Can use abilities like "Magic Fire" and "Devour Magic".
Can only attack ground targets.

Trained in the Magic Spire:
Pretorian CrowIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This all-seing crow is very fast, despite its size. Probably not without magic touch of Pure Mana.A big mystical crow, highly effective against flying enemies. Can see invisible units. Can learn to "Blink".
Can only attack flying targets.
LibrarianIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A keeper of Pure Mana's knowledge. Uses magic to weaken the enemy.A flying ranged animal hybrid, adept in weakening the enemy. Can use "Curse". Can learn to use "Negation".
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
DragonflyIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Huge flying magical creature, which exists on the border of material world.A flying ranged magical dragon, able to freely traverse Astral. Can use "Escape to Astral". Can learn to use "Banish to Astral".
Can attack both ground and flying targets.

Trained in the Manapure Shipyard:
GoliaphIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Pure Mana uses giant mouth of this underwater giant to transport its servants.A giant underwater creature able to transport friendly units through deep water.
Can only attack ground targets.
Loses mana with time.
Enchanted TenderIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Main fleet unit of the Manapure. A rare piece of mechanics amidst creatures drowned in magic.A fearsome manapure fleet unit, able to strike enemies with enchanted missiles. Can unlock "Magic Signal".
Can attack both ground and flying targets.

Special units:
Thunder Hunter (Wolf Form)In-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A gnoll warrior captured by Pure Mana, turned into a magical wolf.A fast invisible melee unit, able to regenerate its mana. Can learn to turn back into a gnoll.
Can only attack ground targets.
Fountain GuardianIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This magical creature was created entirely out of mana from a manapure fountain to protect it, and to generate even more mana...A powerful being, made out of mana from the fountain. Has a slow mana regen and can be used as a mana source for other manapure creatures.
Can only attack ground targets.
Energy SphereIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Artist of Enchanted turned magic potential of everyone around him into this - a huge magical sphere, in order to replenish mana of all nearby allies.A giant ball of magical energy, that constantly regens mana of all nearby allies.
Manapure have 4 (+1) heroes to choose from:

ManamotherIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A spawn of pure magic, made from special breed of ancient mana, able to reproduce to create more magic creatures.A spawn of pure magic, made from special breed of ancient mana, able to reproduce to create more magic creatures. Can learn "Manaspawn", "Spectral Rise", "Spectral Return" and "Mother's Love".
Can only attack ground targets.
Converts 50/55/60 mana of a target into a manaspawn that stays alive for 30/45/60 seconds. If the target doesn't have enough mana, deals 80/100/120 damage instead.
Costs 60 mana, has 8 second cooldown.
Spectral Rise
Replenishes mana of every manaspawn in 500/700/900 radius by 20/30/40 points.
Costs 20/25/30 mana and has a 14/13/12 second cooldown.
Spectral Return
When a manaspawn dies in a 500/700/900 radius, it restores Manamother's health by 30/45/60 points and gives it all mana that manaspawn had.
Mother's Love
For the next 30 seconds, a manaspawn will appear for every spellcast in an 500 radius. Doesn't work for "Borrow" and some autocast spells.
Costs 300 mana, has 180 second cooldown.

ProtectorIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
Just like librarians, this creature is a keeper of Pure Mana's knowledge. With its spells and spectral power it protects Pure Mana from its enemies.This manapure hero is adept in magical and physical defense. Can learn to summon fountain guardian, cast "Spectral Shield", "Aura of Purity" and "Mass Teleportation".
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Fountain Guardian
Summon the Fountain Guardian for 35/45/60 seconds for 160/150/140 mana, cooldown is 30 seconds.
Spectral Shield
Target becomes invincible to magic for the next 60/90/120 seconds. Costs 40/50/60 mana. Cooldown is 6 seconds.
Aura of Purity
Increases defence of nearby allies by 1.5/3/4.5 points.
Mass Teleportation
Teleports up to 24 units including the hero to a nearby ally.

Wither In-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
A willing servant of Pure Mana, eager to become the most powerful sorcerer known, by eliminating her opponents.This sorcerer gains her power by stealing it from her enemies. Can learn "Lifesteal", "Spellsteal", "Envy" and "Silence".
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Wither sucks the lifeforce out of its target. It cannot move during the process. Steals 15/30/45 health every second for 6 seconds.
Wither redirects a positive spell, casted on an enemy, to a random ally, and vise versa. Costs 45/35/25 mana, cooldown is 5/4/3 seconds.
Everytime a nearby enemy casts a spell, wither steals 5/10/15 mana from this enemy and keeps it for herself.
Blocks all enemy spells in 700 radius for the next 20 seconds. Costs 175 mana, cooldown is 120 seconds.

Artist of EnchantedIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip
This powerful mage helps Pure Mana spread its influence by creating more mana and spawning magical creatures to fight on its side. A great support for the manapure army.A manapure hero, able to generate new mana seemingly out of nowhere and create magical creatures. Can learn "Mana Spirit", "Spectral Bounds", "Remnant" and "Energy Sphere".
Can attack both ground and flying targets.
Mana Spirit
Creates a friendly magic copy of a unit. Copy receives 200/150/100% damage and deals 50/75/100% damage. Lasts 30/45/60 seconds, costs 90/115/140 mana, cooldown is 20/25/30 seconds.
Spectral Bounds
Takes control of a selected summoned creature with max level of 4/5/6. Mana cost is equal to 45/35/25% of creature's health.
With each attack, artist restores 1/2/3 mana to all nearby allies. If artist finishes an enemy, it has a 50/70/90% chance to leave a mana orb, that restores mana upon pickup and can be picked up by any hero.
Energy Sphere
Artist of Enchanted creates a sphere of magic out of every nearby unit's mana, which quickly regens mana of ally units. Sphere's health starts at 50 and is equal to sum of all nearby mana (max is 1500). The sphere loses 5 hp every second and cannot move.

Secret HeroIn-game descriptionIn-game ubertip

Pure Mana Orb
Replenishes mana of nearby units upon pickup.
Is dropped by Artist of Enchanted's "Remnant" ability.
Elixir of Rejuvenation
Replenishes 200 health and 75 mana in 30 seconds.
Can be bought at the Manashop.
Scroll of Determination
Temporarily increases defence of all nearby allies by 2.
Can be bought at the Manashop.
Ivory Well
You can use this to quickly build a mana well anywhere you want.
Can be bought at the Manashop.
Healing Potion
You can use this to quickly build a mana well anywhere you want.
Can be bought at the Manashop if there's a tier 2 main structure in place.
Mana Potion
You can use this to quickly build a mana well anywhere you want.
Can be bought at the Manashop if there's a tier 2 main structure in place.
Town Scroll
You can use this to quickly build a mana well anywhere you want.
Can be bought at the Manashop if there's a tier 2 main structure in place.
Mana Scroll
Replenishes 100 mana of all nearby ally units.
Can be bought at the Manashop if there's a tier 3 main structure in place.
Thunder Sphere
A ball of never ending energy, condensed into an item. Bright sparks and omnious humming remind to carry it cautiously.
Increases attack by 6 and allows hero to attack flying targets. Allows hero to cast "Purge".
Can be bought at the Manashop if there's a tier 3 main structure in place.
Mana Sphere
A beautiful sphere of pure magic. It sparks mysteriously, as if to call out for something.
Increases attack by 6 and allows hero to attack flying targets. Causes hero to replenish 5 mana with each attack.
Can be bought at the Manashop if there's a tier 3 main structure in place.


Q: How do I play as Manapure?
A: Simply select Night Elves as your race. All human players with that race are automatically converted to Manapure.

Q: How do I harvest gold?
A: Click the "Harvest" ability that Pure Mana Fountain (the main structure) has.

Q: How do I harvest wood?
A: With Manaspawns. You can train them in the Harvester.

Q: How do I build???
A: Main structure and Mana Wells can build other buildings in a certain radius.

Q: Some units have mana, but no way to spend it. Why?
A: Units who does need mana can borrow it from these units.

Q: Why did you have to make it all so complicated? :(
A: Oops. :D


Special Thanks


Icons 1

Icons 2

Special thanks to my friends ae3o and Klag for helping me test the map and find bugs.
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Secret Valley (Manapure) (Map)

Awaiting Update based on reviews from: Techtree Contest #17 - Results Please consider the given feedback to improve the map.
Set to Approved in accordance with Techtree Contest #17 - Results With there certainly being room for improvement, this faction is developed adequately enough with some fun core ideas to play around with. While some of it was a missed opportunity...
Level 35
Feb 5, 2009
Set to Approved in accordance with Techtree Contest #17 - Results

With there certainly being room for improvement, this faction is developed adequately enough with some fun core ideas to play around with. While some of it was a missed opportunity, this is still done well enough for approval. This should follow in accordance with the results of the contest.